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some su doodles, mostly about Lars ❤️

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Delete toxic people from your life.

Go through your friends list. Unfriend.

Your twitter feed. Unfollow.

Your cellphone.  Delete.

Don’t carry around the negativity and misery that toxic people bring you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known them for six months or six years. You owe yourself happiness more than you owe them anything. 


Hey, after all the times I screwed up and you two were there for me? It’s the least I can do.

*opens and closes mouth* okay, which one of you added my author name to a list of bisexual representation in literature and has me listed as ‘satirical pansexual’ because a) if that’s not a Google translation error that’s the best description ever and b) if that is a Google translation error that is the best description ever lmao

my art vs gritty 40′s noir-esque/club swing vibe  ♫ ♪ 😎 👊
bcos fuck u that’s why

  • Lance: What do you want for Christmas Keith?
  • Keith: You.
  • Lance: What?
  • Keith: I have to go. Something just came up.
  • Lance: What might that be?
  • Keith: My gay thoughts.

Meet my very melanated crew 

Happy #BlackOutDay !!!