my friend showed it to me on facebook

Advice to people who know or meet famous people.

Please be aware of their right to decide who their friends are and what their interaction with you ‘means.’


My mother is a reasonably well known radio DJ in my hometown (well known enough that a new waitress at our usual lunch spot was starstruck, well known enough that I get ‘Oh my GOD, she’s your MOM????’ from total strangers). Once at a road show, a fan of hers brought her a diet Coke. She took it and said thanks. Later on his Facebook, he tagged her bragging about how he ‘had a drink with her.’

Also have witnessed well known friends (people who said to me ‘I consider you a friend’ so I feel all right in saying that) being referred to as ‘My friend so-and-so’ by both near strangers and people who, while my friends are nice to them, are most assuredly not friends for one reason or another.

Please, please, I know a lot of people think this is harmless, but there are a lot of people who used closeness to celebrities as a way to move through social and business circles or as ‘bragging rights.’ Please do not misrepresent interactions with people this way, even if you’re not trying to gain anything from it, because it perpetuates that subconscious attitude that celebrities are ‘fan property’ and are whatever we want them to be.

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The other day I had an argument with a friend over a kind of transphobic post he shared on Facebook, but he came over to my house to apologize and brought me a pizza. I told him I wasn't mad at him, and I do still want to be friends, but now I have this insecurity, wondering how many of my friends actually see me as a man and how many are just playing along to be nice. :I

Thats good he did that. It shows he cares that he made a mistake. Coming out can show you who your friends really are. I would try not to think too much about the others unless they give you reason to question. It can lead to paranoia which isnt a good thing. They are at least respecting you to your face. Beyond that you cant really know unless you were to overhear something or them do something in some other way. Even if they were to though it wouldnt necessarily mean they didnt respect you. Like this friend did, they can just not realise or think about how this can of thing can affect you. I think as long as they apologise for it and learn from the mistake then it shouldnt be seen as malicious. Just be sure to call them out on anything problematic they do/say so they learn and you can also probably tell from how they react to that how they really feel about it. Try not to overthink it and hopefully there is no reason to be concerned


‘Prepare for the show: IT GOES WELL
Oh my god people, i’m going back on the theatre stage, with one of the things I love the most; Antiteateret💜 Go me. And go us! I shall now try to play a not quite good guy, which I have never fully understood.
A guy who behaves totally opposite to what all rollefabler* says. The guy is called Tarjei. We play and improvise our way to something we’d like to show you, and it’s alot of fun for us anyway! Buy tickets friends, they went so fast last time, and it sucks in case you’d miss buying. The price is no problem in this happy country? IT GOES WELL!’

* . When he says “motsatt retning av det alle rollefabler sier”, I think he refers to every possible backgroud story of roles. I have understood that “rollefaber” (role fables) is the backstory of a character, the stuff that makes the character alive, so to speak. So I don`t think he refers to what society says, really. He acts opposite to what all kinds of role fables says. Something like that? // @hjertetssunnegalskap

things about the livestreamed episode that got me feelin some type of way

1. justin basically never being not laughing

2. Brothers On A Comfy Couch (also included in package: one (1) shoulder lean)

3. “this is not a tarantula i don’t know if –"  "then why’d you BRING IT mark” and in general just griffin clinging to justin's sleeve throughout that entire segment

4. griffin and justin being 10x more excited than travis that he conquered his fear, also the McElroy Cluster of Support and Calming Voices 

5. spaghetti by the pool. ok.

6. the fact that they write off travis hitting justin as an awkward unscripted unprofessional thing and then for the rest of the episode physically cannot stop bringing it up

7. even the mayor of huntington west virginia thinks justin is adorable

8. eight legs of justice

9. alex by the way ended up being absolutely incredible. she gave no fucks whatsoever even when faced by three strangers filming her for their tv show telling her to get a tarantula she basically looked at them and said point-blank to their faces “no” and i wanna be her

10. griffin mcelroy speaking to A Teen: “it’s good ta go, boi”

11. just in general this episode was the first thing to make me feel alive in months and btw for ppl wondering if it holds up with folks who aren’t familiar with mbmbam i sent it to 3 of my heretofore uninitiated friends and they all loved it and want more and also have gone and followed the ranchos facebook page as well, completely unprompted

why are people making memes about 13 reasons why? i like i just saw one on facebook that said

me: where’s my last chicken nugget?
them: i ate it
me: welcome to your tape

over a picture of hannah’s face. like whether you like the show or not i think you would have to admit that making memes of something as heavy as suicide is in bad taste. honestly i’m disgusted right now

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there's a new guy in the cellphone centre at my hellmart and he's literally the cutest AND HES BI (I found out cause I friended him on Facebook and it says he's interested in men and women). so like I kinda started flirting with him (asking what his interest are and stuff), and it seems like it's working cause last night we were talking and he started asking me about tv shows I like and I went on for what must've been 10 minutes and he didn't interrupt. he just listened.

Wow. 13 Years of DP. I cannot believe it for myself. I remember watching the premiere after the KCA’s at that time. At first, I wasn’t really into the show since it sparked no interest for me during those few years. Then, as many years passed, now much older, I rediscovered this amazing show, and became hooked ever since. And still, to this day, I re-watch every single episode almost everyday, and just..thank Mr. Hartman for creating a masterpiece.

Without having Danny Phantom in existence, my life would’ve been completely different. I never would’ve met such wonderful, talented people here on deviantART, or even meet my best friend on Facebook, 7 years ago. It was all because of Danny. Sure, he may not be real in person, but he will always be real in our hearts and our minds of imagination. I’m suprised the phandom is still very much alive and active since it’s cancellation. It shows that we still care for the show, and wishing everyday for a revival for it. We always keep our hopes up.

13 Years really do slip by. and in just a couple more years, it would be 20 Years, and most of us, won’t be exactly “kids” or “teens” anymore. But age doesn’t stop us from loving the things we cherish the most. I might not be a kid anymore, but deep down, I’m still am.

Thank you Mr. Hartman for bringing Danny Phantom in this world. It would have never been the same without him, or you~!

Another thing, and this is about the picture, is if you look very closely into the sun. (But please don’t in real life), There’s a “13” on it, to represent “13 Shining Years”. I’d just thought it would be creative, and nice~ 😄

From all of us, Happy 13th Dannyversary~! 💚💙

instead of just showing me older posts, facebook straight up told me i dont have enough friends and refused to let me scroll down on my feed anymore

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So, everyone knows all of the bad things of Tumblr, the truly shame-worthy stuff, but what good things do you guys legitimately think this site's users have?

