my foraging

Foraging was a success yesterday! My best friend Maya and I didn’t find a lot but we found enough. Lobster mushrooms, slippery jacks, and one single cute wee puffball. We found some boletes we weren’t familiar with too, took a few home to identify and test. I also gathered some old mans beard moss.

New foraging toy for the hedgies! I’m super excited about this one, it was made specifically for small mammals like rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. There are three levels of difficulty to it as well, and I think the hedgehogs should be able to handle all three pretty well. I’m going to be trying it out on Pancake tonight! Will update tomorrow on if she gets her treats out. :) 

The Bucket List

Pairing: Steve x Reader 

Warnings: none? 

Prompt: you talk in your sleep

word count: 3390

A/N: this strayed so far from the prompt but I liked it too much to stop writing it. Hopefully you guys enjoy it. It could be really shit!!!! I wrote it running on four hours of sleep, so please don’t judge me if it’s bad, I just wanted to write something nice for you guys. 

“You talk in your sleep—“ Steve spoke as he entered the kitchen, pulling the bag of oatmeal from the top shelf.

I looked up from my bowl, a small stream of almond milk dribbled down the side of my mouth. “Huh?” I questioned as I wiped it away with my sleeve.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at me in confusion and a little bit of disgust, “uh—“ he shook his head, “you talk in your sleep. I heard you last night.”

I furrowed my brow as I shovelled down another mouthful of cereal. “What was I saying?” It interested me to know what I spoke about in my slumber. My college roommate had always told me that I did it, but my punishment for chatting away to myself was never knowing what I’d said—she was tough on me.

“You were talking about a handsome man in blue, I can only assume that was about me.” A small smirk played on his lips as he placed his bowl in the microwave.

“Okay Rogers,” I warned, “don’t reach. Now what was I really saying?” I asked again—a slight blush creeping onto my cheeks. The truth was I had the biggest crush on my training partner. It was just like high school, when you’d get a crush on one of the senior boys. Steve was the senior boy everyone had a crush on and I was lucky enough to train with him. It pleased me to walk into the gym every day and watch as he went one on one with the punching bag—his training shirts were always tight, accentuating his ungodly muscles and he was always so damn nice—but what I liked most was that he never played down my ability to fight. He fought me like he would fight any enemy and that in itself was the most attractive thing about him.

“Are you blushing (Y/N)?” He continued to smirk at me, knowing he was getting a reaction.

“Oh jog on.” I waved him away, “I see you shirtless every day, pretty sure if I wanted to—okay you know what nevermind, I can’t talk about you like that.” I began to toy with my cereal instead of eating it.

“Jog on—“ he repeated me, “is that a British thing?”

I rolled my eyes and poked him in the chest, “tell me what I was saying.”

“Fine, fine!” he put his hands up in defeat. “You were talking about the ocean—saying you were scared of it. You said something about a giant squid taking you away and pecking you with its beak.”

“Mmmmm,” I leaned back in my chair, “now that sounds more like me.” I really did have an irrational fear of giant squid.

“You’re really scared of the ocean?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yep,” I got up from my seat and meandered to the sink.

Steve turned to face me, “but you can control it?”

I scoffed at his comment—I always seemed to get the same reaction when I told people. “Just because you can control something, doesn’t mean you can’t be afraid of it.”

“Wow,” he nodded his head in agreement. “That’s so deep.” He took a sip of his orange juice just as I went to lightly slap him on the head. The juice went sputtering out of his mouth and I let out a loud gasp.

“Oh wow—“ I couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m so sorry.” I grabbed some paper towel from beside the sink. “Oh my gosh.” I dabbed at his mouth before I could wipe the table. “You should’ve seen your face.” He rolled his eyes and grabbed the paper towel from me.

“Very funny.” He sighed as I sat back down—still chuckling at the mess I’d caused.

“Hey,” I tilted my head, sending him a tight-lipped smile “you shouldn’t make fun of my quotes.”

He shook his head, in disbelief “I never disagreed with you, but whatever you’re right.”

“I know I am Rogers, when am I not right?”

“When you’re left.” He looked up at me, the biggest smile plastered on his stupid face.

“Ohhhhh my god.” I didn’t want to laugh—I really didn’t. In fact I was certain that I was laughing at him and not with him. “You—no” I slapped my hands over my mouth in shock. He’d just told what was possibly one of—if not the worst joke of all time. “You really need to never tell that joke again, please I beg you.”

“Oh,” he frowned, “I got it from Scott—I thought he was the funny guy.”

“Scott is the funny guy, let it stay that way.” I leaned over the dining table to pat him on the shoulder.

