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When I say respect influences my interest in drawing specific things, the rate at which my stuff gets reposted is definitely included. Please, I don’t think I’m asking for much, here.

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Hello friend! Although I've been practicing in digital art for almost 3 years, I'm never completely satisfied by the result of my works. I usually never like the coloring. And from what I've seen you have the most unique and beautiful coloring style. So, I wanted to ask you, how did you find it? How did you expirement and settled in this style? Thank you for your time!

!!!! Thank you so much! ;v; 

We’ll start with ygo !!  because everything else before that is Dark Past and absolutely terrifying Never Again

early 2015, I used to try doing semirealistic art because artists like jiyu-kaze, artgerm, and sakimichan
the last piece took probably 2 weeks???? it was painful lmao

I used to do the thing where you painted everything in grayscale first and then used a bunch of layer modes to layer colors on top, inspired by this, and it carried over to my tg art. it would take maybe long time to finish anything because I didn’t really know how to use it correctly. 

 Then my style started off being inspired by sui-zakki  (the author of tg), especially these pieces xx, x

I switched to using base colors after a while and tried to paint the way ishida did. I really liked the way that his art wasn’t exactly smooth?? or that you could still see the edges of each color next to each other… the colors looked really sharp and abstract. You could say this is the start of the style I have right now <:
Along with base colors, I used a lot of lumi & shade layers to add highlights and shadows. My backgrounds were usually a lot softer and sort of random at the time (I think you can see my style improvement best through the way I drew/colored my backgrounds ‘v’ )

Around 2016ish, the colors I used were lighter because I used less lumi & shade and used more on overlay and multiply layers (this is what I do now) or by coloring with only changes in opacity (this was mostly influenced by ammeja). There’s the prominent geometric edges or whatever in my colors because I started using a more square-ish brush for everything and I really liked how it looked when the colors weren’t seamlessly blended together. (the victor in the center was my first yoi fan art, he looks so different now asjdfjgjgjgjf :’> )

I color in a more blocky/geometric style, and instead of painting my pieces and smoothing them out like the ones above, I just stuck with sketches/lineart (this old tg piece is the one that got me to stick to lineart).
My coloring was mainly influenced by barachan, lanxin, and seventypercentethanol, and their pieces like xx, x
yahoberries (I love her art so much you don’t understand) influenced my blue/white outlines as well as the stray blob of colors that I sometimes don’t erase around my art
I really like crystal/gem-looking colors, and having geometric shapes as highlights or shades looked pretty cool too, so that’s how my style happened <3


2017 book releases I’m most looking forward to

“Sonny’s Day Off”, an Uptown Funk/In the Heights Rotoscope

ahhhhhh it’s finally done!! the beast is conquered! i can doodle once more! i hope you guys like it, i’ve been doing this since november,, and now i’m looking forward to spending this week doing requests :)

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Jeffmads Headcanon: Thomas literally will let James do anything to his hair if it makes James feel better

James is sick again. Not the kind of sick that means he can’t move, can’t breathe; the kind that lands him in hospital, the kind that has Thomas worrying for days on end.

No, it’s the kind of sickness that turns James into a miserable, sniffling blanket burrito of a man that doesn’t leave his bed for a week, hopped up on Nyquil and binging House of Cards on Netflix (while simultaneously pointing out all of its political inaccuracies). The kind of sickness that means he won’t feed himself or sleep, so Thomas has to force him to eat something and at least take his meds.

Thomas can’t stand to see him like this - James’s immune system has never been kind to him, and he has never been able to stop worrying about his Jemmy when he’s ill. He’s seen how bad it can get after a particularly bad flu strain five years ago that had landed him on a ventilator in the hospital, and he just can’t go back to feeling that helpless so he does what he has to – which normally involves camping out in Jemmy’s living room until the worst has passed.

