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The Only One

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Harry comes home from tour to see you for the first time in a long time, and gets jealous when he sees another guy flirting with you.

Warnings: smut(ish)

Word Count: 1,677

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things me and my friends have said as harry potter houses

hufflepuff: “i roasted someone really hard and it felt nice but now i want to cry.”

ravenclaw: (playing crazy 8s) “if you were getting shot at and you died, would you keep letting people shoot you? no. because you’re dead. no point in trying if there’s no chance.”

slytherin: “hey not to be a bitch but my sister is being a brat and i was very tempted to push her into the sewers but i didn’t because i’m a nice person.”

gryffindor: “i just saw a dead bird. amazing. truly inspirational, reminded me of how much i wanted to be dead.”

(which one are you?? i’m the gryffindor quote!!)

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"Honestly, just stop it."

I have a stock pile of these prompts in my asks that I use to fight my writers block. This is the latest one. Feel free to send me any  Four Word Prompts should you see one that intrigues you.

“What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not-”

“You are. Honestly, just stop it.”

“Stop what? I’m not even doing anything.”

“You’re keeping things from me again. Look at me. Tell me what you’re thinking.”

Harry looked up at Draco, his jaw set in that stubborn way it did. Draco only ever hated it when they were being serious. This was one of those serious times.

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” He repeated when Harry looked away again.

“… You won’t like it.” Harry mumbled, his jaw clenching and unclenching. It made Draco want to nip at his chin to keep it still.

“I don’t like half the things you tell me.” Draco challenged. He tightened his grip around the other’s waist, leaning back against the cold dungeon wall. They were nestled in a dark corner just a few turns from Draco’s common room. No one usually came around and it was too dark for anyone to recognize them anyways.

“This one you’ll hate.” Harry sighed, resting his head in Draco’s chest.

Draco rolled his eyes. He hated being in this role. The Composed One. That was Harry’s job, taking care of him when Draco was being a bit too over emotional. Shushing him with reassurances and soft chuckles.

“Try me,” Draco drawled.

Harry groaned, rubbing his head into Draco’s shirt and messing his hair up even more (if that was possible).

“Okay… I want to stop hiding this.” Harry looked up, his eyes bold and earnest. “Us. I want to be able to talk about you to my friends. I want to be able to point across the room and say, ‘Well, my boyfriend thinks otherwise’. I want to be able to tell people you’ll kick their arse if they keep coming on to me. I want to be able to kiss you in fucking well lit areas.”

Draco blinked, blushing slightly at his candor. Really, he should be used to it by now. He sighed, “Harry, you think I don’t want that, too? I just don’t think it would be wise, considering.”

“Is it the gay thing?” Harry asked accusatorily.

A sharp, loud “ha!” escaped him. He shook his head, “Potter, if it was the ‘gay thing’ I wouldn’t have fooled around with Marcus Flint in an empty classroom right next to Professor Binn’s History of-” He stopped short when he noticed Harry’s dark expression and cleared his throat, “Anyways, I’m more worried about the whole used-to-be-mortal-enemies type issue; what with you being The Boy Who Lived and I being the oh so evil Slytherin.”

Harry smirked, “Well, we could change your title to The Boy Who Snogs The Boy Who Lived.”

“Hm, tempting,” Draco snorted, leaning forward to brush his lips against the others. Harry pulled back before he could give him a proper kiss.

“So?” Harry had hope in his eyes. Damn hero prat.

Draco wrinkled his nose, “I feel like it’s a bad idea… Well, more like dangerous.”

Harry shrugged. “I feel like that’s kinda my thing. Besides, we can start of small. Tell our friends and go from there.”

Draco imagined Pansy’s shocked face and Blaise’s quiet, disappointed glare. He shuddered.

“Okay, maybe just my friends.” Harry conceded. “But I promise we’ll be careful about it. And I swear, I won’t just barrel into the whole thing.”

He gave a breathy laugh, hanging his head, “Look, if I say yes, can we get back to the task at hand?”

Harry grinned and wrapped his arms around the other’s neck, nudging his nose against Draco’s cheek. Their lips came together, open and warm. They pulled at each other gently. The give and take of their tongues was painfully soft. Always on the brink of something rougher, harder. Harry sighed in his mouth, making a shiver go up Draco’s spine.

“Imagine doing this in the Great Hall,” Harry chuckled softly against his lips. “All the people we’d piss off.”

The corners of Draco’s lips turned up. “Focus, Potter.”

Harry grinned again, moving his mouth to Draco’s jaw line. “Shut it, Malfoy.”

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secret relationship

((hope you like it; thanks for the prompt))

It didn’t surprise Harry the first time Draco pulled away from him.  They’d been sitting in the 8th year common room late at night.  As they heard footsteps outside the doorway, Draco jumped from his seat next to Harry and moved to the far side of the sofa.  

Once they were alone again, Draco apologized between soft kisses. “I’m sorry.  We just have a lot of eyes on us right now.  For very different reasons, of course.  I’m just not ready.”

Harry held him close and smiled.  "It’s ok.  Not everyone is cut out for fame and attention.“

Draco swatted at him but couldn’t help falling just a little more in love with him.

Right after leaving Hogwarts, Harry gave Draco a small box tied with a green ribbon.  He stood with his hands in his pockets and watched Draco open it.  Once Draco saw the key inside, Harry asked, “Will you move in with me?”

Draco didn’t immediately answer.

Harry nervously rambled, “I mean, it’s not like the manor, it’s just a little flat in a Muggle area, but it’s got plenty of space.  I know you have too many dress robes to keep in a respectably sized flat, but we could make it work.  I won’t even get mad at all the hair potions taking up room on the bathroom counter-top…”

Draco stood with tears in his eyes.  "I’m sorry.  I…“

Harry sighed, “It’s ok.”

“I’m not ready. I want to.  I really do, but…”

“It’s ok, it was a long shot anyway.  I mean, what did I expect. ‘Happy late nineteenth birthday, please make this crazy commitment with no time to think it over.’ I mean we’ve only been together for…almost a year” Harry stopped when he realized how disappointed and a bit bitter he sounded.

“Please, don’t be angry. I love you. I just can’t,” Draco held the box out for Harry to take.

Harry took a deep breath and he let it out grabbing Draco by his outstretched arm and pulled him close. Wrapping his arms around Draco, “Keep it.  It’s not like you’re going to walk in on me and someone else,” Harry said as Draco scoffed at him.  “You have my heart.  A key to my place just seems reasonable.”

Draco couldn’t help falling just a little more in love with him.

“You don’t want me to be your partner, and that’s perfectly understandable.  I’m just having a hard time with why I can’t list you as my emergency contact,” Harry said.

“You can list Weasley,” Draco said quietly.

“Aurors can’t list their partners as their emergency contact.  It’s not like these are posted in the break room, I just think that if something happened to me, you would want to be the first to know,” Harry said.  

They sat at the kitchen table in the flat Draco still hasn’t moved into.  Paperwork covered the surface.  Another year had passed between them.  Auror training had been as horrible as Draco thought it would be, but Harry had been there for him every step of the way.  Over the past year, he never pushed Draco to come out.  Draco eventually felt comfortable being seen with Harry, as friends of course.

Their “friendship” didn’t seem to surprise anyone.  Then only time he heard anything from the other Aurors-in-training, it was some snide comment about how Harry seemed to have a things for taking in strays.  What did come as a surprise was when he heard Weasley speak up about it saying, “Yeah, cause Weasleys are such solitary stray people.  I really set the trend for the rest of his friends.”

Harry took Draco’s hand, “I’ll make a deal with you.  I’ll list Andromeda first, you know, because of Teddy.  Then I’ll list you second.  That way, my godson isn’t stuck waiting for me to pick him up if something happens.”

Draco smiled, “Fine.  But I just don’t want to risk our jobs.  Relationships in the workplace are just inappropriate.”

“Are you kidding?  There are two different married couples in our department.  They just can’t work as direct partners.  And we’re not working as partners.  No problems,” Harry explained.

“We’re not married,” Draco said, pulling his hand away.

Harry stood abruptly, busying himself getting drinks from the refrigerator.  Draco couldn’t be completely certain, but he was willing to believe he heard Harry mutter ‘not yet.’

Draco couldn’t help falling just a little more in love with him.

The day Lucius Malfoy died, Narcissa spent the evening with her son.  Both she and Draco were very private with their grief even in the presence of each other.  Draco had watched Lucius’ health decline sharply over the six months since he’s become an Auror, ashamed that he was thankful for the long hours and inconsistent schedule.

“You should go back to work tomorrow.  You know your father wouldn’t approve of sitting about when there are still matters that need attended,” Narcissa suggested.  "Sitting about isn’t going to make you feel any better.  Leave the isolated grief to me.  My son, you have been through quite enough.  I know if you go back to the Ministry in the morning, you will feel better.“

Draco wasn’t convinced she meant his job would make him feel better, but how could she know?  Draco had been so careful.  Hadn’t he? 

He took her advice though.  Draco went back to work the next day.  As he arrived, Harry ran to meet him.

"What are you doing here?  They’d understand if you took some time off.  No matter who he was, you still lost your father,” Harry said.  He was careful to stand a bit farther away from Draco than he wanted.  He was careful not to offer Draco any comforting touches.

