my friend got me emotionally invested

So my friend got me to watch Doctor Who, which is really unfortunate because it turns out I really like Doctor Who and now I’m emotionally invested, but my absolute favorite thing about this show is how often people hug.

Like, most shows are very hug-deficient. Maybe during emotional reunions you’ll get a hug or two, possibly one or two a season. At least in the shows I watch. But this one?

Are they about to go into danger? Hug.

Did they just get out of danger? Hug.

Did something really funny just happen? Hug.

Are they having a particularly good day? Hug.

Have they been out of each other’s sight for ten minutes? Damn straight they’re gonna hug.

It’s fantastic!

I confided to my boss that I’m really nervous and sad about leaving the PNW, that I only want to go home so I can see family and friends and my dog, that I feel anchored here and emotionally invested in the mountains and trees.

“Then stay,” he said, flatly, as if it was the simplest thing in the world. “Don’t go home. Crash on a friend’s couch until you find a job. You’ve got some money saved up, yeah? Make it work.”

I’m sure it is as simple as he says. Probably. But I know there’s a chain around my neck and I can feel it growing taut, pulling me back to Midwestern hell.