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nine months is a long time for a pirate to go dry


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Apologies for how not funny this is. I am lacking in more Thanksgiving jokes ; o ;  But please accept my headcanon that Killian swears off alcohol for nine months in solidarity for his precious wife, until a moment of weakness at Thanksgiving where the Charmings, after meet and greets, go to the kitchen to find their son-in-law vampire-sucking all the rum syrup out of their cake /cough. 

Fate/Grand Order NA edition: A Recap

A quick recap of some of the events that happened so far in the misadventures of Mash and Guda:


  • A teenager (we shall call them Guda) answers an ad in the papers, ends up in a military base called Chaldea hidden in the Himalayas.
  • A bomb toasts everybody inside the base.
  • Mash and Guda time travel back to the edgiest version of Fate/Stay Night where Saber Alter rules with an iron fist.
  • Mash, a cute Chaldea clerk, fuses with the ghost of some guy, gets a massive shield to bludgeon people with. 
  • Cu Chulainn beats people up with the Wicker Man; Thankfully leaves out the bees.
  • Their boss turns out to be a bad guy and throws their other, dead boss’ ghost into a black hole, making her super dead-er.
  • The only staff surviving at Chaldea is the ghost of Leonardo Da Vinci and the absentminded doctor she’s fucking.


  • Gilles de Raiss, unhappy with the canon ending, makes an edgy Jeanne D’Arc OC to fix it.
  • The real Jeanne is summoned without her Ruler powers, joins Mash and Guda on their merry stroll through France.
  • Some countries have roaches, others have rats. France has dragons.
  • It also has vampires.
  • Marie Antoinette pulls a drive-by shootout with the vampires to rescue Jeanne D’Arc and company.
  • They escape because Mozart makes the vampires vomit and/or poop themselves with a piano attached to the back of Marie’s carriage.
  • They bond. Marie learns what a homie is. Marie and Jeanne are super gay.
  • Kiyohime and Liz are first introduced. FGO is never the same.
  • They rescue the German hero Sumanai Siegfried from a castle. He’s pretty beat up.
  • They need saints to heal him for some reason. Good thing St. George spawns… on the other side of the map.
  • Do you really wanna hurt us this way George? Really? Take anyone else instead. Take this Mephistopheles, he’s just hanging around in my archive!
  • Big Bad Battle with Cheese and Dragons. Assassins recommended.
  • Jeanne vs Jeanne. The edgy OC is no match for the original of course.
  • Gilles is kicked back into the depths of where he belongs


  • U M U
  • All of Nero’s forebears in the Roman empire form an alliance against her called Every Villain Is Lemons, also known as EVIL
  • Nero brings the company to Britain from Italy. On foot.
  • Mash suffocates under the overwhelming force that is Boudica’s boobs.
  • Nero chops down the ghosts of Roman emperors past one by one. No biggie.
  • Mash and Guda find their bad boss in the capital and oh shit he’s a demon from hell.
  • The demon summons Atilla the Hun. He is later of two minds about this choice.
  • Nero punches Atilla in the face. Civilization will never die!


  • Someone steals all the dumplings. Now Chaldea’s gonna starve.
  • Some booby archer pesters Mash and Guda about helping them recover the food.
  • Marie doesn’t remember her own homies.
  • Never mind she totally does.
  • Saint George is into photography.
  • Martha is into dumplings, bondage, and breaking faces. Tsk tsk, Saint Martha.
  • Martha makes her escape by jumping on to her dragon Tarrasque, who begins to fly by spinning around rapidly until it zooms away like a UFO. She probably puked at some point.
  • Altera, Atilla The Hun, the great destroyer herself, explains the differences of good and bad civilization.
  • Surprise surprise, Booby Archer is a bad guy- holy shit this is the goddess of the hunt?
  • Please don’t spook my guaranteed SSR gacha Artemis, I beg you. I’ll do anything you want just don’t come home.


