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Jungkook Fic Recs

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Okey dokeyo (is that true? Yes!) I know I’m just kinda dropping this without a warning and I also know that I promised I would do hoseok next but this boy kept filling up my drafts and it was getting annoying so here ya go… 

all bolded fics or writers mentioned are ones that have been recently added.

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Birthday Sex Masterlist

Links last checked 11 April, 2017

an absence of silence (ao3) - Cadensaurus (Jira)

Summary: being on a tour bus and having to have quiet sex is made more difficult by Dan’s complete inability to be quiet, frankly.

Beyond Compare (ao3) - phanpunk

Summary: Dan wakes Phil up with a blowjob for his birthday.

Birthday Boy - ironicallyphan

Summary: It’s Phil’s birthday. Dan bakes a red velvet for him and they celebrate with sexy times.

Birthday Spanks - jilliancares

Summary: It’s Dan’s birthday and all he wants is a spanking.

birthday surprises - maggieisnotacat

Summary: Dan wakes Phil up and sings him Happy Birthday….Marilyn Monroe style.

Colour Me In - definitelythor

Summary: Phil can have whatever he wants on his special day, and Dan’s more than happy to give it to him.

Cupcake - theaterkidlester

Summary: It’s Phil’s twenty-ninth birthday, and he know he should be happy, but all he can think about is how close he is to thirty. Dan helps to alleviate some of his fears.

Dan’s Birthday Present - cuddlephan

Summary: Phil gives Dan his birthday present.

Don’t Let Me Go - definitelythor

Summary: Birthday smut.

Dressing In The Dark (ao3) - phansparent

Summary: It’s Dan’s birthday, and he wants a quickie with Phil while his birthday party is going on in the lounge.

Everlasting Love (ao3) - zaysus

Summary: What do you do when your boyfriend of 8 years turns 30? You suck his dick at 8 in the morning. Obviously.

Happy 27th - stonedbridetobe

Summary: Phil’s birthday. My best friend, someone who I really love…

Never Could Be Sweeter Than With You - definitelythor

Summary: Birthday sex.

Philip - viiktorss

Summary: Surprise! It’s your birthday, Phil. What did you get? Sex with Dan. Any more? Yeah, himself.

Games We Play (Frank Castle x Reader)

A/N: I’m alive! I know it’s been a while but every time holiday season rolls around (currently spring break/Easter) I usually get occupied with family coming to town, so sitting up on my computer isn’t really an option. I was feeling like writing some jealousy stuff so here’s my fix for that. Enjoy~ ♥

Word Count: 3574

“Frank, c’mon, this shit weighs like eighty pounds!” I was on my way over to Frank’s side of town when he asked me to bring some dog food for Max. I decided on the biggest bag I could find since I knew the man barely fed himself; who knew how long Max had gone without a decent bowl of food. He was probably getting tossed pizza crusts or whatever was left of Frank’s canned beef stew. Hell, maybe he was running on black coffee, too. I got lucky enough to visit the day his elevator was being repaired, so I had the pleasure of hauling the industrial size bag of food up four flights of stairs. I was prepared to yell and bang on his door again when it swung open, but Frank wasn’t on the other side. “U-uhh…”

“Hi! Come in,” the woman greeted, inviting me like the place was hers.

“… Thanks?” I entered skeptically, dragging the bag behind me wondering where the hell Frank was when he appeared leaving his kitchen with a glass of water and his famous chipped dark green mug; I knew what that was full of… “You’re alive after all.” At the sound of the commotion Max came from behind the couch and made his way over to me, sniffing at my feet and pawing at my legs, tail wagging at full speed.

“Hands were a bit tied,” he responded, suggestively raising his two hands.

“Well whenever you’re ready you can help me with this, barista.” I kicked his door closed as he set the drinks on the crate he used for a coffee table to grab the bag. I finally bent down and gave Max the attention he was clearly craving with a good behind the ear rub, trying to keep him from slobbering all over me. “Yes, hello to you too, handsome. Someone missed me, hm?” I patted him before returning to Frank. “Didn’t know you had company,” I spoke loud enough for only him to hear, looking at the woman now sitting at his couch drinking the glass of water.

He tossed the giant bag over his shoulder, motioning between me and her. “Y/N, this is Adrienne. Adrienne, Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said with a smile and a pleasant wave.

I returned the warmth. “Likewise. Good to see Frank’s making friends.”

“I should warn you, she thinks she’s a comedian,” Frank shouted from the kitchen. I could hear dog food pouring into a metal bowl like cereal.

Adrienne chuckled. “Actually I’ve known Frank for some time, we just never really spoke; nothing more than casual hi and byes passing through the building.”

“Oh you live here?”

“Adrienne lives two floors up.”

“Frank’s kind enough to help me out in a pinch; carrying groceries when the damn elevator’s busted like it is now, when there’s a leaky pipe that needs fixing… In fact, I was just dropping by to bring him some dinner since that’s the very least I could do.”

“So is that how you two met? Groceries and pipes?” I looked over at Frank leaving the kitchen. He leaned up against the wall and was giving me an eye I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but there was a tone of seriousness to it. I couldn’t break the stare.

Adrienne cleared her throat. “Um… A-Actually I was in some trouble on the street. Some asshole snatched my purse, ran off with it. I was lucky Frank was nearby to stop him.” I could tell she was uncomfortable, the way she was distracting herself by petting Max, redirecting all her attention to him.

I nodded slowly, eyes bouncing from her to the man still staring at me. “I see…”

“Ever since then, I’ve just been… super grateful. Honestly, he’s a gift.”

“Don’t I know it.” Frank was still staring as he scratched his head, not adding a word to the convo. I sighed. “So I just stopped by to drop this off while I run some errands; gotta get going before the bank closes.” I took my car keys from my pocket and made my way to the door.

“It was nice meeting you,” Adrienne said with a smile.

“Let me walk you out,” he finally spoke up, pushing off the wall and heading in my direction.

“Okay. You take care of yourself, Adrienne.”

He said nothing as we walked down the stairs of his building, and was still silent as he opened the car door for me to climb inside. When I started the car I rolled the window down and we stared at each other. “How much was the food?” he asked, pulling a wallet from his back pocket.

“No- Stop, c’mon. It’s nothing.” I knew no matter what I said he’d give me the money, sneak it somewhere when I wasn’t looking. He pulled a twenty from the leather wallet and tucked it in my sun visor. “Fine. I’ll take that as payment for you not telling me your elevator was being repaired.”

He nodded to himself. “I accept that. Maybe even payment for the surprise guest?”

I shrugged. “Your apartment. You’re allowed to have whoever you want over.”

“She’s a friend.”

“I must say, you’ve got a weak spot for a damsel in distress. You helped her with some guy snatching her purse. Remember how you helped me?” He stared at me, a small smile playing at his lips. I was working when Frank was sitting at the bar. There was this other guy, Mick, who was oozing booze from his pores and was starting trouble with other customers. When I tried to cut him off he started yelling at me too, even getting in my face about it and calling me outta my name once or twice. That’s when the knight in shining armor, or a dark green utility jacket, came to my rescue. “Anyway, you don’t have to explain anything to me. Enjoy your romantic dinner with your friend…”

At that he chuckled before leaning inside the window, putting a hand behind my head and kissing me. His kiss tasted like coffee but sweeter than the poison he actually drank. “You gonna call me later?”

