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Prompts ? Modern AUs are my obsession rn .... maybe big brother rob trying to set up ha best friend and little sister. ??

Yesssss okay! 

Gonna do it from Robb’s POV so I hope it’s still fun to read. 

Gross But Cute: A Story of How Robb is the Best Big Brother Ever

In all honesty, this is the last thing Robb wants to be doing. He has exams coming up, a rugby tournament he needs to organise and a girlfriend he’d rather be snogging senseless. But his best friend is an idiot and so is his sister, so by virtue of the fact that he is clearly the smartest one out of their friendship group, Robb is resigned to playing matchmaker.

It’s a last resort.

If he could safely say the two idiots would be happy single, he’d probably leave it because the thought of his best friend anywhere near his baby sister is nauseating. It almost makes Robb want to punch Jon out of principle, and he might if Jon doesn’t get his head out of his arse soon, but he suspects if he lays a finger on the sullen man, Sansa would likely punch him in return. They’re fiercely protective of each other that way. It’s gross.

Robb remembers the first time he suspected there was more than just friendship between the two. Jon had gotten tackled so hard during an away game that he fractured a couple of ribs. He’d had to go to a hospital in Newcastle before being cleared to make the journey back to Edinburgh. When he got home, Sansa was already there waiting.

“You stupid, infuriating buffoon! Do you not know how to charge your phone?”

“Sans, can we do this later? I just want to lie down.”

“No! You can’t just… I can’t just get a text from Michael telling me you’re in the hospital and then nothing for the next six hours. That’s not fair!”

“I know… I’m sorry. I should’ve charged my phone. I should’ve called you.”

“Yes, you bloody should have!”

“Hey, hey, I’m okay now. Sansa, look at me, I’m fine. I’m here.”

“I’m not crying because I’m worried. I’m crying because I’m mad at you!”


“Fine, a bit of both… Just promise me you’ll always call, okay?”

“I promise.”

“Okay… Let’s get you to bed.”

Robb had had every intention of yelling at Jon because of course his idiot of a best friend would get seriously injured the one game he couldn’t attend, but after witnessing that exchange between Jon and Sansa, Rob decided he’d rather not be anywhere near the two for the next day or two.

As he wrapped his head around the idea of Jon and Sansa, he’d almost convinced himself that the feelings were completely one-sided and Robb was all ready to yell at Jon for leading his baby sister on, but then Sansa got a boyfriend and that changed everything. If Jon was broody before, he was even more of a fucking miserable sod for the next month. Robb wanted to kill him for being so annoying but he couldn’t really blame Jon. He hated Harry too, especially after they found out that Harry cheated on Sansa – which was why Robb did nothing when Jon punched Harry on a night out.

“You ever come near her again, I will break every bone in your pathetic body.”

“Fuck you! This is between me and Sansa.”

“There is no you and Sansa. You’re done. You’re fucking done, you got that?”

“… whatever.”

“No, you know what? It’s not whatever. You had her and you threw it away. How could you even do that? She’s… She’s Sansa. She’s fucking Sansa!”

At that point, Robb actually had to drag Jon away before the bouncers could come and kick them out. Frankly, he would have happily let Jon beat the living shit out of Harry but if he let the situation escalate any further and Sansa found out, she’d kill them both, and Robb’s not too ashamed to admit that he’s terrified of both of his little sisters. They’re terrifying women. They must have learned it from their mum. Catelyn Stark has made grown politicians cry, or so their dad likes to brag every now and then. Robb suspects it was probably one politician.

Now it’s up to Robb to sort these two out. If he doesn’t then they’re probably just going to continue to skirt around their feelings for one another and Robb hates that more than the thought of his best friend and sister getting together. At the end of the day, he does just want them to be happy and it’s clear that happiness for them is each other. It really is the grossest thing.

It’s easy to get Sansa to cook him dinner. She lives in a small flat in the city with her best friend, and thankfully Jeyne is more than happy to make herself scarce, which she says is ‘for the betterment of British society so that these two beautiful creatures can procreate and create more beautiful creatures.’ Robb may have gagged at that. If he can help it, none of his sisters will be procreating any time soon. And if they have to, it’ll be an immaculate conception. His nephew or niece will be the next saviour of the free world.

Once that is set, Robb makes his way to her flat to ‘oversee’ the cooking. Really though, while she’s busy in the kitchen, he goes about leaving candles all over the flat. Once he’s sure there’s enough, he texts Jon and sets his second step into motion.

Robb: Mate, we have a problem.

Jon: What’d you do now?

Robb: Why do you assume I did anything!

Jon: Because it’s you.

Robb rolls his eyes. Honestly, why is he bothering helping such ungrateful people?

Robb: Fuck off. This is serious. Jeyne told me that she heard Harry might be trying to win Sansa back.

