my friend are the best


“this is the most fun i’ve ever had.” 

( thank you @danielhowell and @amazingphil for the laughs, the bants, and everything that you do and have done - over all the years, from behind closed bedroom doors somewhere in england to sold-out arenas across the world. we’re proud of you. )

Lance: But what makes love so special is that it’s about a connection. It’s more than skin deep. Love is about being vulnerable. Love is about finding your best friend. (…) So go get her, Hunk! Find the woman you love!

Me: dare I say canon one-sided hance ?

Stop worrying about finding “the one.” You might never have a grand romance, and that is okay. Instead, focus on your friendships. Take care of yourself. Pet your dog. Hang out with your mom. Create art. Not everything has to be dictated by romance.

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reminder that Tim is a little shit: it's canon that once in the comics Bruce was talking to him and bruce when asked "are you listening to me?" Tim said: "yes" bruce: "what did I just say?" tim: "i don't know" bruce: ".......... ' and if that isn't such a Shit My Kids Says idk what is.


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i wish i could contribute to this but ive never been high in my life. i kinda just assume whatever weird shit any high person would say would be something akin to every word that comes out of my one friend’s mouth. a good example being

and this is michael maybe

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For whatever reason, the bouquet emoji made me think of weddings and florist!Cas. I added a twist and here we are! (also on ao3!)

Dean’s best friend was supposed to be getting married in two months. The key phrase being supposed to because, according to Gabriel who had just called Dean ten minutes ago, the wedding was off.

As horrible as it sounded, Dean didn’t think he had ever been so relieved. Which he knew made him a complete and utter jackass in addition to the worst friend in the world but it wasn’t exactly his fault.

Cas’ fiance — well, former fiance now — was an even bigger asshole than Dean. A smarmy Brit with a posh accent and a superiority complex the size of the UK, Arthur Ketch was a certified piece of shit.

He was some kind of higher up businessman for a London-based corporation called the Men of Letters. Apparently, his company had connections with Roman Enterprises and the Alpha Corporation in Chicago.

Together the three companies formed a mega-conglomerate that Cas ironically referred to as the Leviathan. Dean had thought the nickname was clever.

Ketch? Not so much. He took personal offense to the name.

Dean wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like Ketch actually owned any part of the mega-corporation, he was just a guy in a suit with a plush corner office and a PhD in business.

Or so he said. Dean had always suspected that Ketch was actually just a pencil pusher. An accountant who played with numbers all day.

Dean had tried to get along with the guy for Cas’ sake. He hadn’t wanted to rain on Cas’ parade and point out all of his new boyfriend’s blatant flaws, sure that he would notice them himself soon enough.

But Ketch had made things insufferably difficult. He resisted any and all of Dean’s attempts to spark some sort of rapport.

He thought American football was simultaneously barbaric and infantile, claiming rugby was superior in every way. He hated beer, especially American beer, sticking to Scotch or wine instead.

He thought American TV was all mindless drivel, especially melodramas like Dean’s beloved Dr. Sexy. He even despised American food, turning up his nose at the fantastic blueberry pie Cas made in favor of ranting and raving about his aunt’s spotted dick.

Dean had tried to grin and bear it. To just smile and nod whenever Ketch went off on another rant about his travel around the world or his most recent business meetings.

But it was extremely difficult considering how boring the guy was. Not to mention, condescending as all hell.

He subtly belittled Dean’s profession any time they were in the room, straightening the lapels on his fancy overpriced suits while curling his lip at the sight of Dean’s dirty jeans and band t-shirts. He even insulted Dean’s car, calling it an overcompensating phallic symbol on wheels.

But Dean could forgive all that.

Could forgive the way Ketch sneered when he learned Dean was a high school dropout. Most people did, anyway. Ketch wasn’t special in that regard.

Could forgive the way Ketch rarely deigned to even acknowledge him when Cas invited him to dinner. More often than not it was better than the alternative.

He could forgive nearly everything. Every subtle dig about his family or his line of work. Every eye roll whenever he showed up at Cas’ for movie night.

But what he couldn’t forgive was how Ketch treated Cas.

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In Love With My Best Friend (Part 2)

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thanks for the care package. I needed more sleekeazy. As to your question about Lily… we’re still friends. Just friends. I know you’d say to tell her how I feel and I will at some point, but for now I think maybe it’s best to let things grow naturally. Don’t try to marry me off too soon. I’m glad to just be her friend.

Yes, friendship is good. For now. Thanks for all your advice.

To Be Continued! Part One can be found here

(James played by @seriouslyprongs )

How I Learned to Love My Husband

I’m not supposed to say it, but I used to have a wife. I have a husband now, but once upon a time I believed my partner was a woman.

You know how they can’t always predict natural disasters, sometimes a tornado just happens? This is what it felt like to lose my wife. In the midst of destruction, though, was hope to rebuild. My goodness, the devastation felt insurmountable, but day by day, hour by hour, second by second, I let go of the wife I had and began to love the husband I ended up with.

It stung and it burned, and some days I looked back and winced at old pictures, at tender memories, like photos of Puerto Rico before the hurricanes.

Sometimes my heart aches for the life I thought we would share, but most days I look at those memories and am engulfed with admiration for the people we’ve become. Thanks to him and his unwavering authenticity, we are stronger than we ever believed possible.

We’ve rebuilt and reinforced the frame of our marriage – we are disaster-proof. From life-threatening winds or floods unimaginable – we’re prepared for the next hit, and we can look at our foundation with pride.

I learned to love my husband instead of missing my wife,

Because nothing results in strong, unconditional love

Like Life turning on its axis, providing a new world with fresh, shiny hopes.

2017: #266/365

You guys remember how back when Dan and Phil were moving, we kinda just picked up this “assumption” that they were moving and it became like this little guessing/mystery theorized game that they were moving

And then they dropped The Video and we were all like, 
“Holy shit they ARE moving” and we all collectively freaked out? 

That was a nice time.