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I see the laxatives poking out of your bag, child.

I see that rot around your teeth.

So go and take another drag, child;

Whatever curbs the will to eat.

Hello dear,

I’m the Fix-It Man.

Why don’t you try my pill?

I’ll give you all the things you’re after,

I’ll give you skinny looks that kill.

I’ll make you thinner, child.

Oh yes,

I’ll make you skin and bones.

I’ll drop you naked in fiery terrain,

But you’ll feel oh so cold.

Wrap that measuring tape around your waist, child.

Wrap it around your neck

And I’ll kick the stool.

Do you remember what it’s like to have peace of mind?

What do you hide from those kids at school?

Deliciously Thinner;

I’ll tell ya, it’s a piece of cake!

(No pun intended)

But my patience is wearing thin.

(Well, perhaps it was intended)

What kind of trouble have you gotten in?

Don’t let them touch you with those IVs;

Fry your mind from the inside,

All those wasted medical calories.

Oh what a terrible tragedy!

When that somber death bell tolls.

Heaven’s gained another angel,

And I have claimed another soul.

My mother says I say I love you like someone who’s afraid they’re going to lose everything
Like someone so certain that loss is just around the corner I have to make absolutely certain people know

But I think
I say I love you more like someone who has never once believed it when it was said to them
Like someone who knows so intimately what it’s like to not be sure how others feel about me that I can’t bear the thought that others might not know how I feel about them
Someone who’s spent their whole life needing reassurance
Who wants
To make sure that those they care about are reassured

I say I love you consistently
Until the words are like a chorus to a song that sometimes only I am singing
Because the idea that you—that anyone I love
Doubts my love
Doubts their importance to me
Feels the way that I do every day
Terrifies me

I never learned to love with less than my whole heart
And I never once said I love you just to hear it back

—  w.n.

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Idk if you're the right one to ask for thoughts, but I was talking with a bud and we came to realize that... there's very few, if any, PowerBottom Vic Fics. At least from what we've been able to find. Which made us a little worried, bc like... pls don't let this be a "Yuuri's the woman :)" type thing. Like maybe we thought too much about it, but like... heteronormativity is still a thing. It just made me worried. Bc there's no woman in victuuri pls god stop that. Idk, maybe just overanalyzing.

Like obviously most of us thinks they’re a healthy switch couple, but it was just an observation. And the yoi universe don’t seem to accept gender roles, but it almost seems to be fetish at this point, making Yuuri out to be “a woman,” yet refuse to put the same onto Vic? Obv. ppl can do what they want, but it’s a little discouraging. Heteronormativity is just not pleasant. I just couldn’t find any fics, y'know? “The bottom” is still often “the woman” when there isn’t a woman at all. ;-;
Urgh, but like, me overthinking. Someone said on twitter that the switching of pronouns while performing is very common in japan, and I’m thinking it might have accidentally led to some unintentional heteronormativity in Yoi’s male, homosexual, relationship. I DONT KNOW ALLI, I JUST CANT HOLD THE THOUGHTS IN. Don’t be angry at me pls. ;-; I’m sorry I went on such an incoherent rant about fictional character porn lmao I’ll go to bed now, ‘night!

I WILL NEVER BE ANGRY AT ANYONE FOR BRINGING UP THIS IMPORTANT THING!! ♥ and yes i agree with you! and sorry it took me so long to answer, your ask got buried in my inbox D:

disclaimer: i am 110% aware that a lot of people have a preference whether they like to top or bottom, and that’s absolutely great! so that’s not what this is about. well kind of, but it’s really about the problematic and heteronormative characterization where the bottoming partner is written as/considered to be “the woman”!

even tho victuuri is an extremely versatile ship compared to many others, a lot of fics etc come across as very heteronormative and it bothers me as well. which is actually the reason i prefer bottom!vitya! i’ve found that those fics often have better characterization? i might post a rec list sometimes if there’s interest?

i don’t really have any input to how common the “pronoun” switching while performing is, but i do agree that yuuri doing that probably did contribute to him being written as “the woman” so often. but it’s not the only thing, since there’s also vitya being introduced as the playboy type of character, which (usually) is a very masculine trope, and then there’s the coach/athlete dynamic that kind of enforces those roles.

but all those tropes were proven to be wrong along the way! yuuri turned out to be the “playboy” of the story, vitya is a sweetheart that hasn’t had life or love for over twenty years and even in their professional relationship they’re pretty much equals. damn i love this series. but i think the first impressions can be very hard to shake and they fit so well into the traditional heteronormative roles that some people might not want to look past them. or might not even realize it. which is a shame bc vitya and yuuri are such great characters and a beautiful and healthy couple, and i really don’t like seeing them portrayed like that :(


here’s some mau draws while i work on the giveaway pieces in the next few days/weeks ❤

also just to let you guys know i’ve read all the comments on the giveaway and you guys are really nice ;x; i want to draw stuff for everyone but i don’t really have the capacity to do so.

but well knowing myself i would probably have another giveaway in the next half a year for so idk :3


Here’s the build request I did for my love @calisimgirl

I wanted to give her plenty of time to enjoy it before posting it <3 (I totally fan girl each time I see it~!)

This build is CC free, but I own all the packs and used most of them (if not all of them) Make sure to put on move objects.

If you use it I’d love it if you tag me if you use it~! I LOVE to see my builds in other peoples games <3

It’s up on the gallery, my ID is Lizilla0505, or you can download it here

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There's a theory that Nancy is pregnant with Steve's baby. I don't really agree with it but it could be true because the scene where they are in the alley and Steve walks away and another one where it seems to be Nancy crying in a bathroom. (Go to my page to see it) I'm wondering what your thoughts on it are

yeah so i’ve heard this but like… i dont know, i have no reason not to believe it, i just really dont??  let me try to sort through this one.

Steve and Nancy (despite being one of my favorite ships in the world) have a lot of reasons to fight besides pregnancy.  They’re very different people, they cope differently, hell, they might still have jealousy problems with Jonathan.  And Nancy has a lot of reasons to cry in the bathroom (read: Barb) besides being pregnant.  It also just doesn’t add up to me– if Steve thought Nancy was pregnant with his kid, I have a feeling he’d either spend all his time around her to make sure she’s okay, or (if we’re going the douche version here) get the hell away from the whole gang.  I don’t think he’d go off on missions with her kid brother and his friends.  That’s kind of a weird move to pull, even for Steve Harrington.

Like, I could definitely eat my words on this, I just don’t think it’s something they’d pull.  I also really hope it’s not because I feel like pregnancy scares are an old trope :/