my friend won

  • A big part of the fandom: Even most likely won't be the main for Season 4
  • Me: I know
  • My friends: Even most likely won't be the main for Season 4
  • Me: I know
  • My logic: Even most likely won't be the main for Season 4
  • Me: I know
  • The world: Even most likely won't be the main for Season 4
  • Me: I know
  • NRK: *publishes the Season 4 trailer and Even is not the main*
  • Me: the fuck

Поздравляю, Yurio.

Viktor and Yuri got to celebrate together, I think Yurio deserves to celebrate with someone too.

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Romania to see my family and friends. I won’t be posting any comics for the next 4 weeks, but more episodes are on the way as soon as I’m back!

If you want to see sketches and pictures from my trip, make sure to follow me on Instagram @cassandracalin

Cheers and I hope you all have a lovely summer! Ne vedem în curând! :)

Alfie Enoch with a fan in Rio de Janeiro (December 2016)

Dialogue (according to the fan):

FAN (in English): I’m sorry but I have to talk to you!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): That’s okay buddy, you can talk.
FAN (in Portuguese): True, you speak portuguese, I forgot, sorry.
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Yes, I do. How are you?
FAN (in Portuguese): I’m fine.
FAN (switching back to english): I was just watching an episode earlier today, can you believe that? Big fan! Love Harry Potter too!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Cool dude, but you’re speaking in english again.
FAN (in Portuguese): True, I got nervous, sorry. Can I take a picture? My friend won’t believe this!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Let’s do it!

Age Gap Sentence Starters

Both platonic and romantic options. Adjust pronouns as necessary!

“Why do you want to hang out with an old guy/lady like me?”
“Aren’t you a bit too young for this?”
“Aren’t you a bit too old for this?”
“What can I say? I’m mature for my age.”
“You don’t think this is weird? Us hanging out like this?”
“Yeah, I admit it: I’ve got a thing for older guys/women.”
“Does that make me a cougar/rhino?”
“Mm, I do love me some silver fox.”
“My friends won’t quit making fun of me for ‘robbing the cradle.’”
“I don’t care how young/old you are! It won’t change how I feel about you.”
“We’re both legal, consenting adults. What does it matter?”
“Wait, you’re HOW old?!”
“Jeez, you could be my dad/mom!”
“We’re getting some weird looks.”
“I think they think you’re some sort of old pervert.”
“My parents don’t like us hanging out.”
“I don’t get it! We’re not doing anything wrong.”
“I never got along with people my own age.”
“Nobody cares who you hang out with once you hit 30.”
“We just need to hold off until you’re 18.”
“You’re way too young for me.”
“You’re way too old for me!”

I think the reason I mostly never say anything isn’t because I’m shy or driven by social anxiety. Only recently I’ve understood that it’s a fear of myself. To know I need a conversation, I crave emotional-openness, to know I have words and heart, it all feels wrong. You know, most people are uncomfortable when you say out loud your honest strange thoughts, to come in and sit down and say, ‘I cried today’ is, well… you know, people don’t really like that. I like to touch, to reach out and feel where my heart is and a lot of people don’t like that, either. I know because I watch them and I understand, but I also don’t understand. I might say, ‘I cried today’ and then my friends won’t call me for a week. I am afraid of myself because I only understand one way of doing things and if I open my mouth it might come out.
—  Submitted by @theflyingpeach
Immersed in Zombie City

Ruby slammed her back against the brick corner, keeping the barrel of her assault rifle aimed at the ground. Her legs felt like vulcanized rubber. The wall was all that held her upright. Her mouth hung wide open as she gulped down air. Every ragged breath drove a red-hot spike into her lungs. Sweat matted her black cherry hair against her forehead. She struggled to keep the heavy rifle from dropping out of her trembling arms. The rifle’s sling bit into her shoulder, only adding to her agony. Every fiber of her body cried out in pain, demanding rest. But, such a thing was a luxury that she could not afford.

A low sound crept into her ears. Like air rasping through a clogged pipe. She heard more sounds. Bones creaking. Feet dragging along asphalt. Deep-throated gurgles. Fear seized her heart with corpselike claws.

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I dreamt my friend and I got a call that all the jockeys in the Kentucky derby died and we were the only two who could fill their places. So we got to the race and I won but the announcer got confused and said my friend won so I stormed off and found myself at a dock looking down into the water dramatically. Then I heard footsteps behind me and turned around and Hitler was standing there. He started speaking Russian then pushed me into the water and I died.


a great desire to love

For some strange, inexplicable, fantastic reason, Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov are trading places

please read this fantastic fic by my friend @omgkatsudonplease!! you won’t regret it

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a guy that i liked told my friend he won't have sex with me until i lose weight ://// i feel so hurt.

f that guy. you’re allowed to feel hurt, but pick yourself back up and keep it moving, you don’t need him!!!1!