  • Sir Francis Drake, Pirate Queen.
  • Blackbeard. Weeb.
  • And lo, Captain Drake did shot the god Poseidon in the face, declaring with a mighty shout “Let there be booze!”, and the crew were drunk with infinite booze, and it was good.
  • Blackbeard wins the award for cringiest villain.
  • Drake and her motley crew recruit Medusa’s bitchy sister Euryale and her hot monster boyfriend, Asterios The Minotaur.
  • The Golden Hind VS The Queen Anne’s Revenge, battle of two legendary pirate ships, FIGHT
  • Artemis and Orion board the Queen Anne’s Revenge during the fight in an admittedly cool action scene. Orion blows a hole into the ship.
  • Blackbeard is a tough bastard, but Drake literally killed the god of the seas for some booze so
  • Hektor, hero of Troy, won’t shut up about being an old man. Also he betrays Blackbeard.
  • Blackbeard to Drake: “Secretly, I admired you…r boobs.” *dies*
  • Drake trades upwards, gets the Argonauts as her new nemesis
  • Jason is just as much of a shitter in Fate as he is in mythology. Who would have guessed?!
  • Wait wasn’t one of the most famous members of the Argonauts the great hero Hera-OH GOD HE’S HERE WE HAVE TO RUN
  • Asterios vs Heracles summed up:

  • Guda: Well now that we lost our muscle we need reinforcements.
    Atalanta and David: Hi
  • Atalanta meets her God. She now believes in atheism.
  • David: Yeah I actually have the most dangerous thing on Earth with me as a second noble phantasm.
    Everyone else: It’s a box.
    David: I know. It’s got nerves of steel.
  • Who would win? A nigh-immortal demigod, son of Zeus and the strongest hero there is, or some box?
  • “Hey Jason, eat a dick.” - Medea Lily
  • Eating a dick turns you into a vessel for yet another Demon God. As Jason painfully finds out.
  • RIP AND TEAR 2.0
  • David: Yeah all of this time-stream dicking is my idiot son’s fault. It would be just like him, for he was an idiot.
    Roman: Nuh-uh!
    David: Yeah-uh!
  • Goodbye, Captain Drake. T’was an honor to be one of yer hearty crew.

HALLOWEEN 2015(17?)

  • An invitation? To a party? But all of history was dicked. Where are you supposed to hold a par-is that a castle?
    Guda: Mash calm dow-
  • Kiyohime casually defies the laws of space and time (again).
  • Mata Hari: *Starts stripdancing*
    Mash: :O
    Kiyo: >:(
    Roman: :D
  • Carmilla uses her noble phantasm to clean a spot. I-I’m not even exaggerating this is actually a thing that happens.
  • Vlad is the supportive uncle who knits for his fellows.
  • Tamamo Cat; nothing she says ever makes any sense.
  • Elizabeth Bathory: Surprise! All of this was to prepare you for a special private concert from an up and coming pop idol star!
  • Everyone: Liz you are a bad
    Me, tears falling onto my phone: Liz you are a good
  • Liz: Y-you d-didn’t like m-m-my concert?
    Everyone: Boo you suck!


  • Split psyche story
  • What you expected: Angry Nobu, sad Nobu, kinda freaky happy Nobu
  • What you got:

  • Rabbit season? Duck season? No. It’s Nobbu season.
  • A whole string of really funny jokes if you’re a fan of Oda Nobunaga’s place in Japan’s history.
  • Even more funny jokes that don’t require knowledge of the Sengoku Period
  • Arash chases after the crew while on fire and screaming “STELLAAA!!”, blows up over Ushiwakamaru’s army
  • Mash and friends somehow run all the way into the desert.
  • I give up. There is no way to exaggerate anything that happens in this event.
  •  It is just bonkers.
  • Oda Nobunaga and Okita Souji for best couple