Tumblr has a unique community and way of posting. The fact that many users are anonymous or semi-anonymous is a very good thing about this site. I mean on facebook and twitter I self censor a lot because it’s less anonymous and my real, actual face is on my twitter. I mean my face is on here, too, but it’s not plastered on my profile like “HI, HERE I AM, THERE’S THE EXPECTATION THAT I’LL USE MY REAL FACE AS A PROFILE PICTURE HERE”.

So that creates this unique culture that’s somewhat more open, but less theatrical. No one shows off for their friends here. Only a few of my friends know I have a tumblr.

But it’s less anonymous than a *chan site, or even a forum. Like if you map out forum responses, users tend to be in networks of interests, whereas tumblr builds networks of people. Users end up caring about each other.

And also tumblr didn’t choose to go with certain godawful choices that twitter and facebook made. The algorithmic timeline made me entirely stop using facebook, and I turned it off immediately on twitter. Stories aren’t a thing. “Since you were gone” is only a thing in the mobile app. Tumblr is a glorified RSS feed tracker, and that’s a good thing. The instant a social network becomes television, with someone else deciding what you see and when you see it, it’s time for it to die.

My point is that the ideal social network would be a lot like tumblr, but with a better codebase (with some features that it’s inexcusable to not have at this point- regex and wildcard searching, for instance, but few enough sites have that to get away with it) and advertising that actually worked. Or we could just start using ipfs and some sort of weird rss feed.

So a lot of my posts the past year on here have been very “depression/anxiety” focused in a vague way. I wrote this entire thing out for myself to be able to process it and move on and since I’m working on being more open about my emotions, I thought I’d post it here. If you’re crazy enough to read through this ENORMOUS thing, go ahead.

About a year ago I met a guy online through instagram. He followed me and I looked at his feed, instantly saw he was extremely handsome and had a ton of nerdy interests in common with me, so I shot him a message. We immediately got to flirting and in a few hours had exchanged numbers and other social media. We hit it off right away and I was so smitten by him that I offered to fly him to New York with a flight deal that happened to be available at the time (This sounds crazy from my point of view but I really felt like I had a very strong attraction to him and I wanted to see if anything could happen, it was worth it to me because I don’t feel like this about people often). He accepted and seemed really excited. We keep texting for a few weeks and he ends up getting a new job at a bar. One day he texts me and tells me that unfortunately because of his new job he won’t be able to visit me anymore because he can’t get the time off, but that he would pay me back (which he did). I’m crushed and dig further because I felt like there was something else, and he tells me that he’s not feeling interested in me the way we were when we first met a few weeks ago. I’m upset as this is a trend that happens to me a lot, people initially being interested and within a few weeks not finding me attractive anymore. I still don’t know why it happens.

We text a lot less in the coming weeks but he does like me as a friend so we still send funny stuff back and forth, stuff to do with our mutual interests, or just chatting about our day. Over the next few months I notice he’s getting flirty again and eventually he tells me that he wants to take that trip to NY and that he’d pay for it this time. I don’t feel like I have anything to lose and I still have feelings for him (although we’ve been chatting for 4 months or so at this point and still haven’t met) so I agree. He’s only coming for a few days because he can’t get a lot of time off, so I start to schedule tons of fun stuff for us to do and make sure he gets to see as much of the city as possible. I start to get really excited and I’m putting a ton of effort into making sure everything goes well.

About two weeks before the trip, he texts me and says he has something to tell me. He met someone and now they’re dating. He says he will still come but it would be just as friends. I’m crushed but am not ready to just let go of everything. I had already bought tickets to a broadway show as a surprise and had an amazing weekend lined up that I had spent countless hours planning. In my head I thought maybe if the trip went really well he would realize what a catch I am and choose me. The next two weeks are filled with turmoil as I watch his social media fill up with pictures and posts about his new boyfriend. The thought occurred to me over and over that he was going to bail on the trip, although he never outright said anything to make me think that so I kept hope. The night before he’s supposed to arrive he sends me a text about how it’s going to sound like he’s faking it, but he’s feeling sick. I have huge doubts and just tell him that I really really hope he makes it because I have a lot planned. The next day comes and in the morning he says he has a fever and is so sick he doesn’t think he’s going to be able to make the flight. I beg and plead for him to try, and reveal that I paid for the broadway tickets. He responds saying that he took some medication and is going to do his best. A few minutes later I get a phone call from him saying he’s lost his debit card and there’s no way for him to make it. I totally break down on the phone and tell him I won’t be able to talk to him for a while. I reach out to friends and have someone else visit me for the week to console me and do the things I had planned, and go to the musical with me. Throughout that week he tells me it was strep throat, and sends me pictures of him in the hospital and with visible scarlet fever to assure me that he wasn’t faking it. If it wasn’t for those pictures there is no way I would have believed him.

We text infrequently for the next month, but eventually he starts sending me texts about how his boyfriend is neglectful and a narcissist and doesn’t make him feel loved. I have mixed emotions as I still care about him and don’t want to see him in pain, but am still resentful that he got into a relationship only 2 weeks before coming to see me and sort of felt that he deserved for it to not work out. I bite my tongue and try to be supportive. A few more weeks and he texts me at 6am in a panic. He tells me his boyfriend physically assaulted him at a bar. I’m furious and helpless. I’m mad at his decisions but know I can’t take it out on him in this situation, and there’s nothing I can do from so far away. I try to console him and make sure he has a support system. He tells me that there’s no way he’s ever going back to this guy and that he’s blocked him on everything and had him banned from the bar he works at. I’m angry and sad for him but simultaneously feel justified that his relationship crashed and burned so spectacularly, and that he chose someone who would treat him so terribly over me. The next week he seems very shaken up and I regularly check in to ask how he’s doing. He tells me the (now ex) boyfriend is doing everything possible to get in contact with him, including sending him emails and waiting outside his apartment complex. I’m very concerned but don’t know how to help.

A week after this I notice a snapchat from him that has a person cut off that looks like his ex. I figure it must just me some other guy. A few hours later the snapchat is mysteriously gone. At this point I’m totally sure it was the guy and that they must be hanging out again. My fears are confirmed in the following days where there are more social media posts slyly showing that they are back together (Him with his boyfriends dog, him in his boyfriends car, they were friends again on Facebook). At no point does he admit to me over text that they are back together, and I stop responding entirely, angry that he hasn’t admitted this to me, concerned he’s going to be abused again, and unsure of how to bring this up.

I was in the dark for a while so I still don’t know what happened here. They did not continue to hang out or date, but I never asked for specifics.

