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Steve Harrington? what a loser i hate him i- *trips* *thousands of pictures of Steve Harrington spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine i hate him i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN

post breakup AUs

because i haven’t seen enough of these around and i am so here for angst:

  • “today was the first family gathering i’ve been to since we broke up and my little cousin that absolutely adored you asked where you were and i had to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub for a half an hour and look through a folder on my phone of pictures i took of you to feel okay again¨ AU
  • ¨i still have your phone number memorized even though i haven’t called you since we split and somehow i remembered it even though i’ve had like six shots of bourbon and hey, i know you’re pissed that you’re here at this dingy club at 3 in the morning to pick my drunk ass up, but you have to admit that’s pretty impressive¨ AU
  • “i’m pretty sure if taylor swift and i were in a competition of who could write the most breakup songs in one night, i’d win by a landslide because i still set two plates out for dinner even though i eat alone and it’s almost pathetic because we’ve been broken up for ages but i’m still not over you” AU
  • “so i know we haven’t talked in like, two years, and that things ended pretty badly between us but what the fuck do you mean you’re engaged to be married¨ AU
  • “yes, i know this is your sweatshirt and that we broke up five months ago but it’s really comfy okay. i totally don’t wear it because like it still smells like you or is the only thing that even remotely feels like home since i moved out. pfft. absolutely not.” AU
  • “look, i know we agreed to be friends and everything but that’s what everyone says when they break up. i can’t take you asking me for advice on how to ask out the new person you’re interested in, okay? it’s killing me” AU
  • “oh hi, totally didn’t expect to see you here at this one hole in the wall coffee shop literally no one in the entire world besides you knows about. what a coincidence.” AU
  • “it´s my [insert family relation here]´s wedding and seeing all these happy couples is killing me and all i can think about is how this was almost us” AU (bonus: “i know that it’s two in the morning and i’m dressed really formally and a little (a lot) bit drunk but i couldn’t stop thinking about you after my grandma asked how you were doing also can i come in it’s freezing out here”)
  • “i still have your sister’s scarf and i know it’s stupid but i’ve been hoping maybe one day you’ll come by and pick it up so we’ll be forced to talk again because i haven’t seen you in months and i’m maybe kinda sorta still in love with you” AU
  • “i know we were never officially together or anything but seeing that picture you posted on [insert social media] with him/her literally felt like you carved my heart out of my chest and stomped on it and i’m not really sure why i’m leaving this voicemail but my pillow still smells like you and i miss your stupid face” AU
  • “we have a lot of mutual friends so we see each other more than two broken up people usually do and i know we’re not really close anymore but you’re wearing that stupid (adorable) hat you always wore when you were upset so tell me what’s wrong because it’s literally killing me to see you look so sad” AU
  • “so like, i know we broke up and stuff but funny story, i haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me for [insert family celebration] and i really don’t know how to tell them and i know this is really selfish but i can’t break my great grandma’s heart like that, she’ll probably have a heart attack and– wait what? you’d do that for me? holy shit, i love you… wait–” AU
  • “i found your box of letters underneath my bed last night and because i’m a nosy motherfucker i decided to read them and it turns out they were all addressed to me and the last one was dated the day you moved out and i’m not quite sure why i thought this would be a good idea but here i am, standing on your doorstep, wondering why the fuck we’re not together anymore” AU
  • “well this is really awkward considering the last time we saw each other, i was screaming at you to never talk to me again, but like, my dog recognized you all the way across the park and literally dragged me over here because she misses you so hi” AU

‪i want it to be october. i want the cozy months. i want warm sweaters and fuzzy socks. i want hot cocoa for days with movies every night. i want endless cuddles. i want cold late nights for foggy/cloudy/rainy mornings! i want apple and pumpkin flavored things. i want all the warm baked goods that taste ever so delicious in my stomach. i wanna be cuddled up with my love watching hocus pocus because i’m too scared to go out on halloween night. i want the evanescent glow from the candlelight. i want dark nights so i can enjoy my fuzzy blankets a little more. i want apple pie with a bit of vanilla ice cream so you can taste the flavors explode in your mouth. i want yummy scented candles for the season. i want thanksgiving so i can stuff my belly like the turkey. i want to wear my boots without dying to take them off. i want to be wrapped up in thick knit scarves. i want to be wearing a flannel every single day with my boots and a pair of leggings. i want to play skyrim like i’m not going to live to see tomorrow. i want to go to the pumpkin patch and have hot apple cider and dip my donuts in it. i want to go for a walk and step on all of the crunchy leaves. i want to go on a hay ride and then be cold and go home and pick a movie to watch and cuddle. i want to go watch football games even though i don’t understand what is going on. i want to hear the band play. i wanna get lost in stalks of corn. i wanna have a fire with my best friend and roast hot dogs and/or marshmallows. i wanna lay out a blanket and stare up at the stars. i want to go on an adventure and take a million pictures of the leaves and the trees. i wanna walk in a coffee shop on a windy day and get me coffee and walk out with warm hands and a burnt tongue. i’m already sick of summer and it’s not close to being over yet. ‬

