my friend cat


he was the biggest sweetheart and all he wanted in life was head scratches but he was also a Dirty Boy and covered in ticks so i…had to go…

i don’t think i’ve heard a cat purr in over a year, it was Healing

“hey coran, check this out!”

some happy space boys for the soul

(pose reference from here


today in the world of “the au nobody asked for” – Cat Grant grew up in Hartford down the street from Lorelai Gilmore, who became her closest friend from a very early age. While their moms were busy planning fundraisers for the elite, Cat and Lorelai were sneaking off to find trouble. They’ve always been each others most honest sounding board through all ups and downs. When Cat decided to “dive” she showed up on Lorelai’s front porch and dragged her off to a girl’s weekend in Vegas where Lorelai helped Cat come to terms with what, or rather who, she truly desires… (@fictorium @bridgetteirish)