“I’m scared of the ocean too by the way.” He quickly changed the subject—I slumped back into my chair when I noticed the blue of his eyes deepen.

“Well that’s because—well, yes—well, okay, yep.” I awkwardly got up from my seat. I hated that sometimes I was so calm and collected around him and then two seconds later I was the definition of ‘awkward mess’. “You know what, I’ll just see you at training.”

“Uh—okay,” I could tell he was confused by my suddenly erratic behaviour, but he went with it nevertheless. “I’ll see you then.”

I awkwardly waved before scrambling out of the kitchen.

“He said he was afraid of the ocean too and I freaked out, cause you know he’s been through so much with the damn sea—“

Wanda couldn’t wait for me to finish my sentence—she instantly burst out laughing. “Wow,” she calmed herself down. “I can always count on you to make my bad days better.”

“Don’t laugh at me,” I whined, “this is really bad.” I knew I couldn’t blame her for laughing because I really was a joke.

“Okay no, no” she stopped herself from laughing again. “I’m telling you now,” she placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. “If there’s anyone he likes in this whole facility it’s you!” I didn’t know where she’d pulled the idea from, but I liked it. “You haven’t embarrassed yourself—I can bet that he’s forgotten about it already.”

“Yes, but I keep making myself look stupid—eventually he’ll remember.” It was only a matter of time before Steve realised; I wasn’t funny, I was just a mess.

“You’re his training partner, he knows how fierce you are! So for you to be awkward outside of that dojo means nothing! He’s seen you in your rawest form, he knows the real you.”

“It’s just the fact that I try my best to flirt or create some banter and then I ruin it.” I shoved my head into her pillow and let out a loud groan.

“You really don’t see how great you are. All those awkward encounters? They add to your character and show that you feel something.”

“Jeeze,” I whistled under my breath as I lifted my head. “You really know how to be the supportive friend.”

“I know,” she smiled sincerely. “I didn’t have anyone when I thought I was making stupid mistakes, so the least I can do is be a good friend now that I have one.”

“Wow—“ I placed a hand over my heart, “I’m pretty sure that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“Stop it,” she laughed, “I’ve been nice before.”

“Hmmm,” I pretended to think about it. “I guess you have.”

“Hey—“ Steve said as he waltzed into the gym “what are you doing in here before me?” He knew the drill, he’d box and I’d walk in and pretend to be unfazed by his perfect form.

“Well,” I struggled to speak as I did my push ups, “I don’t like to admire hot and sweaty Captain America every day.”

“I always knew you were admiring me,” he dropped his bag and then lowered himself onto the mat next to me. “You having a bit of trouble there?”

My arms felt like jelly and there was sweat dripping from every crevice, I was on my 65th push up and I only needed one more to beat my personal best. I managed to squeeze in another three before collapsing into a heap. “I never have trouble.” I joked as I struggled for breath.

Steve chuckled as he got back up. He walked over to my gym bag and foraged for my water bottle. “Here,” he said placing it down next to me.

“Thank you,” I breathed—sitting up, before I gulped down almost the entire contents.

“So you never denied that you were admiring me.” The stupid smirk that I was far too accustomed to graced his face.

“Shut up,” I mustered enough strength to elbow him in the ribs.

He grabbed my elbow and pulled me closer. “That’s still not denying it.” It was the first time he’d ever been so cheeky around me and I had to say; I loved every single moment of it.

“You know what.” I wriggled myself free from his grip and grabbed my water bottle—without warning I squirted it in his face. “Is that enough denying for you captain?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Shit—“ he lifted his shirt to wipe his face and the bottom of his torso peaked out from underneath. I had to stop myself; I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if he caught me. “I’ll get you back for that (Y/N)” he warned.

“I’m sure you will,” I said casually—as if my heart wasn’t about to explode.

“Enough of that. Down to the serious stuff.” He wriggled himself around so that he was sitting in front of me.

“What,” I fake gasped. “You mean we weren’t being serious just then?”

He laughed lightly before shaking his head. “I was thinking that we could find the spare pair of gloves in the storage room and spar today.”

My arms felt like they were going to snap off, but I couldn’t resist sparring with Steve. He was just so precise and agile—all his movements were so natural, yet so unpredictable. “Sounds good to me.” I huffed before gulping down the last bit of my water.

“Great!” he sprung up, “I’ll go find the gloves.”

“Wait!” I shot up as well, “I’ll help you look.”

The two of us stood at the door of the storage closet, not sure where to look first.

“Christ, this is a tiny room.” I coughed as dust particles bombarded my throat.