Draco fell into Harry’s arms right there in the middle of the corridor leading to the Auror offices surrounded by at least a dozen of their colleagues and acquaintances.  Draco cried.  At first he cried about his father, then he realized he was crying because he had nothing to hide anymore.  He was holding his lover.  Draco, held close to Harry, leaned down to kiss Harry’s shoulder.  

Harry pulled away quickly, glancing around them, “Do you want to, er, go somewhere more private?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think.  I shouldn’t have done that without knowing if you were ok with it.  You can blame it on me if you want.” Draco stumbled over his words, obviously holding himself away from Harry.

Harry kept his voice low, “I’ve been waiting for that for 3 years.  You were hiding me from your father.  Weren’t you?”

Draco shook his head, ignoring the small glances from the people walking past them. “I was hiding me from my father.  I don’t know why I never just said that.  You deserved to know, but I couldn’t tell you that I expected you to go out of your way to stay hidden because of him.  I mean, you two weren’t exactly on the best of terms.  I would understand if you don’t want to see me right now, or ever. But he was…he would have disowned me.  I know he was terrible but…”

Harry put a comforting hand on Draco’s shoulder, “But he was still your father.  I get it.  I would pick a fight with Minerva McGonagall for my father and I don’t even remember him, not really.”

Draco’s eyes widened, “No, you wouldn’t!”

“Nah, but I’d think about it,” Harry laughed. He took Draco’s face in his hands and kissed him not caring who saw them.  His entire body filled with relief when Draco kissed him back.  "You still shouldn’t be here today.  Can’t we just go home?“

Draco nodded, "Take me home." 

When Harry apparated them into the little flat in Muggle London, Draco couldn’t help falling just a little more in love with Harry Potter.

Guess He’s really into Her, Mate

Hi lovely people! Hope you’re happy. x

Plot: Harry really likes Y/N and is surprised when his friend is less supportive.

Warnings: None. 

Pic isn’t mine but I love how it practically screams ‘cozy’.

“Hold on. Are we talking about the same person here?”

Harry’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip as he tried to bite back the embarrassment rushing through his body and painting his cheeks pink. Admitting this type of secret was to him as awkward as it had when he’d been 18 years younger. And now his uncomfortable feeling increased by the tone the question had been asked in as it was enough to let Harry immediately know that Jeffery wasn’t at all happy with the confession he’d just heard. Jeff arched his brows at his friend, making Harry shift in his seat once more before he focused on his manager with worried eyes. 

“S’no one like her out there,” Harry muttered, heartbeat increasing when Jeff’s forehead formed a deep frown, “So yeah… we’re both talking about her.” 

“But this is Y/N,” Jeff said almost defensively, “She’s… she’s… I mean… how? And why?”

Harry slid off his chair and walked around the counter in Jeff’s kitchen, for one so he could reach the coffee machine and pour himself the drink he very much needed after the long night he’d had, and for two so he could bring some distance between himself and his friend. His knees felt uncomfortably jelly-like and he hoped Jeff couldn’t notice how wobbly he was walking.
This he had not expected when admitting that he felt more than just friendship for the girl Jeff had made a habit of bringing around. Sure, he was aware of how protective Jeff and pretty much everyone else who knew the girl was of her, but surely him liking Y/N was a good thing wasn’t it? Y/N always appeared to care about him, too, so why would Jeff oppose the idea of them together so much? Harry could make Y/N happy, he was sure of it. She was kind and she was soft, her mind was bright and to him there was nobody more beautiful than her. And what she needed was a person who could be as kind and as soft with her as her soul was, someone who cared for her gentle being and would always appreciate her. 
Harry could do that. He wanted to do that and to learn that his friend doubted him hurt. A pout tugged at his lips. Sensing where his mind went Jeff cleared his throat.

“M’sorry, mate. Sounded like a prick, didn’t I? I want to be supportive of this, really I do. She’s a good girl and you’re a great lad s’just…”

“What?” Harry asked, unable to keep the tension out of his voice.

Jeff sighed as he desperately searched for the right words. “I’ve known her for quite a while now and I truly love that girl. I really do, Harry. She might as well be my sister by this point.”

“Good to know,” Harry muttered, not liking how his heart had dropped the moment Jeff spoke of loving Y/N even though he was of course very aware of Jeff’s girlfriend and knew that Y/N shared nothing beyond a brotherly bond with his friend.

“Anyway,” Jeffery continued, “I know that she’s been through a lot of crap with boys. Things that took their toll on her and though she doesn’t really talk about it anymore I know she’s influenced by it still. You’re great. Of course you are, s’just… I want you to know that you got to be careful with her. Make sense?”

“Well, kinda,” Harry moved to sit back down next to his friend, “But don’t you know that I would never do anything to upset her? Not as her friend and certainly not as her boyfriend should she ever allow me to be that for her. She’s… she’s so tender with me, you know? And she gets me and she cares for me and… I never had that before. With anyone, Jeff. I never felt like someone would be there and take care of me the way I do when I’m with her.”

Harry frowned at his fingers momentarily before meeting Jeff’s eyes. 

“Do you not think that I could be good for her?” 

“You could,” Jeff soothed Harry quietly, “You already are, no doubt. You’re not one of those shitty boys she’s been disappointed by. But I also know that you like the adventure sometimes, the excitement of something passionate and short lived with a woman who’s fascinating to you for the moment. And there’s nothing wrong with that, at all. However if you want Y/N it has to be with purely honest intentions and because you want her for more than just a week.”

“I do!” Harry argued, voice loud and desperate, “She’s not someone I want for the moment. I want her for every moment.”

“Awe,” Jeff cooed and Harry flipped him off. 

“Besides,“ Harry smirked, brows arched, “What would happen if I were to not take things seriously with her?”

He was joking of course and Jeffery took a long swig of his coffee before shrugging with a smug smile, “I’d kick your arse.”

“Oh yeah, right.”


Harry’s heart could have burst in his chest. Ever since stepping into Jeff’s house that night he’d been happy to find that Y/N refused to leave his side and instead stood by him and occasionally even brushed his arm with her soft hand in a sweet gesture. He felt like he could rejoice and his heart filled with hope. Y/N was so close, his skin was covered in a shiver.
When he tilted his head he could rest his chin on the crown of her beautiful hair, when he shifted his body he could press into her side and feel the curve of her chest against his ribcage and when he breathed in deeply all he smelled was Y/N’s sweet scent. She was so close to him and so adorably clingy he had to physically hold himself back from wrapping her into his embrace and never let her go again, oblivious to Y/N feeling just the same about him. Her fingers itched to fist his jumper in her hand, the tip of her tongue burned to say all the words that could describe how incredibly lovely he was to her. But she wouldn’t let herself. Not when it could mean losing him.

“Harry?” her voice spoke next to his shoulder. 

When Harry looked down his heart melted at the sight of his favorite person peering up at him with bright eyes and his stomach dropped when she leaned in and nudged him with her nose to get more of his attention. As if she wasn’t possessing all of it from the moment she’d murmured his name.

Harry chuckled and hummed against her temple as his lips pressed to her skin softly. “Yes, sweetheart?” 

She let out a small whine before her forehead pressed into his arm. “I want to go home. Take me there, please?”

Harry frowned at her quiet words, not liking her request. She wanted to leave? Already? On the other hand, she wanted to leave with him

He kissed her again, this time her head. “Of course, my love. Are you alright, though?”

“I’m okay,” she nodded quickly, not wanting to worry him, “S’just that I can feel how I’m coming down with a headache and Sarah drove me here but she’s having so much fun and I don’t want to trouble her.”

“Oh, so I look like I’m not having fun?” Harry joked, nudging her shoulder with his.

Y/N rolled her eyes before pinching his hips. “You know what I meant.”

“I do,” he laughed gently, “And the tube’s a pain at this hour so I wouldn’t want you taking it anyway.” 

“There’s nobody I can ask other than you,” she murmured into the fabric of his shirt, “Nobody I would want to ask anyway.”

Now his heart really was going to burst. Without thinking about it Harry let his arms drop around her shoulders so he could pull her against his chest, loving how easily the two of them fit together. If they ever needed to prove to someone that they belonged together, them fitting like two puzzle pieces was evidence enough. His fingers brushed her warm skin, her lips graced his neck.

“Let’s grab your coat, love.”

He began to move away from her but a pull to his arm made him still.

“Didn’t bring one,” Y/N peered up at him with guilty eyes and teeth biting back a smile as she knew exactly what reaction Harry was about to have.

His forehead was pulled into a frown she wished she were allowed to kiss away and his arms crossed, the words to scold her ready to fall from his lips.

“I wasn’t cold!” she argued with a laugh, “We got here so early it wasn’t even dark yet. Oh, stop looking at me like that.”

“S’damn windy outside, Y/N,” Harry sighed, remembering how last time they’d spent 5 minutes outside with the sun not out, she’d fallen ill for three days, “You’re bloody asking for it you know that right? You want to get sick again, don’t you?”

His fingers pinched her waist and she shrieked, quickly apologizing to the people around them who were disturbed by the loud sound.

“Oh, cut it out,” Y/N fought to raise her hands so she could press her palms against Harry’s lips but failed when his fingers wrapped around both of her wrists. Harry laughed and dodged her when she tried to kick his shins.

“M’not taking care of you again I can promise you that much,” Harry threatened.

“Of course you would.” Y/N’s smile made his heart flutter.

