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I want to make this follow forever to celebrate reaching 1,000 followers on here! It’s not even been a full year since remaking and I couldn’t be happier at the new friends and mutuals I’ve made. I know I’ve been kind of a mess, but I want to thank all of you guys for following me and making this milestone possible!

I’m just going to be tagging my mutuals and friends in this post (in alphabetical order) under the “keep reading” because I have like 300 mutuals, but like I said, I’m thankful for all of my followers, and it makes me so happy knowing I have your support! I know it may sound silly, but milestones like this make me feel really validated as a person! I’m sorry for those of you who I don’t follow back, but I still see you in my notifications and you guys make me so happy!

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A guy who had just moved into my neighborhood came over to my house to become my friend. He was super hot. We talked. He said I was beautiful and then kissed me. We started making out. He slid his hand down my shorts and fingered me while lifting my shirt with his other hand. He unhooked my bra and gave me hickies. He slid off my shorts then his and proceeded to eat me out, he's been the best so far, and then we did every position possible. He's coming back over later tonight (;

Listen. I don’t watch Shadowhunters.

(I saw the first season, because I had friends who wanted to watch it for the Malec, but we haven’t continued for the second season.) 

But judging from what I see people saying on my dash, the Malec ship gets nowhere close to as much screen time and story as all the straight ships. In other words, it’s just like any other gay ship in any other show out there.

Only reason I’m making this post, is because people have been telling me to watch this show, this season. Saying it’s amazing, and that it deeply cares for the gay ship. That it doesn’t get pushed into the background. And to those people I just wanna say: y’all still deserve better. This is not the best people can do. This is not the show to save us all.

So please stop convincing me, or anyone else, otherwise.

About guest reviews & sending me messages:

My anons have been off for weeks. However, I’ve now reviewed hate, abuse and death threats via fanfiction guest reviews. I will not be posting them. After sleeping on it, the messages will be taken to the police - the threats made were serious.

Anyone who sends me a message screaming that I’m a bully will be blocked. I understand that you want to “defend” your friend, but if you read my posts I’m not attacking or making claims. I’m defending myself against her.

She is bullying me and she needs to stop - I have asked her to already and they will not listen. I’ll say it again: Stop making up lies and stop bullying me.

I will not tolerate hate, cruelty or abuse in a message. Send these things to me and make yourself look bad as well as the people you are apparently speaking for. I will also block you.

Please Read this it’s Kinda Important(ish)

Activeness is gonna be the key to winning my giveaways… if you get chosen and I see you just followed me and reblogged my giveaway post and haven’t interacted with me at all, I WILL chose again (it makes me feel kinda sad when people do that, I started doing giveaways to be able to meet new people and give back to a community that has been amazing to me). I just really want to get to know you guys and I don’t want you just to reblog my stuff to win, I want genuine people to talk to and get to know ya feel. This doesn’t mean you have to spam me with likes or like every single one of my posts, I’m not doing any of this for likes, reblogs, or follows… I was completely satisfied with having only 70 followers… that being said I just want wanna use this to make friends and talk to new people and follow new blogs and look at everyone’s amazing content. Also I always try to follow everyone who follows me back I’m currently following 219 people and have 297 followers and I try to like all my followers stuff because I really love seeing everyone’s posts.., I’m sorry if this was all over the place or I was rambling.., you guys are all angels and I appreciate everyone of you :)

Scorpio & Gemini
  • Gemini, glaring at Scorpio: Annoying child. You make me sick, your the scum between my toes, ya bitch.
  • Scorpio, raises her eyebrow: Hypocrite boy. Still upset that Build-A-Bear Online got shut down, childish self. Calls his teddy bears, his "babies".
  • Gemini, gasps: They have names you asshole, it's Digimon and Jumbo the Cat
  • Scorpio: Why are we even friends?
  • Gemini: You know why
  • Scorpio: Shit, you right

i was bored and went really far back to my blog when i used to post really suicidal shit and mental breakdown posts about being unhappy w the people around me & self harming. but fast forward to now where im constantly making shit posts w mutuals and being so incredibly happy and in love w my supportive friends..i still hit bad days but im just so much happier than ive ever been and im just so grateful to those around me for helping me grow this much

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What throws me is that your URL was brought into it. No one else who posted used names. And that's an implicit invitation for people who are nasty to send you nasty messages. Whether or not it's something they support isn't the question. Using your name opens that door. That's crossing a line for me.

Everyone who has followed this entire disaster so far knows who each one is talking about. I don’t like the name calling but this isn’t the worst, basically.
The worst is this:

She publicly makes a post saying that people involved in this post are bullies who drove this person off Tumblr. A lot of people come to me and say she’s vagueblogging about me.
I comment and explain my pov because I was not bullying this person.
She reblogs and says “this is not about you, how dare you think I would ever vagueblog about you?”
All her friends show up in the post to say or reblog “SOMEONE HAS A GUILTY CONSCIENCE!”
I block them all.
Later, I realize she has unfollowed me. I was still following her at the time.
So here I am, wondering what to do when she sends me a message about the person who deactivated to say an anon message I got was from her but another one wasn’t. 
I said “Okay” because the entire time this has not been about defending people who are genuinely bullied in this fandom, it’s about defending her friend who has been called out by the fandom for saying hurtful and offensive things. And who made it worse by not apologizing and immediately claiming bullying. 
And I realize I am done. I unfollow and block her and I speak out about this mess one last time. I don’t name her, but I do say that lot has been a bunch of bullies and I am very tired of all that. In retrospect, should have kept my mouth shut. 
I wake up the next morning, and she posts saying that I am cruel, and a bully and I drove this person off Tumblr. I’m responsible of it all.
So she wasn’t talking about me in her previous post? I just dreamt it all? 

And obviously, she has to stand up to “my bullying” by naming me and insulting me.
But more seriously, how else is she going to tell people to stop following me? And it’s working, btw, so she has what she wanted.
I don’t even dare to like or reblog posts now because I wonder if everyone believes her lies and if they would rather I stay as far away from them as possible. It’s like I’m toxic. And I am so deep in this fandom wank the only way I could get out is by staying away for a long time. 
So, she has finally done it. 
Good job standing up to bullying.

“Habit” 20/200

The second month of the year is over and I’m only 10% done with my challenge. Gotta step it up!
On the way, I’ve received some hard lessons on perseverance, discipline, and motivation. I’ve learned that staying creative and active takes an effort, and I’d like to give a hand to all who sometimes struggle with that too. Here’s how it goes!:

Tag here in the comments a friend or two who could also like to participate 👋 (optional)
1. Go to to download 7 of my designs. They’re meant to be pretty basic so you can…
2. Make it your own! Add color, add details, do as much as you want with one or all 7 of them.
3. Post your creations on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #mymirimandala and mention me in the caption (no tagging in the picture, please!).

You can participate up to seven times, one for each of the original designs.
Winner will receive a signed A4 high quality print of any of my artworks, winner’s choice! .
⚪ 👉 Contest ends on March 31st.
Stay creative, and have fun! 😘

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

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How old are you? 28

Current Job? Teacher

What are you talented at? Sleeping, making phonecalls of all sorts (hire me), making people i def don’t wanna be friends with want to be friends with me 

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?achieved: Trying to make my country less of a shithole… trying to be happy… trying to draw these carnival prompts b4 carnival is officially over today

What’s your aesthetic? The sea, very tall trees and trees with twisted trunks, clouds reflecting the sunset light, bright patterned clothes, the moon

Do you collect anything? Postcards, i have a beautiful collection!

A topic you always talk about? Art, Brazilian politics

Pet peeve? Watching a movie or something with a person who keeps looking at their phone!!   !!!!!! Watching a movie or something with people who don’t really want to watch it, in general 

Good advice? To myself? Eat better, dude

Recommend 3 songs: Current earworms:

  1. “challengers”
  2. “para ver as meninas”
  3. “fruit”

Tagging 9 ppl: trying to think of who hasn’t been tagged yet?  @anghraine @housecreepy @manzanas-amargas @sabotensan @poly-hebdo @squirrelwrangler @yavieriel @non314159nary @nyarnamaitar And anyone who feels like doing it ;)

i just saw the funniest post like??? somebody was talking about how jamie was annoying because he tries to deliver mail like???

that’s his fucking job????

Here comes dat post oh shit waddup

When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy. Then ask this question to the last ten people in your notifications

Thank you for tagging me @neetrash

1) F O O D

2) Sleep

3) The feeling that I belong somewhere?Idk

4) Music

5) My family and my friends

Last 10 people in my notifications:


most of you were in my notifs bc I tagged you at some posts before but that was the rule so you are tagged twice lol

Terrible pic, I know, but worms two and three are well on their way. I got a lot of stuff done today, and then I ran out of steam to work on any writing so watched a bit of Teen Wolf and a food show while painting and stitching. I don’t think I’ve made multiples of something at the same time, mostly it’s just been ‘Hey, I saw that ____ doll can I commission one too.’ and away I go working on the same thing, though never quite the same.

Anyway they make me happy to make them, because Labyrinth.

P.s. Thank you everyone who commented on the previous Worm doll post. I’m a luck girl to have so many friends that encourage my art. ❤

Hey last anon - you clearly haven’t been here long enough. I do listen and have been swayed multiple times. The way I’m responding to these lately is because most of them haven’t given me a reason to listen - most of them are “ post more art ur account sucks bc you are affectionate with friends” which isn’t fair to me because it’s my blog and you do not have to follow if you don’t like What I want on my blog. The second kind is “ ur a piece of shit lmao ” or “ kill yourself img ” which doesn’t have anything to talk about. They just want to say hurtful things and that’s fine.
But before you make up your mind about me because I’m choosing to respond this way lately- at least know why.
I understand if this doesn’t change your opinion,, that’s fine - I’m glad you formed one on your own. But don’t act like you know me personally and how I really feel or react to these things.
Goodnight everyone


Okay, so me and two of my friends, @gyeomiboll and @taebebs, traveled to Finland to see Block B’s concert. So much happened, the concert was amazing, the meet and greet was amazing. I had such a great time, and I’m so happy I decided to go, the concert was so pumped and the atmosphere was amazing. Like I just have to mention Ukwon making me go crazy with those dance moves AND THAT DAMN CHOKER, and their english was so good. It just felt like everyone had a fun time.

My friend wrote everything in detail, you can click on the link at the bottom of this post to read all about it.

BUT WE MET TAEIL randomly when we were out sightseeing. He was so sweet and soft, I still can’t believe that happened. He was just so kind, and I never thought I would get a moment like this (Also, I have a small kink for tattoos, especially hand tattoos, I got to shake his hand and see his tattoos for reals).

After that we went to the airport, and we went through the security check at the same time as all the members from Block B. Like I’ve never been so shook in my life.

But that’s not all, we were not going to bother them, because we had our moment already. So we just sat down at a café, thinking that we might see them walk past us or we wouldn’t see them again at all.

BUT, their gate was right next to our café, and they stopped right in front of where we sat. And they were being little shits the whole time. We got eye contact with almost all of them, but when I locked eyes with both Ukwon and Zico my mind just went blank and I started to freak out and didn’t know what to do. They knew we were fans and they stopped like half a meter from us, and they didn’t even have to stand there.

And P.O. turned to look at us and he gave us the cutest chuckle ever, and I got eye contact with him, so I felt his laugh straight to my heart because that’s how genuine it was. I got so happy, cause I just want to see him happy, he deserves that so much rn.

My friends will probably be more specific about what happened, because there was a lot more that happened. But my mind hasn’t comprehended everything yet, I just needed to write this down.

Here’s a link to everything that happened:

Coyote Potions - Commissions

A major part of the perfume thing for me was making something with a purpose in mind. Sometimes I was trying to be witchy and Make Stuff Happen, sometimes I just wanted a scent that would help me relax or feel good or represent a friend. Most of the time, it was both. The concept was just as important as the scent itself. 

So I would love to help you design perfume exclusively for YOU. The scents you like, diluted the way you like, in attractive packaging for you, and with a purpose or theme in mind that suits you. 

I’m making this post, before the real shop goes up, to see what kind of interest there would be in unique, commissioned scents, as opposed to the scents I design on my own and keep in stock. That could mean you pay extra and the scent and the formula are yours alone forever - or it could mean you have a special scent designed to your specifications that I add to my stock so others can someday enjoy too! 

Commissioning a Personal Scent will look like this:

  • You contact me with your wish: it can be as simple as a vague concept or scent pairing, or as complex and specific as you like! 
  • I formulate a potion that fits our/your design - and calculate the cost. If you’re anxious, I can send you limited samples of options so you can settle on one. 
  • You approve the scent and concept. I bottle and package it. You pay. I ship. 
  • Personal Scents will include a 10mL bottle of the perfume with the formula, and if you like, a card with the scent concept in writing as a “spell”. 

So for the calculated price, you’ll get a unique, homemade perfume, if you like it can be charged for witchy purposes, complete with the formula and a little write-up of the concept/spell on a nice card. Costs will be on a personal basis!

For example, if you have a vague idea for a perfume - a line of poetry, a deity, or just a feeling, and really really want it, Commission it! The cost will only be whatever I would charge for a regular potion (12-19 usd so far). For commissioning, you’ll also receive a formula card, so you know exactly what went into your potion. 

For a slight upcharge, I can do a formal write-up of the concept or spell you wanted. (I can give writing examples from other perfumes I’ve made in a separate post.) So you’ll have your personal perfume, the formula, and a “spell” for $5-10 more, depending. 

For a higher cost, you can commission me - and maintain the formula privately. Only you and I will know the exact contents of the potion recipe and it will not be available for regular sale. It would be your private stash! This will cost significantly more, at least $30 or so, as it means I can’t ever replicate the formula (and you could very well go off and make your own version) - but it’s a one time fee, WRITE-UP INCLUDED with no extra charge, and you’ll receive regular pricing if you ever need a refill! So back down to $12-$19 price range for a regular bottle when you re-order. 

Again, Commissions can include (based on what you want to spend):

  1. bottle of perfume (base price)
  2. formula card (base price)
  3. formal write-up of concept (add $5-10)
  4. private and exclusive use of the potion, with write-up (add $30 or more)

This is more of a SERVICE than a product, although the product is involved, so the price increases - but I think it’s reasonable for what most witches on tumblr charge for certain services. It doesn’t have to be witchcraft related either, but I thought that would be likely. I’m brewing potions, babes!!

I’ve had positive reviews from friends and even swayed my mom who hates strong scents. And I’m already seeing major interest in samples of my regular stock. As soon as the official store is up and running I’ll make clearer specifications and give visual samples for commissions (what a write up looks like, what the note cards will look like, etc.) 

You can message me if you’re interested in this service but it will be at least a week before I’m ready to calculate more specific costs and provide examples - and by then I should have an etsy shop ready. Feel free to reblog/signal boost or let me know if something doesn’t make sense or sounds like it’s doomed to fail - or ask questions if anything isn’t clear. :)

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Does it not say in the Koran that a man is made for a woman and a woman is made for a man?

okay, first of all, i never said that i was a scholar and y'all need to stop sending me anons and tagging me in shit with different verses expecting me to stop what i’m doing and answer your questions. i have shit to do, my friend. the post that i made was talking about the experiences queer muslims face. our entire religion is about peace and standing up for the oppressed and you can’t even acknowledge that queer muslims exist?? lmfaooo interesting. we’re trying to make our voices heard but your just gonna pretend that we don’t exist?? you’re erasing our entire existance

second of all, me reading a post or ask on tumblr dot com is not going to Suddenly make me straight lmao tf is wrong with y'all? what kinda dumb ass logic is that

third, you can’t just take an ayah out of context. the Qur'an has verses that says drinking is halal to an extent but no one goes around now saying drinking is halal lmao. like some things we know are obviously off and we leave it in the past.

third, use logic!!!!!!!!!

fourth, why does it piss you off so much that someone wants to identify as queer and muslim lmao mind your own business

fifth, fuck you.