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my friend is literally 5'0.5" (she's very proud of that half inch) and would die to be 5'3" if that helps any

Andy: listen, there is nothing wrong with being short. I dig my height to be honest. I’m right at level for forehead kisses, I can kiss collarbones, most pants fit me if I roll them, chicks dig short muscular humans because we remind them of Gimili from LOTR, every blanket is a comforter, I don’t get squished when riding theme park rides….
Honestly I don’t have a problem with it. I’m shorter than the rest of my brothers and almost as tall as my sisters… but that just means that Front and center during group photos and it feeds my ego.

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What is it like to care for someone who has taken their own life?

It’s incredibly powerful and humbling. I always get really introspective when I receive a suicide case, especially when they’re in my own age group or remind me of my own family and friends. Unintentionally, I tend to subconsciously try to get to know the person and imagine what things would be like if we would have known each other. I create a stronger bond with these people and their families more so than any other case. It invokes a deeper nurturing response from me for some reason.

Suicide may seem selfish and it does leave many hurt in its wake, but we don’t all experience life the same way. I could never place judgement on anyone wishing to move on. I always hope that they found what they were looking for in the end.

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dan was so proud of 14 year old phil. like he was fucking beaming the entire video. he's so proud of his weird creative amazing boyfriend. also when dan said 14 year old phil and 14 year old dan would be friends i screamed bc dan was 9 when phil was 14 and phil was 18 when dan was 14 like doesn't that make you emo

that whole video made me emo

literally the entire video dan rarely stopped smiling and complimenting various aspects of the game (and playfully poking fun at certain parts, it was phil ripping himself to shreds) and you could tell that he was just unbelievably proud and quite honestly i can imagine dan being the one editing it as soon as they finished filming and wanting to upload it the same day so people could see it as soon as possible

the ‘fourteen year old dan would be friends with fourteen year old phil’ part broke me?? ten times over??? it really reminded me of “i didn’t have a best friend for the first eighteen years of my life” which triggered the waterworks to start building up

let’s chat about dnp

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Dear ex best friend? Or dear best friend?

this is a long time coming

Dear ex best friend

MY, how times have changed. I truthfully have no idea where you’re at in life, since blocking you on all social media. I know I’ve changed a lot in the four years since we parted ways, but somehow… I doubt you’ve changed much at all.

I just want to say thank you. In the four years of high school, you taught me so much. You taught me how to be self conscious, always focusing on your own looks while judging mine. You taught me how to disrespect another person’s family; I’ll never forget how you insulted my mom’s coffee after she made a cup for you. You taught me what it feels like to be manipulated, constantly reminding me that you had another best friend-your REAL best friend- and that I was not her, making me want to try harder to be in your good graces.

I was so blind during our friendship. I was blind because I hadn’t had someone who actively WANTED to be my friend in so long. But I was the perfect target for you. I boosted your ego, we got to be nerds, we wrote music (you reminded me that I’m bad at piano {even though I’ve never taken lessons and should not have been good at all}), I’d always come to you when you wanted to hang out, it was always on your terms, and you knew I’d drop everything when you asked.

We spent countless hours in that coffee shop, sitting at that one table, you writing and me designing, as you continued to feed my fear of the former, reminding me that you’re better at it, and that my seventh grade teacher was probably right: I had no creative talent whatsoever.

When I came home from freshman year of college, and we went to MY coffee shop to catch up (not OUR usual place, MY usual place-the one near MY house, not yours), you did not ask me one single question. You talked for an hour and a half about your shiny new life without me in it, while I sat patiently, eventually saying that I did have places I needed to be (which shocked you. You weren’t my priority). So I drove you home, and you continued to talk about yourself. And I didn’t listen. I’d stopped listening ages ago. I entertained you. I let you talk, wishing my car could go faster. I dropped you off. You told me you’d be free the whole summer and to just call or text if I wanted to hang out. I told you that I was a full time nanny and that I wouldn’t have time. And you went inside. And I drove away, called my mom, and cried. I told her everything. I told her she was right about you all along and that I should’ve listened to her. And she comforted me.

I was so angry. I’d let you control me for four years. I always thought it was so odd how much my mom disliked you. My mom likes EVERYONE. I remember her asking me why I was friends with you and me replying “because she’s the only one who wants to be.” Now? I know what a manipulative and poisonous person is like. I recognize those traits. I know how to avoid getting bitten. Now my sisters and I can laugh about the whole thing.

I remember us singing “For Good” from Wicked together, and all I think of now is the line “Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” And I have. Cuz I’m never gonna treat anyone the way you treated me. I’m not so blind anymore.

So thank you.

~Emily Grace


Adan: Sorry guys, duty is duty! I’ll be right back.