Harry nodded, finally letting himself grin at her. “Yeah, I would. Still, you’re gonna have to wear my jacket. C’mon.”

Harry’s fingers laced with Y/N’s and her cheeks blushed as he slowly began to pull her away from the couch where they’d been standing and over to where Jeff stood, chatting to his mates. Y/N felt happy. Harry was just such an easy guy and once more he proved to her that she could rely on him looking after her when she needed someone.
In all honesty Y/N didn’t want to leave. Ever since he’d entered the house Harry had at least one hand touching her somehow, be it by resting his palm at the bottom of her back or by squeezing her shoulder. But the back of her head ached and she knew the music Glenne had chosen to play would only make it worse.

“Hey, Jeffrey!” Harry called out, “We’re heading out.”

The manager looked up, frowning at first but quickly biting back a grin upon noticing that his two friends were holding hands. He moved to walk towards them.

“So soon? You’re really an old person stuck in a young man’s body, mate.”

“Leave him alone. S’my fault,” Y/N apologized, “I’m the ninny who’s getting a headache. I’m sorry, Jeff.”

“Oh, no, sweetheart,” Jeff cooed and again Harry felt an unnecessary sense of jealousy kick in. Without thinking about it he pulled her closer, standing so he was touching her back with his chest and away from Jeff’s hands.

“Chill out, Harry, would you?” Jeff laughed, noticing the lack of space between the two of them, before turning back to Y/N, “Take care of yourself, alright? Don’t want you to get sick. Though I suppose you have someone to look after you.”

“I suppose I do,” she smiled with a blush. 

After saying their goodbyes Y/N laced her fingers with Harry’s once more and guided him out of the living room, blushing when she felt his jacket wrap around her back.

“What’s up with those two?” Tom, Harry’s friend who’d gotten acquainted with Jeff stepped closer to him, looking after Y/N and the guy looming over her as they left the house. 

Jeff shrugged. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

“I bet you they’ll tell each other tonight,” Glenne chirped, her head coming down to rest on Jeff’s shoulder. She sighed. “S’like watching our babies grow up, isn’t it?”

Tom laughed. “I knew it! She was so obvious about it, wasn’t she?”

“Yeah,” Jeff sighed, “He was, too. Guess he’s really into her, mate.”

And Harry really was very much smitten with Y/N and when he stood with her pressed to his chest as she was pushed into the door of her apartment building, their lips molded together while their hands explored the skin they managed to uncover by pushing away the fabric of their jumpers, Harry realized that he was lost. Lost in her scent, hair and soft voice. 
Y/N whimpered when Harry gifted her with another heavy kiss and he smiled before nudging her nose with his. 

“I never would have thought tonight could have ended like this,” he breathed against her cheek. 

Y/N nodded, lips kissing his jaw, his chin and then his lips again. “I’m so happy, Harry.”

“Me too, Y/N,” he swore, wrapping her into his arms as she cuddled into his chest, “Finally. God, fucking finally.”

One request done! Hope you liked this! It’s finally autumn ahhhh!! I’m so happy haha. x 


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60. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me" with harry please❤️❤️

here it is, sorry it took me so long i hope you like it 💕

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I was having a small get together at my place to celebrate Harry’s single coming out and his appearance on SNL, all of us still buzzing with the excitement from seeing the show in person. Everyone was drinking and talking about their favorite parts of the night, and praising Harry on his accomplishments so far. He had been grinning all night, and I was sure his cheeks probably hurt from it. Even so, his smile never faltered, not even for a second.

Seeing him perform on his own for the first time was honestly amazing. He looked right at home on that stage with his band. Throughout his performances he would look over at me and I’d smile, and he’d smile back, and it seemed to calm his nerves a bit every time. He had been extremely nervous all week, being that he had to perform two new songs and be in skits. 

It was after rehearsal one day, which I had been the only one of Harry’s friends to be invited to attend, that I had saw him kind of staring off. He had something big on his mind. I walked up to him, breaking him out of his trance.

“Oh, hey,” He smiled slightly, still a bit out of it.

I chuckled. “You alright?”

“Yeah,” He waved me off, putting his guitar down on its stand and turning back to me. “Just thinking about stuff, is all.”

We sat on the edge of the stage, our feet on the stairs as it got quiet. After a while, Harry spoke up.

“I’m so damn nervous, (y/n).” He sighed, looking around the place. It was so empty when the band and other crew had left, Harry and I the only ones out where the main stages are.

I put my hand on his shoulder. “Don’t be, Harry. You’re going to be amazing Saturday. You and the band are ready for this.”

“I know they’re ready,” He said as he messed with his hair. “I just don’t want to let them down. What if I fuck up or something? It’s live all across the country.”

“You’re not going to fuck up,” I told him.

He looked at me. “How do you know?”

“Because I believe in you. And I know how talented you are. This is a huge moment for you, and I know you’ll be amazing. You always are,” I assured him.

He searched my face, then looked away, playing with his rings absentmindedly. “Thanks, (y/n). I really appreciate you being here and supporting me all this time.”

“It’s no problem,” I wrapped my arm around his and lay my head on his shoulder. “That’s what best friends are for, right?”

He sighed, then said, “Yeah, I guess so,”

“My favorite part of it, hands down, was Harry as Mick.” Niall said, everyone agreeing.

“He absolutely crushed it,” Liam added.

“I loved the soldier skit,” My friend, Remy, spoke up. “It was so hilarious.”

I looked around at everyone, then realized that the topic of the conversation was no where to be found. I got up, leaving the now intoxicated group and looked around, not seeing any trace of him until I noticed the back door wasn’t closed all the way. I walked out, then saw Harry sitting criss-cross by the pool, two empty beer bottles next to him.

“You weren’t thinking of jumping in, were you?” I called out, startling him a bit.

“Oh, uh.. no.” He chuckled nervously.

“Good,” I said as I made my way over to him, sitting beside him on the concrete. “Because you’ve been drinking, and your outfit cost over six thousand dollars and is dry clean only, so I don’t think it’ll do well in chlorine.”

He laughed slightly, then said, “I was just thinking, is all.”

“About your performance? Because it was incredible, you did so well. Just like I knew you would.” I complimented.

“Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through this week if it wasn’t for you,” He confessed. “It was kind of odd being alone, but it felt right at the same time. And it’s crazy how much people like the music I’ve put out already… It makes me more confident knowing that they actually think it’s good and it’s not just me thinking it’s alright, you know?”

“Oh absolutely,” I nodded. “I knew how much everyone was going to like it when you played the album for me the first time.”

He chuckled again, pointing at me. “You did go on about that,”

It got quiet, the sounds of crickets and the pool filling the air. Then, Harry spoke up again.

“But I was also thinking about… um… there’s this girl, and… I really like her. Well, I’ve liked her for a long time, and I’m too afraid to say anything to her about it. I just don’t want to ruin things, you know? Like, what if she doesn’t feel the same and things get awkward between us?”

My heart sank a bit, hearing that Harry liked someone. Mainly because I was sure it wasn’t me. We were best friends, he probably thought of me as a sister to something. Which would make things extremely weird, considering I loved him more than a best friend would. I wanted to be more than best friends, but he wanted that with someone else. I pushed my feelings aside, then gave him advice.

“Honestly harry, I have no idea what girl in her right mind wouldn’t be interested in you. I mean, you’re handsome, smart, funny, charming, caring, extremely talented… Not to mention, I’m pretty sure you’re the sweetest guy to ever live, so.”

A big smile grew on his face, like the one that usually appears when he’s about to make a joke or pick on me. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

I gave him a confused look, both of us laughing. “I think you’re mistaking me complimenting you so you gain enough confidence to ask this girl out already, for me seducing you? They’re two separate things, just saying.”

He scoffed, acting like I hurt him. “So you didn’t mean any of it, you were just trying to inflate my ego?”

“Of course I meant it,” I rolled my eyes at him. “But if it happened to make you gain a bit of confidence too, then I did my job.”

He smiled at me, then looked at the pool again. “You really think I should go for it?”

“Absolutely,” I confirmed. “And if she turns you down, then I’ll have some choice words for her.”

He gave me a look. “Hm, I didn’t peg you as the type to curse yourself out like a mad person.”

I giggled at him, then realized what he just said. I was the girl he was asking me for advice about. I was the one he’s liked for a long time. He actually liked me back.

“Holy shit,” I gasped. “You did not just pull the ‘talk to a girl about how you like someone but it’s really her’ move.”

“Yeah, I did,” He laughed. “I know, it’s lame and cliché, but did it work?”

I looked into his eyes, thinking about pulling a joke on him, but his cute and contagious smile caused me to smile too, so I decided not to. “Luckily for you, I’ve liked you for a long time too. So yeah, it did.”

He brushed my hair behind my ear, then leaned in and kissed me.

The door opened, Harry and I turning to see Niall standing there, a smirk on his face. He looked back into the house and said, “See everyone, I told you they’d be out here making out, you all owe me a beer.”

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#35. About the’s yours

from this prompt list // requested by the lovely @druggedaiquiri and edited by the beautiful @ducksongmp3

The current relationship Harry and Y/N have is not the healthiest. They’ve been best friends for years, but when sex was added to the equation, emotional changes occurred more than anything. Y/N has grown far too attached to her rockstar with benefits to even take an interest in other men. However, since Harry and Y/N are nothing official, he does what he wants while he’s away and Y/N, well, she does what she can to keep her mind off of him. A hard thing to do, might she add. She knows it’s pathetic and a typical story of someone falling in love with their friend with benefits, but can you blame her? Harry holds all of the qualities she wants in a man and more. He satisfies her sexually and God, if he just opened his eyes and finally decided to keep his dick to one person, he could satisfy her emotionally as well.

