my friend and i actually went insane for a bit

Good boy

This is because Kasttle keeps making itself present. It’s the trailer’s fault, of course it is. 

It’s nothing like canon. I wrote it in a non-Punisher universe, but it can be read both ways. Reader’s choice, really. 

Hope you like it. I dropped a Karedevil piece for this, because everything is pretty shitty right now, and Kastle makes everything better. Hopefully it will make someone smile. 

Much love. 

She couldn’t even ask him about it.

It was there. Clear as day. She knew it, knew it like she knew her own name, but she couldn’t ask Frank about it. The one time she tried, he looked at her with such a condescending look in his face, as if she was telling him a joke he didn’t find funny, but smiled anyway to humour her.

But she knew.

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Just got back from a day out with my friends. Man I’m so tired, thought I’d mix things up a bit and not take a photo of the YA section this time. Anyway got a few books (will probably upload some photos tomorrow- it wasn’t an insane book haul as I thought).
Also, I had a dream earlier this week that I was running around a bookstore trying to find a book and it happened today because they rearranged their shelves- so my dream was a sign!
I also went to the pub with my friends and had many beers lol… I think I bought some books online actually, because I was drunk.

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My first time meeting a celebrity happened to be at my first concert to see my favorite band, The Devil Wears Prada. It was November 6th, 2013 in Chicago at the House of Blues. Me and my friend waited in the cold wearing minimal clothing for a good 2 hours, and it was worth it. We got barricade and it’s safe to say I gave tdwp my all during their performance. the energy throughout the whole show is what got me hooked on concerts and they are still one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. While performing it kept hitting me at random times that these people were actually real and not just pictures and videos. After the show my friend and I decided to go back to where they played after we got our merch to see if anyone dropped any picks or anything. But when we went back I looked by the stairs and Mike was just standing there with some of his crew. My heart was going insane, I was starstruck to say the least. I thought about running over to him but thought about how weird it would be if some stranger ran at me. So I cooled down a tiny bit and walked up to him and began talking his ear off about how much he meant to me and how I never thought I would meet him. We took a picture together and we parted ways and it is still one of the best days of my life. In April I’m going back to hob Chicago and seeing them again. Hopefully it will be as memorable as last time.