my friend are the best

It’s not like I wasn’t whole, but I have always had jagged edges - sunken crevices. Before, when someone tried to get close, their flat or rounded sides could never quite reach the deep parts of me. Until, I met you - with all your sharp points. I thought for certain you’d leave your scars, and I’d leave mine - like we both always do. But, somehow, your sharp points nuzzle my crevices, and my jagged edges fill yours comfortably. I never would have known if I never met you, but there’s always been a place for you in me.
—  M.A.P.

I was watching @therealjacksepticeye play Night in the Woods, and I love the friendship between Mae and Gregg!!
(Gregg is my spirit animal tbh)


If this shit is about to hit the fan (who knows) I want Louis & Harry to know that we have their backs. I don’t care how many pap walks or social media nonsense or Sun articles we have to scroll past, it’s all just noise. Keep fighting, kiddos.

Sorry that I haven’t been active on this blog in awhile. I haven’t felt very motivated to keep it going since I’ve lost some interest in it. I might post every now and then, but it’s become less fun for me.

As goes for the wheel, I still don’t like it at all (I finally got around to reading those messages from January), but I do love that they’ve kept Gifticality.

I hope you’re all doing well! Have a lovely mythical day!


This here, guys, gals, and nonbinary pals, is my best friend. The person I love and adore. The person I would take several bullets to the chest for. The woman who plagues my heart and askbox. Macaroni Danie, who makes snakes physically manifest in my home. My Tater Tots, who has put a curse on me and my blog. The asshole that does shit like this. This shitfuck. Right here. This fool. Temptress. Saboteur. Fucker. 

My :) Best :) Friend :)


I am both tired and bored soooo…here comes a new headcanon because I’m too tired to focus on art till tomorrow XD

Shouji used to be the chubby kid until he got super serious about sports and training. He still sports a little baby fat he can’t get rid of no matter how much he exercises, and he’s really self conscious about it. He loves sweets, thou. But he tries very hard to regulate how much he eats. There is always cake or sweet baked goods in the house because Kiyomi bakes. It’s a real test of his self-control, and sometimes he fails that test miserably.

I don’t even get why people follow me in the first place
I’m not that great at what I do. 
Average art, average writing, at best.

There’re much better sources on this website.


this video still heals my soul

anonymous asked:

You like math! so I totally apologize for babbling at you, I skipped from regular to honors (doesn't mean I like math) but that means that I never learned the base of ratios and percentages.. which not THAT big of a deal I can get by and in my line of work I don't really run up against math all that often. But then today I found myself up against a real life, very important, ratio word problem and going well fml I don't know what to divide by what

I do like math!

You wanna hear a funny story? One time when I was taking the final exam for one of my advanced econ courses (urban economics maybe? idk) and we weren’t allowed to use calculators on it because it’s too easy to cheat with them etc etc. Anyways, so there we all are, each one of us pretty smart econ or math or engineering majors, doing all sorts of problems involving advanced mathematics, long pages of formulas, the whole deal. And we each get to this one problem and every single one of us is completely and totally stumped. You know why? 

Long division. 

The damn problem required long division and not a single one of us could remember how to fucking do it.

The professor had to give a small lecture in the middle of an exam (that required knowledge of linear algebra!!) to reteach us how to do long division. 

So I feel you on the “I should definitely know this and I do not” front.

For @platonicotayuriweek- day one, fantasy. Semi au where Otabek is babysitting him, I guess, and yurio fell asleep listening to stories about heroes and fairies. 

I drew the lineart and my friend @captainmagicalsheepcollector was amazing and colored it for me lol

(ota/yuri shippers dont get to touch my stuff)