Once it became clear they were no longer in contact, we started texting again as friends. The usual pattern happened and after a few months this time (around september) he became flirty again. He would send me thirst pics and me still finding him so attractive it was hard to resist. He talks about how he learned a lot from this past relationship and how he’s never going to make a mistake like that again. In October he hints that there’s a music festival he’s excited about in December and jokes that I should go. I say I’m actually available that weekend and would make the trip. For the next two months we text constantly and even count down the days until my visit. He seems as excited as I am and I’m really happy to finally get to meet this guy in person, even though he’s caused me so much grief. I have high hopes that when he meets me he’ll see how dedicated and thoughtful I am and recognize how well I would treat him in a relationship and all the good things I have to offer.

December comes and I land in Houston around midnight. He picks me up at the airport, it’s slightly weird at first to see each other in person but we get comfortable quick. We’re back at his place and pretty soon we start kissing and spend the night cuddling. The next few days for me feel magical. I have a stronger attraction to him than anyone else I’ve ever met, mentally and physically. We hold hands constantly and are super affectionate with each other. I have some social anxiety issues so being in a new state with someone I’ve really just met in person makes me a little reserved around his friends and in public, but I feel very comfortable with him. We go to the music festival and although the music isn’t really my taste, I have an amazing time because I’m with him. The first day I agree to try a weed edible with him (I don’t really smoke) and end up having a really bad anxiety and paranoia trip, but he stays by me the whole time and waits with me for several hours until it passes. I’m drained after this experience but we walk around, listen to a few more acts and then go home. The next day I feel a little fried and have some leftover anxiety from the experience, but am excited to spend another day together. We go to the second day of the festival and he’s super excited because a bunch of his favourites are playing this day. We split a molly between us which helped a lot with my lingering anxiety and let me loosen up and dance for a few hours as we watched his favourite artists. I have a really good time and we dance closely while kissing the whole night. He’s very sweet and seems very into me. He takes my baseball cap and turns it backwards, saying he likes it better on me this way. The artists play later than expected and by the time it’s done most of the festival has cleared out. We walk around the exhibits (it was an art + music festival) holding hands and taking cool pictures of ourselves in front of the art. We go home and have really good sex. He seems very attracted to me and reacts strongly to the smallest touch. I feel like I found my perfect match, everything meshes perfectly, our personalities fit, I’m attracted to him both in a loving way and in a sexual way and he seems to feel the same. We wake up the next day and there’s an air of sadness because we know I’m heading home the following day. We keep the day pretty low key, chilling at home. Later he invites one of his friends over and we all go out to eat. We talk about making plans for that night but we decide to chill at home and enjoy each others company before I have to leave in the morning. We spend one last night cuddling, sleeping late until we basically have to get up and go directly to the airport. He had mentioned wanting to play Pokemon so I offered to leave my nintendo DS with my Pokemon Moon on it here for him until the next time I visit and he accepts. He pays for us to park in a parking garage and walks me all the way to where I have to check in. I tell him how much I love him and assure him that I’ll fly back really soon or that he can come to new york any time. When it comes time to go through security he starts to tear up so I hold him close and ask him if I can call him my boyfriend. He says yeah. We have a long hug and I say goodbye for now.

45 minutes later I’m on the plane and he texts me that he misses me. I’m glowing, it’s been 5 years since I was in a relationship and am so happy that this trip worked out better than I could have dreamed. I’m validated that once meeting me in person he saw what we could be together and am just overwhelmed with the love I feel for him and have high hopes for our future. I’m already planning for when I can come back.

He texts me all day during my flights as usual and talks about feeling down that I’m not around anymore. For the next few days we text each other a lot, we send each other goodnights with lots of heart emojis and I feel like this long distance thing would work for me as long as I could fly down for a week every month or two. I ask him if it’s okay for me to book a flight at the end of January to come and see him, and that I can arrange to work from his apartment remotely. I tell him there’s no need to take time off, I just want to be able to spend more time around him in person and he reacts positively and says sure. Out of confidence I book the cheaper nonrefundable flights for the last week of January. I tell my mom that I’m dating someone (because she stalks me and is going to wonder why I’m flying to Texas), and being a huge gossip she tells my whole family, stalks him on Facebook and sends photos to everyone.

In the following days he texts less and less, and I start to feel like I’m the one initiating every interaction. I start to get a bit paranoid but assure myself that because the week trip went so well, he let me book another flight to see him, and he agreed to be my boyfriend, I’m just overthinking it and he probably just doesn’t want to spend all his time texting. Then two full days go by with no texts at all and I start to freak out. My mind goes through all the possibilities. I consider that it might be something else in his life that is distracting him, so I send a concerned message about how he’s been quiet and if everything is okay.

The next day I’m at the airport (I flew to my visit my family for christmas after leaving texas) to go home to New York, and while waiting to go through security with my mom and some family that came with me to the airport, I get a long and sudden text from him. The text says that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t think of me romantically, he can’t make himself think of me in a sexual way anymore, doesn’t think we’re a good personality fit, and that he sees me more as a really good friend. He says we’re very different people and that he’s attracted to more outgoing people who exude confidence and are the life of the party, and says that I am very shy and timid in public. He also talks about how me being there opened up a “slutty” phase in him and now he thinks he might be polyamorous.

I’m in total shock and panic. I’m devastated and surrounded by family. I go completely catatonic and am not able to eat my lunch. I have to tell my mom what happened while I frantically text him back trying to understand what is happening, desperate to fix it. I ask him why he didn’t lead on that he felt this way, why he let me leave my DS with him, why he let me buy the plane tickets, why he agreed to be my boyfriend, and he comes back saying he wanted me to have a good trip after the way he treated me in the past and he felt he owed me that. I’m absolutely heartbroken and can’t believe he thought this was a good idea or the right thing to do. He said he felt pressured when I asked him to be my boyfriend and didn’t want to upset me. I’m so confused because I am 100% sure he was very sexually into me, and him suddenly not being able to think of me that way seems like a lie. What I thought was a magical week was not real and what I thought was my first relationship in 5 years was completely fake and out of pity. I have to go through security and leave my mom, who is now crying because she knows how hurt I am and doesn’t know when the next time she’ll see me is. We hug, she tells me I don’t need anyone to make me happy, and I agree even though I don’t really believe it at the moment.

I continue texting, prying for answers, trying to find out if any of it was real, wanting to feel any emotional relief before my plane takes off and I’ll be without service for 2 hours. My mind is rushing a mile a minute through everything that happened and questioning how I didn’t pick up on any of his real feelings. I cry for the entire 2 hour flight.

