my forever girl no one else matters as much to me

These are the moments when I know I’m in love with her.

The moment she smiles, and it’s like nothing else matters. I would do anything to get graced with that smile.

The moment she says my name, and I’m caught in a moment between listening but not, because all I want to do is replay the way she says my name forever.

The moment when she’s so far away and our eyes meet in the camera, at least I think they do, and it’s this moment of complete and utter bliss.

The moment when no one else can get my attention, but she says one thing and every fiber in me is suddenly alert and listening.

The moment when she sends me something she thinks is hilarious, and that makes it so much more enjoyable to watch.

The moment when her nose scrunches because she’s laughing so hard and I wonder how I’m so lucky.

The moment when she remembers something I had told her when I was rambling, not expecting her to pay attention.

The moment when she “gets mad” because she thinks I’m ignoring her when in reality I’m listening to every single word.

The moment when she’s so tired but refuses to hang up first, even though its the most cliche thing in the world, and she refuses to be cliche.

The moment when she gives in because we’re both falling asleep and it’s three am and we have things to do in a few hours.

The moment when she accidentally says or does something and gets so flustered about it.

The moment when she hides her face after I compliment her.

These are the moments I know I’m in love with her. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s everything.

—  Farkle Minkus’ College Diary