my friend drew this picture of me

Reylo Cats!

This drawing was done by my Best Friend’s daughter (whom I’ve known since birth). After I gave her a digital art pad for her birthday I asked if for Christmas she would draw me Kylo Ren and Rey as cats and this is the precious picture she drew for me :)  I feel so loved and happy and though I’d share it!

So I’ve known one of my friends for like 15 years, right? And her family is like my second family, so I went over to their house to say goodbye before going back to school. While I was there, their other daughter was giving me a christmas gift and then she reminded me of this short story I wrote her for her birthday years ago and then got it out for both of us to read again.

Guys. I had a weird imagination back in the day.

The story is about a cow who sets things on fire whenever he touches them (including his house and his grandmother, it’s a dark story) so one christmas he wishes for a pair of shoes that will be impervious to his fire powers, and Santa comes to deliver the shoes personally. But then the cow gets so excited that he hugs Santa (not wearing the shoes yet) and he KILLS SANTA.



@cakemakethme tagged me in this lock screen thing yesterday and then @dexsnursey tagged me just now so I’m gonna do it!  My lockscreen is one of my favorite characters from the comic (I would rank him, but honestly I love Kent Parson and all the other characters so much I can’t choose).  And my home screen is this post by @tronnies-art-blog that I am literally still screaming about months later!!!!

I’m only gonna tag @bahoreal and @empresscatherinethefirst cause they’re my other closest friends that I wanna see do this!

I’m doing limited time $10 yandere commissions! Just send me a picture of yourself with a creepy quote and I’ll give u a drawing like the above with a cute surprise weapon! ✨💕😉
I drew my friends and myself as an example! Can u guess which on I am??😄


i kinda want a picture drawn of me. a friend of mine drew me one and i loved it. would you guys do it too?

its okay if you dont want to.

if you do, i will post it here (And give credits of course) and ill have them printed out and put on my wall!

so, will any of you guys draw a picture of me?


this weekend I went to the Melbourne Ahblxmas, dressed as a low-budget Christmas tree and had a brilliant time, even mustering up the courage to ask questions. one thing was when photo time came up I drew a blank and all I could think of was @consulting-cannibal‘s awesome picture of everyone overheating in sweaters. unfortunately I was far too broke for the actual sweater photo with everyone but I made the most of it so when it was my turn for a photo I said hi and showed everyone my phone. Mark got really really into it and loved Lucifer’s wings.
afterward I was thinking ‘oh shit, I gotta tell Scout, I hope this is alright with her’ and asked her if I could repost the pic. she was cool with it, told me to link back to her, and sent me the watermarked pic above to use. ^^

Titled: Just me and you, always

One year ago on this date, I married the man of my life and today marks our first wedding anniversary.
It’s almost hard to believe it’s been that long, as it feels like just yesterday, that I had moved to Germany to be with him, getting married in Denmark and making a life together.
I’m so very grateful, to have him in my life, as my friend, companion and husband.

I already drew him his own picture to enjoy, this is more of a pic gifty for myself,
as I haven’t drawn any GxV in a while.
That and my Hubby is my Goku to my Vegeta, so it warms my heart~<3

I played around with some warmer tones, along with shirt textures.
I have to admit I really like how Goku’s face came out in this, Vegeta is a bit off cause of the angling, but otherwise I like it.

Please do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3

-I draw too-

“I have a friend, she likes to draw,
she drew pictures that no one saw.
she was most artistic late at night,
in the bathroom, out of sight.
she kept a secret no one knew,
she didn’t tell a soul and her gallery grew.
her pictures were different, no paper or pen,
and needed a bandage now and then.
we played in the river, under the stars,
she rolled up her sleeves and showed me her scars.
she looked at her laces and tied up her shoe,
then I showed her my arms and said "I draw too.”