“You’re not wrong.” Steve agreed as he crouched down.

“I regret not bringing my gloves today.” I said as I mirrored his actions, our shoulders pressing against each other as we both rummaged through random crates.

“Well—“ whatever he was about to say was cut off by the sound of a siren blaring.

“Shit!” we both stood up at the same time. The door to the storage room slammed shut within seconds, ultimately sealing us inside. The shock of it all caused me to stumble back into his arms.

He caught me gently, as if I were as light as a feather. “I forgot there was a lockdown drill today,” he let me go and I awkwardly shook myself upright.

“Well that’s just dandy isn’t it?” I flopped down onto one of the crates. Hiding my face so he wouldn’t see the blush that had crept onto my cheeks.

“Sorry,” He sighed as he pulled up a crate next to me.

I took a second to calm myself before looking at him, “it’s not your fault.”

We both sat in silence—instructions blared from the speaker in the dojo, but they were muffled by the titanium door that had sealed us in. I fumbled with my fingers for a while, before turning to look at Steve.

“What?” I questioned—my voice catching in my throat when I realised he’d been staring at me.

“Your eyes—“ he gulped, “they changed colour.”

“Oh yeah,” I averted my gaze to the floor—I was embarrassed by the whole situation.

He placed his knuckle under my chin and gently turned my head, so that I was looking at him again. “They’re—“ he hesitated for a second, “they’re beautiful.”

His comment struck me—I honestly felt like my heart was going to exit my body through my throat.

He didn’t move his knuckle from under my chin; instead he moved his face closer to mine. In fact, he was so close that I could smell his aftershave, which by that point should have faded—so close that I could feel the heat radiating off his skin.

“This is a really small room.” I repeated, as a lump began to rise in my throat. Was he going to kiss me? Or was he just moving irrationally close to me for no reason? I had no idea.

He smiled, “you say the dar—“ the clanking of the titanium door struggling to opening broke us apart. I’d never moved faster in my life—I felt like Pietro as I stumbled to my feet at the speed of light.

“Um, you know what? I’m not feeling so great. I think I’m gonna cut this short, if you need me I’ll be in my room.” I didn’t wait for a response—I rushed out of the dojo and toward my room, leaving him as confused as ever.

I was half way through a pint of ice cream before there was a knock at my front door. “Bloody hell,” I muttered under my breath as I set down the dessert and slinked towards the door.

“Hi—“ Steve said as I flung the door open. “Can I—uh—I just came to check if you were okay.” He ran his hand through his hair nervously.

“Uh hi.” I narrowed my eyes— still not quite sure why he was standing there, considering I was perfectly fine. “I’m okay, is there a reason I wouldn’t be?” I moved aside and gestured for him to come in.

“It’s just that you left in such a hurry before—“ He held on to the back of his neck as he spoke, “I thought maybe I did something wrong.”

“Oh—“ I bit my lip, remembering just how close we’d gotten in that moment. “No, you—you were fine.” I resumed my seat on the couch. He stood beside the armrest, awkwardly staring down at the TV.

“You can sit down you know.” I chuckled as I patted the spot next to me.

“You know I—nevermind.” He sat down without any complaints to which I replied with a smile.

“Your hair is still wet,” I reached out to feel it. When I realised how weird I was being I pulled away, but was caught off guard when he entwined his hand with mine.

“I uh—“ he quickly shook his hand away and the two of us averted our eyes to the TV—unsure about what had just happened. “What are you watching?” he croaked.

“American Gangster—hey do you still have that list of movies you need to watch? Surely this is on there?” I distinctly remembered him telling me about his lists and how he’d aimed to finish everything on them.

He let out a small laugh, “you still remember that?”

My mouth formed an ‘O’, “I am shocked that you have such little belief in me and my listening capabilities.”

He laughed louder this time,“you’ll be happy to know that it is on my list and that I have in fact seen it.”

“I’m so proud,” I beamed as I clapped my hands together. “Look at you, de-fossilizing yourself one step at a time.”

His face fell in an instant, and I felt like I’d been stabbed. I’d upset him and I hadn’t meant to. “Look I better go.” He got up from his seat, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Hey wait!” I grabbed his hand and pulled him back down. “I didn’t mean it like that.” I hadn’t meant for my comment to hurt him, but I realised that it’d been a dumb move on my part. “I’m proud of you, you’re not a fossil and even if you were, you’d be my favourite.” A cheesy grin spread across my face as a small smile fleeted on his.

“Favourite fossil huh?” he raised an eyebrow in question.

“Favourite.” I leaned forward and in the spur of the moment I kissed his cheek.