Their night is just beginning—the good ol’ Netflix and Chill– just without the chill. Harry isn’t really comfortable with having sex with his best friend (plus benefits) that is three months pregnant with some other dude’s baby. He was shocked to learn of this news when Y/N confided in him after her first ultrasound. Naturally, he asked who the father is, to which she said, “It’s not important. I know he won’t be in the baby’s life has much as I would want him to be.” Harry silently nodded at this, yet wondered who wouldn’t want to be in their baby’s life, even if they weren’t with the mother. He was actually quite angry with this person he doesn’t even know. He was angry that they knocked up his best friend and maybe he was even angry that it was someone else’s child. No, he’s not really ready to have a child, but at least he would be there for the mom and baby.

“How have you been feeling?” He asks, handing Y/N the bowl of popcorn before sitting next to her on the couch.

She shrugs. “Fine. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness when it hits you at every fucking minute of the day.” She stuffs a handful of popcorn in her mouth, not really wanting to answer any of Harry’s questions. She feels angry at him, the same anger Harry felt when he found out she was pregnant. Except, her anger is completely unwarranted because Harry is clueless as to what is actually going on with her. Yes, she’s secretly in love with her best friend with benefits and yes, she’s keeping something very important from him. And he wouldn’t be so oblivious if she just told him the truth, but that causes just as much anxiety as keeping this to herself does. She’s really not prepared to see Harry’s reaction at all, but maybe, just maybe it’ll be the perfect response. She won’t know until he knows. “So about the baby…"she begins, her heart picking up the pace.


“Well,” she pauses. “I really don’t want you freaking out. Do you promise you won’t freak out?”

“Babe, I’m gonna freak out because you’re tellin’ meh not to,” Harry counters. 

Babe, babe, babe. Why does he have to call her babe? She’s not his ‘babe’, he probably calls all of his girls ‘babe’. The stupid name makes her feel like she’s more than she is to him. “Is there something wrong with the baby?” He adds.

“Huh? No, no, the baby is fine,” Y/N assures, rubbing her hands over the bump. “The baby is…well…the baby is yours,” she says slowly. Unusual for Y/N as she would have sped through the sentence, making it nearly impossible to understand, however this statement is one that she only wanted to say once. Harry nearly chokes on his water. He holds the cup steadily, right by his lips, too stunned to move. His eyes are closed, brows knitted together, mind churning, processing the information Y/N just provided. It can’t be possible they always use protection, he’s always so careful. It doesn’t make sense, he has never been more confused.

“I’m sorry, what?” Harry asks.

Y/N shakes her head. “No, you heard me damn well, I am not saying it again.”

“W-why would you say I wouldn’t be in the baby’s life as much as you would want me to be?” Harry is frustrated, angry all over again, by this damn baby news. His nostrils flare, a sure fire sign of the pain he feels in his chest. He wants to be mad at Y/N, but he can’t be because he knows why she wasn’t honest in the first place. She has every right to be terrified, every right to believe Harry wouldn’t be around because he has never said otherwise. He blames himself for Y/N lying to him. He blames himself for never telling her how he really feels and how he only sleeps with other girls to get his mind off of Y/N. He doesn’t know if she feels the same way he does or if she even wants his help with this thing but he might as well be honest with her too. “I would drop everything for you and this baby, Y/N, God do you not know how much I love you? I. love. you. More than a best friend, I wanna be with you, wanna raise this baby with you.”

“Oh my God,” is all Y/N can muster out. “Harry, how was I supposed to any of this when all you wanted me for was sex? Jesus, Harry have you ever thought with your head instead of your dick? I’ve waited years for you to say those words and when you first said you wanted something more from me I thought you wanted my love but I settled for the sex because I supposed that was a way for me to feel close to you. I can’t believe I let you put me through the shit that you did. I mean shit you didn’t even know you were putting me through… “ she finally takes a breath.

Harry thinks it’s his turn to speak. "Y/N, I-”

“No, I’m not finished. I’ve been playing this game with you for too long. Harry, I’m so exhausted, I’m so done and I just- I just want to-” Y/N doesn’t finish her thought, she just lays her head in Harry’s lap, tears finally making their way down her cheeks.

“Cry?” Harry finishes for her. She nods and he strokes her hair, twisting a few strands when he feels like it. “I’m sorry. I know tha’s a crap answer, but I’m sorry. And I love you. I get scared, you know? But I suppose with you, I shouldn’t be. You’re my best friend and now you’re carrying my fucking baby, I should be able to tell you everything.”

Y/N sniffles. “Mhm.” Her eyes are closed. She’s feeling oh, so tired, but also safe where she is. A feeling she only feels when she’s with Harry.

“You tired, love?”

Y/N nods again. “And I love you, too.”

Harry chuckles slightly. “I know you do, you tell me everyday.” Y/N shakes her head this time.

“No, I mean like, I love you more than a best friend,” she repeats Harry’s words.

He smiles at this. A bubbling in his tummy erupts, his heart beats against his chest just a little harder. “’M gonna be a father,” Harry states. “"Nd I’m gonna be you’re husband one day. Jus’ wait, love.”


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My Little Secret

They had met in Jamaica when Harry went to get away, to write, to have no distractions. But then she came out of nowhere, she was on vacation with her friends, spring break. She was cute, and Harry took a quick liking to her, she was different. She didn’t want to know Harry Styles from One Direction, but just Harry Styles as a person. 

He liked the way she laughed, the way she was carefree but at the same time she wasn’t. He liked the way that she had to plan everything before it happened, that she hated not knowing. He liked the fact that she was a college student, a waitress, a regular girl. He loved the fact that she private, and didn’t want any camera’s on her, she wanted no part in his famous life. She wanted him behind closed doors. The only person in her life that knew about him was her roommate, other than that she kept her lips sealed.

And at the beginning it was easy, he could visit her, she could visit him. She went to his private show in London, met his family. They all loved her, who wouldn’t? She met his friend, his band mates, she sat in the crowd and people just assumed she was a fan. They came in separate cars, him with his team, she would drive her 2008 Ford, they would leave in separate cars. They made it work. 

“When did you get here?” Harry asked, relaxing in the shade near the pool. 

They were careful, up until his three day holiday in Mexico. She stood by the doorway, her sun flower covered dress laid over her bathing suit, sunglasses on her face. 

“About twenty minutes ago, I ran up stairs to change,” she smiled, “how’s your break?”

“Would be better if you laid here with me,” Harry grins, patting the spot next to him.

She laughs, laying next to him, he wraps his arm around her, the two face each other, their faces inches apart, “did you get a hair cut?” he asked, picking up the ends of her hair. 

“Yeah,” she smiled, “I got it the other day.”

“‘s nice,” he yawns, dropping her hair, “I’ve missed you.”

She kisses his jaw line, moving up to the corner of his mouth, “missed you more,” she mumbled, kissing him, “your sister requested to follow my instagram, I had to decline.”

Harry laughs, Y/N made it clear she wants her privacy. And if Gemma, Anne, Harry, and all his friends and family followed her on social media and shared pictures people would start asking questions, something she wasn’t ready for. 

“Did you see me on the late late show?” He asked. 

“I stayed up every night,” she says, making him smile, “your performance of Kiwi gave me life I had no idea I was missing.”

He laughs, moving her body closer to him, and then wrapping his leg around her, “is that so?” he asked. 

She nods, “are you joining me next week?” Harry asks, lips in a pout. 

“I wish, but I have work,” she sighs, “I have to make money to pay for college, you know like normal people.”

“Ugh,” Harry groans, “what about June?”

“I’m all yours,” she promised. 

“We are going out to eat,” Mitch says, leaning against the island in the kitchen. 

“Where are you going?” Y/N asked, placing her chin on the palm of her hand, she tears her gaze away from Harry to Mitch. 

“Some restaurant Claire found,” he shrugs, “I take it you guys won’t be coming?”

“Why wouldn’t you?” Sarah asked, walking in, she sets her back on top of the island, “didn’t you two come out yet?”

“No, why would you think that?” Y/N asked. 

“There are pictures of you like everywhere,” Sarah says, handing her phone to Y/N.

She grabs it, scrolling through twitter. 

Y/N Y/L/N is the girl Harry is with, here is her twitter. 

She’s not that pretty. 

LOL she looks like trash. 

IDK I would put in more effort in my appearance if I was Y/N.

Y/N is cute, leave her alone. 

If Harry likes her, I like her. 

Y/N needs to lose some weight, where did she come from anyways?

I bet Y/N is with him for the money.

Harry grabs the phone, pictures of them from the pool are posted everywhere, links to her social media are attached to tweets.

“Oh God,” Y/N rubs her temples, “how did they find me so quickly?”

“Please don’t listen to them,” Harry says. 

She sighs, she had seen how the fans reacted to his past rumored girlfriends, it was the last thing she wanted. 

“This is crazy,” she says, grabbing her own phone to see calls and texts from her friends, DM’s from people in her school, “this is the last thing I wanted.”

“Why are people like this?” Mitch sighed. 

