my friend's 5 year old nieces made it for him

Day 79 of spamming my family, friend’s, and co-worker’s Facebook feeds with liberal media think pieces, informative educational arguments, and personalized insight pleas as a gay woman, all with the intent of educating them about racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, and classism in America. Any thing I see on Tumblr that I believe in, I share it to my Facebook, or find a way to post about.

My crazy Aunt Nancy just told my crumbly Uncle Wayne to check his privileges, yesterday my 14 year old niece made a post about how the dress code at her school is misogynistic, I’ve educated at least 10 of my co-workers on the Black Lives Matter and swayed their opinion, and 5 of my irl friends have steadily begun using the same tactics to educate their own Facebook circles. I’ve been unfriended by 20 people I know personally/am related to in under a month. 

It’s not enough for Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump in this election. She has to DESTROY him so completely that there can be no question that America will not tolerate a morally bankrupt demagogue. And the only way we’re going to achieve that is by rolling up our sleeves and educating people. It’s not enough to just reblog stuff on your Tumblr. Everyone on your Tumblr is already voting for Hillary. That’s why they’re following you, and you’re following them. I urge you, if it’s safe for you to do so, please don’t put yourself at risk, to actually start using that “Post To Facebook” button very liberally.