The flight takes longer than expected and when I land I find I have missed my connection and that the alternative they booked me on requires me to spend all night in the airport in Ottawa. I’m the most emotionally drained I’ve ever been and I’m about to be pushed to my physical limit as well. I wanted to sedate myself so that I didn’t have to feel anything but I was forced to stay awake until my flight at 6:30am in an empty airport with only myself and my thoughts about what happened. I’m still unable to eat anything and I don’t feel safe sleeping in the airport. I fall asleep for an hour and have a paranoid dream about being mugged. I continuously try to text him throughout the night but my tone is getting angry about the situation and he doesn’t have anything left to say.

When it comes time to check in for my flight, the airline informs me because of the rescheduling they have no idea where my bag is and they can’t let me on the flight until it’s located. The thought of losing my belongings and possibly having to wait several more hours in the airport in this condition freaks me out and causes me to feel faint and throw up on the airport floor. I hadn’t eaten all day so it was mostly water but obviously people were concerned and staff sat me down and asked if I needed medical help and if I had any conditions. I just tell them I haven’t slept or eaten, they give me water and I pretend to be fine.

At the last minute they locate my bag and I’m able to catch my flight by a hair. I fly to New York, cab back to my apartment and get into bed by 10am, totally exhausted. As soon as I get into bed and relax I immediately start sobbing until I fall asleep and spend the next 24 hours drifting in and out of sleep.

It’s been four days since then and besides physically forcing myself out of bed a few times, I spend most of my time taking medication with drowsiness side effects so that I can sleep as much as possible. I still have no appetite and will often make it through the day on half a slice of pizza or a candy bar. I have no sex drive and can’t imagine myself ever being interested in someone else at the moment. Not having him in my life feels like I’m in withdrawal from a drug. Tomorrow is the first day of work after the holidays and I’m nervous about being able to function.

I’m trying to cut off contact with him completely but even after all this I don’t want to let go. I’m not texting him now but I want to every minute and I try to think of appropriate reasons that I could. It’s so rare for me to feel anything this strong for someone that I’m skeptical if it will ever happen again which makes me feel hopeless. And if I ever did have these same feelings for someone, it seems very likely the same rejection would happen again.

I feel like most people would think I’m crazy for being so attached to someone I only met in person for a week, but I think you’d be surprised what kind of connections can be made online with enough time and effort. Only posting this as a release and a way to document exactly what happened over the past year so I can look at it as a whole.

Edit: A few days after this he finally texted me to ask me how I was doing and apologize for how he lead me on. He seems to know he hurt me but not understand the full extent. He says he has something to tell me and that he’s been hiding his abusive relationship from me and he is still with the other guy in secret and that most of his friends don’t know about it because he’s ashamed to tell anyone. He says he’s stuck in the relationship and feels trapped with him because he keeps going back. This makes a little more sense to me and I realize he never loved me and was always just obsessed with his feelings for this other guy. It doesn’t help however, and actually makes me feel more depressed and hopeless. He gives me the same line he’s said before about how it’s over this time though and he’s cutting him out of his life. I do my usual thing where I put my problems out of sight and try to talk to him about this relationship and why he can’t get out of it if he doesn’t feel it’s healthy. He tells me that he was hoping me visiting would have helped him get over the abusive guy, but it didn’t. I’m an idiot and I know I have the flights for later in the month that he let me book, so I ask if he would be okay with me using them to come down so we could talk through everything in person so I can get the closure I need and he can answer all of my questions about the things he did to me and why he did them. He says that sounds fine to him.

The next few days he texts me a little about how the abusive ex keeps calling him and is very persistent, meanwhile I continue to spend my time in a deep depression, just trying to regain my appetite or be able to go to work. Texting is very sporadic and sparse for the next few weeks. He occasionally will message me something he’d think I’d like, we talk a little about trivial things like comics and anime but it doesn’t go anywhere. Just hearing from him gives me the endorphins I need to get by while I’m feeling so down.

Eventually one night he texts me out of the blue and says he’s realized he’s a homophobic narcissist and he has a lot to work on, and apologizes for what he did to me again. He said he realized he doesn’t usually treat people well and disappoints a lot of his friends. He talks about how he lies a lot and that he doesn’t really care about many people and that he doesn’t care about me although he wish I did. This this me very hard. Even after all this I still honestly thought he did care about me. At least in some capacity. I’m devastated.

I remind him that my plane tickets are for next week and I was going to use them to visit and talk. He says he forgot I was coming and assumed I had changed my mind and is no longer comfortable with me staying with him and doesn’t think it’s good for either of us (My flight is for an entire week because when I booked it I was hoping to spend as much time with him as possible). He tells me I’m seeming very desperate and it’s degrading to myself to still be so needy and that closure isn’t a privilege everyone gets to have. He says I’m not actually in love with him but I’m in love with the idea of being in love with him. This doesn’t resonate with me and seems very off the mark. My feelings feel very real to me. He ends up telling me that I can come but I have to get a hotel.

The conversation progresses into me digging more specifically into all the questions I have about how he could have acted that way when we met in person but actually not have been interested in me, why he agreed to be my boyfriend, why he let me buy the plane tickets, why he let me loan him my DS if he didn’t think we were ever going to meet again, and why he continued to flirt and say he missed me after I went home.

The answers are getting closer to making sense but still I’m shocked that someone would lie to me like that just to make a situation easier or less awkward. He did not feel the same spark for me that he felt for his abusive boyfriend (although he claims to not talk to him anymore at this point and that he’s no longer hung up on him).

I tell him I wish he did not do these things and how I’m still struggling to eat and live my life through the depression several weeks later. This makes him say that me reacting this way makes him even more sure that he made the right decision to not be with me and that he doesn’t need another guy in his life with issues that he needs to check up on.

I become determined to go back to Houston on my own terms and have a good time there without him. When I arrive I let him know I’m there to plan a time for us to have a talk in person but I know he doesn’t want to see me even though I’m there for an entire week. I go out to a few bars and meet some people. I’m feeling better than I have in a few weeks and have a little bit of confidence in myself for being able to make this trip.

During one of the first days he tells me we can meet up to have dinner. I’m waiting outside and when I see him pull up I immediately feel very overwhelmed by seeing him. We order and sit for a few hours while I uncomfortably try to get any closure or sense out of his actions from him. He reveals to me that he is back with the abusive boyfriend and actually just came from his apartment before meeting me. He says he loves him and they have great chemistry and he doesn’t see the relationship ending any time soon. At this point something in me breaks and I realize he’s just never going to get out of this and although it hurts, there is no getting through to him about this and he will always go back no matter how confidently he tells me he won’t. The entire time he has a strange mood about him, as if he’s trying purposely to act mean so that I won’t like him anymore. It feels stilted and very different from the guy I spent a week with the month before. I get the feeling he is frustrated with me and just ready for me to be out of his life so he doesn’t have to deal with me anymore. When our dinner is over I basically have the answers I was looking for, but they’re pretty much as bad as they could have been. His feelings were fake, he let me book flights, etc. because he didn’t know how to tell me not to and felt awkward about it, he agreed to be my boyfriend because he felt pressured, he was obsessed with his “ex” the entire time and could never really devote any actual love to me because of it, and he kept me around for so long because he liked that I always gave him the attention he craved.

