my friend is making me post it

I’m sorry you don’t like my editing and you can unfollow me if you like but there’s no reason to go and post it all over simsecret like a child and be rude for no reason. I️ don’t want someone as nasty as that to follow me anyway? I️ love my pictures and I️ love my blog and I️ don’t need your approval because all my friends like my blog too! So maybe you should work on your own instead of critiquing other people’s blog?

I️ do what makes me happy and everyone should too! 💕


Double-sided charms I made for some friends!! I’m really happy with how they turned out 💕💕 (charms from left to right: @squigglegigs @drawblin @richardgoranski @jeremyheeredaily @hurricanesunny )


So my friend who posts on AO3, ffnet, and WattPad was telling me about comments left on her fic recently. And she told me something about WattPad that I didn’t know. A reader can actually be making comments within the body of the chapter as they go along! And as many as you want! So if you read a sentence you love, you can stop and be like “omg the feels what an amazing metaphor!” How cool is that??

AO3, come on now…can we have that too? Pretty please?! ❤️ 

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could you recommend any recipes that might encourage study/learning? like something to help motivation maybe?

Hi friend!
This is taking me back to what I use to eat during my last years of school.
I’ll be posting a handful of recipes for focus and concentration that are also easy to prepare tagged “study snacks.”
All contain ingredients that help your brain focus and function and are also easy to make. Nothing more magical than the power of food! 
You can pair most of these recipes with a sigil for motivation on the container your keeping your snacks in be it mason jar, ziplock bag, or saran wrap!   
(Also I cannot recommend fish oil enough for your brain. It helped me so much with my mental health, physical health and general energy level)

I hope you enjoy!

hi, loves.

as you’ll probably guess from me posting this, i’m neither dead nor deleting my blog. i really didn’t want to let the anons get to me but i guess they did, and i didn’t react in the best way. i’m alive and safe, now; a lovely lovely friend logged on for me earlier to delete what was left in my inbox and turn anon off for me so that i didn’t have to face it.

i’m going to delete the post from yesterday, and take a little break from tumblr. it’ll probably just be a couple of days, but it’s making me very anxious to be online right now. i think i need a little while to calm down and heal a bit, and i really hope you understand. if you wanna talk, dm me and i’ll give you my snapchat or twitter or smth. i’ll queue this post a couple of times so hopefully everyone knows what’s going on.

i love you guys and i’m really sorry.

interest check for a KH fashion charity zine!

I’ve had this idea for a while now but it’s only now that I REALLY thought about it & felt that I should just go ahead & do it!

I’m planning on organizing a KH fashion charity zine, and all proceeds will go to an NGO that focuses on & supports ethical and sustainable fashion – not just about producing eco-friendly apparel, but also making sure workers are paid & not exploited, etc. It’s been a subject that I’m actually very (quietly) passionate about, and I think what better way to contribute & raise awareness for it than to organize a charity fashion zine in a fandom I’ve been in for, like, almost a decade?

So please reblog/like this post if you’re interested in this zine! And feel free to IM or send me an ask if you’re interested in joining and helping out! I already have some of my friends ready to help me out, but there’s always room for a few more!

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Your fandom reputation is like, a whale. Like, every now and then you make a really popular post that breaches out from the depths in a burst of glory before going below the surface again, and everyone is thrilled and excited to see it.

completely real picture of me diving deep into the sea after making my one (1) Good Post

awwww omg my roommate said that sometime next week she and i should drink together and have roommate bonding time cause she feels bad that i dont go out partying with her and her friends…..shes such a sweetheart we have a weird bond cause were both lonely gays even though were so different. i think itd be fun and nice and shes so nice about it too like she didnt want to make me feel weird or anything i love her 

I’d like to advertise commissions again cus money is tight for me this year and I’d like to buy some presents for my family and friends for the holidays

And admittedly some stuff for myself

Im out and on my phone right now but I’ll make a more comprehensive post when I’m home and on my computer

If anyone’s interested feel free to send a quick message my way

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Why does dr.l look like that?? He just such a pretty character. 👀💦🌶

It occurs to me that I never posted this ol’ thing here:

You’re welcome.

Story time: The idea for his character came from two good friends of mine, both teachers. One teaches high school, the other middle school. The high school teacher (in his tenth?ish year of teaching) remarked that he loves teaching that age group because it gives him hope: adults can get stuck in their ways or make irreversible decisions, etc., but high school kids “don’t suck yet.” I thought that was an interesting way to look at it.

I asked my friend who teaches middle school why he chose that age group, and he (in his first year or so of teaching), said that he’d much prefer high schoolers, but he didn’t feel like he looked or acted different enough from them to be taken seriously. He deliberately kept a mustache and sideburns to help himself feel like an Adult around even the middle schoolers.