“Y/N,” Harry says gently. 

“I’m fine,” she shrugs, turning off her phone and slipping it back into her bag, “it was bound to happen at some time anyways.”

“It should’ve happened when you were ready though, not when some guy wanted a pay check,” Harry says, frowning. 

She grabs his hand, “my social media is on private, and I don’t plan on changing that, yeah people know about me, but they can’t really ever know what happens when it’s just us, which is what really matters.”

“‘m sorry love,” Harry kisses her hand, “I know this isn’t ideal.”

“Hey, you have to put up with me and my baggage, I have to do the same, your baggage just happened to be millions of camera’s,” she teased. 

“Sometimes you can get a really good profile picture though,” Harry jokes. 

She rolls her eyes, leaning over the island and kissing him quickly, “you’re very lucky I like you a lot,” she smiled. 

“I’m a very lucky man,” Harry agrees, a smile on his face. 

He grabs his phone sending out one little tweet. 

Please share the love, she’s a wonderful girl who makes me happy, H.

“Stop signing your tweets! We know they’re from you!” Claire yelled, walking into the room. 

Eric’s confrontation about Rammstein:

“We would often pass these 2 kids who wore trench coats. Everyone referred to them as the “Trench Coat Mafia”. My friend Cale referred to them as the “Rammstein Boyz”. Whatever you wanted to call them, you could tell they were different.

Well, one day, Cale snarled a remark about Rammstein under his breath as we passed these 2 guys. The short one who was named Eric Harris confronted my friend about it. He said: “Every day you pass me and make fun of me saying Rammstein sucks. Why do you do this, crap asshole? What did I do to you?”
My friend replied: “Oh man you’re so cool, you’re my idol!”
Then Eric’s friend Dylan approached us seeming to back up his friend.
I really didn’t want to get involved in a fight even though I knew these guys wouldn’t stand a chance. I was afraid of things they might do afterwards.

Eric was a short clean cut looking kid and Dylan was a very tall skinny guy with messed up hair. He always wore the trench coat, a hat and dark sunglasses. The bell rang and we went into class. That was the end of the confrontation.”

(As always, you can find all my fic recs in my FIC REC MASTERPOST)

(This week fic rec is an obvious example of “when I’m sad, I read famous/not famous AU. Bear with me)

 -  Here In The Afterglow , by @fondleeds  :  “If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat.  Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.” -1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.

Larry Historical and High School AU (88k):  amazing fic, very accurate in terms of History, well written with great characterization. LGBTQ themes and coming out, bottom Louis for the smut. And now I want to come back to SF.

- Then We Talk Slow , by @letsjustsee : (…) A famous/non-famous AU in which Louis banters back and forth with his new record company on Twitter, only to find out that Harry is the man behind the tweets.

Larry famous/not famous AU (20k) : okay let’s be real, I’m in love with this fic. I mean, all my fav tropes are here : famous/not famous, Twitter interaction, Tumblr fandom at their best, so much flirting, EVEN STEVE AOKI IS THERE. REad this now. Just do it. (bottom Louis for the smut)

- Reduce Me To A Pleading Cry (Break The Skin and Tantalize) , by @taggiecb : As the CEO of Styles & Styles, Harry Styles cuts a brooding and handsome figure at the helm of a very successful business. His reputation for intensity is well known, but you would be intense, too, if you had to work numbers all day, give countless orders, and conduct endless meetings. When all you really want to do at night–ache to do–is give away the reins, let someone else make the decisions, be ordered around for once, just–let go. Harry has reached his breaking point when one touch from a man whose very stance commands attention leads him back to a place he thought he’d never return. Or Harry is a broody submissive boss, Louis is a natural dom who works in the mail room at Styles & Styles, Niall is a matchmaking oracle, and a slender, dark haired man stands mute at the coffee stand encouraging others to spill their secrets.

Larry BDSM and Boss/employee AU (33k) : Hooolllyyyy god. I’m not even usually in sub/dom fics. But this is something else, REALLY. Sub!Harry and Dom!Louis, awesome smut, and really great explanations about BDSM rules.

- All the Lines We Cast Will Bring Us Home  , by @afirethatcannotdie :  Harry wakes to a series of tweet notifications.  @Louis_Tomlinson: Sooo excited to announce I’m going on tour !! In America in 5 weeks and then coming back to the UK ! Get tix here:    @Louis_Tomlinson: Gonna be siiiick !! “Niall!” he yells, running out of his room. “Louis is performing at the O2 in January. Niall, I have to go. Wait. Niall. Oh my god, we’re gonna see Louis Tomlinson’s bum.”  AU. The one where Louis is a famous singer, Harry’s a uni student obsessed with his music, and sometimes things have a way of working out.

Larry famous/.not famous AU (10k), cute and fluffy, with Tumblr / Twitter themes. No smut.

- Carried Away Like Butterflies , by anonymous : “Actually…” Liam said, scratching his chin absently. “I have a friend who is moving to London soon.”
“Without anywhere to live? Who is it? Do I want them living in my home?!”
“You met him at my birthday party. Harry, from Cheshire. Remember? Really tight jeans, curly hair down to here?” Realisation dawned on Louis, staring at Liam who was gesturing round about his nipples. Did he remember Harry? Did he remember Harry? He remembered Harry’s square front teeth biting into his collarbone, and he remembered Harry moaning, loud and obscene with no provocation. He remembered Harry dropping to his knees at the edge of the bed and roughly pulling Louis closer. He remembered, vividly, Harry’s lovely plump lips wrapping around his- “Lou?” “Uh- what?” Louis said, startled. “Oh, yeah. Um, I think I remember him.” -  It was probably a huge mistake for Louis to let his former One Night Stand move into his spare room, especially when said One Night Stand doesn’t seem to remember him.

Larry Roomates AU (17k) : ahaha I love the plot so much !! so this is very funnt, with a lot of pining, so good smut (bottom Louis) and nicely done !

- What do you mean he’s coming? , by @mediawhorefics : When Harry accepted to be his sister’s Maid of Honour, despite how non-traditional of a choice he was, he didn’t think writing a speech for the wedding reception would be this hard. Now, not only does he have less than two weeks left to find something moving and inspirational to say, but Gemma just confided in him that her old childhood best friend is going to be in attendance. The one who moved to LA and they haven’t seen in fifteen years because he was too busy becoming an Academy Awards winner. But hey, no pressure. It’s just Louis Fucking Tomlinson. Harry is screwed.

Larry famous not famous and ex friends to lovers AU (15k) : so actor Louis and photographer Harry, a “long time no see” story, perfect for when you’re sad :) (no smut)

- Stars and Boulevards , by @cherrystreet : They’d been friends for years, had known each other throughout middle school and into high school, meeting in a music class on a sticky September morning. They hit it off instantly, falling into one another immediately, never looking back. Their friendship was comfortable, genuine, safe, always there, achingly present and solid. Harry never felt uneasy confiding in Louis, their one year age gap making Louis somehow seem more worldly, more experienced, and even when Harry had to look down at Louis, he still looked up to him. They spent the quickly passing school years making each other’s homes their own, Harry’s mom calling Louis her honorary second son, Louis’ mom giving Harry a similar title, and everyone knew that if you wanted to find Harry, you had to find Louis first. 

Larry Uni and coming back together AU (6k): well written, with a BFF to lovers relationship is reaching the break-up point because … life and long distance. nicely done, with happy end, and barely smutty (bottom Louis)

- Like Candy In My Veins , by @littlelouishiccups :  “Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”  “Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”   Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”

Larry a/b/o and fake relationship AU (30k), add some hate to love, some amazing sisters, great smut (bottom Louis) and you’ll get an unconventional Christmas fic :p

My Father Will Hear About This!

              “My father will hear about this!” The familiar sentence had several teachers lifting their heads up, each wondering if they were undertaking a form of déjà vu.

                The same blonde hair, neatly in place. Same hue of silver eyes. The identical regal stance and the prominent sneer was visible. Despite the obvious resemblance to the boy’s father, it was clear that this was not Draco Malfoy and was actually Scorpius, his son.

                “Oh no.” One of the newer teachers bemoaned over her porridge. “I was hoping that it wasn’t nearing the time for the Malfoy heir to join Hogwarts.”

                “It’s obvious that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.” A derisive snort could be heard. “Just look at him, strutting around as if he owns the place.”

                Minerva peered down at the eleven-year-old with keen eyes and a small smile. “I think he takes after his father more so than anyone else.”

                She was receiving a few odd glances at her remark but knew that explaining her reasoning wouldn’t change their minds. Minerva watched as young Scorpius approached Elizabeth Macmillan with a nervous aura that didn’t quite meet his cold eyes. She could see the courage it took to approach the Hufflepuff and had to marvel at the implications. Inner house unity had come along ways over the years but seeing Slytherins being so open was something that she would never tire of watching.

                “I guarantee you that he is going to bully poor Elizabeth something fierce.”

                Minerva didn’t bother holding back her eye roll as she tuned out the gossiping teachers. She had learned long ago that biased opinions would never change. So, trying would only result in frustration.

                It really was like watching history repeat itself. No teacher could hear just what was said between the two young students but Scorpius was left with a hand stretched out and an angry face when his attempt at friendship was shot down.

                “Serves him right.”

                With that being the last straw, Minerva stood up and made her way back towards her quarters. But not before shooting Scorpius a small smile.