I stared at his mouth as I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth. “Maybe. I’ll make sure it’s real late, after your crush leaves.”

He shook his head and kissed me once more. “Bye, Y/N. Put your seatbelt on.”

“Unless she plans on staying for dessert!” I called after him as he made his walk back to his apartment building.

And that wasn’t the last time I saw Adrienne. I ran into her maybe two more times while visiting Frank, but more importantly she came to my job. We were throwing a birthday party for the bar owner and I invited Frank to come keep me company while I worked the night. I didn’t expect him to show, him not being one for a large crowd, but I was surprised when he did. And I was even more surprised when he showed up with Adrienne.

“Wow, you came,” I spoke with as much enthusiasm I could muster before addressing his date. “Nice to see you again, Adrienne. How you been?”

“Busy with work. Someone thought I needed to unwind a little bit,” she said as she grinned at Frank, “so here I am.”

“Well, glad you could make it. If there’s anything you need gimme a holler.”

“Can we start with you point me to the ladies?”

I directed her to the restroom and she parted, rubbing Frank’s shoulder beforehand. I handled a few customers all while exchanging glances with Frank until I could take a minute from the chaos to talk to him. “Looks like the family’s all here. Only one missin’ is Max.”

“He had a previous engagement.”

“… Seriously, Frank? I invited you because you know this place like the back of your hand- These people! And you brought your little girlfriend here??”

“She needed a break, I offered a suggestion.”

“Not your place.” I slid a pitcher of beer across the bar and picked up the cash, looking at Frank in between counting. “Bringing her here to unwind? Let loose a little? That your plan?”

He nodded. “Yes, actually, it was.”

“Yeah? And then what?” I crossed my arms to try to calm what I felt was a flaring temper and to brace myself for whatever his response may be, but Adrienne returned and took a seat next to him. I sighed, rolling my eyes at him and looking at her. “So what’ll it be? A round of relaxation on me.”

“In that case, I’ll take a rum and coke.”

“Comin’ up. And for you, I won’t even water down the rum. Beer, Frank?”

“I’m good, thanks.”

“Nonsense. No empty hands or healthy livers on my watch.”  I noticed his jaw flex as he watched me behind the bar, as I tested him over this Adrienne thing. He brought her here, and I wasn’t going to deal with this sober or alone. I served their drinks and raised my shot of vodka for a toast. “To friends.”

“To friends,” Adrienne repeated with a smile. Frank raised his beer bottle but said nothing, eyes not leaving mine as we toasted and drank together.

The more we drank and the further the night moved along, the more comfortable Adrienne got with Frank. I couldn’t stay with them all night, as I was still technically on the clock, but as I worked I noticed how she threw herself all over him. Frank mingled with a few of the regulars that he was more familiar with and she clung to him, arm wrapped around his waist or linked in his. Even one of the other bartenders, Vanessa, asked who Frank came with, wondering if she was his girl or something.

And as much as it shouldn’t have pissed me off, the fact she managed to get him on a dancefloor just burned me up. Granted he wasn’t dancing at all; it looked more like a bodyguard standing next to a celebrity having a really good time. The fact remained I couldn’t get him to even snap a finger to a tune with me in the two years I’ve known him, let alone step anywhere near a dancefloor. I took a shot every time I felt a pang of jealousy strike me and focused on work until Adrienne came and sat at the bar alone. “Bartender! Let me get a mojito and two shots of Honey Jack.”

I grit my teeth and made her order, deciding it best not to express my annoyance at being called bartender when she knew my name. “Hey, you ever seen Frank get drunk?”

“He doesn’t drink much; a beer here and there.”

“I mean, I know he says I’m wound up but geez. Has he met himself?” I gave her a weak half smile. I didn’t want to talk about Frank, didn’t wanna be reminded of all the things I knew about him that she had no idea of. “So tell me this: what’s really goin’ on between you two? Frank tells me you two are just friends; that true?”

I shrugged, biting the inside of my cheek. “If that’s what he says then that’s what we are.”

“Then you don’t have a problem if I… ya know.” She grinned and looked over her shoulder at Frank, who was talking to one of our bouncers and looking at us. She waved before turning back at me, biting her lip. “You guys never even… Not once?”

“… Are you asking if we had sex?”

“Curious minds wanna know.”

“Curiosity gets people in trouble.” I slid the drinks at her, ready for her to leave my immediate space. “That’ll be $15.”

“$15? But I thought…”

“Oh I’m not charging for the drinks, just the sugar, lime and mint it took to make yours. The liquor’s still free; friendship discount.” I smiled and held my hand out as she stared at me before rolling her eyes and reaching into her clutch.

“Expensive limes,” she muttered under her breath.

“Only the best.”

“You can keep the change. Save it for the next time Frank needs you for a dog food run.”

“What was that?” My face fell cold as steel before she tossed me a fake smile and left. I needed something to lighten my mood before I snatched that smile from her face. I’m guessing Frank could see me gritting my teeth from across the room because soon after she left he was taking her place. “Check your girl, Frank.”

“My girl…”

“I’m two seconds from scratching her face off, I want you to know that.”

“How much have you had to drink tonight?”

“Are you listening to me? She’s disrespecting me.”

“Yeah? You haven’t been all that warm and friendly yourself.”

“Are you shitting me? I’m giving her free drinks, smiling and making nice since I met her!”

“You think any o’ that shit matters when you’re pretending?”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Of course you’re defending her. She’s still that weak girl that got her purse stolen and needed you to come to her rescue.”

“What does that make you?”

“I didn’t ask you to intervene, I was handling myself just fine! And I’m asking you to intervene now for her sake- This is the last warning I’m giving either of you. Next time I’m knocking her goddamn head off-”

“-Alright,” he said as he nodded to himself and rose from the barstool. “C’mon, come take your break-”

“-Gladly.” I told Vanessa I’d be back when I followed Frank off to a corner of the bar a little further away from the party. “I tried, Frank, I did- I tried not to be bothered by her, but I am. And I’m even more bothered you actually brought her here.”

He chuckled to himself as he leaned against the wall opposite me. “What, you think I didn’t know that?”

“Then why did you do it?”

“I didn’t know I needed your permission to bring her to a public bar-”

“-Oh, fuck you. Public bar my ass- I didn’t ask you to come to the goddamn library, I asked you to come to a birthday party for friends, people we know, a place where you’re a regular.”

“So what, this is our place? S’at what you’re sayin’?”

“Can’t believe you’re being such an asshole about this-”

“-C’mon, tell me what the real problem is you have with her. What did she do that was so offensive you instantly decided not to like her from the start-”

“-Oh, stop it! This isn’t me just picking on the new girl, this is you not setting boundaries with her from the beginning. Then again we’re all friends, right? I mean, that’s what you told her, that I’m your friend? So that’s my mistake, thinking you needed to draw a line somewhere with her-”

“-Was there a conversation you and me were supposed to have somewhere along the line that I’m forgettin’?”

“I mean, I’m not expecting you to confess your love for me to the girl or anything, but shit. Friends? Really? So since we’re both your friends, that means you fuck her like you fuck me then too, right?”

