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Meet the celebrity makeup artist for Lancôme Ambassadress Lupita Nyong’o.

Behind every winning beauty look donned by Lupita Nyong’o, you’ll find the talented Nick Barose. And yes, that includes the now-iconic makeup she wore when she won the most prestigious golden statuette of all. He continues to dress the actress up in all her Lancôme glory, which includes using the new MIRACLE CUSHION—an innovative liquid compact that’s unique on the foundation scene. The Sephora Glossy recently chatted with Barose to talk celebrity makeup requests, discovering beauty in his native Thailand, and what he finds special about the new MIRACLE CUSHION. JESSICA VELEZ

How did you come to be a makeup artist?

During my teenage years, I got into fashion because my mom had a lot of magazines lying around. Later I moved to New York City to study environmental design. I loved it, but I knew it wasn’t for me, so during my last year I started pursuing makeup and doing test shoots with models from different agencies. My best friend told me that if I really wanted to take it to the next level that I would have to assist the big guys. He helped me write a letter to the great Kevyn Aucoin. Kevin called and booked me for NYFW and I got to work for him on many great magazine editorials and advertisements, as well as music video shoots.

What was it like growing up and discovering the world of beauty in Thailand?

My love for color came from the rich palettes in the art, theatre, and nature of Thailand. I grew up with many exotic and colorful birds like peacocks, pheasants, and parrots that my dad had roaming around our backyard. I often find myself using these types of colors for my makeup work. My grandma also had a Thai silk business where they used to dye the fabric at home and those colors were so unique. The way she’d pair the shades together really was Color Theory 101 for me.

Tell us about your first beauty memory.

I grew up with two sisters and many girl cousins my age, and I played with their dolls by dressing them up. I’d also have pretend fashion shows and photo shoots where I dressed up my sisters, cousins, and even our housekeepers. I’d style their makeup using my mom’s YSL and Lancôme products from her vanity. She’d always get mad when she found out I used her new lipsticks. My mom is a very stylish woman—she’s into fashion and beauty. Every morning she laid out her wardrobe with her purse, shoes, and accessories—then she’d select a lipstick to go with it. Now I find myself picking the lipstick to match my celebrity clients’ wardrobes.

What do you love about the new Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation?

I love the formula: It blends like second skin and it is so easy to apply with the sponge that comes with it. It’s also really easy to apply with your fingers, too. It has the consistency of liquid foundation and blends seamlessly for a silky finish that isn’t greasy. The easy-to-travel compact is perfect for on-the-go women today—or makeup artists like me that fly all the time and have many bottles that leak or break on the plane!

What’s your advice on using the cushion to deliver its best results?

Always apply and blend from the center of the face to the outside because it creates the most natural look. I also found that folding the sponge in half makes it easier to apply to harder-to-reach areas such as around the nose and right under the eye. The formula is really easy to blend, so it’s really about knowing the amount of coverage you want. For medium to fuller coverage that still looks natural, I apply it with the sponge that comes with it and gently pad it on. But for lighter coverage, you can use the “spot coverage” application technique by using fingers to blend it in on spots that need more concealment. This way, you don’t have to wear foundation on your whole face and it still looks bare and fresh.

You’ve worked with some of the most famous women in the fashion and entertainment worlds. What are their top beauty requests?

Luckily, I never get asked to do ridiculous things with makeup such as complicated looks that act like a mask. But, if there’s one thing they all ask for, it’s to make them look well rested. I learned to be quick (because nobody wants you to take an hour, especially at 6 a.m.) so the most important things are: skin, base, undereye concealer, and the right blush, so they get a fresh-faced look even though they are completely jet-lagged.

You’re the celebrity makeup artist for Lancôme Ambassadress Lupita Nyong’o, and you created the look on the night of her big win. What was that experience like?

It was unreal. We had a really hard schedule with a lot of traveling and crazy hours for the awards campaign, but Lupita is the sweetest, most down-to-earth and considerate actress you’ll ever meet. She likes to experiment with colors and makeup so that kept it exciting for me to never have to use the same lipstick or eyeshadow over and over again. She also has great taste in music so it’s always fun. Sometimes we start the day with a dance-off.


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