As we’re leaving, the finality of the situation makes me start to cry and as he’s driving me back to my hotel I’m in a full hysterical sob. He drops me off and I feel all too aware that I won’t ever see him again.

It’s been almost a month now and we don’t really have any contact. I haven’t been sending him anything and he hasn’t sent anything to me. I don’t know how he’s doing, or where he is with the abusive guy. I don’t know if he thinks about me at all or if he’s glad to be rid of me and has totally moved on. Despite still feeling upset about this, this past month after returning from the second Houston trip I’ve been doing very well and am back on track with my life better than ever. I’m working through my anxiety issues, taking tons of opportunities I would have been too anxious to agree to, meeting lots of new people and catching up with old friends, I got a raise at work, I’ve been working out regularly and putting on some mass, discovering new music and pursuing new interests I was afraid to try previously. I’ve been learning to meditate and I should be starting therapy very soon.

So that’s the very very very very long story of why I’ve been up and down all year and how I’m doing currently.

HEY EVERYONE, JAM HERE! I am so sorry for not posting anything yesterday. I had some struggles, someone was hacking my Facebook and was sending a page on my friends messages and I had to fix that problem by resetting my password and editing my security/privacy. And also I got home REALLY LATE, reasons (well I’ve got a haircut XD ) I will be posting shipping number #4 in a little while, let’s give love to this one. SHIPPING NUMBER #3: ♡SPOVA♡ It’s a shame that they had to cancel this show when they finally admit their love for each other. And Skeleton King coming back….WHY!!!????? #shippingmonth #spova #srmthfg Art by me Sparx and Nova belong to JETIX God bless you :3

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mimosa-aculeaticarpa  asked:

For writing styles, I am interested in the differences between the congnitive functions styles the most. I noticed that Ti is very precise with their statements and Se uses a lot of colloquial words, Fe uses adjectives frequently, but hey, those people could have been mistyped. And to narrow it down even more, I wonder what are the differences between Si-Se, for instance, or Ti-Te.

If you are looking for a neutral overview I will refer to this link:

Personally, I have no clue about the use of colloquial words and adjectives et cetera, as I pay zero attention to grammar. Those observations could be true, but I wouldn’t know it. My approach to identifying certain styles is more biased and less helpful.

Ti-writing always appears to me unneccessary complicated, stiff, focusing on unimportant details, fighting for definitions of certain words when you could have said the exact same thing with a quarter of the words.
And Te-writing appears to me “logical, precise and to the point”. Which is funny since to Ti-users Te-writing must look like the exact opposite of that. Te and Ti both perceive each other as unprecise and not getting to the point. They just have very different conceptions of what “accurate” means and it shows in how they write. From all functions Te and Ti seem to have the biggest miscommunication issues so whenever you read something that makes you go “lol that sounds weird and unnatural” then the writer most likely has a different thinking function, whereas something written with the same thinking function makes everything seem plausible at first, even when it’s actually the most illogical shit ever.

Strong Fi (which can sometimes be tert Fi or even inf Fi when gripping) shows by how self-absorbed the writing is. If someone writes pages after pages about their own adventures but ignores every input from outside: that’s Fi.
“oh I totally know how you feel, I had something similar happen to -me- once when…” = Fi+Si.
Strong Fe on the other hand has a way of victimizing itself, writing as if their destiny lies in the hands of others. Not so much writing about connecting with other people like stereotypes will make you believe but just.. fatalistic. And boy, even though Fi-doms get the rep of being whiny, the most whiny people ever are actually xxFJs. writing passive aggressive shit on facebook like “boohoo, nobody showed up at my farmers market stand. now i know who my true friends are.”

Both Se and Si supposedly love writing about all kinds of sensory impressions but honestly as a Si-dom I find nothing more boring than Tolkien with his hours of landscape descriptions or G.R.R.Martin and how he describes food or Fontane and his frickin tapestry patterns. Like, just shut up, nobody wants to read that shit. And I try to cut that crap out of my own stories whenever I encounter it.
But I will say that about every conversation ever between two sensors at some point will circle around discontinued childhood food. And sensors love talking about climbing trees because that’s what they do in their freetime.
As for differentiation between Se and Si: Se is like Si without the incoherrent chaotic mess that is Ne.

Ne and Ni both have trouble staying on topic. Ni will just run away into one direction, Ne will jump all over the place. Ne is easily distracted and Ni is easily overwhelmed. As a result Ni will often write afterthoughts somewhere once they had time to process their own thoughts; either in an epilogue, in the tags or replying to their own posts a few hours/days later, and appears calmer and more sorted. Strong Ne has no problem starting ten dicussions at once but then forgets to reply because they had tons of other shit on their mind already.

Picture Perfect - Part 1

This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s SPN Movie Night Challenge! I picked the romantic comedy, Picture Perfect

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Count: 2,089

Summary: The reader tries to convince Dean to be her fake fiance, so she can impress her boss and get a promotion. 

“Ok, everybody! Anyone have any questions? Comments? Concerns?” Your boss yells loudly at the end of your office meeting. “If you do, keep them to yourselves! It’s Friday so I don’t care!”

Your boss Tim jumps up and loosens his tie as he starts singing Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake around the conference room.

Your boss has always been a bit on the eccentric side. Almost like a version of Michael Scott, except dealing with it in real life is not that entertaining.

“Tim. Do you have a minute?” You ask trying to get his attention.

“I want to talk about my promotion.”

“What promotion, Y/N?” Tim says looking confused.


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anonymous asked:

So, I have friends on tumblr, and I am terrified of losing them, because idk how to start conversations? And I don't know how to help them when they're upset. And I don't want to lose them. I really don't.

Hi Anon!

This is a really good question.

Personally, I think starting a conversation online is actually easier than starting one in real life. You have the opportunity to introduce context as you begin the conversation, rather than having to base what you’re saying on the current context of where you are and what you’re doing.

For example, last night I went out with friends to get a sundae. We talked about the music playing in the car - that’s an easy and obvious discussion topic. We talked about sundaes. And we talked about each other, like my health issues, or my friend’s first week studying or how another friend really needs to quit her crappy job. Those are all subjects that arise naturally out of the context of where you are and who you’re with.