“What would you like me to call you?”

“Damn, even an it’s complicated is more than just calling me a friend! At least then she’d know there was somethin’ else here instead of having to ask me if we fucked!”

“She asked you that?”

“You sound surprised.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I’m sure you guys can talk about it on the way home.”

“She shouldna asked you-”

“-Well no fucking shit, Frank! It’s none of her business!”

“It’s none of her business unless it puts her in her place right? You wouldn’t mind telling her about what we do if it made her back off me, right?”

I scoffed. “What is it, Frank? You need the both of us to kiss your ass? I didn’t peg you to be so greedy-”

“-I didn’t peg you to be so jealous.”

“Of what? Some sheep that clings onto you for dear life? I’ve never been that girl, never will be. If you wanted a leech then congrats, you got it.”

“That’s right, you’re a tough girl. Don’t need anyone, can handle everything by yourself, hm?”

“She asked if we had sex, talked to me like I was the fucking help, and you’re standing here defending her to me! You’re talkin’ to me as if I brought it on myself, like I’m the mean girl finally getting what’s due to me or some shit!”

“I can’t talk to you when you’re like this. All this liquor in you, all fired up; you won’t hear any reason at all.”

“You’re gonna try to reason with me on this? What would you like me to do, bend over and take it while she comes for my neck at my own job?”

“You know what we are, you know what we do; why does it matter what she says?”

“Clearly I don’t know if all you told her was that you and I are friends! She thinks what she does because you never told her otherwise!”

He nodded. “You’re right. I’ll tell her right now that you are the person I, what? Think of as more than a friend, fuck somewhat often, but wouldn’t call my girlfriend because that’s not a step I’m ready to take just yet. That sum it up?”

I shrugged. “Works fine for me.” I stared at him to let him know I was serious when he shook his head and a smile started to break on his face, and when Frank smiled it was incredibly contagious. “I’m serious!”

“I know, which is what makes this even more ridiculous. You’re unbelievable.”

“Wait ‘til you see me when my claws come out…”

“Nah nah, no need for any o’ that. I’ll talk to her.”

“You’ll talk to her?”

“Yes, yes yes. I’d hate to have to protect her from you.”

“Yeah, I bet. You thought a mugger and a drunk were trouble; you haven’t seen two women going at it over Frank Castle.”

“Wasn’t aware I was so much of a prize.”

“Ugh, geez. Don’t flatter yourself.” I rolled my eyes and made my way back to the bar but he took my arm in his hand, pulling me in front of him. “Don’t worry that shaved head of yours.”

“You calmed down?”

“Yeah yeah, I calmed down, I’m good.”

“Good. And no more drinkin’ tonight.”

“You cuttin’ me off?”

“Someone has to.”

“Lookin’ out for me again… You just can’t help yourself, can you?” I asked as I moved closer to him, hooking my index fingers through the belt loops of his jeans.

“I can’t let you do anything too damaging to that perfect image you’ve made for yourself. What kinda man would that make me?”

“A very bad one.”

“How bad?” His voice dropped low enough for only me to hear, and as I caught a glimpse over his shoulder I noticed a certain someone staring holes into us. My eyes connected with his; I wonder if he could sense the more sinister side of me behind them.

“Just awful. Kinda bad you have nightmares about.”

“Can’t have that now, can we?”

“No we can not,” I whispered before taking his bottom lip between my teeth. “Come over my place tonight,” I spoke after standing on my tiptoes to talk directly in his ear over the music.

“Thought you didn’t like leaving Max alone?”

“Well I feel a lot better knowing he has more than enough food to last a lifetime, thanks to me. I think I need taking care of myself tonight…”

“Tell you what: you stop drinkin’ now, I’ll come over later.”

“You’re gonna come over regardless. You can’t pass an opportunity to take care of me.”

“You takin’ advantage?”

“Oh, absolutely,” I said devilishly before grabbing the sides of his face and pulling him down for a kiss, not caring who saw and knowing one person in particular was eyeing the show. His hands found my waist and gripped firmly, which was unusual behavior for Frank; he wasn’t one for much PDA. If I decided to be a little frisky with him in public he gave me his usual stern look as he shook his head, neither encouraging or stopping me. Funny, maybe this was Frank with a few beers in him.

I had no complaints. And when I pulled away from him and caught Adrienne enjoying the view I gave her a wink. “Maybe you won’t have to talk to her after all…”

He looked over his shoulder and caught her quickly looking away, suddenly chatting it up with one of the bartenders. “I’m sure that wasn’t calculated at all.”

“If I learned anything about calculated moves it’d be from you.” I kissed his jaw once more before walking away, feeling recharged and ready to finish working so I could get home and cap off the night with Frank. On my way back to the party I passed Adrienne as she clearly avoided looking at me. “You enjoy the rest of your night, sweetheart,” I whispered in her ear, my cattier nature getting the best of me for the night.

Check and mate.

I miss you
There I said it
I fucking miss you
It’s been the longest month
And I know I said I just wanted to be friends
But how can I be friends with someone who made me feel something more than that for the first time in forever
How am I supposed to walk up to you at a party and pretend I don’t want to kiss you right there and then
How am I supposed to see you in the street and just smile and nod like you were a stranger to me
Have we changed?
Did time tear us apart and turn us into new people?
Every morning I ask myself if I could’ve done more to keep you
Every night I wish I had
Memories are deceiving and I know that
But the ghost of your mouth still haunts me
And everyday my mind plays a trick and makes your lips feel sweeter than what they really were
I remember the roughness
The shame
The arguments
I remember the jealousy and the uneasy nights together
When we couldn’t tell who was supposed to leave first
I always did
I’m afraid to fall in love
But for you I would’ve let myself
If only you’d loved me too.
—  “Let’s Just Be Friends”, Poem #95 (i-forgot-i-wrote-poetry)
(tell me about the city, a miniature cosmos, supernovae in reverse, the ghostly lull of city breathing still echoes in my room at night)
darling it’s star-soaked dreams, it’s people with fireflies caught in their eyes walking faster than the speed of light, it’s the hope and the magic so visceral you can feel it drifting in the air
(tell me about the wildflowers that grow on the borders of the yard, i think about them sometimes when i fall asleep - you know the type, the sort you used to braid into my hair as we sang lullabies even though we didn’t know all the words)
they’re the color of love that smolders out into cold, of all the places you’ve never been, of all the wishes you’ve never made on shooting stars, the color of aching and wanting and yearning
(tell me about the sky, i don’t mean the patch of cerulean framed by the gaping mouth of my window, i mean what does it taste like, i mean when you weave your whispered secrets into the strands of the clouds, what does it whisper back)
it’s sweeter than cotton candy, lighter too, cool and gentler than a kiss, it listens and it’s my best friend and when i walk into its embrace i know i’m home
(tell me about everything, the memories i keep like moths in a jar under my bed are losing their color, tell me what it’s like to live without agoraphobia)
darling, darling, the world is so beautiful, every day it reteaches me how to breathe.
—  the universe is waiting for you, paperharbors
sweet confessions

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member; sweeter than candy dino
genre; fluff
summary; lee chan decides to confess in front of all your friends. 
a/n; been sitting in my drafts for a while. wanted to posted it up.

