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okay so i discussed this w my friend and i can't stop thinking abt it!! but can u write smth for pro overwatch player jungkook? thank you so much and take care !!

,,,,you got me i love overwatch so i had to write this,,,,

  • pro dps player and he mains mccree,,,,although sometimes he switches over to widowmaker on some maps or just for the memes because his fans call him widowkook 
  • before the objective unlocks he does the mccree dancing emote and laughs his butt off in the booth
  • actually does a good job of protecting the teams healer (which,,,,,you guessed it im putting all of bts into this au. it’s jin. he mains zenyatta.) 
  • but puts his own sprays over taeyungs LOL
  • you’ve been a fan of his since he was just a streamer and not on a team
  • and to one of the playoffs you bring a sign with a photo of jungkook when he just started gaming (bowl cut, high school uniform and all)
  • and apparently hoseok,,,,can’t stop laughing at it??? and he points u out in the crowd and jungkook sees u and is like oh MY goD whERE dID u GET thAT
  • and you’re hiding behind the sign trying not to laugh out loud,,,,and also not blush,,,,
  • but after the game,,,which you’re super glad jungkooks team won you get line for the fansign but hoseok spots u and is like !!!!! hey!!!!! ur the one with the jungkook sign!!!
  • and ur like gfhkvldfs yes,,,that’s me and he’s like pulling you out of the line and toward where the rest of the group is 
  • and jungkook sees you and the sign and rushes over and is like “this photo??? is from my second stream????? i look so bad???”
  • and you’re ,,,, well you’re like no!!! u look cute
  • and hoseok is wiggling his eyebrows and elbowing jungkook and he’s like “use that mccree charm on them ;)” and jungkook is like WHAt mCcREE CHARM leaVE mE aLONE
  • and ur still clutching ur sign like!!!!!!!!! ur so close to ur fav pro player,,,,and jungkook,,,,,,the videos and streams do him no justice hes EXTRA cute up close
  • and jungkook looks back at you,,,,,cutely being confused and embarrassed 
  • and he’s like “don’t mind hoseok,,,you know,,,,he’s like That” and ur like if it’s ok,,,can u sign the board??
  • and jungkook is like oh!!! sure!!!!!
  • and u both revert to nervous kids 
  • only to have hoseok pass by and be like “jungkook tell them mccree’s line!!! im your huckleberry ;))))”
  • and jungkook is like pLEASE HOSEOK D O N T 
  • and ur like oh my god oh my god,,,,but then quietly under his breath jungkook is like cough cough im ur huckleberry,,,and ur heart like skips a beat??? he’s so adorable
  • and when you look down at his signature,,,there’s a number next to it and jungkook is scratching the back of his neck and he’s like i,,,,i don’t have any ‘mccree charm or whatever,,,,but if ur free,,,,,after the tournament is over,,,,’’ 
  • hoseok from somewhere: THATS A GOOD COWBOY MOVE JUNGKOOK

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The more Camila says boys the gayer she looks honestly. Lol. I'm straight and it's so weird watching her do this. Girl, if you like boys, just date boys. Your fans will live. All of this talk around it is just weird tho. I can't imagine telling all my friends "I need a boy" 100x. They'd be like ok Jan by the 10th. If your straight there's nothing to worry about messaging wise.

I don’t watch SG but I wanted to send some love to all my Sanvers buddies out there. On behalf of the Cophine/Ebro fans, I think I can speak for everyone when I say:
We. Feel. Your. Pain. And that pain cuts deep like a sonofabitch.
Bring it in, babes. Cry it out. Rage it out. You’re among friends. We got you.

It’s been just over a week since Chris Cornell’s passing. I am a huge fan of the Seattle bands and it has been a real shock to me. 
My friend did a tribute to Chris with a cover of Black Hole Sun, you can check out the cover here; 

I think in times like these, fans should celebrate the life of their heroes and appreciate all the good things they have given. Playing their music and enjoying it still is a fantastic way to keep their legacy alive. 

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NCT is overrated

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

why neutral? well bc they aren’t that popular in the first place. across other fans they just know them as key words “the 7th sense” “mark that one idol rapper kid who’s actually good” “stupid concept whats up with the units” “the one group with 14 year olds as 1 unit” n all that, not really the group as a whole i guess? or their achievements?

they’re not there yet in my honest opinion, where their popularity is at, i think it’s pretty appropriate considering the time they’ve been out, their music, concepts, promotions, and their talents :)

this was a hard one i don’t know how to scale this, what do you think?

I told my friend irl, the biggest Tsunade fan on the planet, about Hinata fans and their downplaying of Tsunade and he was just laughing. No hate, nothing. It was just so funny to him that Hinata fans actually think Tsunade and Sakura aren’t all that; are weaker than Hinata when we are talking about Hinata Hyuga of all the ninja in the series. To a normal person, who isn’t affected by the stupidity on this site, the idea that Hinata was even close to those characters was an alien concept. 


a good mm loving// ♡

Team Super!

In honor of the season finale tonight, here’s a mega Supergirl Season 2 fan art. Thanks for the all the lovely comments, messages, reblogs, and shares, and for all the new friends and followers that have found their way here from me doodling these fun characters. Enjoy the episode tonight (and be nice to each other).


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 @deanthomasfinnigan asked: katie bell vs angelina johnson


would like to say I take extreme pride in all of you, my friends/fans, again if it weren’t for you all I would’ve been a part of the high percentage of street thugs caught up in the system, I finally feel like I have a purpose, I finally feel un-abandoned, I finally am a few steps away from suicide, mark my words, I will learn what I need to save you all, to make a difference in this world, all I need is for you all to continue to have my back as you do now & I will never be afraid to fall, I will save you all from mental depression & insanity, mark my words, you all will find your purpose, I love you all

Done… FINALLY … I don’t have to stare at this anymore… ohwait this is my business card design for the upcoming convention.. nvm….  눈‸눈


OK SO baby kiibo was a thing on twitter and i fell in love and well do you see where this got me


Introducing Larimar!!! She a musician for white diamond! Her harp also doubles as a weapon! Her personality is a bit like peridots only she’s not very smart at all 😂 She’s very innocent and a bit naive but her self confidence never waivers! There a specific scenario I’m thinking of where she’s trapped with the crystal gems in a dungeon room locked with a puzzle so she’d try to solve the puzzel and when she can’t she’d respond with “"oh my gosh…they created an impossible puzzel just to keep me in!! How impressive! You went through all that trouble just to thwart me!?  I must really be a great threat! Wahaha! I’m so flattered! And they would be correct!” then she’d walk over to the crystal gems and say “ well I suppose we’re friend now that we’re trapped in here together forever! 😊