Low Genetic Diversity Confuses Aliens

Hear me out… So amongst our fellow animals we have very low diversity due to a bottle necking of our population like 70,000 years ago. Genetically speaking, humans are literally almost identical to one another and the outside identifiable features really aren’t that radical a concept when location/ exposure to radiation from the sun is taken into account… and our insides basically identical. Seriously, humans aren’t all that different from each other when compared to the genetic diversity found in other animals.

So just picture aliens coming only to find us all being basically identical to one another… Yeah, there are some color/height differences and some other things here and there but overall pretty similar. Same basic structure and really the colors are on the same color spectrum so really not all that different. What if they couldn’t see colors the way we can? What if their sight is based on parts of the light spectrum we can’t see making our visual color markers meaningless? What do we have left on a purely visual scale? 

So, maybe they somehow test our genetics? Well, we’re still basically the same and they have to look. Remember, first contact and they don’t really know anything about us. Maybe our DNA system is different to their genetic system, idk. But still, the point stands, we’re still pretty much the same. So that’s an out for them figuring us apart. 

My point is, to aliens humans can basically be a hive of clones and they wouldn’t be all that wrong. I’m just picturing them confusing us with one another like someone who confuses a pair of nearly identical twins they don’t know that well… Just you know, on a larger scale.

“Human Ariel, I need some help with this. Can you spare a moment?” I asked confident I was speaking to the right human. Human Ariel and I are nearly friends, I know her general height, coloring, and even her radiation range! I can pick her out of crowd easily.

I wait a moment for Human Ariel to respond. When she does’t I try again.

“Human Ariel… Human Ariel!” This startles a response from her.

“Ugh… Were you talking to me?” She looks confused.

“Yes, Human Ariel, could you help me carry this down to the bay?” I ask confident.

“Oh… Sorry bro, I’m not Ariel. My name’s John, but sure I’ll help you.” He smiles and offers a hand. 

I don’t understand. All the basic markers are the same. Brown hair that’s short compared to some others, about 1.7 meters tall, same basic anatomical structure and proportions, some light radiation markers. I just don’t know where I went wrong.

After Human John helped me down to the bay I realized personality wise Human John and Human Ariel were nothing alike. However, I was still not convinced there was any outward difference between the two.

Daud: The black-eyed bastard is responsible for all the chaos… i hate him i- *trips* *thousands of kill contracts, memoirs of fuck-ups, sad journal entries that read like a sad, handwritten books, haikus of regret fall out* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a badly drawn photo of the outsider in short shorts* fu ck no they’re not mine the outsider did this- *more pictures fall out as daud fall to his knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN Hang on a sec jUst LISTEN. BLACK-EYED BASTARD OKAY!

Dark Star // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Four [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series Masterlist

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Gun Play, Daddy Kink, Unprotected Sex, Rough Sex, and Swearing. 

Word Count: 7,758

Song: Dark Star by Jaymes Young

A/N: Thank you to @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading this. I am sorry for uploading this a day late, my weekend has been incredibly busy. I hope this part is worth the wait. I love you guys. Thank you for being kind and understanding. 

Mitch Rapp, the man I have given myself to both physically and emotionally, is a trained killer was the only thing running through my mind all of last night. There was no amount of counting sheep in the world that would be able to make me stop thinking about the imminent danger inside of my own home and fall asleep. My brain pounded painfully inside of my head as the tears continued to roll down my cheeks. I had already grown tired of crying at this point, but my eyes still did anyway. Whatever energy I had was drained from my body and it took all the effort I had to pull my numb self out of bed and into my bathroom. I closed the door behind me and all of the events from last night came crashing down as I stared at it.

“Well, Rosalie.” He sighed. “You’re a queen and I’m an assassin.”