“Um… would accept these?” Startled, you turned from your group of friends to see Lee Chan, holding a bouquet of roses in his grasps. 

You were a few years older than him, and you lived right next door to him ever since you got into town. Your friends started snickering as you took the roses with a smile. The boy turned red as they snickered and you just shook your head at the group. 

 "Of course, you’ve always been cute.“ And it was weird because before you knew it, he was glowing. Age didn’t matter to you, what mattered was that he made you feel right at place whenever you two hung out. Whether it be from the way he looked at you from time to time when he was at your place, or if it was the way he made you feel at the end of the day. He couldn’t hide his happiness when you accepted those flowers. 

“Don’t mind them, they’re just very unimpressed by your approach,” you said, giving the group of friends a glare and they only nodded in reply. Sure, they were used to guys doing a grand gesture to get your attention, but with Chan, it only made sense he would give you a bouquet of white roses and a grand smile on his face. 

Because even if you were older than him, it didn’t mean you didn’t have any kind of feelings for him. He made you happy, and it was never going to be an issue with you. Ruffling his hair, you had to laugh at the pout he gave you. 

“Hey, don’t treat me like a kid.”

“Just because I accepted these flowers doesn’t mean all the boundaries of age disappears.”

And with a chuckle, he pecked your cheek. 

“I guess we’ll have to change that then.”

Surprised, you crossed your arms, smiling at his cheeky attempt. “Date me then.” A bold statement coming from you, really, but you enjoyed his bubble gum presence with a dash of a smirk. How could you ever say no?

“Alright then, you and me, date, tomorrow night.” 

You laughed. You could enjoy this. 

Mulled Wine

I recently reblogged a post on winter wine and figured I’d share my personal version of mulled wine, as taught to me by my roommate.

Originally posted by butteryplanet

What you’ll need:

-Two of the cheapest, largest boxed wines you can find (preferably red, but one red and one white works as well). I’m talking higher alcohol content than price here

-Three oranges

-Two apples (I prefer Granny Smith but any kind is fine)

-Two lemons

-5-6 Sticks of cinnamon

-As much star anise as you can stand

-A cup of white sugar (more if you want a sweeter drink)

-Some honey if desired

-Pinch or two of salt


Step One: Cut up all your fruit into quarters, removing seeds as necessary

Step Two: Put it all in a big ass pot

Step Three: Heat, stirring occasionally. Make sure it does not boil and that the sugar/honey dissolves

Step Four: Drink!

A few of my friends like to make caramel to put in it as well or top it with cinnamon or nutmeg. Another friend of mine melts butter into his, so feel free to spice it up however you want! I personally add a lot of honey to mine as I prefer a sweet drink to the drier mulled wine you can make.

You can use a similar recipe to make mulled cider using apple cider instead of wine so if you don’t want to consume alcohol you can still make this!


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You met in high school, then he left. Over ten years later, he’s back, and it’s like nothing has changed. 

Word Count: ~1,780 (plus lyrics at the end)

Warnings: drinking, implied smut, fluff, this is completely unedited and it’s almost 1am so forgive me

A/N: Written for @jpadjackles‘s 1,000 Follower Celebration! This is written from Sam’s POV.

*Memories are in italics, and they’re not exactly in chronological order, so I apologize if that’s confusing.

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Sitting in the bar, another late night after wrapping up a hunt, someone rolled a quarter down the jukebox and picked a song. Of course it had to be that song. Our song. Dean noticed the change in my demeanor, no doubt. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as I finished off my beer and stood to get another.

That was when I heard it. No way, it couldn’t have been her. What would she be doing here? In this exact bar, this exact night? It was a Wednesday!

But it was. It was her voice lulling me back into all those nights we spent sitting on the back of the Impala, the speakers blasting that old Springsteen cassette Dean kept in the glove box. Springsteen was her dad’s favorite, so when she lost him to those vamps, she couldn’t stop listening to Born in the USA. 

“You want somethin’ or are you just gonna stand around all night?” Her voice filled my ears.

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Ascendant Aspects and Physical Appearance

Our physical appearance is determined by our genes and DNA - that’s quite obvious - but when learning about astrology, rising signs/ascendant and planetary aspects, I’ve seen that the natal chart tells a lot about first impressions, some physical features and what kind of “aura” you hides yourself in.

I decided to learn more about the aspects between the ascendant and the planets and how much they can contribute and modify your appearance. This is a personal research and I’d like to have your help to make it happen! I’ll definitely publish the results of this experimental research when I get enough informations. Would you like to help me with this project? 

Reblog this post with your ASC aspects and tell me a little bit about your appearance and how you think people see you. You don’t have to know anything about the meaning of the aspects, just tell me and let me do the job! (If you don’t know how to find your personal planetary aspects, ask me.)

Take me as an example:

Aspects: moon trine ascendant / mercury sextile ascendant / mars inconjunct ascendant / pluto square ascendant.

My mask: people usually think I’m shy, quiet, sweeter and younger than I really am. Friendly with people I know, serious and antisocial with people I don’t. I can appear quite naive, childish, also nerdy, but I often scare friends (and boys) with my deep gaze, criticism and sudden rage. I can easily change my outer mask depending on who I’m with.

I Came From Afar (LafayetteXReader)

Words: 2324

A/N: Two in one night! Go me! I’ve always wanted a childhood sweetheart so this is how I make my dreams come true. By writing fanfiction for all of you. Enjoy! Love you guys!
Today was the day. Finally the day you felt you’d waited your whole life for. Your best friend was coming from France to visit you.

You’d first met Lafayette during one of your first trips to France when you were about seven years old. Your dad worked as the ambassador to France so trips there were fairly often.

The time you’d met Lafayette had been with your mother just seeing sights, and you’d barely known the language when a young French boy had run into you and accidentally knocked you over. Immediately he had babbled what, you could only hope, was an apology, and had offered you a hand. Your mom had had to interject when he continued in French after bringing you back to your feet.

Your mother had worked as a translator for the two of you for the next two weeks. Unbeknownst to you, your mother had managed to get his address from the woman with Lafayette so that the two of you could exchange letters when you were back in America. That had been ten years ago, and now, at age seventeen, Lafayette was finally coming to visit you before you started your senior year of high school.

You were nervously rocking back and forth on your feet in the terminal. His plane status said that his plane had landed on time but he still hadn’t emerged. Suddenly, at the end of a long line of people coming to collect their luggage, you saw a familiar poof of hair pulled back into a very curly ponytail. You clutched your mom’s arm tight, and she just roller her eyes and smiled.

Your mom absolutely adored Lafayette. Ever since that first meeting she’d continued to accompany you on your visits to Lafayette’s house whenever the two of you were in France. Even after you had become proficient enough in French to no longer need a translator. You remembered the time back when you were twelve and you and Laf had caught your mothers talking in the kitchen about the weddings they had been planning for the two of you. You’d both groaned and stuck your tongues out at each other. He was your best friend, not your boyfriend.

You knew the second Lafayette had spotted you as he ran forward to greet you. You hadn’t been able to see him in almost two years because of busy schedules. As he got closer you staggered back a bit. He’d gotten TALL. He ran up and lifted you off your feet to spin you around, and you clutched his shoulders tight and resisted the urge to scream until your feet finally returned to the ground.

