my friends and i spend saturday night like cool kids

lucifers-endgame said: Hello! Prompt: Some sort of high school au where Dean is super shy and finally works up the courage to talk to the insanely smart and popular Castiel Novak, only to trip over his own feet and fall into the lockers in front of him (Based on my own experiences ugh).

Author’s note: Several people requested High School AUs where Cas is the popular one instead of Dean, and I don’t think I’ve ever written anything like that, so here you go. ;) 

Never in his seventeen years of being alive, had Dean had any ambitions to hang out with the cool kids. He was perfectly fine with his own little circle of friends, thank you very much. Victor, Charlie, Benny… It was good to have a group of people that you could trust and be yourself around. Friends who wouldn’t judge you for rather spending your Saturday nights staying in and watching Star Wars, than going to wild parties and drinking yourself into a coma. Hell, most of the time they’d even join Dean when he was having one of his movie marathons, which often ended in awesome sleepovers.

Yup, Dean’s life had always been just fine, nothing to improve. Safe, nice, uncomplicated. Outside of his friends, no one paid him much mind, but no one felt a need to bully him either. Which suited Dean just fine; as long as no one bothered him, he couldn’t care less about the jocks and cheerleaders who were considered school royalty.

But all of that had changed when, boom, Castiel Novak had moved to town, about three months ago. The guy had crashed into Dean’s life like an actual comet; whereas before Dean had never joined the trend of ‘having a hopeless crush’, he had it bad for Castiel. Dean still remembered the first time he’d seen the new guy walk the halls of Lawrence High; confident, chin up, a determined yet not quite snobby smile around his kissable lips. His hair that screamed ‘please touch’, and eyes so blue, Dean was sure they could paralyze a person with one simple look. They sure as hell had stunned Dean from afar on more than one occasion, and he hadn’t even talked to the guy.

Being that good-looking, and on top of that smart and a terrific football player, there was no need to explain how that particular story had ended… Castiel soon became the trophy that girls and guys alike wanted, also helped along by the fact that he was ‘new’ and therefore some kind of novelty. The kind of person that would hang out with equally popular students like Ruby, Gordon, Meg and Balthazar. Not with people like Dean, not ever.

Dean sighed wistfully as he watched how Castiel put his books away in his locker across the hall, talking to Ruby over his shoulder. Even from this far away, the blue of his eyes stood out, making all of the other colors in the room seem dull and boring. He  just knew that they had to be even more breathtaking from up close, but chances were that Dean would never find out.

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