my freckles are uneven

“You’re so ugly”
“You look like a bulldog”
“What’s that on your face?”
“Your skin is disgusting”
“Do you have a disease?”
“You need to fix your lips”
“No man is gonna ever want you”
“Why do you even try?”
“She’s the ugly sister”

I have eczema, acne, hyper pigmentation, moles on my lips, freckles around my mouth, scars all over my body, crooked, uneven eyes………. Idgaf. Say what you want, Imma love me! We gotta be our own biggest fans. People will always pick you apart and will always have something to say but I’m learning that none of that shit ever mattered.



🌸 I started getting way more productive once I began studying outside! Yes, it can be too hot sometimes (I live in Italy) but over all it’s a really nice change. And I’m getting my freckles again! Yay! 🌺

You’re right, I’m not the perfect girl for you. I’m just that type of girl who prefers to buy food and books instead of spending more on makeup and beauty products. I have pimples on my face, scars, freckles, uneven skin tone but I just let it be as it was. I got tons of clothes but I settle most on loose shirts and jeans. I also suck at cooking, I hate math and numbers, I’m awkward at having a conversation and most often I’m extremely shy. I hate my voice on tape but I love to sing. You see, I’m not perfect by any means. I have so many flaws and I will annoy you most of the time. But my imperfections are what make me more real and unique. And I will never get tired of loving this cold, flawed, short weirdo who shines the most with her broken pieces.
—  (d.g)