“Bonjour ma biche!” He grinned and looked down at you.

Playfully you looked behind him, “Where’s Lafayette?”

“I am right here?” He asked quizzically.

You laughed, “There’s no way you’re my short best friend Lafayette who traveled all the way from France to see me.”

He threw back his head and laughed, “Mon amie, it has been nearly two years. I ‘ave have plenty of time to grow since then,” he patted your head. “You have not changed much.”

You crossed your arms and pouted, “I’ll have you know that I’ve grown a full three inches since you last saw me.”

Lafayette couldn’t keep the grin off of his face. He bent down to kiss your cheek then turned to greet your mother. You couldn’t stop the blush that was working it’s what up your neck and onto your face, but you did manage to stop yourself from touching where he had kissed. Shaking your head you turned to join your mother and friend; it was Lafayette for god’s sake, what was wrong with you.

Your mother suggested that the three of you go and grab his luggage so that you could leave and grab a bite to eat. Lafayette yawned and agreed with her and soon the three of you were in the car headed to a nearby restaurant. You and Lafayette were sitting in the back chatting idly about your summers so far, while you mother sat in front with the driver.

Lafayette was amazed by the dinner and the difference in flavor from all the restaurants he’d been to in France. Everything was fascinating for him, and he nearly charmed the pants off of the waitress. You talked with him about all the exciting things that you had planned for the next three weeks you had together.

He stifled several more yawns throughout dinner before your mom finally suggested that catching up could wait until morning, and she shuffled you both into the car to head home. Lafayette couldn’t even keep his eyes open throughout the ride. Less than halfway to your home his head had fallen onto your shoulder, and you could hear light snoring.

You looked down at your shoulder admiring the sleeping boy. A stray curl had fallen out of his ponytail, and you brushed it back. He looked so sweet asleep, and so innocent like he was when he was younger. You placed a small kiss on the top of his head, then laid your head down on his, joining him in sleeping for the rest of the ride.
Two weeks of your time together had flown by, and, as you had suspected, Lafayette got on with all of your friends swimmingly. You had spent a couple of days with him on your own, but figured you couldn’t just ignore your other friends for three weeks. Now the eight of you were wandering around the fairgrounds of the Independence Day festival your town put on every year.

Lafayette was super excited to be spending the Fourth of July in America. He had loved every 'American’ thing you guys had done. He had adored the people, the food, and the culture as a whole, while you had stood back and adored him.

All of you were having fun playing games and walking around eating fair food waiting for the fireworks to start. You stuck by your French friend’s side just in case he tried to wander off a little too far.

“Oh my god Laf,” you practically screamed, “look at that cute stuffed koala!”

“I will win it for you,” Lafayette said. It was a statement, no question in his voice. And he walked towards the stall determined. You chased after him throwing a quick glance back at your other friends who were all still wrapped up in another game. They paid no attention to you so ran the last few steps towards the Frenchman.

It took him several tries to knock over of the milk cans and he promised you that his win was all due to your cheering. He told the man behind the counter that he wanted the giant koala, and after accepting his prize he turned to give it to you. Unthinking, you leaped forward, threw your arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, squealing in delight. When you pulled back he had a shy smile and there was a hint of a blush on his cheeks.

Suddenly Peggy was by your side dragging you away muttering 'girl talk’. Eliza apologized to Lafayette for Peggy’s brashness, and you found yourself in a girls bathroom several yards away surrounded by the Schuyler sisters.

“Spill,” Angelica immediately demanded.

You looked through the three of them confused. “Spill what?”

Peggy rolled her eyes, “Your 'friend’ out there, who just won you a stuffed animal at a fair? Who you kissed in thanks? Wanna talk about that?”

You were flustered, “It was just on the cheek! It’s just a thing we do. As friends.”

Eliza crossed her arms over her chest, “Really? Because we’ve been hanging out with the two of you for the last week and a half and I’ve never seen it before.”

You sighed, “I don’t know guys, do you ever just have a moment where you realize that someone you know isn’t that little kid anymore, and you suddenly look at them and, it’s like, you recognize them, but they’re someone different. Someone more handsome. And that person who has always been there for you suddenly gives you butterflies with so much as a look?”

The sisters were all grinning, but Angelica was the one who spoke, “You’re in love with him!”

“Lafayette? What? No, no way,” you dismissed.

Eliza squealed and jumped forward to grab you by the shoulders, “Yes you are! You’re like a classic love novel about childhood sweethearts!”

You covered your face, hoping you didn’t look like a tomato. There was no way you were in love with Lafayette. You had just started to find him attractive, and you may have been more nervous around him, and his smile made the butterflies in your stomach go crazy, and you were absolutely one hundred percent in love with him. If you weren’t in a public restroom you would have sunk to the floor. You hugged the koala to your chest and looked at the sisters.

“What am I gonna do?” You asked.

“Well,” Peggy began in a sing-song voice, “if that giant koala you’re holding is anything to go by, I’d say your feelings aren’t exactly unrequited. I mean, you’re hott, and you guys grew emotionally and physically in the two years you didn’t see each other.”

“Puberty can be a wonderful thing,” Angelica interjected. “Just go for it!” Then she pushed you out of the bathroom.

You glared at the door to the restroom. You needed to seriously rethink your choice of friends. You could see Lafayette walking away from the guys, looking at the ground in his usual fashion when he was in deep thought. He stopped when he reached you, and looked up at you mouth hanging open as if you were a monster who had suddenly materialized in front of him.

“Do you have a minute Laf-”

“Can I borrow a minute of your time (Y/N)-”

You both had spoken at the same time, stared awkwardly for a second, then finally chuckled.

“You first,” he grinned.

“Okay, I just have something I need to say, do you promise not to interrupt me until I’m done?”

Lafayette nodded, and smiled encouragingly.

“Here goes,” you took a deep breath, and tried to get it out as fast as you could, “You’re my best friend Laf, and you always will be, so I’ve been trying to hold this in for at least the past week because I’m scared that if things don’t work out I’ll lose you, but at the same time it’s hard being around you because your smile is intoxicating, and your laugh is sweeter than music, and everything you do to make me laugh just makes me fall deeper in love with you, and I’m scared that if I don’t tell you now you’ll go back home to France next week and you’ll find some other girl or guy and I don’t think I could handle that.”

You were holding the koala so tight against your chest that you were sure a seam would pop and stuffing you would come out of its belly, or its head might pop off. Also, the last part of of your message had probably been muffled by the fur of the stuffed animal, but it looked like the point had gotten across. Lafayette was standing across from you, wearing the same expression he had when he’s walked up to you, but he looked slightly less terrified.

It took at least another ten seconds before he started laughing. A deathly chill came over you, and you suddenly feared his rejection above everything else. “Ma chère, I came over here to tell you about the same thing,” he laughed and scratched the back of his neck, “apparently we are so glaringly obvious, yet oblivious, that they 'ave known since they met me. I love you too (Y/N), I 'ave for quite a while.”

You practically jumped into his arms and hugged him hard, the koala stuck in between the two of you. He kissed the top of your head and chuckled. The boys and the Schuyler sisters were in the background were whooping and hollering, and you buried your face in Lafayette’s chest to hide your smile.