But the thing about online communication is that you can automatically bring the context along with you. One of my best friends lives a long way from me and we mostly only talk via facebook chat. Sometimes I might read a news article that makes me sad or angry or happy. I can send her the link and say something like “have you seen this?” or “omigod, I’m so mad about this”. It doesn’t matter what’s actually going on where I am or where she is, because the conversation comes with its own opening line, based on what I’m showing her.

And I think that’s a good way to talk to people online. So, let’s say you’ve got a friend on Tumblr. We’ll call your friend Susan.

Susan makes a post that she’s been tagged to do a question and answer thing, so she gives all the answers. One of the questions is name a food you love and Susan says she loves pancakes. That’s an opportunity for you to start a conversation with her, without worrying how to lead into that. You can just send her a message saying “Oh, your favourite food is pancakes?! Mine too!” And then you can talk to each other about pancakes. And that might lead to all kinds of other topics.

Another possibility is sending a link or tagging them in something you reblog. Maybe you think they’ll find it funny, or see themselves in it or be as angry about it as you. That starts a conversation too. You can send Susan a video of an otter sliding down a snow bank (someone tagged me in just such a video on Facebook and it was glorious). Then you and Susan can talk about otters. Or snow. Or which is the cutest animal.

As for comforting an online friend when they need it, the best thing you can do is be available. If Susan says she is having a bad day and she’s upset, then send her a message asking if she wants to talk to you about it. Ask her if there’s any way you can help. She might not know what kind of help she needs, but you can suggest. Maybe you could just let her vent her feelings to you. Or maybe she’d like your advice. You could find pictures of something she likes (like kittens or her favourite musician) and show them to her to see if it can cheer her up. You could offer to talk about something else with her, to take her mind off things.

There are lots of things you can do to talk to a friend in need, even if you’re not able to give them a real life hug or make them tea. Often, people feel better just by knowing that someone cares about them and wants to help.

Just to give more examples of what I mean, here are some actual opening sentences from my own recent online chat windows. I hope none of my friends will mind! I have many more friends online than offline, so I guess I’m doing something right, and so are they. Some of these are conversations I started, and others were started by the other person.

  • “Hi! Is the heat any better today?”
  • “Random question!!! You’re a singer, right? I’ve seen you say that somewhere???”
  • “Oh my God have you seen Moana yet?”
  • “Hiya! How’s the new job?”
  • “Have you SEEN this?” *link to video of famous actor*
  • “You’re into scrapbooking, right?”

Those are all good ways of starting a conversation, out of nowhere.

But you can also just start with a “How are you?” or “What’s up with you?” If you ask those questions and you care enough about the answers to keep the conversation going, then you are being an excellent online friend.

Most people love to talk about themselves, their lives and the things they’re interested in. If you can give them the space to do that, then they’re going to be happy, and they’re going to remember that you’re a person who makes them happy.

Good luck, make friends, keep friends and STAY COOL LIKE A TIGER SWIMMING IN ICECREAM!!!

- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer

Remember the Sparkly Shit

TL;DR:  The big thing is caring about the little things.  Remember the sparkly shit.

This isn’t the normal sort of thing I post, and some random person on the internet who says snarky things about clothes is not your first go-to for relationship advice.  So this isn’t advice.  This is just what I notice.  And it’s not about snog-partner relationships only, it’s about human relationships.  

Take a moment to pick out the most telling phrase in this conversation.  

It’s not “make my baby happy,” although the fact that he doesn’t say “I don’t want her to be mad at me” or “I want her to forgive me” or even “say I’m sorry,” is extremely telling, because those are all about him and how she feels about him, and he just wants to make her feel happy about something, whatever it is.  She may very well still be mad at him, but she’ll be happy.  

It’s “I remember she said.”

He remembers a random comment, probably made to the cousin and not even to him, about a substance he knows nothing about.  He remembered a very little thing that she liked.  That is a big thing.

Trust me, with most women, showing up with some random sparkly shit you remember she said she liked will get you so much further than a bouquet of roses or whatever.  Those say “I want you to not be mad at me.”  And that can mean “I feel terrible when you’re mad at me,” or they can mean “look, if I give you the stupid flowers like some Hugh Grant character will you stop slamming doors?”  The point is, he doesn’t have to deal with her being mad at him.

Sparkly shit, latest book by her favorite author, something she mentioned wanting but didn’t buy for whatever reason, a favorite food (a small favorite snack or candy is always a good addition to other options), her favorite animal (be careful with that one, maybe go with a symbolic stuffed one), whatever little thing will make her happy.  Or him, because because I’ve done this with male friends and it works.  The food thing is great with guys.  With boyfriends you can indeed show up in red scanties and take it from there.  

Can’t think of anything you can get fast enough, or afford?  Get a giant-ass, neon-green, stuffed, sparkly unicorn and slap a cheap plastic Batman mask and a sombrero on it for good measure.  Show up in a funny costume (avoid anything kinky here, unless this is your version of the red scanties thing).  Whatever will make her laugh, or at the very least see that you are trying here.  You are thinking of her.  That is the big thing.

Really truly broke, or maybe the laugh thing didn’t work?  Text a picture of the sink empty of all the dishes you just washed.  Her freshly-washed car.  All I want out of life most days is somebody who will scoop my cat’s box, take out the trash, and do my dishes. Whoever her somebody is, become that somebody. 

For so many women I know and have seen on the internet, that bastion of truth, Mr. Darcy the tall, dark, brooding, rich guy is not the fantasy.  Mr. Darcy the guy who makes problems go away just to make a girl’s life not suck is the fantasy.  If he comes in a tall, dark, brooding, rich package, hey, bonus!  But the important thing is he makes her life not suck.  And he makes it not suck not because he wants her to owe him a marriage, or even want to marry him, he doesn’t even want her to know he does it, he just wants to make her life not suck.  That is the big thing.  

I’m serious, guys, unexpectedly scooping my cat box is one of the most romantic things you could do for me.  That right there is caring.  

That is the big thing.  The big thing is caring about the little things.  The Prodigal Cousin cares enough about his girlfriend to remember she likes some sparkly shit, and even if it takes him into the depths of Sephora and requires the assistance of two other women, by god, he is going to go forth and get her that sparkly shit.  He cares enough about her to remember she likes something he doesn’t care about at all.  He remembers little things about her, because making her happy is the big thing.  