  • DW: Boy we sure hope you’re not tired of the Fuyuki map!
  • Stupid, sexy Scathach: Greetings.
    Guda: Gaddamn.
    Mash: Senpai, for once can you not be a perv-
    Stupid, sexy Scathach: *flips her hair*
    Mash: Holy fuck I’m so gay right now.
  • Scathach casually kills ten thousand ghosts.
  • Scathach casually teaches her new students while crushing a skull with one hand and flexing with the other.
  • Scathach also gives the nicest headpats.
  • Brock from Pokemon Fergus joins the party.
  • Mash: And then, Cu Chulainn saved us in his sexy druid outfit.
    Scathach and Fergus: Druid outfit? AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Fergus: God I’m just super horny right now.
    Scathach: I’m pretty DTF myself but only the finest warriors can get some of this.
    Fergus: Well do I qualif-
    Scathach: No.
  • Altera: Hi
    Fergus: *Dies from nosebleed*
  • For the final part of the trial, Scathach summons another warrior to replace Fergus.
  • Diarmuid knows its fanservice day. He doesn’t even bother to put on a shirt.
  • Artemis: I’m baaaacckk~
  • Scathach to Artemis: From one booby servant to another, your kind of fanservice is super gross and wrong my dude. Domestic violence against men is a very real concern. Now I’m gonna spank you.
  • Scathach kicks divine ass. Thank you, Shishou!
  • Scathach: Now before I leave kids, what did we learn?
    Mash and Guda: That the road ahead of us is long and dark, but if we hold firm and believe in each other, we can be humanity’s saviors from the dark?
    Scathach: No. What did we really learn?
    Me: That now I can’t not have you in my Chaldea and must ask for an advanced paycheck this instant?
    Scathach: Good child.

every year i say ‘i’m sure i won’t be as on edge for pinof next year i’ll be another year older i’ll be chill’ and now i’m twenty fucking three and it’s been seven years and I AM NOT CHILL MY FRIENDS. NOT CHILL. GOOD GOD IT DOESN’T GET EASIER YOU NEWER FANS ARE ALL SCREWED.


We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but I’d like to say:

Thank you to all my friends here on tumblr.

I am thankful that everyday I can come on here and share the love of hot older guys and fan over our favourites! You know who you are 😇❤️

Here’s a random post that wasn’t asked for 😜

joshgroban: Happy thanksgiving!! Grateful for my supportive loving family, my friends who send me funny memes on the reg, my fans who let me make noise, and to all the selfless humans in this country, our service men and women, our doctors and nurses, our teachers, our mentors…everyone doing what they can to make the world a better place when nobody is watching. Also, thankful I still have a face under all that hair. RIP Pierre. Nice to meet you, Tony Caruso Jr.
Eat yummy things today please 🍁💙

missmercedesdressedinblood  asked:

I came here because of your AMAZING fan art of destiel, and I'm hoping you could do a post of all the ones you've done of them, or do some more? Thanks, love you!

Hi! Unfortunately, I deleted all of the supernatural fanart from my laptop so I can’t post anything. All that is left is in the #destiel tag, however I’ve been cleaning that part of my blog as well. I will not be making any spn fanart again. Thanks for liking that part of my art while it lasted!

Happy Doctor Who Day! 💙 Shamy💫✨

Today is double celebration day, Thanksgiving 🦃 (for my USA friends) and for all the fans across the Whoverse, we celebrate the 54th anniversary of our favorite time-travelling alien. I mixed it with my favorite couple and here is my Shamy style crossover!. 

Although in my country we dont celebrate thanksgiving, I want to say that Im very grateful for this incredible year in the fandom, I met incredible people and every day you give me so much love that I dont know how to thank you enough! 

I hope you have an incredible day, with much love Ana! 💕😘 

Happy Thanksgiving!

And in the spirit of the holiday, I would like to say that I’m thankful for every single one of you, followers, mutuals, and blogs I follow. Each one of you brightens my day. Each one of you puts a smile on my face. And for different reasons, too. Some of you are ridiculous, while some of you run ego blogs or protection squads. Some of you have even helped me with different things, both physical and emotional.

So to say thank you, I’m tagging around 10-15 of you. Each one is going to be followed by something about you that either I’m thankful for or I want to happen!

@snowelfxx You are an amazing person, who creates egos out of thin air. It’s an amazing talent, keep it up!

@pleaseletthisjimbetaken Your Ego Estates story is amazing, and it’s partially inspired my beast of a project that I’m working on. I can’t wait to see the next part!

@ironwoman359 I love your blog, and let me tell you, when you accidentally deleted I was a little concerned! But I’m glad you got everything back. Stay awesome Jim Back at Home!

@slim-jims Giving us all the Egos to interact with is incredible, and Ti, you do an amazing job as editor. Plus, you’re a button! Keep rocking that awesome hair!