“It looks like our mères were right,” he said. You looked up at him in question and he smiled down at you. “They 'ave been planning for us to get together since we were twelve.”

You groaned at the memory and at the thought of what your mother was going to say when you got home. There would be some major teasing before Lafayette left next week. Lafayette pulled back and laced your fingers together, causing you to look up at him.

“The fireworks should be starting soon, no?”

You nodded and followed him to where your other friends were all standing and grinning at the two of you. You flipped all of them off. All of you walked towards the edge of the fairgrounds where the fireworks would be, and where you had placed your blanket to claim the best spot. The first of the fireworks went off just as the lot of you had finished getting settled.

The fireworks were a spectacular view as they were every year, but you couldn’t help but glance down at the hand wrapped around yours and the face of the boy sitting next to you. It seemed he was having the same problem, and your eyes caught his several times causing you both to grin and look back at the colorful display.

A couple minutes in Lafayette wrapped his arms around your shoulders, and pulled you close so that you were leaning against him. You curled up against him, and hugged the koala closer to your chest as the butterflies fluttered in your stomach. It was amazing the dreams good friends, French, and some fireworks could make come true.

Heart (Jimin Smut)

*Trying something new~*

You were sexy, smart, confident but shy and insecure. He wanted to know more about you, what you loved, what you hate, what you need.

He wished on his lucky stars that he would meet you and boy, did he get lucky. You talked to him, sweeter than he imagined and he almost forgot he was Jimin. The man in charge of charms in BTS but with you, he’s a regular man.

He was friends with you, it hurt him for a bit but he endured it for you. He did it for your smile, your cute laugh, even for your tears. Why did you do this to him? Why did you awake his heart that was asleep in its cage?


“What- Oh my god.”

“I thought it would be okay since I’m home and everything.” You were in a long shirt, and your hair was messy. Out of all times he’s seen you, you’ve never been more beautiful to him. Your legs were exposed to him, your thighs driving him wild. You sat next to him, cross legged and grabbed your bowl of ice cream you scooped prior.

“Jimin? You want some?”

“Huh, yeah it looks good.” You happily fed him a spoonful and he didn’t even car about the taste. You continued to use the spoon, sharing a indirect kiss with him. The thought somehow excited him, knowing he was that close with you but it became bittersweet. He might have just been trapped into the “nice guy” zone.

“Y/N?” He called your name, the sound of your name always made his heart beat faster. You looked at him, his voice piquing interest.

“You got a little chocolate on your lip.” You reached for a napkin to wipe your lip but his hand stopped you. He took the jump, full on kissing you. His hand intertwined with yours and his lips dominated yours.

He knew that it was going to change how you thought about him. You could break him heart so easily now if you wanted to but maybe, in a small part of him you weren’t going to reject him.

He pulled away, still holding your hand and you looked into his eyes. It was always like you thought you could find the answers through this eyes but found nothing.

“I love you, Y/N. I always have, and I probably always will. I don’t know if you like me back but-” Your lips cut him off, proving his mind wrong and his heart reigned free.

“You talk too much, Jimin.” He pulled in you for another kiss, this time letting his dominant side take over. You were now in the palm of his hand, your body enslaved to his touch.

“Do you want this, baby?” He was quick to use nicknames, knowing you felt the same and you nodded. He scanned your body, the thin material of your shirt a barrier between your bare skin.

He slipped your shirt off, exposing his eyes to your soft skin. You blushed, not knowing what to do but his lips began its mission. He was rough with you, unbeknownst to you being a virgin. His lips marked you, the purple bruise making him feel proud.


“I love that way you say my name, baby.” He said before sucking hard on your collarbone, you were moaning under your breath and he fondled your breasts.

His hand reached to unhook your bra, releasing your breasts. He noticed how hard your nipples were and couldn’t wait to touch more of you. His hand reached between your legs, teasing your pussy a lot.


“Are you wet for me, baby?”

“Nngh..” His lips trailed down your body, pushing you up a bit so he could get between your legs. He left little hickeys on your thighs before rubbing his finger against your pussy.

“You like that, baby?”


“Don’t what? You want to stop?”

“N-No, please. Please.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“Your tongue, a-ah.” He lifted your legs, slipping off your panties before spreading them again. He moved closer to your pussy, breathing against just to see your body shiver to it.

He began slow, just licking your pussy softly. His licks were long, starting from the bottom of your pussy to the top. He found your clit, and began to suck on him. He nibbled on it even, just hear your moans grow louder. He could feel your hand grip his hair, tugging at the strands.

He didn’t mind it, continuing to suck on your clit before going back to licking your pussy. His tongue played with your hole a bit before he began to actually taste you properly. You were sweet, better than any candy he has tasted and he was savouring your flavour.


He lifted his head, knowing by the shaky tone in your voice you were close. He slipped off his shirt to which he saw a faint blush appear on your face. He didn’t want to be some far behind and he slipped down his sweatpants. He pumped himself before rubbing his tip against you.

His precum mixed into with the wetness of your pussy and he pushed himself in slowly. You basically screamed his name, maybe you weren’t used to his size and you had tears forming in the corners of your eyes.

“Y/N, are you alright? You have tears-”

“I’m fine, you can move.” His hips thrusted into you, brisk and plunging deep inside you. He moved closer to your face, still pounding into you.

“Fuck, baby you’re so tight.”

“Mm, J-Jimin.”

He could feel his cock beginning to stretch you out, like you were a virgin. His mind didn’t have the time to ponder and you clutched onto a pillow. It covered your jiggling breasts from his view but you were hugging into it so tight.

“I-I think-” He couldn’t hear the end of your thought because what came out of your mouth was no longer words. You came rather quickly but he wasn’t done yet.

He continued to thrust into you, determined to make you cum again and himself cum. You pulled him down, pressing his lips against yours. Moans were muffled by the kiss and your tongue explored each other’s mouth.


His thrusts became sloppier, his body getting close to him coming. He tried to go deeper inside you, hoping to make you cum first agains.

“I-I love you.” Your voice became shaky again and he just had to last a few more thrusts before you came again. He came inside you, and pulled out of you.

“Hey, Y/N… Were you a virgin..?”

“Why are you asking?”

“What aren’t you answering?”

“I was… And you’re so rough~” He became flustered while you teased him. He didn’t know you were, or he would have be more gentle and romantic.

“I doesn’t matter because I love you, Jimin.” There it was, that perfect smile.

Aspects of Love (musical) meme

Change pronouns to fit your muse! 

