my four

Your hair
is strewn with
dead leaves,
tainted with ink,
and haunted by
the faint scent of dark

Your hair
is in full bloom,
flowers arranged
beautifully, tenderly,
the home of robins
and their baby-blue

Your hair
is singing with the weight
of treehouses on sturdy branches,
leaves as green as your eyes,
purple gardenias
and freshwater from a stream,
slipping through strands.

Your hair
is covered with the first snow
of the season,
tints of platinum barely visible,
reminding me of
warm hugs and heart-wrenching
smiles, the comfort of knowing
we’re home.

—  hair // soph

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ok, now this one’s the last one (im from new jersey, so i had to haha)

bonus at the end cos it’s coincidentally been a year since yesterday ;)

in case you haven’t noticed, i’m WEIRD.

i’m a weirdo. 

i don’t fit in. 

and i don’t WANT to fit in. 

have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? 

that’s weird.