We were both taken back for a second—each of us knowing it was out of character for me.

“(Y/N)” Steve said quietly, “there’s something on my list that I need your help to finish.”

“You need my help?” I wasn’t quite sure what he would need me for. There was nothing I could do that the others couldn’t—apart from controlling the sea, that there was exclusive.

He nodded, his eyes turning the dark shade of blue that I’d only seen once before.

“You’re not going to kiss me are you?” I snorted, trying to play it off as if it weren’t a legitimate question.

“Uh—dammit.” He slapped his hands against his knees and got up. “I’m such an idiot.”

“No, nO, nOo, NO!” I scrambled to my knees and waved my hands in the air like a mad woman.“I mean, no don’t go anywhere not no don’t kiss me.” My voice was frantic.

He sat back down, his head in his hands as he let out a frustrated groan. “So you want me to kiss you?” Now it was his turn to be confused.

“Yes!” I almost shouted, “I would like nothing—“

He didn’t wait for me to finish, before I knew it our lips were pressed against each other. His hand roamed to the small of my back, pulling me closer so that I was able to straddle him as our lips moved in sync. I couldn’t believe what was happening—after all those days of admiring him, Steve Rogers was kissing me and he wasn’t holding back either.

I found myself lost for breath as he deepened the kiss. His hands balled into fists as he grabbed ahold of my t-shirt—he was trying to pull me closer, but I was already as close to him as I could be with my clothes on.

“Fuck,” he moaned as I fumbled to pull his black v-neck off.

“Wait,” I breathed as I pulled away.

“What?” He asked, staring at me cautiously.

“That was the first time I’ve ever heard you swear.”

“Dear God,” he said as his lips caught mine once more. “You are really something else.”

I pulled away again and surveyed his face, “like a good something else or?”

He laughed out loud and I couldn’t help but laugh either, he was just so infectious. “Good I promise.”

“Okay cool” I grinned before wrapping my hands around his neck. “Cause I’ve had a crush on you for a while now.” I whispered my confession against the skin just below his ear. A massive smile spread across my face when I heard him mutter something inaudible under his breath.

“Oh really?” He smirked, as one of his hands slinked under my T-shirt so that he could trace shapes against my skin.

I frowned as I led my index finger around the outline of his abdominal muscles. “I hope you’re not laughing at me internally.”

He leaned forward and placed a small kiss to the corner of my mouth. “I swear I’m not. I think you’re the funniest woman alive and honestly I want to spend all of my time with you.”

“Is that why you set up so many training sessions Rogers?” I tapped my finger against his nose and he kissed my chin.

“Maybe,” he grinned as he gently pulled me back down. “Is that why you attended all of them (Y/N)?”

“Mhm,” I sucked in my bottom lip as I stared down at the man in front of me. “That’s not even a question.” I answered—our foreheads pressed together.

“Then let’s not waste time dwelling on it.”

“Hey Rogers?”

“Mmmm?” He mumbled in response.

“Why am I the only one with a shirt on?”

Christmas for pets is so much more fun than humans exhibit A: when u buy presents for people there’s all the stress of picking the perfect thing and spending a certain amount of money so u don’t look cheap & presenting it properly & awkwardly watching them open it while continually muttering “I have the receipt…if u don’t like it…” but w/ my rats I know that I can give them a half-empty box of tissues and some banana mash and they’ll just be like “OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE OH MAN OH MAN OH M”


okey dokey, picked some chestnuts yesterday!!!! They are the edible ones and they’re so delicious🙊 I’m going to roast them in the oven. I collected the ones that were on the ground. unlike horsechestnuts these have a very prickly (or thorny?? what’s the right word?) casings. so it’s very difficult to take out the chestnut if you don’t have gloves, and I didn’t have any gloves!! saved four of them in the refrigerator to plant later, I’m gonna eat the rest🙈👏🏼 if any of you have tips/recommendations about growing chestnuts let me know^_^ I read that you should plant at least two of them so that they can cross-pollinate. I know I don’t have a garden rn but I can grow them until they’re okay to plant outdoors. then I’ll find someone with whom or some place where they’ll be happy. good plan huh? 😝



Hey, I know the world is shit sometimes, so here’s a minute and 57 seconds of a couple of my beehives foraging happily, buzzing, and enjoying a nice day, featuring a friendly bumblebee who was foraging nearby and my cat Ellie. 

Crunching noises in the background are me eating potato chips. 

Okay, I really really adore @camilleflyingrotten​‘s Hannistags verse? Like, I LOVE IT. So I… tried to write something for it. Very big translation thank you to @pieofthelord​ and @camilleflyingrotten​ who helped me do Hannibal’s lines on precious little context, I do apologize for that. Other people who speak French, feel free to critique the French once you see how it lines up.