  • Love changes everything.
  • Love can make a summer fly, or a night seem like a lifetime.
  • Love makes fools of everyone, all the rules we make are broken.
  • Off into the world we go–planning futures, shaping years.
  • Love bursts in, and suddenly all our wisdom disappears.
  • Parlez-vous Français? Je suis sad.
  • Shall I order an Espresso? A cappuccino? Armagnac?
  • He’s young, very young… but appealing.
  • What are we doing? Can you believe it? A starving actress and a star-struck boy??
  • Oh well, I might as well enjoy this moment…
  • Seeing is believing!
  • I never thought I’d be here… is this really me? Am I dreaming?
  • There’s no way of knowing where this is leading, it’s fun forgetting who we are.
  • Don’t ask questions, you must promise first…
  • One cup of fresh coffee buys two kisses.
  • You’ve got a painter’s eye: everything is magnified!
  • ‘A memory of a happy moment,’ that’s what this time will one day be.
  • I feel your beauty and your rage!
  • A love affair is not a crisis. 
  • Enjoy it like a fine champagne: taste, but never let it cloud the brain.
  • I must seem a heartless woman! I must seem a soulless creature!
  • If I can’t have you, no one will! Killing you would be a pleasure.
  • If you’ve got what it takes, the stars and streamers are yours!
  • Your words are generous and selfless, but alas, untrue.
  • It wouldn’t last a week, she’d be far better off with you.
  • I’m too old for her, it’s high time I withdrew.
  • Just take a look, there’s no comparison between us two: she’d be far better off with you!
  • A memory that is best forgotten, that’s what this ugly scene should be.
  • My darling, you’ve become so bourgeois… we’ll have to change that.
  • You amaze me! Where did you come from? You do things Champagne could never do.
  • Other pleasures, I would trade them all for you.
  • You’re taking more in this life than you ought to take.
  • You wouldn’t find me much fun. It seems my life is one enormous drama!
  • There is more to love, so much more than simply making love… that’s easy. 
  • There is more to love than moonlight escapades, that’s nothing.
  • There is peace of mind, so much peace, in quiet company… that’s something.
  • Hands are just hands, a face is just a face. They come and go, are easy to replace.
  • Everyone but him seems wrong for me…
  • Now each time love reaches out to me, I can only feel there has to be more.
  • If they could only know you, your humor and humility… your strength and your fragility.
  • I am a mermaid with golden hair…
  • I’ve never seen any mermaids with knobbly knees!
  • I’d say this tale was a touch too tall.
  • Sailors will smash on my jagged rock, lured by my siren’s call. 
  • It isn’t the song of the siren that tortures men, that’s where your theory goes sadly wrong.
  • I thought you’d know better, you know nothing about mermaids!
  • You know nothing about sailors!
  • If you were a sailor and heard my song, would you be lured by me?
  • I want to be the first man you remember, I want to be the last man you forget.
  • What could be a sweeter memory than sharing my first dance with you?
  • Since you came, she’s truly blossomed. But, my friend, a flower is fragile.
  • Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Did it make you happy or sad? Did you waste away and lie awake all night?
  • Do stop planning your wake! You’re bound to outlive us all!
  • You’re free to keep your lover and your noisy Paris clique.
  • A man that’s pushing 80 is not exactly ‘chic.’
  • My darling, ____ I love you, how dramatic can you be. 
  • You think that I’m dramatic? If we don’t take some action, we’ll be too late! 
  • Love and your world can become a madhouse.
  • Your love is a drug that I dare not take, a drug to drive me mad.
  • Love is a knife, it’s a curse a cancer.
  • To love is to hate. 
  • I want you here forever, in my arms and in my life… to belong to you entirely.
  • It’s not as if I don’t know passion from living in our house. I’ve learnt that feelings can run deep…
  • If death were given a voice, that voice would scream through the sky: ‘Live while you may for I am coming… ’
  • Gather all you can reap before you’re under the plough! The hand of death is unforgiving!
  • Hand me the wine and the dice while there are still grapes on the vine!
  • I want my carnival now, while I have thirst and lust for living!
  • The end is always in sight, but it tastes better with wine!
  • Why pour your life in tiny measures?
  • Time is racing away, there’s not a taste that’s not worth trying!
  • If tomorrow it ends, I won’t have wasted today, I will have lived like I am dying.
  • Life is an endless round of flesh, food, wine, love…
  • You CAN have more than one emotion at the same time: the one makes the other more acute, and then it CURES it.
  • Common sense can be so cold.
  • Common sense says: ‘be bold… ’
  • You say that it’s unnatural, what exactly do you mean?? 
  • When you first met my mother you were only 17.
  • The thing that is unnatural is to keep your feelings in.
  • Lying to yourself must be by far the greatest sin.
  • Oh yes, it’s all too easy to pretend I don’t exist…
  • Why won’t you wait for me? Three years is not a lifetime!
  • I hear you’re leaving us, our lives are changing yet again. 
  • Anything but lonely… anything but empty rooms.
  • There’s so much in life to share, what’s the sense when no one else is there?
  • Anything but lonely… anything but only me.
  • Lonely’s what I’ll never be while there’s still some life in me!
  • Quiet years in too much space, that’s the thing that’s hard to face.
  • It isn’t over yet, there’s so many hearts for me to thrill!


Author: otter

Summary: Stiles’ kid has a tendency to get into fights and possibly has bad taste in friends. Or enemies. Stiles isn’t sure yet, but he’s pretty sure the other kid’s dad is too hot to be human.

Info: 10k | Teen | AU, Kid!fic, FLUFF

Notes: Oh. My. Gawd. There are no sweets sweeter than this. And no sweet is as funny as this. –M

Sneak Peek:

“I said your nose doesn’t seem to be broken, I didn’t say you weren’t going to have some pretty incredible shiners. Anybody with eyes is going to be able to tell you’ve been in a fight.”

“Awesome,” Stiles says, heaving a put-upon sigh because he is so put-upon. His fucking kid, seriously. “It’s going to be the great shunning all over again. You’re staying home until your face looks normal again; I don’t need anybody judging me like I’m an abusive dad. Again. If you need to leave the house, you’re going to have to put a bag over your face.”

“You’re the worst,” Emmy tells him, putting on a sullen face to match the dour little shit sitting next to her. “You never take my side.”

“I always take your side, when your side isn’t stupid,” Stiles points out, reasonably.

The nurse smirks, and it looks unfairly good on his face. He’s also standing there watching like their family drama is entertaining to him personally.

tekkaguya  asked:

does pm3 have rival-rivals as well as friend-rivals? I loved my daughter making rivals in pm2 because "whoa my daughter's badass and well-known enough to have rivals" but her actually having friends outside of the palace people sounds lovely

I’m not sure, unfortunately. I played the game in Japanese– it could very well be that your friends are also rivals, as they are specific t o activities you participate in. I just remember that you can give them birthday presents and they give you birthday presents, and the vibe is just a whole lot sweeter than a certain Patricia in PM2. ;)

Save The Last Dance For Me

Author: avengerstories

Pairing: Pietro x reader.

Word Count: 1,427

It was 11:30 pm and the party was still in full swing. Music blasting, people drinking and talking, and the occasional roar of laughter from your favorite god. You wouldn’t usually be out this late on a Friday (you preferred the company of your laptop and Netflix), but you couldn’t deny it: Tony Stark knew how to throw one hell of a party.

You got up from your seat, excusing yourself from the group of people listening to yet another one of Rhodey’s War Machine stories, and made your way to the bar. As you fixed yourself a drink, you felt a large arm wrap around your shoulders.

“Ah, Lady (Y/N)! How are you doing this evening?” Judging from how loud he was, you guessed he was drunk. You turned and gave him a hug, him squeezing you tightly. Yup, definitely Asgardian liquor. You had tried it once, and you lived to regret it.

