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“All I knew about Cuba was that people drove old American cars and that Ché Guevara was tied with Bob Marley as most popular poster in dorm rooms. Then my friend Erin invited me on a 2-week trip to Havana. The first thing I noticed in Havana was that the city was dark at night. There were no streetlights, porch lights or living-room lamps. It was pitch black except for the faint colorful glow spilling out of open doors everywhere, and it came from the TVs. The light captivated me. For the next two weeks I wandered around, slipping in and out of strangers’ living rooms. Each time I came across an open door and a working TV set, I would ask if I could take a picture. The answer was always yes. Nobody seemed to think it was an odd request and it was usually accompanied by a Cuban coffee or rum.”

Simone Lueck

Snk Characters As Things My Friends Have Said:
  • Mikasa: My beauty is an illusion. I will seduce you with my glorious hair and then punt you right into the sun when you least expect it.
  • Erin: *screaming, to the vague tune of "Do You Hear The People Sing"*
  • Armin: Literally the only reason I'm here is to stop you from jumping off a roof in a fit of caffeine-fueled rage.
  • Hanji: *mixes three different types of energy drinks together and chugs it* fOR SCIENCE
  • Levi: I'm afraid I have to respectfully disagree, on the grounds of I don't care about your fucking opinion, because you're fucking wrong, asshole
  • Sasha: It's been more than an hour since I've last shoved something in my face, and I'm about to start screaming.
  • Jean: Sometimes I am forced to question why I hang out with you all. I mean, I'm superior in basically every way. I could do so much better.
  • Ymir: Get your heterosexual ass out of my fuckin way, there's a hot girl over there and I call DIBS
  • Historia: *sighs* I used to be a nice person, you know, before I met you guys.
  • Marco: I'm too cute for this.
  • Bertholdt: Guys, it's not gay to be in love with a dude if you say "no homo," right
  • Reiner: *stiffens suddenly* I just felt last fuck...gone...forever...
today i got to talk about kabby with jason rothenberg and i died, here’s the transcript of my death

CLAIRE: “My favorite characters on the show are Kane and Abby.  I’ve been loving watching their relationship evolve this season; I’m loving the romance, but also Kane evolving as a leader and Abby sort of coming back into her own as like the doctor hero is super exciting.  But one of the questions I’ve always kind of wondered – “

JASON: “She’s really into shocklashing.” [laughter] “I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for that.  It was a joke, Twitter, it was a joke!”

CLAIRE: (innocently) “I’m sure there’s fanfic about that.”  [hysterical laughter from Erin who knows I’m trash] “So, my question is, I’m wondering [about] how you guys have evolved their relationship, at what point did you decide, ‘oh, maybe it should go this romantic direction,’ did that sort of evolve out of Paige and Ian or was that on paper from the beginning?  … It’s such a beautifully, deftly built relationship from the pilot on, and I’m just so curious about what that process was.”

JASON: “That’s a really good question. Also a hard question.  I’m trying to remember at what point I said, ‘yeah, let’s pursue that romantic storyline.’  I mean from the beginning they were certainly polar opposites, represented as early as the pilot, I remember the scene where he says ‘If I have to take us down to a cosmic Adam and Eve to save the human race I will,’ and she says, ‘I’m going to do whatever I have to do to make sure we DESERVE to stay alive’ – I totally butchered those lines just there – but they were on the opposite sides, you know?  And obviously, obviously, Kane has evolved quite a lot, and learned the hard way I guess certain ramifications of being that hard-line in his early attitudes.  Being wrong about the earth’s survivability, after having advocated for the Culling, sort of changed him in ways that are still with him for sure.  And so, you know, I think it was a process. 

I think, like everything, you start making a show, and Ian Cusick is so good and Paige Turco is so good and they’re so good together, and a lot of it is because they’re adversarial, you know?  We see sparks between them because there’s conflict in those scenes.  They’re both intelligent and … they’re both arguing for their perspectives all the time, and eventually that chemistry bleeds into the writing …  And so the answer to your question is, I really can’t remember when I decided that, yeah, that should happen, but I mean, I see the same thing that you see … It makes total sense, by the way.  They’re both awesome, and they’re both passionate and compassionate, and I think she’s really taught him how to be a better man.  That’s what we all want out of our significant others.”

Claire: “What a good answer! I’m so happy.”

Erin: “Claire is just OVER THE MOON right now.”

Jason: “Good!  Good.  I love that relationship too. And you know what else, I have to say, they’re in their fifties, and it’s on The CW, and fucking A we’ve got one of the best romantic relationships on television over fifty, and I’m not sure that’s been done before. I’m about to turn fifty, so I’m here to tell you we still have feelings, even romantically.”

Claire: “That’s something I think is really important, both in terms of like varying the kinds of stories the show is telling, but also, you know, I think especially for women over a certain age, allowing them to be romantic and sexual and desired and continuing to own that power after they’ve aged out of being, like, starlets, I think is really important as a part of the representation question of how are women depicted on television.”