                “My father will hear about this!” At the beginning, a few teachers and many students had tried keeping a tally of how many times the sentence was uttered but ultimately the number was too high to keep count.

                Scorpius tended to say it often enough to merit notice but not enough to become too grating. Minerva watched the boy make a small number of friends within his own house but none that would do him well. After the public rejection from Elizabeth, she knew that only issues would be arising soon.

                Which is why when the two were caught out of bounds attempting to duel each other, she knew it was time to reach out to the boy’s father. Hopefully, he could be the one to talk some sense into his son. Because detentions, docking points and extra homework was doing nothing. Scorpius was determined to keep up the animosity, as well as young Elizabeth. If she really did want to keep the peace, things needed to be straightened up around here.


                “My father will hear about this!”

                Harry blinked rapidly as he looked to Draco with a wicked smirk. “Brings you back, doesn’t it?” He laughed at the disgruntled look on the blonde’s face.

                “Potter, don’t make me regret coming here. I was rather busy you know. It’s your fault that we both have to be here in the first place. Your child is always starting problems.” The haughtiness had never faded over the years but Harry didn’t expect it to.

                That had Harry arching a brow. “My child?” He shook his head incredulously but also in a resigned manner. “Why is it that when Scorpius does well, he is your child? But at times like this, you push his wrongdoings off on me?”

                Draco smirked widely as he pushed open the doors to the Great Hall. “Because you are the fall guy, love. No good Slytherin shares equal blame. Plausible deniability is the key to success.” His smirk melted into a smile when he heard Harry’s whispered complaints. Something about, ‘Fucking Slytherins and their stupid ideals.’

                “Father!” The excited voice not only drew their attention but also most of the room as well.

                Draco rolled his eyes as he stood still and folded his arms across his chest. He watched the way his son lost proper decorum and ran to them. That simply wouldn’t do. Elegance was required in public settings such as this.

                “Father, I have so much to tell you. It’s been a nightmare having to deal with so many plebian people.”

                Harry kneeled on the floor as Scorpius ran right up to him and began hashing out the same details he had already written home about. Despite the way his son liked to conceal things behind a cold attitude, he knew that Scorpius was hurting and lonely.

                “I’ve missed you, you know.” Harry whispered as he picked up his son, ignoring the adamant protests from both Scorpius and his husband.

                “This is why I can’t go anywhere in public with you.” Draco grumbled. Although, he couldn’t help but melt a little at the sight of Scorpius’ shy but pleased smile.

                The mischievous glint to his son’s eyes had Draco narrowing his own in suspicion.

                “Which is why father does it.” The tone of the young boy’s voice held mystery, as if he was giving away a treasured secret.

                Harry shook his head rapidly. “Don’t give away my best secrets. A Gryffindor never reveals battle tactics.”

                “You made that up.” Draco pointed out with a shake of his head. It honestly wouldn’t surprise him if Harry really did embarrass him just to get under his skin. It was something the brunette would take pleasure in. “Besides, he’s in Slytherin and not in your house of gaudy colors and a lack of rational thought.”

                When the mischievousness to Scorpius’ eyes didn’t go away, both Harry and Draco felt as if they were missing out on something.  

                “I would like to think I am a nice blend of both houses.”

                At his pointed look and vague tone, Harry smirked smugly at Draco as the blonde let out a small groan. “You really do take after your father.” Draco reluctantly admitted. “If it wasn’t for your looks, I wouldn’t even know you were half of me.” Figures their son would be hard to place as well. “Just tell me that you chose Slytherin on merit?”

                Scorpius nodded his head as he wiggled his way down Harry’s arms, till he was standing again. He leaned forward so that his voice wouldn’t carry. “The hat said that I would do well in Gryffindor.” Both Harry and Scorpius grinned at Draco’s groan.

                “But I just felt like Slytherin was where I needed to be.”

                Draco sighed heavily. “I am counting it as a win. You chose Slytherin and that’s all that matters.” A pause. “Not that I wouldn’t have supported you if you were in Gryffindor.”

                Identical doubting snorts could be heard from his family and it had Draco wondering why he bothered showing up at all.

                “It’s cute when he tries to lie to us, isn’t it?” Harry said softly as he ran his fingers through his son’s hair.

                Draco watched his son try and fail at suppressing an amused smile. “Why do I subject myself to this? I knew better but still showed up.”

                “Because you love us.” Harry replied simply.

                “Accurate.” Draco conceded. “But is it enough?” He watched the way both of them glared at him and took in matching stances. They really were alike in startling ways.

                “Alright. I love you both and it is enough.” The admittance cost him a smidgen of pride but it was worth it to see Harry’s happy but stupidly goofy smile.         

                It became even better when his husband leaned over and kissed him softly.

                “So, it was nice seeing you both but I have homework to do.”

                “Oh no you don’t.” Harry mumbled against Draco’s lips as he expertly grabbed the back of his son’s robes. “This was not a social call. We are here because you seem to not know how to play nice.”

                “Playing nice will show the opposition tactics that can be used against you.” Scorpius told Harry seriously.

                Harry shot Draco a weak glare. “Will you stop teaching him your Slytherin rules?” By the way Draco said nothing but was clearly proud, showed him that his husband had no intentions of stopping any time soon.

                “What happened?” Harry asked Scorpius as he bent back down, making it so that any eavesdroppers wouldn’t hear a single thing. The way his son looked all around had him realizing that it was probably embarrassing.

                “Elizabeth Macmillan turned down my friendship. I really wanted to be her friend. But I think I went about it the wrong way.”

                Harry snapped his gaze to his husband and watched surprise flicker across the blonde’s face. He looked down to his son as he bit his lip, not sure how to go about this.

                “Did you insult her or her friends?” Draco asked as leaned over, he was not about to kneel on the floor like Harry. He hadn’t sunk that low.


                “Have you fought with her since then?”


                “Do you still wish to be her friend?”

                “Can we come back to that at a later date?”

                That had Harry rolling his eyes as he listened to Draco and Scorpius talk.

                “Do you like fighting with her?”

                “Depends on my mood.”

                “Have you apologized?”

                There was a long pause as Scorpius refused to look up to his parents. “… No.”

                Draco looked to the ceiling before he steeled himself. “Apologizing doesn’t have to be a weakness. Sometimes, it feels like defeat but other times it is really salvation. Because when you are forgiven, it can save you in ways you never thought could exist.”

                It was obvious that Scorpius had no idea of the deeper meanings to his words but Harry did. This right here was the man he fell in love with and married.

                “If you want to be her friend, you will have to apologize. Whether it’s today, tomorrow or many years down the road. You can choose to hold in the hurt that her denial gave you and allow it to fester and make you bitter. Or, you can look past this and realize that this is only temporary.” Draco lifted his son’s chin till he could peer into his face.

                “When I was your age, I didn’t have someone giving me advice. I chose to hold a grudge and made a potential friend and enemy for years. Who’s to say what could have happened if I apologized? But, I did eventually say sorry and it was the best thing I ever could have done.”

                While Scorpius was frowning in confusion, Harry’ heart was beating wildly.

                “But you and father love each other. I don’t like Macmillan like that!”

                “We do.” Draco agreed as he sought out Harry’s hand. “But that wasn’t always the case.” He smiled at the disgusted look on Scorpius’ face. “You don’t have to like her in that way, unless you want to.” It was way too soon for him to think about his son finding love. He hoped they wouldn’t be having this conversation again until Scorpius was older. Much older.

                “You know.” Harry began as he interrupted whatever his son might have said. “I can’t speak for Elizabeth but I know that it wasn’t hard for me to forgive your dad. If the possibility of her denying your apology is what is holding you back, then don’t let it. If she truly can’t forgive you then it wasn’t meant to be. You will find other friends, hopefully more lenient ones.” For the sake of his son’s heart, he hoped the girl really would forgive him.

                “You don’t have to decide now.” Draco pointed out as he straightened up and kept his fingers entwined with Harry’s. “Think it over and we will support you no matter what you choose to do.”

                Scorpius nodded his head with his brows furrowed in thought. He bade both his parents goodbye before walking slowly back towards the Slytherin table.

                Harry waved once to Minerva, catching sight of her slightly smug smile as neighboring teachers appeared to be surprised. A good story was there, he would have to ask her about the next time she came over for tea. He pulled Draco along towards the hall and out the door. Before he could speak up, Draco stopped moving.

                “Look, there is the proof that I give great advice.” Draco pointed at their son who had stopped near the middle of the Hufflepuff table to engage a girl who looked a lot like Ernie Macmillan. They couldn’t tell what was being said but the girl didn’t appear to be upset, she seemed to be considering things. When the conversation appeared to be over, the girl had a small smile on her face that was quickly hidden behind her cup.

                Before Harry could point out that he too had given their son advice, they saw a boy around Scorpius’ age stop and say something to him. Whatever it was didn’t sit well with their son, if his narrowed eyes were anything to go off.

                “My father will hear about this!”

                Draco smirked widely when Harry covered his face with his hands. “I am so bloody thankful that he is talking about you and not me.” He honestly admitted gleefully. “If only my own father was around to hear about it.”

That turned out slightly longer than anticipated! If you are interested in more woks of mine.

(kiss) like real people do

Zayn is the new kid at Acadia High and as Niall is the most popular guy on campus, he is assigned to working with the new guy who gives him more feelings than are necessary.

long way from the playground

Louis should really get over being in love with her best friend. Harry doesn’t help by acting less than platonic. Liam is Liam and Niall is the best wing woman ever.