“I’m good,” you replied once he let go. “Enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, reveling in our victory, what else could be more entertaining! Come, join us for a game!” He gestured toward the pool table where Natasha, Sam, and Clint were.

“Maybe later.” You said, giggling at him as you took a sip. He nodded, smiling back at you. You watched as he went back to the pool table and watched as Sam and Nat tried to explain the game.

Thor was the first Avenger you had met. You were grocery shopping and had literally run into him with your cart. As an apology you bought him poptarts, then he carried your groceries home. You quickly became friends and each other’s confidant, visiting the Avengers compound at least once a week. You became close with the girls and the guys treated you like a younger sister.

All of them, except for one.

He sat on the other end of the bar, his back to you. He turned around and ran a hand through his platinum blonde hair. Picking up his glass, he caught you staring. He smirked and raised his glass; you smiled and nodded in response, taking a sip of your drink. Before you could even lower your glass, he was beside you.

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Our Little Angel

You closed your eyes trying to focus, the last events running through your brain but you couldn’t remember a thing. 

“Look whose awake.” A voice stated walking into the room. 

You squinted your eyes trying to focus on the individual a second individual entered the room you instantly recognized them as the Winchester brother’s Sam and Dean. Your eldest brother Gabriel had showed them to you before. This was the first time you’d ever seen them in person or any human other than your vessel up close. You were technically still a baby compared to you siblings new to the whole human world but the times you did get to experience it you were mixed with many emotions. 

“So you work for Bartholomew?” Dean asked taking a seat in front of you. 

“You mean the one from Castiel’s garrison?” You asked confused. 

“Yeah he mentioned you, he mentioned that you were helping him out torturing and killing and now you’re after Castiel because he wouldn’t join your little club.” Sam stated his voice low. 

“I know of Bartholomew but I’ve never actually met him, and what do you mean join his club and why would be he want to kill Castiel they’re in the same garrison, they’re friends.” you said trying to remove from your restraints. 

“Nice try but you’re not going anywhere with this holy oil.” Dean said holding up a smile vile. 

“So where is he?” Sam asked this time his tone was calmer, much sweeter than it was a moment ago. 

“I don’t know- honest if I did I’d tell you? Why are you doing this? You are the righteous one, the one my brother pulled from hell he talks about you often he never said-” you paused for a moment looking between the two brothers. 

“He said if I ever needed help that you two could do it.” You finished your voice barley above a whisper. Dean glanced over at Sam a look of guilt washed over his face, Sam cleared his throat before exiting the room with his brother. 

“You think she’s legit?” Dean asked. 

“ I don’t I mean she knew about Cas saving you.” Sam sighed. 

“Yeah well so does every other angel in heaven and that hasn’t stopped them from trying to kill us.” Dean replied. 

“True, but Bartholomew mentioned that she was following him that she was a hardcore beilever and that she’d never give us any information.” Sam continued. 

“So you think she’s lying to save her skin?” Dean asked again. 

“Maybe- yeah I think so.” Sam replied though very unconvincing. The two returned to the dungeon you were still located in your seat. 

“Here’s the deal you tell us what we want to know we let you go, you don’t tell us we kill you.” Dean stated. 

“I don’t know what more you want.” You replied slowly looking up at them. You heard Dean sigh before standing in front of you with an angel sword in hand. Dean held the weapon in front of you, you held your breath closing your eyes silently praying to your brother’s to come and save you, and as if on cue the lights flickered the room rattled Gabriel, Samandiriel,and Balthazar appeared in the room. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” Sam asked glaring at the three angels. 

“The question is what are you doing to my favorite sibling?” Gabriel asked crossing his arms obviously not amused with the situation. 

“She’s working for Bartholomew and she’s trying to help him kill Cas.” Sam stated. 

“So you kidnap, and kill her?” Balthazar asked stepping closer to the brothers. 

“Not so fast how’d you know she was here?” Dean asked

“I prayed.” You answered your voice low barley above a whisper. 

“I can assure she isn’t working with Bartholomew she isn’t even aware of what’s going on, we sent her hear to be safe.” Samandiriel stated trying to be the voice of reason. 

“Yeah you guys sent an angel to our front door. Knowing that the rest of your brother’s and sister’s have been trying to kill us.” Sam scoffed. 

“It is true.” Cas stated appearing behind Sam and Dean. 

“Dammit Cas.” Dean half shouted placing a hand on his chest. 

“If you would please remove the oil.” Cas stated motioning to the floor. Sam and Dean stayed where they were. 

“I had y/n come here she’s new or well still very young she was created about a year ago I didn’t want her caught up in the politics I told her to come here.” Castiel explained. 

“I knew they would do something stupid, they’re always doing something stupid.” Gabriel stated walking over to you. 

“I thought your dad was MIA.” Dean said removing the holy oil. 

“He is but- for whatever reason he created y/n I know she different from the rest of us.” Balthazar stated looking over at you, as Gabriel and Samanidriel helped you to your feet. 

“So she’s not helping Bartholomew?” Sam asked glancing at you. 

“No, she’s not I should really teach you boys a lesson.” Gabriel stated his tone threatening like an older brother. 

“I’m fine guys  really.” You said softly. 

“Look y/n I’m sorry Sam and I both we just thought….what we did was inexcusable.” Dean said struggling a bit with his apology. 

“You were right Castiel they do have such good, bright souls.” You said looking between the brothers. 

“You forgive us?” Sam asked in disbelief. 

“Yes, Castiel trusts you so, so can I.” You replied. 

“You two better treat my little sister really well, because I will be checking in on you two idiots, and if you try anything it’ll be Tuesday all over again.” Gabriel stated before disappearing followed by Balthazar, and Samandriel. 

“Why don’t we show you to your room, that’s uh if you’re still staying with us.” Sam said looking over at Cas, who only nodded in reply. You followed them down the hall silently despite almost being killed you were very interested in the Winchester’s the one’s your brother’s constantly bickered about, the one’s Castiel pulled from hell.

ryxji  asked:

dear ryuji

Dear Ryuji.

When we first met I didn’t think we would ever get along. You especially didn’t seem to like nor trust me much at all. But thankfully that melted away quickly as we both realised we had gotten the completely wrong idea of one another.

For you are far sweeter and braver than anyone could imagine.You, who has never hesitated in the face of danger when it comes to helping those you are close to. Your rough attitude is merely a shield for yourself and your friends and I am forever happy that I am considered worth protecting as well.

Your smile and beautiful eyes are always on my mind; my heart soars whenever we are together. I am not the best at romance but I promise that I will love you with all my heart and do everything I can to make you happy.

For my life would be a lot less vivid and brilliant without you in it.

Always yours,


  • One of my favorite people on the planet tbh
  • “Half lesbian”
  • The main reason I picked up saying h*ck
  • Sunflower princess The Weapon™
  • Again you’re a blog that I was intimidated by at first but you’re sweeter than sugar and really funny, I’m HELLA glad we started talking ♥♥♥
  • Your side blog is A++ content honestly I love stalking your blogs
  • I can tell when you’re stalking my blog and it makes me feel loved :’)
  • I still can’t get over bellpepper

Send me a number if you’re a mutual or friend and I’ll make a post about you!