Jason: “When I first set out on my journey with this show, it was very important to me to tell stories with Jaha, Kane and Abby on the Ark.  That was the sort of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ of Season 1 …  And we’ve definitely continued [the emphasis on adult characters] through, for sure.  They’re great actors, and they added a sort of legitimacy and credibility to the show, too … the show has a surprisingly old demographic.  It’s not just watched by kids … the actual demographic as reported by Nielsen is much older than you’d expect.  A lot of the people who watch the show are in their forties and fifties.”


every year I go on a canoe trip in the wilderness of Maine. we spend a week paddling 100 miles up the Allagash Waterway and camp at incredible camp sites along the way. the only way to describe the feeling of being up there is pure bliss. my good friend Erin @realfreshair came with me this year and she captured that feeling on film. these pics have me longing to go back ….

question: would anyone be interested if I wrote a Newsies au with the tv show Friends? Cause i started thinking about it and it’s so perfect?? Like Davey as Ross, Jack as Rachel, Spot as Monica, Race as Chandler, Crutchie as Phoebe, and then like Albert or someone as Joey. Reblog or like this if you would read a fic where I like rewrite a few episodes with them


Ghostbusters 30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 29: alternate headquarters

they found an old coffee shop in the village. (wink wink) it’s a bit cramped, but it’s cozy. Erin especially loves the atmosphere; kinda feels like home. Patty’s got her own little library (i know the perspective is off there, no need to tell me), and Holtzmann has got a hammock on the other side of the coffee table. (not pictured) and Abby always ends up smelling coffee.


i commissioned the absolutely talented, amazing, and incredible @isharton to do this and they got everything everything right i’m blown away im so emotional bc this is it this is relal this is arcadia omg.sdajkfh please throw your money at them and if you love magic the gathering you should read their fancomic and their designs bc god i wish i could just

sorry this is just something special to me this is my world that i share with my best friend and this is real and HERE IT IS it’s making the world and our story all the more tangible

excuse me while i cry 


A/n I accidentally fell in love and now I’m going to do a Diana spam. Sorry if she seems a little OOC this is my first one. Also, I might do a mini-series after I get a little more confident in my ability.


Diana kept a small distance, because she couldn’t bring herself to keep a large distance. She began to concentrate on little details that she normally overlooked; she had gathered a small pile of information on little things that y/n did. It was an odd little hobby but she liked it. Even though she hadn’t known y/n for long, Diana knew a lot of little things about her; the way y/n’s eyebrows furrowed when she was concentrated on something, the little wrinkle that showed up. Diana noticed the way y/n unconsciously licked her lips, or bit them to hold back a laugh at inappropriate times. Diana noticed the comments y/n muttered when she thought no one was listening. It was ironic, the fact that y/n secretly glanced at Diana half of the time and Diana stole looks at y/n the other half of the time.

Diana’s ‘hobby’ was her comprise to herself; she couldn’t act on her feelings towards y/n so she had two things in her process of ignoring them. Y/n and her had these little moments. Sometimes they were long, other times short, but they were moments where they forgot everything it each other.

“Hey Diana,” y/n approached from her old spot next to Barry.

Y/n was also a meta-human, which is why Diana’s secret identity wasn’t a problem. “Hello y/n,” she replied.

“You alright,” y/n questioned? Diana gave a slightly peculiar look in response which made y/n feel like she hadn’t worded that in the best way; y/n jumped in to correct herself. “I mean…you don’t seem your usual self. If something is wrong, you don’t have to tell me, I just want you to know that I’m here if you need me to be.”

Y/n finished her statement by placing a hand on Diana’s arm in a warm matter; that was enough for Diana to forget about her distancing thing. She smiled softly at the action. It was one of those moments.

“Thank you for that, y/n,” she moved her hand so that it was touching y/n. “If I need to talk, you will be the first person I go to.”

“Okay,” y/n replied. She didn’t know what to say, but she didn’t want to ruin the moment. Then
her phone buzzed, y/n reluctantly looked at it. “Oh my gosh.”

“What,” Diana asked? “Is something wrong?”

Y/n smiled, “no, everything’s actually great. One of my best friends, Erin, from where I live says he’s arrived to town. He’s had this trip planned for awhile.”

Diana didn’t know what that sinking feeling in her stomach was, but she knew she didn’t like it. “That’s great,” she said through a forced smile.

Another phone buzz. “Erin just asked if I could pick him up at the airport. I’ll be on my way.”

“Hey y/n,” Diana called as y/n turned away, “mind if I go with you.”

“Not at all,” y/n replied. “But I’m driving.”

Diana was skeptical of Erin. She kept eyeing him and touching y/n’s non-driving hand. Diana was unusually quiet. Finally y/n dropped Erin off at his hotel.

“Something wrong,” y/n asked on the way back?

“I’m fine,” Diana muttered in an irritated voice.“

“Sorry, you just seemed annoyed ever since Erin showed up.” Y/n defended.

Diana didn’t really think it through before she replied, “I just don’t like the way he looked at you.”

Y/n could feel that there was a potential jealousy there but it made her laugh. “Are you jealous?”

“No,” Diana lied while crossing her arms.

They arrived at y/n’s apartment, which they had earlier agreed to go to. Y/n laughed once again. “I can’t imagine why you’d be jealous. I mean Erin is here to propose to his boyfriend.”


“Yeah, it’s there three year anniversary so he flew here to propose at dinner.” Y/n explained.

Diana didn’t know how to react. She finally said, “…oh.”

“I think it’s cute that you were jealous.” Y/n teased. Then in a more serious tone, “not sure why?”

“You really do not know that I am basically in love with you.” Diana didn’t mean to say it but she could not bring herself to regret it. Y/n say still, in surprise. The silence made Diana reconsider it all. “I should not have-”

Diana didn’t get to finish her sentence because y/n pulled her into a kiss. It was warm and held something that neither could quite place.

“I’m basically in love with you too,” y/n breathed after she pulled away.

Diana grinned, “really?”


“Well we are going to make up for lost time,” Diana answered before kissing her again.