@markiderps I love you vlog, it’s always a good one to see. And you’re fun to interact with. Thanks for being there

@suhpuppets Yep I’m tagging the sideblog. Best place for me to dump things, plus Anti and Chase both give good advice. I’ll always swing by to say hi!

@sassy-in-glasses Thanks for always being on the “sleep watch” for us Americans. Half of the time, we don’t realize how late it is.

@darkfixation Your fics are amazing. I always read them as soon as I can, simply because I think they’re too good.

@onetiredowl Thanks for being the Editor. Might need your services, but I’m still decided. Nevertheless, be on the lookout.

@angel-jim-hell-yeah Love the blog. It’s amazing, plus you always have something good to say.

@asksomecoolkids HOLY COW your Conflict Comic blows my mind. It’s so well done, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

@loki-isnt-so-lucky You are an amazing person, and a great artist. Keep working at it, and post your stuff! I know I love it.

@little-omega-prince Thanks for being my friend, and helping me figure out some things.

And last but certainly not least, @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye Thank you for posting videos, for interacting with your fans, for starting a community. I know I speak for a lot of the community when I say that you take away the pain, the problems, just life in general. You are a bright spot in all of our days and make us laugh when we only want to cry. So thank you, Mark. Thank you, Jack. And thank you, each and every one of you, even if I didn’t tag you. Don’t think that you don’t mean anything to me.

I’ve been busy with new job and sick aunt, but always thankful for the blessings in my life. In the US this is such a controversial holiday, but it doesnt need to be one to show I’m grateful for the community that picked me up during a super rough time in my life.

Thank you to the Korrasami fandom - from the story creators/voice actors/artists to the fellow fans that make ridiculously amazing stories, art, headcanons, jokes and commentary.. and to the friends I made along the way 😘


“We’re all okay.” Micron pen and coloured pencil (5x8in.)

I watched Mark’s “Thank You” video, and I got really emotional. I’m having a tough time figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. Coincidentally, when I first started watching Mark’s videos, I was in a similar situation. The stakes are much higher now. It’s scary knowing that everything is going to change, no matter what I choose.

I guess it’s just comforting to be reminded that everyone else goes through this, and that in the end, we’re all okay. Thank you, Mark.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to take a minute to express how thankful I am for my @officialvoltroncult family and fans. Back in June, I discovered @officialyellowlion and @officialblacklion and thought “wow this is pretty cool” and in July had the guts to start this account. I have the most amazing friendship with the mods of @theofficialkeithk and @theofficiallance , and an amazingly talented artist called @miithers . The Unholy Trinity. I’ve met so many amazing accounts who I’m glad to call my friends. I can’t believe I’ve been taken in by this amazing community and I can tell you: it’s saved my life. I was in the lowest point of my life when I started being Pidge, and it’s helped get through and keep moving forward. I’ll never be able to repay all that the family and fans have given me.

I’m so thankful for you all.

-Mod Pidgey

Two years ago, years of campaigning finally paid off when Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie was greenlighted once again by Nickelodeon, and now my childhood hero Craig Bartlett finally gets to complete the story the way he wanted to. I want to thank him for being incredibly supportive of The Arun Mehta Show, and I hope I’ve paid him back by supporting the Save TJM Campaign.

I also want to thank Anndi McAfee, Justin Shenkarow Jamil Walker Smith and Olivia Hack for appearing and entertaining the Hey Arnold! Fans during the uncertain times.

I’ve also feel very proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with my cohosts Patricia Miranda, Josh Dushack, Harry Dyer and Ajia Wood. May that continue long into the future. Shout out also to fellow HA! podcasters Morgan Terry and Sylvie Soulet for their dedication to the cause. Broadcasting is a powerful tool in helping to inspire and create. May they all continue to prosper.

Tonight I will sit with my family and friends, and watch the story 17 years in the making finally play out. I wish everyone the greatest success and hope this is just the beginning of something special!

See you all on the other side! 🙂

Dear Mutuals and Followers,

I love all of you. Thank you for sticking around and hanging out with me here.

Thanks for liking my babus.

Thanks for liking my fan art.

Thanks for reblogging and commenting when/if you can.

Thanks for sending random asks/anons.