Do not save this for fixing problems.  Do not reserve it for romantic entanglements.  All people know you care about them when you care about the little things, and it helps prevent or alleviate problems if that caring is firmly established to begin with.  A friend picked me up from the airport and there was a hershey’s almond bar on the seat–he remembered I like the almond ones.  That, more than the chocolate bar, or even the ride home from the airport, was a “you are my friend” signal.  A group of friends and I have a mutual support group based on sharing cute or funny animal videos with each other on facebook, and with every panda falling off a wall or whatever, we’re telling each other “hey!  This cute animal video made me think of you!” (Especially when the panda falls of the wall.)  

Post funny crap on their facebook walls. Remember people’s favorite candies and randomly show up with them.  Offer them a ride home from work. Do your roommate’s dishes so they can study that night.  Change the oil on their car. Scoop that stupid cat box. Text before something stressful to check on them.  Text after to see how it went.  Offer to fight that jerk who keeps double parking over their spot every damn day. Ask if they’ve eaten recently. Know when a rough day at work or school is coming and have breakfast or snacks or flowers or little encouraging notes and jokes on their desks when they wake up or get to work.  Or make/buy them lunch to take with them.  Dinner so they don’t have to when they get home.  

Because food is caring.  “Here, you like this food.”  “Here, you have not eaten enough food today.”  “Here, I have made, procured, or microwaved food so you don’t have to.”  You know why women think men who can cook are so great?  You know why we want to keep friends and boyfirends around who’ll make sure there’s food for us after a long day, whether it’s take out on the couch or their secret-recipe quiche on a candle-lit table?  Because it means we don’t have to.  They care enough to give us both food and nothing to do.  Having nothing to do makes our lives not suck for a bit.  Nothing is a big thing.  

The big thing is caring about the little things.

Remember that sparkly shit.

Happy Birthday, @damelola! May this year be extra special for you. Please enjoy some birthday messages as well as some fanworks we have made for you.

AO3 Collection: GreatDame2017
Banner by @abydosdork and @txnmcky


happy birthday lola-pie! I like ur face! <3 Coop


Happy Birthday Lola. I am so grateful for all you contribute to this fandom. I eagerly gobble up your fic the moment I see it posted on Tumblr.  Though I am terrible about commenting, it always brightens my day.


Happy Birthday to my Perfect Pen Pal.  You bring me such joy.  I’m happy to celebrate the day you were born.  Here’s to a million more letters, headcanons, fics and laughs.


Happy Birthday Lola dear! I hope it’s full of laughter, fun and continued success. You are not only a fantastic writer but one of my favorite people. Many blessings as you enter a new year! I am so thankful for your talent and your friendship



Your writing inspires me and your generosity humbles me. Thank you for your indomitable spirit, your talent, and your friendship. Happy Happy Birthday!



Happy birthday Lola!

Thank you so much for all the stories. We’re so lucky to have you in this fandom to keep the SuperCat torch alive. Your updates always brighten up my day. Have a brilliant day, hun. And may the Grant Snark be with you always.

ps: actual depiction of me anytime I see a Notting Hill or Ballet AU



Happy Birthday, Lola! Hope you have a fantastic day filled with all the Supercat goodness you can handle!


Happy birthday to the diva who lets me constantly dump filth into your window and calls it inspiration.;)


Happy, happy birthday!

You’re always a voice of reason, respectful and your writing is awe-inspiring. You deserve all the best in life and I hope your day will be filled with good food and lots of laughter.

Regards, a huge fan of you and your writing.


Thanks for all the porn 😘


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MARY POPPINS OF FANDOM, LOLA. I am so glad you write for SuperCat and you write them so brilliantly! I love how interwoven and beautiful The Ballet AU is with both show canon things and freakin’ THEATRE THINGS!!! My two weaknesses right now (aside from Sanvers being adorable cuties). I’m also super glad that we’ve gotten the chance to talk this past month or so. It’s absolutely Mayka’s fault (as it always is, eh?) but has been a fantastic experience getting to know you and to bond over our mutual dislike of the other fandom, of our love and devotion for theatre and our thoughts on SuperCat.


Happy birthday Lola!

You are the most precious person I ever came across within the Supergirl’s fandom. You have a unique way with words and it makes you such an incredibly talented writer, sometimes I can’t believe how good your fictions are. Every single one is different but it’s deep and perfectly crafted and it echoes in me in ways I couldn’t possibly find elsewhere. I don’t have a favourite because all of them are pure gold but lately, I’m very invested in The Music and The Mirror. Thank you for everything.
You are a caring, kind, sassy and absolutely amazing soul and I’m fangirling over your existence.
You are a beautiful person, Lola.
Joyeux anniversaire ♥


happy birthday lola! you deserve all the fun and goodness in the worldd. i love all your fics!! thank you for helping keep the supercat fandom sane <3 <3 <3


Happy Birthday Lola from Octo!!  Thank you for being an absolute blessing and sharing your incredible writing with us, giving us hours and hours and HOURS of glorious absorbing worlds and entertainment. Have an AWESOME day and be merry!!


Happy Birthday!

Many thanks for all your wonderful efforts in fandom, both creating great stuff for us all to enjoy and share, and helping and encouraging others.

So here’s hoping you enjoy a year of health and happiness. Much luck to your new book and any other new stuff you grace us with, and may you have many more years of creativity and fun to come! Also many more memes because…Cat Grant and her pen definitely was a hit!

Good luck and much happiness in all you do,
PinkRabbitPro (Barb)


Happy Birthday Lola,

One of the first fics I read in the Supergirl fandom was So I Can Call (Just to Tell ‘Em I’m Fine). Needless to say, I was hooked. Your writing style is glorious. I always look forward to your stories; I’ve seen very few writers who understand their characters so completely. Your writing was one of the reasons I started writing again. I do hope you enjoy this birthday surprise and thank you for all you’ve given this fandom.



Happy birthday, Lola! I hope your birthday is as awesome as you. I absolutely love everything you write. You never fail to amaze me with your words inside fic and out.

I reread Asking Too Much probably too much, haha. But I still get chills reading it. Honestly I’m still not over chapter 17. Chapter 17 has gone down in history in my book and will forever be iconic to me. And I still laugh so hard every single time I read the ‘See ya!’ line by Alex at the end. Always has me cackling. The way you wrote Kara fully embracing Supergirl and starting the Supercenter, god. It’s freaking GENIUS. It’s so unique to everything else I’ve read. I still stumble and get mindblown thinking about it and rereading it, that storyline is just so brilliant.

I’ve never gotten around to writing my own fics, but I remember when I was really thinking about writing, you were so supportive and offered your help if I ever needed any. Thank you so much for that.