Other people would probably say that Thomas  is too much of a mother hen to James when he’s unwell, but Thomas will staunchly deny the fact. The truth is that he’ll let Jemmy get away with almost anything if it makes him feel better. He knows that Jemmy likes to keep busy, and tends to get fidgety when he has nothing to do. He’d found this out the hard way after falling asleep on the sofa one day and waking up four hours later with his hair plaited together in tiny little braids all over his head. It had been a pain to take out all the braids and get his hair back to normal, but James seemed so relaxed afterwards that he almost didn’t mind at all.

So now Thomas indulges James, lets him do whatever he wants to his hair when he’s sick. He’s content to sit for hours on end while Jemmy twists and turns and braids his hair, running the ringlets between his fingers. Today he’s sitting on the floor in front of the sofa while James fiddles with his wild locks; he knows this makes him calm, takes his mind off the fact he feels miserable and his immune system has royally fucked him over.

He’s always gentle, Thomas thinks as his friend carefully styles his hair back into french braids, and he’ll never tell anyone this but he actually doesn’t hate the way he’s the one person Jemmy leans on when he’s ill. He’ll never tell anyone that he shivers, warmth bubbling up inside him as James’s fingers graze the nape of his neck or the tender spot just behind his right ear. He’ll never tell how he just wants to scoop Jemmy up in his arms and cuddle the shit out of him - blanket burrito and all - when he’s feeling unwell; and he’ll never share that in the darkness he imagines how he might kiss; would their lips slotting together be like a fire lit from within, or like coming home at the end of a long day?

No, Thomas thinks. He’ll never tell. He’s content to stay in this moment for now, with his best friends’ fingers meticulously combing through his curls, smoothing out the tangles. He’d gladly sit here for hours more. He’d gladly sit here forever.



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hey so I was rereading your Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts Series (for the umpteenth time) and I was wondering how you cast Harley, Ivy and Selina (and also the Robins) - because aside from maybe Margot Robbie, the movies really don't seem right

Nicki Minaj, Natalie Dormer, and I kind of like Diane Guerrero or Michelle Rodriguez but neither of them are perfect so if anyone knows any petite Afro-Latina actresses with that kinda vibe that I can fancast lemme know. I have the same problem with pretty much every Robin, except for Jason, who is Tyler Posey (”but kitty he’s so cinnabon-cute” YES EXACTLY THAT’S HOW HE GETS YA)

Babes i luv andd want to get to kneow moreL:

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There are probably more that i need to add but i’ll do that later when I’m more sober than i am now. Just know you are all my people, an i love all of you to the moon and back and even further.


“Operation Rescue Red is a go,” Lucas spoke firmly into his supercom, working to keep excitement from his voice. This was a serious mission, after all. “Is everyone in position? Over.“ 

From his spot outside the study hall window, Lucas shielded his eyes from the afternoon sun and tried to see through the glass, awaiting the crackling of static that would indicate someone was responding. No more than ten seconds had passed before the expected sound arrived. 

"Agents Bard and Wizard in place.” It was Dustin’s voice, practically brimming with enthusiasm. “Over." 

Lucas couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes. They hadn’t agreed on code names, but there was no point in arguing. No time, either. 

"Me and El are ready too. Over.” That was Mike. Lucas allowed himself a small smile. For a plan that had been haphazardly thrown together during the lunch hour, things were running fairly smoothly.  

Lucas pressed the call button on his supercom, ready to deliver his directive to the rest of the team. “Okay, let’s kick some ass.” 

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“When I was 20 or so I worked at a coffee shop. We worked mostly for tips, a dollar here, a dollar there. One day I realized I needed a root canal. I was in pain and couldn’t afford to get the surgery I needed. No insurance… I left a sign on the tip jar that said “Please help me get a root canal”… A total stranger pulled me aside and gave me $400 to fix my teeth. I will never forget him. It has changed my life forever. Random acts of kindness. Happy holidays.

That’s the thing, I never knew his name and never saw him again. He just wanted to help… I got my tooth fixed and smiled extra big forever.

This is for @shir-oh-no for their art au


they’re still babies and their dad wants them to play with the big kids

(based on a real story)

I still don’t like this but who cares~♪
@sufferthesea, do you feel it yet?