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First Year of College & Update

So, 5 months ago I posted a text post with a similar title as this very one, explaining the reasons why my posting on here had become so irregular. Since then, my posting has stopped completely. I feel like I owe an explanation.

I started college in September. I moved out of home in a quiet time to a city, full of people. I wasn’t expecting to move so soon, so was slightly unprepared. It was quite a shock tbh. 
Classes started and I initially found them okay, or at least that’s what I told myself. During the second month, my mam picked me up from the bus stop, and I finally broke down and admitted I was finding the course difficult, particularly chemistry, which I hadn’t taken previously. 
After, I continued trudging my way through the college year, trying to make friends and find time to study. That’s about the time I made the first update post on here. As exams started in November, I found myself stuck in the library or in college till late, so I barely had any free time.  
Christmas came and went, and then the results of our Christmas exams rolled out. An A, a C and two D’s. I was happy I passed but bummed out that my grades were probably lower than the rest of my year. (For our module choices next year, we’re all ranked on grade.) I was mainly upset about the C in Biology, something I want to take in future years.
So I pushed myself into my work and concentrated on my studies more. My free time was spent going to the gym and trying to spend time with friends. I didn’t have a lot of time to be on tumblr. My ask box was building up with questions, over 3,000 asks. Honestly, I couldn’t bare to look at it anymore without feeling guilty.
Later in Spring, a family member passed away. In dealing with it, I concentrated on study & going to the gym. I was upset and coming online was only making it worse so in a way, I gave up on this studyblr, and it’s also when I stopped posting on my elkstudies instagram. 
Summer exams were approaching fast and I was super worried about my grades and getting what I needed to achieve the year. I threw myself into study. It paid off, I finished the year with 2 A’s and 2 B’s. When I received those results, I was so happy. Hard work really does pay off. 

I wanted to come back online and kickstart my studyblr again because those grades really inspired me to work hard, and posting on here is something I definitely need to work on. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post more on here, especially coming into the next college year. I really wanted to be honest and thank you & well done if you’ve read this far. 


follow spree

I seriously need to follow new blogs because I just unfollowed a lot of inactive ones and some that posted things I’m not interested in and now my dash I almost dead.
You don’t have to follow me, tho it would be nice to make some new mutuals and friends! <3

reblog if you post more than one of these things:

  • supernatural
  • Marvel and dc (cinema and comics)
  • teen wolf
  • shadowhunters
  • Disney and animation (movies and shows)
  • colorful things (gifsets, graphics etc)
  • doctor who
  • friends
  • one tree hill
  • merlin
  • various shows 
  • movies !!!!!!
  • people (celebrities gifsets, edits)
  • resources
  • tutorials

please tag in the tags what do you post, so that I can check out your blog

mutuals, if you could please reblog to spread the word, it would be Amazing <3

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I'm just now getting into astrology... what do you recommend I do?

Learn about yourself first. I know it sounds kinda vain but trust me a lot of things can be difficult when you first start learning about them. Aspects send me through a FUCKING loop let me tell you. But I feel like if you put the energy towards learning more about yourself it will come a little easier (that’s how it was for me) and then you can branch out and look at your friends or family’s charts, and then strangers! Some really great blogs you should follow are definitely: @ayyries, she’s basically my mentor without even knowing it. Her posts are so nice and fleshed out and easy to comprehend. Also @leoasf, he’s funny, sweet, and he knows his shit. He’s great with planetary placements and describing planets in the houses. He also puts cute emojis in his posts and that makes me happy (◡‿◡✿) @astro-hotline my best friend here, spends so much time and effort into answering her asks - and she answers A LOT. Ethereal queen. 10/10 would love her forever. @lulucute, another sweetheart, posts lots of original content that’s also easy to follow and comprehend, she just has a way of explaining things that makes you go, “oh shit, yeah.. yeah that’s right on”. Also @ceresinlibra!!! He’s everything I just listed above and more!! I love and support him with my whole entire heart and you should too 🤗😘
There’s honestly so much more but those are just a few!! I posted a follow forever a while back of you want me to reblog that for more suggestions I can do that as well💕

Heya everyone! For those who don’t know me I’m Aly. I’ve just passed my second year in university and I’m studying English in Paris. I’ve been on a hiatus for like two months so I bet not a lot of people remember me!  ✿

So I’ve realised that maybe I should do a blog rate to find new people to follow and make some friends since I’m a bit lonely (I’m very friendly and talkative ahahah)

Anyway, to have a blog rate:

• you must be follow me (i’ll check)

• reblog this post, likes are bookmarks

• you must be a studyblr

• you need to send me an ask and tell me a funny fact about you or a random thing that happened today and write {br} at the end!

• the blog rate will end on the 28th of June 12:00PM Europe time!


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Hey everyone! I’m chelle (the-jedi, formerly known as supermah). I just unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs, thus emptying out my dash, so I’m looking for some new people to follow! Please reblog this if you post the things below, and I’ll check out your blog!

bolded items are my favorites:

  • dc comics and movies, especially superman-related stuff
  • star wars movies, tv shows, and comics (luke skywalker, star wars rebels, and the clone wars especially)
  • movies and animation
  • marvel comics and movies (especially x-men and spider-man)
  • themes, psds, etc
  • cute animals
  • colorful gifsets and edits because i adore bright colors
  • I also prefer if you have an organized tagging system

You don’t have to be following me, or follow me back, but I’d appreciate it  – I’m definitely looking to make new friends. Remember to put which things you post in the tags! Thanks!

  • Me: I draw art, I write, I make shitposts, and I post pictures of myself and my cat and my garden!!
  • Me: I talk about my friends and family and my hopes
  • Me: I love skulls and anatomy, space!!! I love SPACE!! It’s so fucking cool!!
  • Me: I’m a mortuary science major, I want to help people with their family life
  • Me: I'm married and I love my husband and my wife
  • Me: also I'm attracted to chubby guys
  • followers: *unfollow*
An Eye for Poetry - an Olicity fic

Summary: Oliver and Felicity make great use of the fridge magnets that they’d originally bought for their kids to play with.

Words: 1502

Notes: So my friend Brianna posted this tweet and I haven’t really been able to stop thinking about it since. So this happened. You’re welcome, Bri. I hope you all enjoy this! Please let me know what you think!  Thanks to @ghostfoxlovely for helping me pick names for the kids. I’ve literally never written a fic where they have kids before and I had no idea how stressful it can be.

Read on AO3

Waking up on Sunday morning was always bittersweet for Felicity Smoak.

It was nice because Oliver always took the kids to the park early so she could sleep in or get the house cleaned or read a book or do some work or whatever she felt like doing. So she was grateful, she really was.

But it also meant that almost every Sunday she woke up in an empty bed and the house was too quiet and both of those things never made her feel like doing much at all besides waiting for her family to come back.

She never thought she’d ever be one of those wives and moms who misses their family as soon as they leave her sight, but over the last 3 years, that’s exactly what she’d become. And it was especially bad on Sundays. She just didn’t have the heart to tell Oliver that she really wished he wouldn’t take the kids out so early. They all always came back so happy and excited and she knew they’d had a great time, Oliver included, and she just couldn’t bear to take that from them for her own purely selfish reasons.

Today, however, was different.

She’d woken up and rolled over to Oliver’s side, slipping her arms under his pillow and breathing in his scent, the way she always did when she woke up without him, only this morning, she’d found a note under the pillow. Grabbing her glasses excitedly she’d found that it was written on a piece of notebook paper that had been torn messily from the book and it was slightly sticky with… something, she assumed it was maple syrup or maybe juice from some strawberries, and it said;

Morning, mommy!
We left you a message on the refrigerator! And there’s pancakes on the table!
Love you,
Emilia & Isla

PS Daddy had nothing to do with this
PPS Daddy also said the pancakes would be cold by the time you woke up but Isla cried so we made them anyway. They’ll probably still taste good if you microwave them for 3 minutes.
PPPS Sorry about the kitchen. We were driving daddy crazy and he had to get us out of the door before he cried. He says he’ll clean it up as soon as he gets back and we’re taking naps.

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I love Niall so fucking much its crazy how much he means to me and how happy he makes me. It’s both the best and worst feeling if u get me. I wish I could be one of his best friends in real life. I mean everyone needs a niall. He’s the most supportive friend out there and he’s just so incredibly cute and hilarious. Everything’s just “so funny” with him. He always seems to be having the best time of his life. And that’s exactly how it should be. He deserves to feel happy all the time and him being the most carefree person ever is another quality that I love so much about him. I’m so glad I stan a person like him. The most caring, kind, genuine person ever. The fame definitely hasn’t changed him at all. He’s still the cutie who loves to have a good time with the people he loves. And his constant “Thank you’s” are another proof that he’s the most deserving person.

laksjklajs gOD

for some reason i thought about one of my childhood friends who moved when we were still too young to stay in touch….anyways i checked her fb and turns out she’s got married and has a little baby and i’m like akjslkajslkasjlkajs????

i’m so happy for her. she was always mature for her age. i couldn’t imagine having a kid/marrying by 20 but she seems so happy. 

it’s amazing how the most obvious things in life like growing and moving on are also the ones that mostly strike us as odd and kinda fantastical. i’m just so…amazed at how many different ways life can go. 13 years ago we were little girls running through the school halls and now we’re here…leading entirely different life-styles even though we touched each other’s lives in some small way. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these things make life worth living tbh

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Tbh I want to be your friend but 1.) I'm terribly awkward and don't know how to start a convo. 2.) I'm terrible at keeping conversations going so most of the time they just taper off awkwardly. 3.) We live in somewhat opposite timezones so we wouldn't be able to talk much. You just seem so cool and nice tbh

I’d love to make some more friends around my own age, so if you’re somewhere between 18-25, feel free to plopp me an IM over at [my main blog] and start a conversation!

A great way to befriend me is to just talk at me like we’re already close friends tbh. Ramble at me about a thing you love, complain about some legal fuckery you’ve been put through recently, show me tumblr posts that you think are cute/funny/etc. Just skip the awkward beginning bit and jump right into friendship.

anonymous asked:

To the other anon, there's DEFINITELY a hierarchy here. If you're a small blog, you literally have to clown yourself to get their attention. And also some of these blogs already have a clique with inside jokes that will always leave us clueless with their long ass post. And make us feel left out ofc. -small blog rants

maybe if y’all got off anon you could team up and become friends.

first of all, I’m a small blog. I’m nowhere near the level of followers that my friends have, and that doesn’t bother me because i don’t really care about the numbers anymore. but with the whole clique thing, let me put things straight for anyone wondering. the discord that you all consider a clique was one that was made by dawn, WHO POSTED ABOUT MESSAGING THEM FOR THE LINK. LITERALLY ANYONE COULD ASK FOR THE LINK. IF YOU DIDN’T, THAT’S NOT ANYONE’S FAULT BUT YOUR OWN, CONSIDERING THE OFFER IS STILL UP. i’m only in the discord because i saw the post, and immediately messaged dawn because i was a big fan of their blog, and got the link from them. 

ON TO THE INSIDE JOKES. Guess what, all the gc photos i post don’t need any context, i post them because they’re like shitposts that i think people could enjoy. there’s nothing but me wanting to show people things i thought were funny. and i haven’t posted anymore of those for a few days, i’m stopping entirely, thanks to people who think it’s cliquey, which bums me out because i like to post them because i think they’re funny. if you feel left out, you could easily join the discord. 

All in all, there aren’t any fucking cliques. you don’t have to clown to be noticed. being salty will get you nowhere. this hierarchy bullshit is stupid. and i’m fucking tired of this unneeded drama . 

fuck sakes, i’m late to literally everything but that’s what happens when your mom brings you camping for ‘quality family time’ but you just end up getting eaten by mosquitoes and crying over the beautiful album harry styles blessed you with tbh.. .. anyway, hello, i’m stephanie, but please call me steph!!  i’m twenty-two years of age, on est and my preferred pronouns are she/her. my current obsessions include bob morley’s abs, chicken noodle soup, horror movies and rad documentaries on netflix. if you’d like to plot and talk about anything i’ll become your best friend in like five seconds if we have common interests lbr )  please like this post and i’ll message you !! i love making things for my connections, like graphics and manips etc. bellow the cut you’ll find a little bit about ellarose. i hope you like her !!  

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you share the link of the video you used to make the last gifs you posted of xiumin and lay? Thank you!

hello anonnie! thank you for your ask! the gifset on xiumin and yixing learning basic cantonese? i’ve deleted that post but here is the link to the video! also, i’ve had many people asking me the reasons why i want that gifset to be deleted. i guess it’s better for me to explain it here while we’re on the subject.

a couple of hours after i posted the gifset, it got flagged by tumblr as a nsfw content post. yes, you read it right - not safe for work. typically, my posts consist of exo gifs with translations and i will tag them in accordance - the members’ name, the initial languages used, and what i think for that particular exo moment. none of my posts and tags have any profanities and vulgarities. i repeat, none.

now, why the hell did my post got flagged? i have no freaking idea. to make matters worse, my blog is also being reviewed by the tumblr staff as we speak. if tumblr is going to be hella petty [[which they usually are]], my entire blog would be condemned as a nsfw blog to anyone who has turned on the “safe mode” option. i guess this is an involuntary goodbye too because my blog would be pretty much defunct as we speak.

so, why did i delete the xiumin and yixing cantonese gifset? this is because i was extremely offended, upset, and angry. i want that gifset to disappear completely from tumblr.  even if i didn’t delete that gifset by myself, tumblr had already done that for me. my post magically disappeared from all the exo tags, but it was trending on the nsfw tags! sounds ridiculous? well, that happened as a matter of fact. therefore; if you have that gifset on a queue or drafts, please delete it and i will be forever grateful. 

on the side note, if this is how tumblr’s gonna treat tumblrers out there [[especially content makers]], they can go fuck themselves. 


(Possibly triggering materials)

I’m not making this to spread hate, I’m not making this for attention or pity. I am making this post to make sure that this doesn’t happen to other people.

A few months ago I was being harassed by psychoyearnings (Sage). I use the term harassed because that’s all I can think of to call it. She would actively manipulate me and my friend. Calling me a bitch when I stood up for myself and then going back and flattering me with sweet words. Her actions would cause unnecessary fights between me and my friend, which is what I assume her goal was. I can recall multiple panic attacks caused by her behavior.

Unfortunately, I can not share specific stories because they involve more than myself.

After I blocked her, and she returned from the hospital, psychoyearnings (Sage) made an account called erstwhile-rp (Drew) without telling anybody it was her. On this account she spoke with me and my friends ooc in hopes of getting close to us again. She wanted to become close in hopes of “ruining” us. Unfortunately, I can’t share specifics because this still involves more than just myself.

This morning, a friend of mine told me that psychoyearnings (Sage) confessed to being erstwhile-rp (Drew) while very drunk. After messaging erstwhile-rp (“Drew” aka Sage) I was able to get her to say that she made the account to specifically fuck with me and that she was disappointed she didn’t get the chance to do so. Sage claims that everybody else she hurt (worse than myself) “weren’t her target”.

I am telling this story so that it doesn’t happen to anybody else. I know this is a long post, I know this is a negative post, but it’s important to me that I share this information.

This is the last you will be hearing about Sage/Drew on my account.

Things, and changing my url

um, hey guys, i just changed my url :D

4 x sans was taken so i had to settle for 5 sanses, but the more the merrier amirite :D

honestly the only reason i choose cutsycone as my domain was because my default profile pic that tumblr gave me was a cone and it was like 2am so i had no brain power to think of decent names :> i mean the ‘cone’ part is alright, but the ‘cutsy’ part always makes me cringe just a little bit. so, yea :D

also if you dont know yet you can refer to me as Fish :D I’m gonna add a tag called #fishbabbling which will be me talking here(you can block that if you wanna) :D i dont have an art tag on this blog because every post should be an art post xD but sometimes i will reblog arts my friends draw for me <3<3<3

I'm a good mare really I am..

Wanted to say sorry I haven’t draw, Sorry haven’t make the inbox. I’m working on it one thing at a time. I am doing good just a little upset to myself. I really do love/like my friends and followers. It’s just been hard for me not to post more art. I’m not a wizard at keeping track on tumblr. Also I sometimes get busy with life and stuff. I am trying my best to keep things going really I am… For this day on I’ll work on my inbox, then my page.. I’ll do whatever I can to make everyone happy..Again so,so sorry for not posting more. The Good news is I can still make stores and role-play for fun. That gives me a chance to be loved & feel alright. Thank you for being there for me even though I’m not there. I’m still trying & won’t give up on you. Your friend Amber

so this year i have difficulties in keeping up w my fandom life (i ended up missing a lot of characters events like mochis bday, i ended up posting my krry exchange gift waaaay too late, and i ended up withdrawing from the reverse bb which makes me feel horrible af) buuut!

now that my “break” is here, i will be posting a lot of overdue birthday gifts for my friends :DDDDD so if you wanna block it, go ahead and block:

#made with love

which is a tag for all gift posts on this blog ^^