my friend sent me this omfg

I think the funniest ignorant ableist anon I’ve ever gotten was one like 3 years ago that said something like, “maybe you’d feel better if you stopped smoking so much pot." 

 Reasons it’s hilarious:

  • I’ve never actually smoked???? Not even a regular cigarette or even hookah. I have a small vape pen for medical marijuana but it’s so mild I barely feel it most of the time anyway. I feel more from DayQuil. I mostly use edibles anyway because they help treat basically all of my illnesses and their symptoms at once.
  • I’M CALIFORNIAN and yet the first time I ever tried cannabis was at age 23 in the context of “I’ve just been diagnosed with narcolepsy and the neurologist will only give me stimulants even though I have arrhythmia and mental illness and I want to die and in doing research on my condition I found all these people who said that weed suppresses their sleep paralysis and also helps with depression so maybe this will help me, I’M SCARED I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT BUT IT HAS TO BE BETTER THAN GODDAMN STIMULANTS” (and then the first night I tried a bonbon I cried laughing watching Futurama at 3am and then fell asleep almost like a normal person, why is this illegal)
  • This person legitimately believed that little ol’ cannabis was what was making me sick and disabled. That it was making me have horrible full-body pain, fatigue, insomnia, vomiting, bleeding ulcers, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, suicidal ideations, etc
  • “you’d feel better if you stopped” 
  • ??????????????????????
  • does this person not know how cannabis works omfg that’s like saying “maybe you’d dry off if you stopped using towels”

Come to think of it, I wasn’t open online about being a pot patient back then because of the stigma around it, so I think I know which friend it was who sent that anon because even though they knew I was sick and struggling, they were sooo judgmental and thought that anyone who touched cannabis was just a bad person chasing highs and that I was using my illnesses as an excuse to get toasted. Would they rather me be sucking down crazy straws of morphine packs all day to be functional or would they rather me spend all day in pain doing my best and then smartly take an edible when I’m safely home so I can have a few hours of relief? Fuck that, let people who have chronic pain have SOME relief, and cannabis is just so… like I can’t believe that alcohol is legal and cannabis isn’t. It’s like, ujhh??? This is especially sad considering what we know now about atlas subluxation and how my suffering all had a real physical source. I was suffering so bad and they were just so ignorant about it.

I mean, Jesus, it SUPPRESSES my hypnagogic sleep paralysis episodes from narcolepsy which plagued me daily since I was 13. Do you know what it’s like to be paralyzed and hallucinate for a few hours a day and then wake up cross-eyed, unable to see right, slurring, and having to stumble around everywhere with a horrible headache because your brain is messed up? I was blown away when I figured out that cannabis actually helps to correct and suppress it. I went from 1 attack DAILY to 1 every few months maybe. That’s huge. 

I talk about all of this in more detail in my videos which I still haven’t edited orz, but hopefully soon they’ll be up. 

Also as I always say when I share what I do to manage my illness, not everything I do is going to be for everyone. We all have different bodies. What works for me might not work for you. I know cannabis just doesn’t agree with some people, the same way stimulants and antidepressants don’t agree with me (Hi, I’m I Want To Die Even More Than Usual)

Don’t let ignorant people get away with saying stupid things like that, man.   

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this is the same anon who wrote "voltron" instead of "voltmeter" I hope you're okay with me telling you voltron-related stories about shit that happens in my life. earlier today I msged my friend and asked her to motivate me to study french and she sent back "ummm shiro and allura on their honeymoon in paris" SHE KNOWS ME SO WELL

i’m totally ok with you sending me lil stories!! 💜💜 & OMFG WE ALL NEED MORE FRIENDS LIKE THAT PLS CHERISH THEM FOREVER 😍

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Stop harassing my friends. I can and will take down your blog.

Harassing? Fucking – please clue me in on how me making an independent post, not tagging or even saying the name of His blog is harassment? I never even sent an anon to the guy.

Also omfg, you Can and Will take down my blog? Please do. I’m sick of dealing with pedophile apologists.

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I sent an ask about how my crush (and one of my best friends) always tells me he likes me and I just found out today that he has a girlfriend so idk how to feel I'm hurt but I'm also mad because his girlfriend is very sweet and doesn't deserve him to be sneaking behind her back

OMFG HOW RUDE OF HIM :((( she doesn’t deserve to be disrespected like that. I’m so sorry :(( it’s okay though, you don’t need that jerk anyway

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You confessing your love for them when you're drunk but thinking you're talking to one of the other members you're friends with (bts) ❤❤❤

Omfg this is my first request and I’m super happy you sent me one! thank you!!!

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Let’s get to the request 

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Calling Exo daddy in your sleep

You my friend have been sent down from smutty heaven it’s self and I thank god for it! Anyways how would exo react to you calling them daddy in your sleep?

OMFG thank you so much! I actually giggled like a school girl ^v^ You’re so sweet x Let me repay your kindness with more daddy kink! xx 


Suho: *glaces at you* Damn I’m good… 

Baekhyun: *blinks awake* what? did someone say my name?

Chanyeol: Hell yeah! I’ll have no remind her when she wakes up… maybe I’ll just show her…

D.O: *wakes you up* Jagi? yeah we have a problem… *looks down at boxers*

Kai: *embarrassed*

Sehun: *starts to laugh* I’m too good ;)

Xiumin: *is way too proud of himself. applauds himself*

Lay: *smirks* baby knows my name even in her sleep ;)

Chen: *chuckles to himself* ahhh she’s so cute~

Tao: *you scared him awake because you yelled it so loud*


so my friend sent me this bc we’re both freaking our brains out for the past twenty four hours since we’ve heard of this glorious news


knowing tio rick, he might as well cause well, he’s rick riordam

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Do you skip and ignore some of your asks or is there just too many of them in order for you to have seen them all? (I'm just curious because my friend was so mad that you didnt answer her ask XD it was hilarious!!!)

i skip and ignore a lot of my asks :)))) and omfg yes, that’s hilarious, because this blog would be rlly shitty if i actually answered all of the asks i received, sorry not sorry babes.

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anyways, i’ve answered a similar question (how “long” does it take me to answer a question that’s been sent) over on my personal blog, and it goes a lot more in depth about the way i answer questions on this blog.~

feel free to read it right here!

also, there’s a section on my blog rules page titled ‘why your ask wasn’t answered’. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and while i’m answering non-2p related asks……,,,

no anon it’s not weird you ship me with emperor zao b/c he’s secretly my boyfriend and just doesn’t know it yet,, btw pickup lines aren’t working for me anymore but thx for trying and A+ for effort

….,,, rachel is right, everyone listen to rachel

god dammit zao not again