my french genes are taking over

Bob is my favorite.

I loved that he’s not especially masculine. He supports his children no matter what they’re doing; Tina wants to shave her legs? Bob takes her to get them waxed instead and even does it with her so she’s not scared.

Louise can’t sleep? Bob stays up with her and watched terrible tv and makes fun of things together (Long live the Burn Unit)

He doesn’t seem to bond as much with Gene, but when they do bond over something, its really sweet.

But one of my favorite things, is how he’s not entirely straight; when he was on the cruise ship and the French cook wanted to kiss him, he said no but then said he would do even more if he would just let him out (he was locked up)

In 4x05, the Thanksgiving episode, the guy at the deli thought Bob was hitting on him and eventually Bob was like, “I’m straight, well I mean I’m mostly straight. But hey you know what, if I wasn’t married, oh who am I kidding, you’re way out of my league. It would never work.” 

I adore him.