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Power rangers? I mean it was a decent movie I- *trips* *thousands of pictures of the kids spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of petitions for a sequel * fu ck no they’re not mine im not that invested i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN


Yoosung and V? I don’t know them- *trips* *thousands of mystic messenger cgs spill from pockets * fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine i hate them i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN

The Side

When I met him he was with her. Like she was standing right next to him & I didn’t care. I didn’t give a fragment of a fuck that he probably fucked her on a weekly basis. I had had three drinks and two shots, so I decided to shoot my own. When he looked at me he tilted his head to the left & lingered for too long before looking away. That’s how I knew I wasn’t the only one. When she went to the bathroom I walked over, took his phone & put my number in it. Told him to text me and all he said was “okay”. I left an hour later with my friends & when I got in the house I got a text from a random number that said “this is me texting you.” That’s how we started.

By the next week, he had made it over to Brooklyn from Queens to watch me sit by the window & fan myself because even though it was summer & I was determined to catch a slight breeze. He walked over to brush the hair out of my face. I looked up and grabbed his hand. “Why are you here?” I asked him & he said “because I’m supposed to be”, plainly. I let his hand go. It made its way to my chin & tilted my face up. He looked at me for a while & said “I like the space between your ears.” “My face?” I asked & he said “I mean yeah but it’s more than your face, it’s your mind too. You make all these faces & I don’t know…’s like I can’t not look. You know?” I looked back out the window. “Yeah I know”, I said while the this woman scooped rainbow ices out of her cart for a mother and her daughter. “You do this thing when you’re zoned out where your lips slightly part & your blinking slows & I just wanna stop time. It sounds stupid but yeah I know what you mean.” “Nah it doesn't” he’d said, walking back to my bed. He picked up the book on my nightstand as he laid down. “I read this before” he said. I looked away from the couple laughing while they waited to cross the street and back at him splayed out across my sheets. “Yeah me too.” “So why are you reading it again?” he asked & I told him it’s “because you can never read the same thing twice.”

I’d be in the kitchen washing dishes at the sink & he’d come sit on the counter & watch me. Once he asked if we could watch a movie when I was finished. “You can start it now & I’ll come watch when I’m done.” I said. “But I want to start and end it with you.” he replied. I dropped the bowl I was rinsing. I decided that the dishes could wait. We decided we’d rather watch the sun go down & right when dark had covered my room he reached out for my hand. I gave him my heart instead. You can’t give someone that much responsibility though. I didn’t know that then. Picture him on a tight rope trying to balance himself with my heart in his hands. I thought I was worth the risk though.

We never talked about her. I’m not sure why though. It was this unspoken thing. I’d ask if he wanted to come over later. He’d say no & I’d know why. He’d walk me to my door, say “have a good night” & I’d know. He wouldn’t text or call & I’d know. Once I was out with some friends & saw them at a bar. I sat at there, ordering drink after drink and laughed hysterically at things that weren’t funny because I wanted to scream. He text me later & asked if I got home okay. I replied “like you really give a fuck.” & twenty minutes later he was downstairs ringing my bell. I didn’t know who it was & because the intercom was shitty, I buzzed him in. I opened the door & before I could tell him to leave he’d pushed me back into the apartment, up onto my kitchen counter and kissed me. “I give a fuck.” he said, after he pulled away. I tried to push him off of me. Stop. Stop. I wasn’t talking to him though.

We only fucked when I was drunk, when all my faculties weren’t there. He said he liked when I was uninhibited because I talked to much when I was sober. Didn’t allow myself to feel things. He liked the way I felt. He liked how I made him feel. I felt like I was losing myself in him & I didn’t have a map. He’d be unbuttoning my pants or pulling up my skirt & I’d say to myself this isn’t fair. But when is life ever really fair?

I ended up meeting a guy at this get together for my coworker & we hit it off. Cut to us at dinner two weeks later after heavy texting. I was enjoying myself and thinking this is normal. We went for a walk after dinner & in the middle of crossing the street our hands intertwined. It was natural & we didn’t let go. He told me he liked the way my eyes got wide when I talked about my favorite books. He got me a cab home and when I got upstairs I took my phone out of my jacket pocket to thank him for a wonderful night. But instead I had two text messages. I want to see you. Now. No was my reply. I put my phone on the charger & went to take a shower. When I got out I had three missed calls. I called back after I had gotten dressed and when he picked up he said I miss you. Of course I missed him too but I wouldn’t admit it. Come over I told him. When I stepped into the hall to wait for/watch him come up the stairs to my third floor apartment, I asked myself why I couldn’t just be normal.

