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39. What type of music do you like?

I love a lot of different types of music. My Chemical Romance are my my favourite band forever. I love indie, emo music, folk, chill, musicals. I can listen to Avenged Sevenfold and then the Lumineers. I like a lot of stuff

These are my favourite days of Michael. 

Young and free, how he should be. 

This is how I like to remember him.

A captivating cheeky young thing. An intelligent and gorgeous mind with an even more gorgeous heart.

Those eyes had the ability to make anyone feel special. He made you feel like the only person in the room. Like you were most important, therefore leaving a touching mark on you.

It’s been nineteen years since you departed from earth and yet, not a day goes by where you aren’t missed or thought of. For me personally, you’ll always be my favourite. You were my introduction to Rock n’ Roll. 

You were the true essence of a rockstar but you still had a dignified and charming manner to you that ultimately made you intolerably sexy, haha. 

At the age of fifteen, you quickly became everything to me.

And you still are. Among the voices I listen to, you are my all time favourite. Your band is my first and forever favourite. My adoration for you continues to grow every time I go back and listen to the greatest hits.

The nostalgia that hits me as a young’s bitter-sweet. You taught me so much about the world, haha. A world I never knew about until you sparked my interest. 

Sex, drugs, and rock n roll. 

Nah, nah, nah, I’m kidding. Kind of, haha.

Your intelligence..I don’t think enough people know about how articulate you really were. I could’ve listened to you talk for hours. Your unique insight and opinions are ones I continually treasure till this day. I can only hope your poetry gets released someday.

My dearest Michael..I think the world of you. I still cannot comprehend how insecure you were about yourself. You were and still are, incredibly beautiful. Inside and out. 

And just like my favourite song of all time demands,

…I wouldn’t change a thing.

Rest In Peace, Hutch.

We’ll never forget you.

Tag meme

Name: Devin or fin

Nickname: Some people call me Ben or bean or thex. I’m sorry I have a lot of names

Gender: Genderqueer/agender I’ve been leaning to they/them lately

Star Sign: Aries ♈️

Height: 5'3

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw or hufflepuffle;0

Favourite Animal: moths ! I love buggies

Favourite Colour: Any neon colors. Especially chartreuse or cyan

Avg. Hours Of Sleep: 24

Dog Or Cat Person: Cats!!! But I like dogs too

Favourite Fictional Characters: NORIAKI KAKYOIN

And uh jonathon and giorno. Mista and okuyasu too. Uhh who else. Jacket and biker from hotline. Fukase from vocaloid. Kedamono from popee. Midoriya from bnha. There’s probably more but kakyoin is obv my favorite forever

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 5.

Favourite Band/Singer: myself. Jkjkjk uhhh,,, who ever the lead sing of varsity is. I fuckinh love her voice. I like Alessia cara too. I don’t listen to her much anymore but shellah was a huge inspo for me when I was younger.

Dream job: biologist/ forensic pathologist or anything to do with 2D art

When Was This Blog Created?: My account I made whenever fnaf came out. But this blog I made in August I think probably September.

When Did Your Blog Reach it’s Peak?: uhhh maybe in October. I don’t post regularly anymore but u stopped doing headcanons as much and now I stick to art cause they were stressing me out.

thank u @blue-birbs

I tag….

Hello :)
I’m currently looking for someone to talk to on Tumblr! Although I’d prefer to talk to someone between the ages of fourteen and seventeen, I’m open to talking to anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, etc..
Unfortunately, I will not be on Tumblr from July 21-27, but message me anyway! Just introduce yourself with your name, age, and gender.
My name is Elizabeth. I’m a girl, I am fifteen and live in Canada.
I love classic rock. So far, for big classic rock bands I’ve seen ZZ Top, The Who, and Queen. My music taste is really everywhere, though. However, my favourite band will forever be Queen. I play ukulele and sing.
I love all animals, especially dogs, donkeys, and toucans. (adopt don’t shop)
My favourite TV shows are Gilmore Girls and The Office. I’ve seen them both multiple times. I also like Dexter, although I haven’t watched it for a while. I recently finished watching Grace & Frankie. Also, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a great movie.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is my favourite.
I’m awkward as hell, but I’ll get better.


“This band isn’t just the soundtrack to my teenage years. It’s the music that helped me discover who I really was, rather than focusing on fitting in. I’ve connected with people from all over and made some life long friends through loving this band.

But the one memory I’ll never be able to thank The Kooks enough for and the one that will make this band forever my favourite is their O2 Kentish Town Forum show in December 2015.

Two months prior to it I had a random conversation with a match on Tinder about the fact we both had tickets for this gig and we should bump into one another there. That random convo became 2 months of texting, 10 hour phone calls and endless FaceTime sessions. By the time we had actually met in person and were stood front row for the show dancing along to ‘Sofa Song’ I knew. I knew I had fallen in love.

And almost two years and a few more Kooks shows later, he’s still the best thing I have in my life.

So tah guys, you found me my person so I’ll forever be one of yours. xo”

- Esther Pope

I would like to discuss this photo and why it might be one of my favourite images I have ever created.

This is Matthew Greiner, which, some of you may know him as the drummer from the band August Burns Red. ABR has been a band since 2003 and have been going steady ever since. When they first started out, Matt and JB (ABR’s lead guitarist), would write all of their material in the barn loft on Matt’s parents farm. Not only did he and JB write albums such as Thrill Seeker and Messengers (some of my favourite albums to this day) in this loft, but the band also used to practice here constantly whenever they were at home in Pennsylvania. Myself being a fan of the band as well as their friend, it was truly incredible to see in person.

There are set lists and lyrics plastered all over the walls from throughout the years writing and rehearsing in this space. When I had the opportunity to hang out with Matt on our off day in his hometown, he was kind enough to bring me by the far and show me these places. I took this photo on a Leica Mini with Illford HP5+ film because I didn’t think a digital image would have done it justice. It was meant to be a sincere moment, and I feel like this photo just means more to me knowing that I have the exact 35mm slide, cut and mounted, so no matter what, I can re-print and keep this image forever. 

Just seeing the place where one of my favourite bands growing up used to jam and write the albums that I wouldn’t stop listening to in high school was a truly priceless moment in my life that I will never forget. Having the opportunity to shoot some bigger artists in fancy arenas is nice and all, but capturing moments such as this that are so sincere and meaningful are why I picked up a camera in the first place. 

I don’t often post my band photography on my tumblr as it’s taken for memories sake, not to put online. But. MUSE are my favourite band (in the world, forever and for all time). This Sunday, the 3rd April marks the start of a Spring / Summer of travel, close friends, insane and brilliant queueing and general MUSE malarky for me. This will the 7th tour I’ve seen multiple shows on. I’m going to a stupid number of gigs in *nine* countries this year. Madness. I totally and utterly adore them. (Matthew Bellamy, MUSE. Emirates Stadium, London, UK. Day One, May 2013.)