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) - @louehvolution

Harry thinks he has good reasons for avoiding relationships. Meeting Louis puts those reasons to the test.

devil town

a southern us au

truly, madly, deeply (10 things i hate about you) - @magicalrocketships

The one in which they’re all in sixth form together, and Harry auditions for X Factor without them.

i just want you to know who i am - @gettingaphdinlarry

It’s Niall Horan’s senior year and it’s going to be great. He’s got a solid group of friends, a new job, and he gets to take his favorite class again, as long as he keeps a journal his creative writing teacher will never read.

When his crush takes the same class, he’s glad he has something to confide in.

Even if that something is a notebook that can’t talk back.

like candy in my veins - @littlelouishiccups

Basically the A/B/O, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, Christmas AU that nobody asked for.

king and lionheart - @alienproof 

Louis can’t remember a time when he didn’t hate being an omega. But maybe he just needed Harry to come along and make him his.

somethin’ bout you - @paynner

Of all the government agents in the world, Louis had to go and land the most charming one.

breaking the rules (like we’re changing the game)

Louis and Harry try secretly dating. Try being the operative word.

i have your dreams (and your teethmarks) - @aloequeerafic

Louis and Harry don’t believe in second chances, but sometimes it feels like the universe does. A Music Industry/Getting Back Together AU.


request: 91x78 pls!

hello loves! this might actually be my favorite thing i’ve written, simply because i live for this shit. anyways, keep sending in requests from this writing list or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Harry Styles. Even the name made you want to throw up. Anytime you were in a room with him, he treated you like shit. He would interrupt you, tell you to shut up, he even one time left the room as soon as you walked in. You both had the same friends, so were constantly around one another. He was the sweetest person ever, to other people. It really broke your heart, considering you had the biggest crush on him. 

When you both first met through his percussionist, Clare, he was polite. You didn’t have that much conversation with him that night, but you liked everything about him. His laughter was infectious, he was a careful listener, and was probably the most handsome man you had ever seen. When you hung out again with Alex and Clare, he became snippy.

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How to Give Your Story “Heart”

Here’s where things get fluffy. This is the moment you unleash your feelings, tap into your inner light, and weep onto the page, using your sparkling tears as ink. Ready?

Originally posted by pajamasafterdark

Edna would never allow us to do that. And that’s good, because contrary to conventional wisdom, that’s not how you give your story heart. We’re going to do it the real way.

So if it isn’t raw emotion, what is “heart”?

1) It’s what your character NEEDS (not wants).


3) It’s what you want to TEACH.

Those sound intimidating, I know. But if you don’t treat it like a mystical magic, it’s very doable.

So, what do those mean?

1) NEED =

Your character has flaws that are ruining their life and future, right? Flaws in their heads that only hurt themselves, flaws in their characters that hurt other people. Something is missing within them, something they don’t understand, something they need to learn. Once they realize their flaws, and learn the thing that will overcome those flaws, their lives will be saved.

Take Mr Fredrickson from Up. He’s so grumpy and stubbornly stuck in the past, he’s willing to leave a small child clinging to the porch of his flying house, rather than let him into his life.

He needs to learn that in order to live a fulfilling life again, he must let go of the past, and go have another adventure. Which Ellie helps him learn.

Great. Now I’m crying.


It’s what the story is really about. The journey going on below the action-y surface. It’s your character’s inner change from one kind of person to a (hopefully) better kind. The reader believes the story is about the tangible goal, and the actions taken to reach it — the surface. Yet inwardly, they’re processing the hero’s inner journey too. It’s sneakily hidden from them.

On the surface, Hamilton is about a revolution and the founding of a nation.

Underneath all that, it’s about a guy learning what a worthwhile legacy really is, and how to build one.


Storytelling is the most powerful teaching method ever devised. Scientifically speaking, teaching is the purpose of stories, whether we like it or not. This fact usually makes people react like Gollum when approached by nasty hobbitses.

“Moralizing, precious? We hates it!”

Which is a reflex aversion that I understand, and have shared in the past. Books and movies that teach something positive are scorned and mocked in the world of “high literature” too. But when I thought about what stories have done for me, and why they were capable of it, my opinion changed. 

Tangled saved my life. If I had never seen that movie, I would still be in a horrible cult-like situation which I’d been trapped in for twelve years.

Narnia helped me escape depression.

The Harry Potter books were my home and my friends when I didn’t have either.

And those are all stories with strong hearts.

Why wouldn’t I want to create stories that could possibly help someone, like I was helped? Why would I let “avoid teaching at all costs” become my ultimate goal? (When really, that’s another way of saying “be pretentious and egotistical”?)

Nope. I’m choosing to write things that people will call schmaltzy and childish – but maybe life saving for another kid.

(I said I wasn’t going to get emotional. Sorry Edna.)

So, how do you figure out the heart of your story?

Answer these questions:
— What does your character need to learn, to stop ruining their own life?
— What do YOU want to say?

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Crazy Crew


Request - A Hook/Reader fic pleaseeeee where the reader is the daughter of Jack Sparrow? Maybe they were childhood best friends at one point until their fathers began feuding over which of them was more powerful and eventually they were forbidden to see each other? Till one day they get into an altercation at the marketplace and duel it out with a swordbattle and the reader wins, then Harry sweet talks her into dropping her sword so he can kiss her?
Requested by - Anonymous
Tags - None
Word Count - 1, 522
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader (Daughter Of Jack Sparrow)
Warnings - I think i had one half bad word but I can’t remember and a bit of fluff as the ending?
Summary - haha I say summary but its basically my pre authors note… I think I went off a bit but oopsy

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I’ll Find My Way Back To You// Part Four

Hi, I’m back with a new chapter. I also want to thank you guys for helping me reach one thousand followers. You have no idea how much this means to me. I love you guys with my whole heart. If you enjoy this chapter, let me know whether or not you guys want me to continue this, I would absolutely LOVE to here your thoughts on this one. 

Let me know HERE. Checkout my Masterlist HERE.

This is not proof read but I wanted to update it, you guys deserve it after all this delay. ENJOY! 

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

Word Count: 2.5K

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Slytherins and decision making

We might be cunning but that doesn’t make me any less of a terrible decision maker…

• Having been ill for the last 3 days I’m still going to be awake in the early hours of the morning reading.

• Got work to finish for college? Yeah… but I really want to draw Credence Barebone.

• Need to send emails to communicate with my lecturers but you know, procrastination.

• *insert Ravenclaw friend to shout all things you need to get done at you*

• *some how manages to get everything done*

Slytherins might be ambitious but without inspiration there is no motivation.

i have questions- h.s song imagine

Originally posted by babyv

Why did you leave me here to burn?

I’m way too young to be this hurt

You held on to Harry’s hands, hands trembling, afraid this was the last time you would be able to hold him.

“Please Harry, please.” You cried, trying to pull him away from the door. “What did I do. Please don’t leave. Please tell me what I did wrong.”

Harry sighed and down at your trembling body in front of him. He tilted your head so he could look into your tear filled eyes clearly. “I’ve fallen out of love with you.” As you let out a sob, Harry left and slammed the door behind him. You leaned against the door, sobs getting louder and louder. Screams could be heard from miles away. Screams of you asking Harry to come back. Screams of you telling him you love him. Screams.

I gave you all of me

My blood, my sweat, my heart, my tears

As your best friend recovered the shot she just took, she saw you getting up and grabbing your things. “Y/N! The party’s just starting!” Your other friends noticed your attempt to leave and started booing at you. You laughed and started to put on your jacket. “Sorry guys. Harry really wants me to come over tonight.”

Y/B/F pouted drunkenly at you, “But we’re celebrating-!” She trailed off and leaned over to your other friend and whispered loudly, “What are we celebrating again?” You laughed at your best friend, unable to handle four shots. Your best friend nodded and looked back at you, “We’re celebrating her promotion!” She shouted while pointing at the girl next to her.

You walked over to your drunk friend and gave her a hug. “I’ll see you soon.” Your friend giggled and shooed you away, “Fine, whatever. Go have fun with lover boy. But you tell him I miss my best friend. He needs to learn how to share.”

You smiled and pecked her cheek, ready to get back to the man that stole your heart.

Number one, tell me who you think you are

You got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart

You were leaning against the club, bored out of your mind. Harry decided to have a party to celebrate the success of his recent album and of course, you joined. As soon as you guys got to the club, he was pulled into a hundred different directions. You didn’t know a lot of people that were there so you were left to entertain yourself. Finally you saw Harry from across the room. Quickly you walked up to him. “There you are, Y/N!” Harry drunkenly shouted, instantly wrapping his arms around you. You instantly smiled and tried to hold him upright. “I think it’s time for us to go home.”

Harry’s friend, Zach, overheard you and quickly turned and looked at you. “Can’t leave yet! This party will be dead after you leave, Harry!”

Harry quickly shrugged you off him and slapped Zach’s back, “I’m not leaving! Y/N was!” Harry gave you a pointed look. You opened your mouth to object. “You were being a mope anyways! Just leave!” Zach pointed out while laughing. Harry started to laugh as well and the two of them walked away, leaving you behind.

Number two, why would you try and play me for a fool?