They had met through a friend and he recognized her from a couple pictures on instagram they’d posted. “She’s a good person.” he told me one day after he got out the shower. “Good people are only good for good people. If you were a good person you wouldn’t be here every week telling me how good I feel, how good I taste. I was a good person before you.” “Now you’re great” he said as he crawled over to me on the bed. I pulled away & he understood. He laid across my thighs on his back staring at the ceiling & said “I don’t feel bad about being here. I never have. You never let me finish. She is a good person but you’re good for me.” I propped my knee up and pushed his head off playfully. He laughed, sat up, hovered over me & lowered himself to kiss me. I didn’t pull away but I should’ve.

He used to say shit like when you know who you are, you know who you’re not and I’d think that was some deep shit. But I ain’t have to know who I was to know I wasn’t the one he came home to.

  • Simon: Baz Pitch? what a loser i hate him i- *trips* *thousands of pictures of Baz spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine i hate him i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec j-jUst LISTEN

Okay let me tell you about these ladies right here. They are the most perfect and kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Carolina (Sombra) was so funny and easy to talk to, it felt like hanging out with a friend. I didn’t bring a whole lot of money to the event (not knowing anything about the prices) and she actually gave me a picture and recording for free!! She was so chill I seriously couldn’t believe it. Jen Cohn (Pharah) made me feel so special! This was her first ever signing and she was so taken aback by my reactions and excitement that she picked me out of line and told me how amazing I was and how happy it made her!! She was so personal about it, they were the purest and kindest moments I’ve ever experienced. And lastly (but certainly not least) Lucie Pohl (Mercy) was an absolute angel. She was so happy to see us, you can tell her reactions were so genuine! She was incredibly sweet and charming. Not to mention so gorgeous! All in all, I had the greatest fucking time and I couldn’t be happier. These women are my life and I am so grateful having met them.

love craig cahn? nah he’s just my bro i swear i- *trips* *thousands of craig pictures spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine he’s my bud i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN

My Protector

Originally posted by roadtoriverdale

Paring: female reader x Sweet Pea

Word count: 1718

Warnings: Cursing, slight violence?

Season: 2

Request: none, just getting started :)

Short Note: you are Archie’s twin sister but went with your mom when they divorced, but when you came back after your dad got shot, you chose to stay with him and your Brother.

When my mom got the call from Archie we packed our bags and raced back to the small town as fast as we could.

The town used to be bright, people walking the streets, pops lit up and people constantly walking in and out, but not now.

The streets were empty, the color of the town seemed to have drained away and Pops was dark and abandoned. The clouds are a dark grey and rain slowly starts to drain out of them.

Riverdale has changed, I know I have. The last time I saw these streets I was a young and naïve girl, hell I hadn’t even gone through puberty.

When I walked through the hospital doors all eyes were on me. Instantly Archie saw me and took me in his arms.

“(Y/n) I’m so glad you’re here,” he spoke softly in my hair.

“I just can’t believe it took dad getting hurt for it to happen,” I whispered back.

When we broke apart and he went to talk to my mom I saw Betty and Jughead in the corner with a dark haired girl talking, wow they’ve changed. I walked over and tapped Betty on the shoulder, praying she’d remember me. As soon as she turned her eyes widened and embraced me, Jughead then doing the same. Before I could meet the girl that was with them Archie came over and grabbed me so we could see my dad, but left a kiss on the mystery girl’s cheek.

Decided to hold my questions until after we hurried along and saw my dad lying in the hospital bed, barely able to open his eyes. Tears welled up in my eyes as I rushed to his side and took his hand.

There is no way I could leave in a week.

-slight time skip-

After informing my mother of my decision to stay I enrolled to Riverdale High school and moved into the spare bedroom. It had been about a week but times were tough. I hung out with Archie’s friends but they all seemed off. Kevin had secret rendezvous in the woods, Betty was closed off and distant, and Archie was obsessed with finding the Black Hood, Veronica right beside him. I kept in touch with Jughead abs would sometimes escape to his trailer when Archie was in a mood, but other than that I was alone, but this soon changed.

I was walking to school, by myself, when suddenly I felt eyes on me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I looked around, not finding anyone. I sped up and got to school as quick as I could. I was about to walk into the Blue and Gold when I overheard Betty talking to Archie, normally I would have just gone in but she mentioned the Black Hood so I stood outside and listened instead.