Thanks for sending cheesy messages.

My little heart can’t handle a lot of cute goodness because I’M really sappy and cry super easily. I only started a tumblr to share my art to more people. I never expected to become part of a fandom and get a bunch of new friends, so I’m really happy that we’re all here.

If you EVER have any problems (in life, art, etc., etc.), please don’t hesitate to send me a message! I answer everything I get because interacting with people is important to me. I’m a shy bean, but I like to pride myself on my friendliness.

Lemme just kiss ya a bit -smooch-




Happy thanksgiving everyone! #jumpingforjoy im so thankful for all 110k of you! I’m thankful to all my friends and family that support me and I’m thankful for all the relationships with dancers, choreographers and other fans I’ve made thru this account! 🍗🦃🍁 #thanksgiving2017#happythanksgiving
🎵in the name of Love by @martingarrix and @beberexha 🎵

Dancers: @lexi_lu_1226 @eastonmags_ @carly_faith_allyn @madibunce @crystalhuangdance @averygayofficial @cami_voorhees_official @kiarrawaidelich @holden.maples @caylie.almada @sara.gutz @brightyn_dancer109 @elliemannella @yinglei_pham @savannahsue5678 @berlynn_gonzalez @sagerosen @elladobler

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Happy TBThanksgiving to all y’all. Friends, family, fans..
Thanks for letting me dress up and be a weirdo and call it my life.
Feel ever grateful for the love and laughter you bring into my world. ❤️


Just a quick little post on this Thanksgiving to express how thankful I am. For the boys for bringing us all together, for Harry being the inspiration behind my blog and a constant source of happiness and light in my life, for the friends I’ve made here, and for you all for reading my writing and talking to me and caring about my life. It may seem silly to say, but as much as we all complain about Tumblr and the fandom, it’s still become a huge part of my life and led me to make so many wonderful connections. I’ve talked to so many of you from all over the WORLD, even people who ARENT Harry fans, and that’s such an insanely cool thing to me! I’ve learned so much about other people, and about myself, and so on this day I just want to thank you guys for following me and letting me express myself daily. Especially those of you who have followed me since the very beginning. Whether or not you celebrate this holiday I just wanted you all to know how thankful I am. I hope you have the LOVELIEST days filled with yummy food and drinks, and that you’re surrounded by friends and family and endless love and positivity. I love you guys. 💜

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well, tumblr, it’s thanksgiving, and you know what that means

i want to give thanks – to you guys. all of you. each and every one of you. all of my friends, all of my fans (it’s shocking i even have fans in the first place), and everyone else in between. THANK YOU!!! from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for sticking with me… even in these times of radio silence in which i’m a piece of shit. even during the content drought. even with all of my “Soon™”s. i am so grateful to have you guys… you mean so, so much to me. i know some of you may not believe me because i am, in fact, a giant asshole and failure of a content creator, but it’s true! i think about you guys every single day of my life. i hope you are all doing well, and i always thank my lucky stars that i have such faithful people surrounding me. <3333 i hope this doesn’t sound like bullshit, because it isn’t. i’m serious. i know everyone’s sick of my excuses by now. i really miss you guys a lot. so… thanks, you guys, for sticking by me ;A; i love you all so much!!!! i can’t wait to finally come home to you. hopefully when i start puttin’ stuff out again it’ll be bigger and better than ever! thank you to all of my new followers as well – don’t worry, i’m still around. <3 i’ve not left forever. i know i have a fucking lot to catch up on and that’s a whole ‘nother story… whew… but yeah. much, much love from me <33333

i also want to thank each and every one of you in the spongebob fandom in general – even if i don’t know you, thank you for all of the content you produce, all of the support you give, and for keeping stephen hillenburg’s dream alive <3 i’m excited to see more people join us! i can’t wait to see all the new fanart and fics!!! i can’t wait to meet new people!!! haters suck, but we can pull through! we’ll come out on top and enjoy our fandom together no matter what :) thank you guys so much for filling this fandom with life!! spongebob makes me happier than anything in this world and it’s so nice to see so many other people who enjoy it too <333333

THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! i’ll see you all soon, hugs and kisses!!!! i hope y’all had a wonderful thanksgiving!!! <33333