Arabella: You know you owe me one, right?
Tristan: Even more than one I’m afraid. Thank you Bells.
Arabella: I did it for my pride, not yours. I mean, who cares if you look like an idiot, they know you’re one, they’re your best friends after all. But me? Uh, no way!
Tristan: That reminds me why I fell in love with you…
Arabella: Being cheesy won’t spare you from my reward.
Tristan: Damn, I tried.


“You know, I consider it a high honor and an exceptional privilege to spend these moments with you. Aw, who am I kidding, Summoner? Ha! Let’s drop all that royal jibber-jabber. It’s just us, right? Right! The thing is, I love being around you. I’ve never been happier! Sure, you’re a valuable addition to the Order of Heroes-blah, blah, blabbity, blah. But after spending so much time with you, I just think of you more like…a close friend. Do you feel the same? Are we friends? Best friends? On our way to being best friends? We are? Er, which one? Never mind. I’m just delighted… so delighted…so very…Waah! You’ve made me cry, you silly goose.
I won’t forget this day. Why, I’ll save all my tears of happiness in a vial to remind me-forever!”

Kingsman Tumblr Meetup

That time already, eh?

*waves* I’m Beth, though I answer to trekkie just fine. *points above* That’s my face. I got into Kingsman on March 5th, 2015 (I use a planner and therefore have the EXACT date I went to go see the film). It took me another month or so to dive into the fandom, but Kingsman (and let’s be honest, Taron) had my heart before it was halfway through the film. Here in fandom, I’m a writer (when the wind is in the right direction) and sometimes beta (which reminds me…). I ship Hartwin until my dying day, though also love Merhartwin and…whatever Merhartwin plus Roxy is. Merhartwinrox *cackles* Oh, I like that. Also Percilot because it makes no sense why we decided those two characters were in love, but I will go down with this ship, my friends. Also have a small soft spot for Michelle/Percival that I will be putting in one of my fics if my inspiration fairy ever returns to me. I write a lot of fluff and domestic stuff because canon hurts my loves enough; I want happy endings (in all ways *waggles eyebrows*) for them in my fics. Even when I throw in angst, it doesn’t last very long. I’m pants at slow burns. I wrote a Secret Garden!AU that I’m still hoping Frances Hudgson Burnett forgives me for in the afterlife. I’m Queen of the Taron Egerton Fandom (I’ve glued the crown to my head and ya ain’t getting it off).

I do have a RP blog at @thechasezgirls that is currently involved with @roxannemorton and I’m trying to get get into threads with @mannersmademan (who is my fave RP blog in this fandom, go follow now!). RP is an Original Character who I made up at a Skype wedding (because what is my life?).

ANYWAY. In real life, I’m an actor (I just got my SAG-AFTRA membership FUCK YEAH) and huge nerd who also dances around in the Supernatural, Leverage and a few other fandoms. You will know the day I work with Taron Egerton because this blog will be stripped of all posts like these with identifying markers. :)

Awesome people in this fandom who I love to bits include: @krissielee @dashustrik @liprouvaire @faedreamer @zombiisheep @insanereddragon @elletromil (who wrote me a story in which Harry cuddles a Johnny from Sing plushie and for that she has my allegiance for life) @speaking-of-tailors and plenty of others who are precious darlings (whose fics I’m going to write one of these days, swear down). I’ve been needing some financial help recently (and kinda desperately), so I put a ko-fi button on my tumblr and it’s 85% Kingsman folks who have been helping me out, so I love this fandom and its people.

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(@cofagrigus-daily) Howdy, Vince! The name's Pyrite; Glad to see that I'm not the only Cofagrigus here!

It’s really nice to meet you Pyrite! It does get a little lonely without another of your kind to comfort you. This way we can really understand each other! I’m here for you, my coffin friend!

I love your teeth, by the way~ Reminds me of my father, he had big ol’ pointers!

(Aaaaaaaa another Cofagrigus! Time to spread the coffin love!)


thank you so much @ghlowy & @orcheids ! 💛✨

✧ what is your favorite disney princess and prince?
mulan n shang! i love them :( but i also love cinderella 

✧ sushi or mac n cheese?
i never tasted sushi (idk why tbh) so mac n cheese

✧ what is your favorite candle?
i love one that my mum buys on ikea that smells like apples 

✧ what was your last dream?
omg i don’t know lmao 

✧ whose the last person who made you feel special?
my friends! i love them especially my best friend we don’t go to the same school but we talk every day (also we met online lol) and she makes me feel so good!

✧ what is something that is repetitive in your life and your tired of hearing about?
university and exams! the school is so stressful and everyone is like “you need to do that to get in the university” “you need to get a 17 out of 20″ “what do you want to do with your life?”

✧ what is something you want to change about yourself or the world?
i need to stop complaining about everything and start acting 

i tag: @sulfade , @oceans , @cahlmest, @straig, @ungemini, @kartuzi, @dhust + everyone who wants to do it!

my family is really great at reminding me why i moved out any time i start wishing i hadn’t