“You know when I told you he hadn’t called again, I lied. I tried to stop him but he’s making me cut everyone off. But.. I found something out. Archie, he has an obsession with (y/n). He is threatening me that he will take her if I don’t do what he asks now.” Betty sounds like she’s crying.

Archie said something back but I couldn’t focus. He had an obsession with me? I just moves back here, so how would he even know me? I slowly back down the hallway but ran into Veronica.

“Oh hey (y/n)! Do you know where- uh are you okay? What happened?” She worried.

“Oh nothing, just have something in my eye, I’m gonna go to the bathroom, see you at lunch” I questioned knowing damn well I won’t be there. I turned and she walked to opposite direction.

The tears were welling up in my eyes and I just took off down the hall, running out the doors of the school and towards my house. I got to my room before I finally took a breath and completely broke down.

My dad is at the hospital getting a check up so I was alone in the house and free to cry as loud as I wanted. How was this happening? How can the Black Hood know who I was?

My thoughts were interrupted by my doorbell ringing. Not thinking, I walked to the door but stopped right as I was about to turn the knob. No one was supposed to be home right now, so who’s at the door? I looked through the peephole to see nothing but an envelope sitting on the porch. I quickly retrieve it and then lock the door again.

Taking it back to my room I open it slowly, revealing the pictures inside. They were all of me, at pops, walking to school, with Betty. The last one was of me going into school the other day, but this one had a caption on the back.

“The schools not safe anymore, your friends and Brother can’t protect you, what are you going to do?”

Taking a deep breath, I pick up my phone and call everyone I could think of, none of them answer.

“Think (y/n), where could you go. Who can help? The school isn’t safe.. southside! Jughead will be at school and he can help me!” I thought out loud. I grab my coat and walk to the door, scared to open it. I check to make sure the pictures are in my pocket and then open the door. I start down the street towards South Side, so far so good.

I’m almost in thief territory when I feel eyes watching me again, I pick up my pace and start sprinting towards the Southside High. I hear a car behind me as I reach the school parking lot. Turning to see how close it was I trip and fall to my hands and knees, ripping my jeans and drawing blood in both places, as well as scraping my elbow. The car comes to a stop and all I can see is a man dressed in black before I am up and running again. This time through the front doors.

All eyes are on me and I freeze. I never thought about what my plan was once I got here.

“(Y/n)?” I look up and see a familiar pink haired girl looking at me. Toni was at Jughead’s alot when I would go over, we had gotten pretty close in the last few weeks

“Toni! Do you know where Jughead is? I need his help, like now.” I pant out.

She nods and I follow her to the cafeteria, where there are a bunch of serpents crowded around Jughead and a laptop. Toni runs ahead to see what’s going on while I make my way there a little slower. I catch the end of the video, it was Archie talking about the Red Circle.

A tall boy looks at Jughead and speaks, “what the hell is this?”

Before he can answer him I speak up.

“J-Jughead?” I squeak. He turns and I see his eyes widen

“(Y/n)? What are you doing here? Now is really not the best time, you should go.” He tries pushing me away but I stop him.

“No wait, Jug I need your help! Please!” I make my way to where Toni is sitting at the table before Jug speaks again,

“Look (y/n), after what your brother just posted, you really need to go.” He goes to grab me again but the tall boy from before beats him to it.

“You’re telling me that red headed Northsider is your brother? And then you had the audacity to come to my terf? You’ve got a lot of nerve!” His grip tightened and I cried out and ripped my arm away, he had grabbed right where it had gotten cut up from falling.

“Wait are you bleeding? What the hell happened?” Toni was the first to notice my wounded state and sat me down.

“This is why I need help, Jughead the Black Hood is after me, he tried to take me on my way here. Oh! And he left these at my door only an hour ago.” I pulled out the pictures and both Jughead and the Tall serpent boy grabbed them.

“I’m going to get a first aid kit, I’ll be back” Toni rushed away.

“I think he’s been following me, he said my school wasn’t safe and that he was going to get me one way or another.” Tears started to well up in my eyes and Jughead’s tough exterior started to fade.

“Does Archie know? Or any of the rest of them?”

“Arch does, sorta. Apparently the Hood has been in contact with Betty and he started threatening her with me, said if she stopped doing what he wanted then he was going to take me. I don’t know what was going through Archie’s head when he made and posted that video, he basically just made a bigger target on our backs,” I explained, “but they don’t know that I know. I just overheard their conversation and then went home. Jug i’m absolutely terrified, i’ve been back for a few weeks and bad things are happening.”

By this time Toni is back with bandages and starts to clean me up.