I really appreciate just how genuine you are and enjoy how outspoken you are. You truly are amazing and hope your birthday goes awesome, you deserve it. Happy birthday, Lola <3



Happy Birthday! May it be filled with things as fabulous as you are though that will be super hard because that is a very short list of things. All the best in the coming year. I love you muchly and am glad I get the chance to know you. Also I’m glad that I get to read the rich worlds and stories that you create. It’s consistently amazing and I’m happy it’s being recognized with your snazzy new book deal :D  



Happy birthday Lola!! I hope you have a wonderful day and get to eat all the cupcakes. My favorite fic of yours is With An Open Hand, because I love the playful version of Kara who is not afraid to push further with Cat to get what she wants… and also for the pen!kink, never forget the pen!kink :P

Of course I love all your other supercat fics as well. The Music and the Mirror is brilliantly done, and I get so excited for each update. Thank you for all the time you spend writing and headcanoning and overall spreading the supercat joy. And once more, happy birthday!



Happy birthday, Lola! Thank you for all of the beautiful work you share with us, for the insight and energy you bring to the SuperCat fandom, and for being such a kind and supportive person. Your writing and your presence are deeply cherished. Hope you have a great day and the best year yet to come.


Lola, happy birthday. Again, I want to say thank you. Your kindness and never-ending support made it possible for me to get the confidence and post my work on AO3 and Tumblr for the world to see. You are a fantastic fanfic writer and an all around amazing person. You are a wonderful human being and I’m so glad that I have the pleasure and privilege to have met you and talked to you. Honestly, the world could use a lot more people like you in it. I hope you have a fantastic birthday. You’re the absolute best and you do so much for everyone around you, even strangers who you meet in passing. Happy Birthday, Lola. I hope its a good one!


I hope you have a wonderful birthday Lola! I’m a big fan of your writing. I especially love how you come up with new and exciting ways to bring Kara and Cat together in your stories. Thank you for sharing your gifts and amazing talent, and for all of the things you do for this fandom. :D


Dearest, Darlingest Lola,

According to Facebook, we have been friends for over 7 years. Honestly, that surprises me because it feels like we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember.

I truly don’t have the words to tell you what you mean to me or how grateful I am to Dolly or whatever other deity it was that brought us together. I just know that without you, my life would be very, very different. And not in a good way.

We have shared so much over the years. Stopping shows, football in gay bars, your wedding (!!), pokerverse, and all things in between. You are a brilliant writer that everyone in the fandoms you write for is lucky to have and someone who I am so happy I can text at all hours of the day and night to share fic ideas, fandom theories, or just anything that is on my mind. You are snarky and won’t take shit from anyone and you’ve helped me to grow a backbone and be more outspoken myself since I’ve known you. And in the last year, you have been the most wonderful, supportive friend when I needed one the most.

Thank you for always being there for me. I love you to the moon and back, from Mirandy to 9 to 5 to Swan Queen to Supergirl and beyond. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday and I cannot wait to get to see your face in real life and squish you like crazy in like two months.

Love, love, love, always,

Tiff (aka writetherest, but you better freakin’ know that!)



Happy birthday, sugar lips! I am so glad that once again two fictional characters pushed us together in another fandom. The trash bin has been great and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you better. You are one talented, sassy lady. I hope this year is the best yet, with many more to come. I heart your face!! <3 - Torch

HUM SO . happy birthday, @nori-wings i guess (????????? *tsundere on* ok joke :’’0

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CRAZY GIRL  ❤ ❤ I love youu sososososo much i remember when the doctor told me “she’s a girl” and i was like what no i’m 17(?? i don’t know, i’m just trying to make you laugh xddd not working probably, sooo you were my very first friend in the Soul Eater fandom ;u; we were in DA being totally noobs with our art we still are  ,and then you showed me your soul eater dub and i was like ohhh her voice is so pweety then as the stalker i am i think i asked your for your facebook too (? and we started talking and being weird together *AWWWW* with weird conversations and such uwu  ❤ me sending you stupid selfies xddd, and voice notes omg i lose my dignity everytime :’v anywaaay even if we don’t live too close cof,chileandmexico,cof, i’ll be there always for youu :’DD  ❤ you can tell me anything you want and i’ll try to help you in all i can do ;U;  ❤

sooo, maybe my drawing isn’t the best, i mean the coloring, BECAUSE EACH POSE AND FACE AND OMG I SUFFERED but it was worth it because it was your gift uwu  ❤ OVERALL THE MOST DIFFICULT ONE WAS SOUL EATING THE BALLOON XDDD, you wanted him as a nerd, you are having him as a nerd for you (?? doing cake and all, Maka jealous because he’s wearing a t-shirt with your face

nothing out of the normal pff

ammm soo thank you for being my friend and all u////u love you ahhhh  ❤

good night :p 

i’m just gonna lay over here and cry (?

i posted this 30 minutes before 12pm 

i’m the first one to congratulate her in tumblr beat that :/// (? ❤

TalesFromRetail: "Can you call someone?"

I work in a cell phone department of a big box retail store. An older lady and her husband comes in with a phone problem. The older lady will be OL, and I’m Me.

OL: I have a problem with my phone. Me: What’s going on with it? OL: It says that my last update didn’t work. Can you do the update for me? Me: I can check and see what’s going on.

She is on a carrier that generally doesn’t update their phones ever. I go to the software update section of the phone and check for updates.

“No updates available”

Me: There aren’t any updates available for your phone right now ma'am. OL: Of course there are. I’ve had this phone for almost a year and haven’t updated it once. Me: I’m sorry, but there aren’t any updates for this model of phone. OL: Well why isn’t my Facebook working then? It only shows old things from a few days back.

I go to look at her Facebook, and it turns out she only has three friends that don’t post frequently.

Me: The most recent thing any of your friends have posted are from three days ago. So the newest thing on your Facebook will be from that day. OL: (now furious) OL: No it’s not working because the update failed. Me: Ma'am there really aren’t any updates for your phone and frankly, your phone is working entirely as expected. OL: No. You’re wrong! There is an update and that’s why nothing works. Can you call somebody?

This usually mean they want me to call the customer service of whatever carrier they have because they don’t like to talk to “people that don’t speak English” (I get sick of hearing that one a lot). I know that the CSR won’t be able to do anything, and I have a line of people waiting for my help. I’m not wasting my time with that.

Me: There is nobody to call for an update ma'am, but I assure you there aren’t any updates for your phone. OL: (rips the phone from my hands) OL: You can’t help me because you don’t know phones. I’m coming back when the other guy is here.

She then storms out of the store as her husband just shrugs at me like “see what I put up with”.

By: Ganondroid