Mr. Dr. BJ is now and has since the first formation of the story 25 years old. I drew him looking much older in the first chapter for reasons I can’t recall or defend, especially because I myself was only 26 at the time. I think he looks more true to his age in the more recent pages, though.

His appearance is based on a very pretty boy from Bakersfield, CA (SHRIMPRESTING) who I knew in college, with aspects of both my teacher friends thrown in the mix. I like to think that he grew the beard nervously the summer before the school year started to make himself feel older around the high schoolers.

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Something tells me you could bribe your fellow Tumblrites with sketches and make up the difference

I have seriously thought about opening commissions for fuel my SWTOR addiction. But I’m so nervous about it. @cheesedoodlesurprise is a special case. He is a friend, I can get away with taking 7 months to draw something for him. Ask another friend of mine who wanted me to draw her Bounty Hunter and Lana like 2 years ago… I’m a terrible friend.

I’ve had several people ask if I’m open for commissions, so I know the demand is there. But I know I take too long to draw. I don’t want to overcharge and I don’t want to undercharge. Then there is the whole getting a payment system up so that I won’t get ripped off. The whole thing is nerve wracking for me, so I just completely opt out of doing it in the first place. 

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Update: I've posted a few times here. The partner I have now I was super nervous to disclose to and I didn't think they'd understand. They had been my best friend for awhile, and they often joked about STIs. Next Sunday marks our 6 months together and I am finally 100% accepting of my little gift, and they no longer make jokes and are so understanding. I am in the happiest spot of my life. Everything gets better. Thank you for this blog, it's helped me so much.

Awww yay, I’m so happy for you!!!

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How do you get more people to send you asks? I’ve got around 600 followers but my inbox is always empty and I’m a little jealous of how many asks you get (not in a bad way!) and so I was wondering how to get more of my followers to interact with me?

I’m still in shock that my followers want to talk to me tbh, and I’ll try to help you out (even though I’m pretty bad at advice)

Overall, I would try to make my blog seem friendly? By like talking in the tags etc because then - in a way - it’s like your talking to your followers then? It’s like that to me, anyway, and I think I ramble too much in the tags about random shit anyway that no one really cares about

You could also try sending asks/messages to other people because that’s a great way to make friends, and I find that if you post one of those ask meme things, people you’ve talked to before (or if you seem friendly to them) will send you asks!

So, basically, my advice is to try and be friendly and kind towards people, because that’ll make them want to talk to you more!

And sorry if this is crap, but I hope it helps!

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youre creepy and think girls owe you anything at all and think its okay to act like this bcs its only a personal blog with thousands of followers right, acting like you deserve anything from other women when you post stuff like this all the fucking time

i never said i was owed anything, i said i’m sad that nobody sees me as more than a friend. i never said i was owed anything by anyone, i said i hoped someday it changes. idk why y’all get so up my ass whenever i make those posts, which is usually the middle of the goddamn night where i’m, surprise, lonely

Hey you guys

I am going somewhere okay? I may or may not be back on Tumblr but i promise you i will be back okay? In the mean time, Ask or rp with me and i will be answering them as best as i can and might be doing some drawings i am still working on the other drawing it takes forever to make it look good for a good friend of mine. I love you guys and if some of my follower didn’t get this post please reblog this, you don’t have to is you don’t want to. I will be back i promise.

hey friends how the fuck do i get recommended posts to stop appearing on my dash as if i follow the blogs that posted them, i’m getting some of the worst shit at the top of my dash and it legitimately makes me just close the app as soon as i open it. Fuck yahoo

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Your blog is like that one friend who throws kit kats at people's head which is to say Great and I Have A Dependency On It

this is such a specific metaphor i love it

  • *lance voice* “you guys should build the mice a mouse voltron. like a little voltron action figure that could kick your ass. that’d be so cute”
  • how betrayed do you think coran was when red chose lance
    • i mean! he’s proud! of course he is!
    • but like… lance didn’t even have a cape on :/
  • allura, after meeting the paladins: “are we… friends now?” shiro: “if we say yes will you let us live” allura: “ha! good one new best friend”
  • pidge’s current concern is that green might be salty at her for being a dog person
  • hunk toggles between “hype man” and “most embarrassing best friend possible”
    • hunk: [supports lance no matter how bad the comeback]
    • also hunk: “oh is this about your handcuff thing-” “I DON’T HAVE A HANDCUFF THING”
  • hunk: “i dunno about this man. jumping out of planes is dangerous. they say one in five people don’t even make it to the ground.” keith: “??? what do you mean they don’t make it to the ground??? where do they go???”