“Yeah,” the Tall boy speaks up, “that was pretty stupid of your brother to post that. Jug, would you say that you and, uh, sorry what’s you’re name?” He questioned me.

“Uh, (Y/N).” you speak up.

“Okay, Jug are you and (y/n) close? So close that you would say she’s, like, say family?” The Tall boy just stared at Jughead and then made eye contact with Toni, who was smirking.

“What the hell Sweat Pea? What does this have to do with anything?” Jughead quizzically asked.

“Oh my gosh Jug, just answer the damn question.” Toni looked up at him.

“Well yeah, yeah she’s like a sister. Now can someone tell me why the hell this matters?” Jughead looks around at the smiling faces of the people that have gathered around us.

The Tall boy, Sweet Pea I now know, then speaks with a smile.

“(Y/N), you are now an honorary member of the Southside Serpents. Welcome.”

A/N: I think i’m going to write a part two, but want to see what the responses are to this first, let me know what you think in my ask box! also i’ll do requests! :)  

Who said marriage was easy? When i first got married it definitely was anything but easy. I always saw him as the most abnormal & complicated man ever known to mankind. When my friends got married before me i remember them always sharing pictures of gifts their spouses spoil them with, exciting holidays & date nights at extravagant restaurants. 

Mine on the other hand was the complete opposite! Firstly he would never buy flowers, instead he would pick it from bushes & hand it to me as we were walking by #totallyunromantic we never went on a honeymoon, instead we’d go for walks by the river, that was his idea of a day out & lastly he’d never take me out for romantic meals like all other couples do! So I’m sure you can all imagine how embarrassed I’d feel when my friends asked me what I’d been up to with my husband 😒

As time went by & his strange ways became ordinary for me, I slowly began to realise the beauty behind his intentions & how he’d never care of what people would say or think.. as his main focus was always building his hereafter with me 💞 Wallahi now I look back and realise that what we had was truly special.

Love was him taking the time & effort to pluck flowers with his own hands instead of walking into a shop & having them readily picked for him. He didn’t need to spend thousands to whisk me away abroad, instead walking by the river side & showing me that we can enjoy each others company no matter where we were, whilst admiring Allah’s creation together became love for me 🌺 Love was him telling me to sacrifice those 3 scoops of frozen yogurt & to give the money to charity instead as it could easily feed a poor family for a week & as a result Allah will gift me something much greater.

I no longer restricted the definition of love to going out for dinner or drowning in endless gifts from my husband. Love is pure when you don’t depend on anything other than each other’s presence to make you happy.

Its funny how we perceive happiness to be what the norm is & how we can easily make our marriages miserable by comparing our life to others. If only we realised that happiness lies in knowing the value of intentions, not the norm or the price.

-taken from ummxabdullah’s instagram

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skellydun? what a loser i hate him i- *trips* *thousands of pictures of skellydun spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine i hate him i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN

wooing me with old memes. i love it.


Pairing: Wonho x Reader
Rating: Solid R rating
Warnings: sexting
Author’s Note: I hope you guys enjoy this! Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think!

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“So how long have you and Wonho been together again?”

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  • Me: Alfred F. Jones? what an annoying loser! I hate him I- *trips* *thousands of pictures of Alfred F. Jones spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine I swear I’m just holding them for a friend I- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine I hate him I just- *more pictures fall out as I fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN-

Stefano Valentini? What a problematic asshole. I hate him. I- 


*Thousands of Stefano screenshots spill from pockets* 

Fuck. Those aren’t mine. I swear, I’m just holding them for a friend. I- 

*Slips on a pile of pictures*

Fu ck. No, they’re not mine. I hate him, I just- 

*More pictures fall out as I fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up*

 Hang on a sec, jUst LISTEN

The Gun Range

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3863

Author’s Note: My friend Sam had given me this idea and I absolutely loved it, so I wrote it. This is like so cute and I’m so in love with it and I hope you guys end up loving it as well! She ( @lovelydob ) had also proofread this for me as well!

I grabbed my laundry basket, phone in hand as I walked into the laundry room. I placed my phone on the dryer, glancing over at it as I waited for Dylan to call me. I opened the washing machine lid, throwing my clothes into it after I had put my detergent into it. I set the basket on the dryer, picking my phone up before heading into the kitchen.

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ouma hates kiibo

ouma: kiibo? what a loser i hate him i- *trips* *thousands of pictures of kiibo spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine i hate him i just- *more pictures fall out, as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN