my forever series i guess :)

Factions within the yugioh fandom, according to my observations:

  • thinks dm is the best and don’t have the time/interest to watch spin-off’s
  • ygotas
  • likes season 0 and the Edgy aspects of dm (hello thiefshippers)
  • hates judai on principle, has only seen gx dubbed
  • thinks gx is best and judai is #relatable
  • hasn’t actually finished 5d’s but agrees that it’s really good, thinks yusei is a swell guy
  • has seen ALL of 5d’s and iS HELLA PASSIONATE ABOUT IT
  • likes zexal and i mean REALLY LIKES ZEXAL
  • arc v is a goddamn mess what is happening? hELL?? this is fine

Wow, as of now, my blog is one year old! I’ve seen a lot of people make these follow forever things and since I have yet to make one, I thought this would be a good occasion! Additionally, thank you to the 1.8k of you who have hit that follow button and put up with my presence. Anyways, here are some of my favourite blogs run who you should totally check out! ^_^

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