There’s a long minute silence before his phone begins beeping with consecutive texts.

Jon: What does that even mean?

Jon: Does Sansa know? What is he going to do?

Jon: I’ll bloody kill that prick!

Robb smiles with the kind of mischievous glee he thinks he picked up from Arya. He almost wants to cackle but Sansa is in the next room and she’ll definitely be suspicious if he cackles.

Robb: Don’t know, mate. But I’m stuck at work. Can you just go to Sansa’s and make sure she’s okay for me? I don’t want the bastard showing up when she’s alone.

Jon: She’s alone? Where’s Jeyne?

Robb: She’s out of town for the weekend.

Jon: Okay, yeah. I’ll be right there.

Robb does let out a soft cackle this time as he gets up from the sofa where he’s been lounging. He pockets his phone and pokes his head into the kitchen. Sansa is draining spaghetti through a colander with her back towards him.

“Hey Sans, do you want some wine? I’ll pop out to the Bargain Booze for a nice bottle of red, yeah?”

“Sure, if you want,” Sansa answers absently. “I can’t drink much tonight. I have an early shift at the hospital tomorrow.”

“Cool. I’ll be back in a bit.”


Robb slips out from the flat and rounds the corner to hide. It takes Jon nearly twenty minutes to finally get there and when he throws open the flat door in a rush, Robb has a shit-eating grin on his face.

Much to his delight, if he presses his ear to the front door, Robb can easily hear the future couple talking inside.

“Sansa? Are you here?”

“Jon! What are you doing here?”

“Why didn’t you tell me that Harry’s been trying to get back together with you?”


“I could threaten him again. Evidently, the last time didn’t really get it through his thick skull.”

“Wait, what? Jon, what are you talking about?” A pause. “What do you mean, again?”

“Oh. Did… Did Robb not tell you about… Never mind, it’s nothing.”

“Jon Snow, what did you do?”

A longer pause and then a frustrated groan. “Look, Sans, he cheated on you! I couldn’t just let him get away with that, so I did what I had to.”

“Oh my god. You’re just as bad as Robb!”

Robb frowns, filing that away for later date when he can demand what the hell Sansa actually means by that, because frankly, he’s a great big brother. If he isn’t, would he be here right now trying to set them up? Of course not. He’s the best.

“I don’t need either of you to protect me. I’m not fifteen anymore. I can look out for myself.”

“I’m not saying you can’t but I’m always going to want to protect you. I can’t help it, okay? You’re you and… you deserve the best. You deserve better than someone like Harry.”

“I know that but if you keep scaring off every guy I try to date then who’ll that leave me with, Jon?”

Robb positively bounces on the balls of his feet, willing his best friend to step up. This is his chance. If he doesn’t bloody take it, Robb is definitely going to kill him.

“I… I don’t know. Is it wrong of me to think no one’s good enough for you?”

“No, but…”

There’s a long pause this time. At first, Robb thinks they’re speaking too softly for him to hear but he knows his best friend and he knows his sister. They’re at a crossroads and neither are brave enough to step forward.

“I hated seeing you with him, you know? Every time he touched you, I just wanted to hurt him, do anything to keep him away from you.”


“Shit, I… I don’t know how to say this. I’ve never been good with this stuff. And I know, fuck I know that I don’t deserve you either, and I am honestly happy to just be in your life as your friend. It’s more than enough for me but… but it’ll kill me if I don’t say it.”

“Say what?”

“… that I love you. That I’ve been in love with you for as long as I’ve known you. I guess at first it was just a stupid crush. I mean you hated me for the longest time and for some reason I thought that was cute.” There’s a bark of laughter; even from outside a door, Robb can tell it’s self-deprecating. “But then we became friends and you started really talking to me and I got to watch you grow up and it’s like… there’s no one that even compares to you. No one as smart or as kind or as blindingly loyal. You’re it, Sansa.”

“God, we’re stupid.”


“You and me. We’re so stupid.” His sister laughs. “Because I’ve been in love with you for just as long and I thought you only saw me as a little sister. I didn’t… If I had known –”

 Sansa’s words are cut short, and for a small moment, Robb has to wonder why, but then there’s a loud thud against the door and suddenly, he’s far too aware of what’s happening on the other side. This is why he didn’t want to get involved. This is why the thought of his best friend and his little sister made – and still makes – him so nauseated.

When he hears a soft moan from the other side of the door, Robb immediately hightails it out of there, desperate to drown out that sound with as much alcohol as possible, because that’s his baby sister. That’s the little girl in pigtails he used to carry around on his back. And now she’s making out with his best friend, whom he’s once seen throw up on himself at sixteen.

As he races down the street and far, far way from the couple, Robb has to admit that he’s thrilled for those two. In a weird sort of way, he’s glad that at least they’re kissing each other and not anyone else because Robb knows that there isn’t a bloody thing Jon wouldn’t do for Sansa. He’d protect her with his dying breath if he had to and that to a big brother is like rain in a drought.

And Sansa is good for Jon too. She makes him smile more than anyone else, Robb included, and Jon needs that. His life hadn’t been easy growing up. A single mother and an absent father meant Jon had to grow up faster than most and his outlook on life has always been shadowed by that past, but when he’s with Sansa, it’s like none of that matters anymore. It’s good. Gross, but good, and Robb is happy for them.

He’s even happier that he can lord this over their heads for the rest of their lives. That’s definitely the best part.

It’s just so funny to me that there is no Captain America movie or no appearance of Steve where Bucky isn’t somehow mentioned or shown. Yet Tony who they are apparently centering their universe around barely ever mentions Rhodey?

Why would you put that damn “Don’t touch my Rhodey” line in your movie and then have Rhodey fade to the background?

So you’re saying that even though we have two movies heavily featuring Tony we can only guess and hope for Rhodey? Like they haven’t been best friend since college. Like they haven’t been friends for at least thirty years. Like they haven’t been through it all together.

Their friendship should be just as important as Steve and Bucky’s. Should have at least as much screen time. More importantly Rhodey should have been a more fleshed out character by now.

So not only did they fuck over Terence Howard they’ll keep doing that Don Cheadle?



hmmm ok so i love this plot i just had to write about it as fast as i could

its for a lovely anon yep yuppidily doO sORRY ITS BEEN IN MY ASK BOX FOR SO LONG AND I NEVER MADe IT SSHGGG

- aight so ever since mark was young, he trained to become the best knight in all the land

- he learned about his enemies and he’s friends

- he always trained with his pals

- they called themselves 

- “the dream knights”

- lame name ik 


- “fucking lame??!?!//? is that how you disrespect me?!??!/@ your amazing friend??!?/2/1/”

- honestly jeno gets shook everytime


- marks knight legion thing has always been your legion enemy

- y'all have been fighting since the beginning 

-  mark didn’t really know who you were

- until that fateful day

- you were seeking around his land

- and he found you on his way to the washroom

“jfc all i wanted to do was pee in peace”

- you guys had a sword duel

- and you won 

- so ever since then, he’s been training EXTRA hard to fight you and beat you

- when y'all attack again, he goes out to find you

- he see’s you settling renjun and low-key gets jealous cause

- he trained just to fight you and now renjuns fighting you??

- as he’s watching, he realizes how good you look

- not just when you’re fighting, but in general

- ofc u beat renjun

- so u turn around to see mark standing right behind you with his lips slightly parted


- y'all start fighting

- and like

- u guys aren’t even trying

- ur just getting lost in each others eyes during the battle

- tbh he literally gives up

- “eYY wanna ditch?”

- no- we’re literally- jfc we r literally in the middle of a fight r u dumb” - u

- honestly mark 

- but u decide to ditch anyway cause like, its mark amirite

- aight so y'all ditch

- and it becomes annual

- like evrytime ur legions fight, u guys ditch

- lmAO thE drEAm tEaM fOunD ouT

- “moorK?!? is that y/n!???1 oUR enEMy!@?!? ooOooo I’m telling taeyong”

- “don’t YOU DA Re”

- its gucci tho

- lol but the dreamies told taeyonG

- but did he care??? no not really actually 

- anyway

- so like u guys meet up a lot LIKE 

- hella everyday

- and u guys have like deep ass convos 

- “why are we enemies”

- “bc like 678 years ago ur legion stole bread from ours”

- lol truth

- onE dAy 

- you guys were having another deep ass convo a the just

- pecks???your???lips???



- que marks cute lil giggle

- mark giggling = you giggling

- “giGGle”





- he like always pecks ur cheeks

- n it makes u blush

- he also compliments u a lot

- “wow ur so good!”

- “ye cause I’m better than u”

- mark silently cries at night

- u guys always compare like gear and stuff

- who has the better sword

- who has the better armour

- lmao u always have the better shit tho


- but didn’t rly care

-”ahhh young love”

- lolol 

- you guys like ended the 678 year war

- not rly

- but kind of cause your leaders didn’t really care much

- “if they’re in love, then whats the point? we can’t break them up”

- so like no more figHts but there r still a lot of grudges

- like the dreamy with mark not telling them for 4 months

- so

- in conclusion, mark is a babe and djdjskjksjksjskjsk 


Fouthdimetion99 is thinking about leaving

My friend @fourthdimension99 is leaving believing no one is reading his stuff or benefits from his brilliant smile he is the closest person I’ve ever met and We have a deal going if he gets 200 followers he will stay. Please help a fellow zootopian and furry out. he writes fantastic fan fictions and is quite honestly the closest best friend I have

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!