I should have never ever ever trusted you

You were leaning against the hallway at your parent’s house, phone rested against you ear. “Sorry, love. I just don’t think I will be able to make it over there tonight.” Harry stated into the phone. You could hear laughter and music coming from the other side of the call. “You promised, Harry.” You sighed and glanced into the dining room where everyone was waiting to start dinner. “My mom even made your favorite. Dad wanted to talk about the album.” “Just tell them I can’t make it! Sorry!” And with that Harry hung up the phone. You sighed and walked back into the dining room.

“Let’s eat” you said as you took your seat next to your mother.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Harry?” your dad asked while placing his napkin into his lap.

“He isn’t feeling very well so we agreed he should rest” you stated as you begin filling your plate.

Your older brother who was always very skeptical of Harry stared at you, “He treating you right?”

You looked across the table and smiled softly at your brother, “Of course he is.”

Number three, why weren’t you, who you swore that you would


You ran away from Harry giggling a mess as he was chasing you soaking wet. “Y/N! Come give me a kiss!” Harry shouted while laughing.

You hid behind the couch and held your breath so he wouldn’t find you. What started off as innocent cleaning the dishes together turned evil when you decided to take the faucet and spray Harry.

You glanced from behind the couch trying to see where he was. Harry was directly in front of you with a smirk on his face. You screeched while Harry pulled you into him, burying his face into your neck. “Harry get off!” You laughed while trying to push him away.
“Never! I love you!” Harry laughed as he started to blow raspberries on your neck.

You were laughing hysterically. Eventually Harry stopped and watched as you tried to regain your breath. You smiled softly, “What?” Harry smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “Just love you is all.”

Oh, your voice, it was the most familiar sound

But it sounds so dangerous to me now

When you turned on the radio the first song that came on was “Sweet Creature.” Your eyes filled with tears, quickly you changed the station and on came “Meet me in the hallway.” You turned off your car and rested your head against the steering wheel. You were afraid. You dedicated your life to Harry. He was everything to you and now you were afraid of him. Afraid to see his picture on magazines, afraid to listen to the radio in fear of your voice coming on. You were afraid.

Now you’re gone and I’m here

You chugged down the last of the bottle of whiskey and pulled your phone out. You dialed the number you knew by heart. On the last ring, he finally picked up. Before he had the chance to say anything you said

“I have questions for you.”

thank you guys so much for giving it a read! be sure to send in a request on what song i should do next!

anonymous asked:

are there any other drarry fics you'd rec (btw temptation on the warfront is one of my favs)

(I’m going through my saved fics, so it might be long - I have 150+ saved lol but I’ll post a link to all the ones I can remember that are really good. Please read the tags before just in case there’s something you might not like! p.s. the ones with a star are my faves - I’ve lots)

A Piercing Comfort by talithan - ( When Harry Potter hits the lowest point of his life so far, it is not his friends who keep him honest. With Draco Malfoy’s patience and guidance, Harry learns to stand on his own. The thing is, after the fact—he’s no longer sure he wants to). ✨

A Private Reason for This by Femme (femmequixotic) - ( When the wife of a star politician in the Scottish Ministry turns up dead just outside Hogsmeade, Draco Malfoy and his murder investigation team are called in from the Edinburgh Auror force to find her killer. What DCI Malfoy doesn’t expect, however, is to have an ex from two decades past end up in his murder room, endangering not only his case, but also his heart).

A Hand Reaching Out by thethaumas - ( After the Battle of Hogwarts, the Malfoys are put on trial. Draco must adjust to a reality where the things he grew up knowing to be truths, are wrong, and learn how to live with the lasting damage the trauma he lived through left behind. He quickly learns that thinking of Potter’s hand reaching out to save him from the fire can help keep the panic at bay, but for how long? A story about coping, growing, and learning how to trust oneself).

All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl - ( Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go). ✨✨✨

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound - (Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on). ✨

Annus Mirabilis by Ren - (Harry and Malfoy are trapped at Hogwarts around the time the school was founded. Stuck with a different way of doing magic, with no chocolate, and with each other, they have to find a way to work together if they want a chance to go home). 

Any Instrument by dicta_contrion - (Draco Malfoy wouldn’t go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can’t control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify). ✨

Azoth by zeitgeistic (faire_weather) - (This series is technically complete but I may (or may not) add more one shots to it as inspiration strikes). ✨

Bond by AnnaFugazzi ✨

I’m cutting here because there’s A LOT of fics. I’ll add all of them here so it’ll be a big list. Everything else will be under the cut 

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Look. It’s not even a big deal, you’re the one that’s turning this into a whole thing. You’ve never done anything like this before, but that’s okay! There’s a first time for everything, even though the situation right now is a make it or break it kind of deal. But it’s okay! Don’t even worry about it, yo. You’re just going to tell one of your closest friends that you maybe kind of sort of think that you two should be more than friends! You’re confident. As long as you keep telling yourself that you’re confident, that’ll reflect in your words and Harry will instantaneously fall in love with you. Maybe. It’s not a guarantee. It’s worth a shot, though! Better than keeping everything bottled up inside. Plus, maybe this time it’ll be different! Usually, with your other guy friends, you can 100% tell if they only see you as one of the bros. Harry hasn’t sent any bro signals yet so you’re pretty much in the clear! Think about it, Y/N. It’s only a minute of confrontation and then you’re over and done with it. And you think he likes you back, so that helps as well! 

“Okay, I can do this.” You breathed out, blinking at yourself in the bathroom mirror before rubbing your clammy palms on your shirt. “It’s just Harry.” Were you really about to do this? This was a move that definitely wasn’t you. This was a move that a drunk off her ass Y/N would pull. No, no. You were psyching yourself out too much. “Yeah, it’s just Harry!” You decided that the best thing to do right now would be to block all the negative thoughts and hope for the best. 

“Hey, there you are! I was starting to wonder what you were doing upstairs for so long.” Harry hummed, smiling at you and watching as you plopped yourself down in the sofa chair across from him. 

“Ah, I got distracted by a game on my phone. You know how it is.” You waved it off, the little voice in the back of your head rehearsing what you were going to say to Harry. “I wanted to talk to you-” 

“I jus’ wanted t’ tell yeh-” The both of you paused upon the realization that the two of you had something to share with each other, your cheeks already growing bright pink at the slightly awkward situation. “How about you go first?” Did you wanna go first? Maybe you could let Harry go first, and while he spoke to you, you could rethink your decision to tell him the truth. Yeah, that sounded good. 

“No, no! I insist that you go first. If I go first I’ll end up blabbing for twenty minutes.” You snorted, getting comfortable on the chair and hugging a pillow to your chest. 

“Okay, cool. I promise I’ll be quick.” Harry grinned, sitting up a little straighter before leaning forward. “I want you t’ meet a new friend of mine.” Oh, that was it? Phew. 

“Alright, I’m down with that. Who is it?” I really like you and I’ve liked you for a long time, so I just thought that you needed to know that. 

“Oh, she’s great. You’ll love her. I mean, I kinda love her already and I’ve only met her like, twice! She has her own cookbook and everything, and she’s a great baker… Just like me! The other night at my concert we were talking backstage and she has the same taste in clothes as me! Y’know those silky lilac pants you were teasing me about? She liked them! And she was wearin’ this really cool denim jacket with a tiger embroidered on the back… I let her borrow one of my shirts and I’m usin’ tha’ as an excuse t’ see her again.” Harry paused, checking his phone when it buzzed in his hand. 

No, that’s too straight forward. How about something like ‘How about we go grab some dinner sometime? I can take you to that fancy Italian place that opened up downtown last month.’ “Oh, wow. She sounds really cool.” 

“She is really cool! And because you’re my ultimate best friend, I really want you to meet her before things get too serious.” 

Or maybe he wants to stay at home? I can cook something for him. Well, I’ll try my best- Wait, what? 

You snapped yourself out of your little thought bubble before blinking owlishly at Harry. What did he say? You heard something but you were really hoping he didn’t say what you thought he had said. “S-Sorry? Can you, uh, say that again?” You smiled sheepishly, Harry furrowing his brows before huffing playfully. 

“I thought you were listening t’ me this whole time. I was saying that I want you t’ meet Tess next week and approve of her so that I can maybe take it to the next level with her! Because you’re my best friend and all, and your opinion really matters to me. Anyways, she’s hilarious and she jus’ texted me this recipe on…”

At that point, you had tuned out. The smile slowly dropped from your face when it finally hit you that all of this was just in your head. Your chest tightened and you could feel your heart beginning to drum inside you. You could hear the blood roaring in your ears, rushing up to the back of your neck and your cheeks in humiliation. What were you thinking? Of course you were just a friend to Harry. All those late-night phone calls, all those hours you spent traveling with him while he was filming for Dunkirk and while he was writing his album, all those times you’d wake up early just to make breakfast for him even though he never asked for it, all those times just helped you to… Further establish your position in the friend-zone. (You hated that term, but there was no other way to describe it.) Harry was friendly with everyone and you were the one who took it in the wrong way! 

“So, what do yeh think, buddy?” 

“Um, yeah. I’d love to meet… Tess.” You trailed off, feeling as though Harry had just shot a bullet straight through your heart. 

“Cool! I’ll text her. By the way, what did you wanna tell me?” 

“I… I forgot.” You felt completely numb on the inside. 

How could you have been so stupid? 


gif isn’t mine!