Happy birthday to my twin on the other side of the world! I love you and I hope you have the best day ever, kinda like when Afan hit floor hahah. We’ve been friends for, what, four years now? (God, can you believe that, we have our own quad lmao). I’m so happy we got into the gymternet around the same time, and started talking, because having you as a friend made my tumblr experience 1000x better. We have to start working on that plan to meet up as soon as possible!

I love you, babe! Have fun today! @sparklesandchalk

tullipsink  asked:

HAPPY BDAY BABY U GETTING FUCKING OLD. But besides the point omg i love u so fucking much and i hope ur day goes well (??ho we still calling dont get too busy) ur one of the best people i have ever met, like honestly when i first met u i didnt know u would be a big part of my life like ur my fucking best friend and im in love w u and omg take care of urself and be extra gentle, u growing up so u gotta stay fresh :') bc i aint being no bridesmaid at 30 u need that dick🍆 but baby ilysm omg enjoy

I LOVE YOU ANG OMG. Thank you for being my bestest friend ever and for always making me laugh and yes girl callin ❤️❤️ and right?! 🍆🍆🍆

I need a best friend. Like online best friend that I can talk to 24/7. I don’t care if you live far from me. I just want someone new in my life to talk to, and who can listen to me, and who can also trust me to tell me shit going on in their life. And just not ever worry about each other saying anything to anyone because they don’t know who we know. And ya know. A friendship like that. I need that so bad. I have things I need to vent out. F u c k.
I need an online bestie. H e l p !

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Yesterday I had a huge fight with my best friend. I'm so messed up right now I don't know what to do. I don't think we can ever go back to what we were. What should I do?

Hey Nonnie! <3

Talk. Talk talk talk. Give yourselves a couple of days to cool off, then talk. You’re best friends. You’ll work it out. And if you can’t, you know you’ve tried everything.

Chin up and good luck <3 I hope everything ends up okay <3

Friend appreciation post

@fablemortimer my bibble- one of the best fucking people I’ll ever know. She understands me. She loves me. We’re always on the same page. She cares for me and I care for her. Always making jokes to make me feel better. Thank you for being in my life. You’ll always be my bibble gum ❤

@propertyofhancock my angbop- my smoking buddy, my best friend and someone who gets me just like bibble does. They may be opposites but that’s what makes them special. They care about me the same way as I care about them. Thank you for smiling and continuing to be in my life. ❤

@vapingfurries my hanbo- funny url aside, this little ball of amazing hasn’t been there my when life but I’m glad she is now. She’s got my back and accepts me no matter how weird I am. Thank you for that. You’ll always be my drawing buddy and my Hannibal. I’m glad I got to know you. ❤

@princeofthemistaken my honey bee- even though you’re my girlfriend, you’ll always be my best friend. You’re the love of my life and I’ll never be able to thank you for helping me find what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for loving me the way that no one else has. Thank you for always making me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. Thank you for being there when I needed you. I love you, honey bee. With all my heart. ❤

And last but never least @lipsticksadist my sissy- dumb nickname aside, this lovely girl is my sister. My best friend, sister and my other half. You’ve been with me my whole life and I can’t imagine not having you. I love you so much, sissy, you have no idea. I’m sorry for the things I’ve done, I’m sorry for almost leaving you and I’m sorry I can’t be a better sister. But I do know I’m the only one who can get on the same level of booty work as you. I love you. Thank you for saving me from myself and thank you for keeping me alive. I love you so much. ❤

Tag your friends and give them some love ❤

Ok let me tell you all something so this amazing girl @prismdusty is my fucking best friend and I would do anything for them I knew since we were in 4 grade and we been best friends ever since I asked her to teach me how to draw way back when and I love her she means alot to me and good i love her if you see her art you would love her too show her some love right now because she is sad and my bean needs to feel some love

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single


I moved here from Bergen in the 7th grade. No one wanted to hang out with me because I talk so weird. You were the only one who took care of me. I couldn’t believe the most popular girls in our class wanted to be friends with me. I always really looked up to you. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. Just the thought of me destroying that makes me feel sick. More than sick. It made me stop liking myself as a person. But I can’t continue having regrets for the rest of my life. It wasn’t going well between you and Jonas. You talked about breaking up with him every day. I know that’s not an excuse, but… I loved him. I wish I could do it all over again, completely different. But I can’t. I’m just going to have to accept it and move on. I’m saying this for the last time. Okay?

Me, Doing College Theatre: “Why do we keep doing all these Weird as Shit™ shows? Wouldn’t we get more butts in seats if we did musicals?”

Me, now, doing Butts-in-Seats-Musicals: “Hokay, please direct me towards the Weird Shit. I would like one Weird Shit Play, please.”