Following on the heels of the last installment

The winter still hasn’t passed yet. There are mild days when I can go out, forage, stretch my legs a bit, but most days I stay curled up in my… our cave now, I guess.

I’ve let him stay with me. Not like I can make him go away, lord knows I’ve tried! He’s pretty handy to have around. At least I’m not hungry anymore. He’s always bringing me things to eat, especially now that he’s figured out I like food more than flowers. It’s sweet, the way he watches me eat with a pleased look on his face. Kinda creepy, but sweet.

And he’s good to have during the night. He must be a mountain stag, he’s got this thick coat that grows all over his body; it’s double-layered, long and bristly on the outside, soft and plush on the inside, very fit for winter. Unlike me, I have a glorified scarf, REAL useful. He puts his back to the door when we lay down for the night to protect me from the draft. I’ve tried moving around, away from him, but he always pulls me back in front of him. It’s taken some getting used to, but… at least I’m not going to freeze to death anymore.

(And his coat is very VERY plush once you get your hands in it. Sometimes I run my fingers over his chest, his fur is so deep I can’t even see my fingers through it. He’s so soft and warm and… but it’s not like I like him! He’s just… handy. Keeps me from dying. That’s all.)

During the day he goes out for long stretches most of the time. Sometimes he comes back with a huge kill, HOW he takes them down I’ll never know, but that’s probably how he got his ear ripped to shreds, taking down something bigger than he is. Or fighting with another stag. I’d hate to see the other guy if that’s the case.

But sometimes he doesn’t come back with anything at all. I don’t ask him where he goes or what he does, mostly because he wouldn’t understand me if I did. But then sometimes he just follows me around, watches me strip bark to build traps or collect grass to make twine.

“Quel travailleur appliqué,” he says, lazily watching me from the first rock to melt all the snow off it, “Est-ce que c’est comme ça que tu te débrouillais, avant que notre rencontre?”

“You know, if you don’t collect resources now, you’ll be playing catch-up all summer,” I nag, stretching for a branch I want to strip.

With a surprisingly quiet whisper for his bulk, he steps over to me and breaks off the branch with hardly a thought. I stare up at him, study his face as he patiently waits for me to take it, and look away briskly, not even saying thank you. I walk away and he follows me, always three steps behind. I’m never out of his sight when we’re together like this. I try not to enjoy it.

Somedays though it’s FAR too cold to go out. Those days are… interesting.

“Bonjour, bel éphèbe” I hear him murmuring to me as I wake up, “Je ne pense pas que tu seras capable d’aller danser dans la forêt aujourd’hui.”

“Mmmm…” I lift my head out of his arms and look over his shoulder. The cave entrance is COMPLETELY stopped up with snow, “Oh my god! We’re blocked in!” I scramble to my hooves and scratch at the ice, but it’s thick, it won’t budge.

“No no no! Don’t tell me I’m stuck in here all day with… with you!” I pull on my ears, panicking as I turn back to him.

“Attends quelques jours, ça aura vite fondu. Nous aurons juste à profiter au maximum d’être ensemble.” He speaks unhurriedly, as if he’s completely fine about being boarded up inside four walls. Maybe he is; I don’t really know anything about mountain stags other than what I know about him. I, on the other hand, can’t stand the idea.

I turn back to yell at him and for the first time I notice the puddle behind him, his damp fur, and the snow crystals still stuck to him. He bore the cold and wind all night for my sake.

I relax instantly and approach him cautiously, “Is that… are you cold?” I reach out to brush the ice from him.

He raises an eyebrow, bemused, completely mystified by my sudden caution.

Hesitantly I flick off some of the snow and ice, “Are you cold?” I repeat, then mime shivering, rubbing my own arms, “Cold.”

Recognition dawns on him and he laughs hysterically, voice bouncing off the walls of the cave.

“Je supporterai bien pire pour toi, mon doux faune.” he smiles, holding out a hand to me. I guess he’s not cold then.

I take his hand and he pulls me onto his chest and abruptly rolls me over onto the wet spot.

“EEEK!” I shriek, wriggling under him, trying to get away from the cold. He laughs uproariously again like he’s just played the biggest prank in the world. REAL original.

“It’s fucking cold! Get off me!” I shove at his shoulders, trying to push out from under him, but he pins me there, face pressed against my chest as his laughter subsides.

“Tu es tellement adorable quand tu cries” he grins at me with a knowing twinkle in his eye.

“Fuck you,” I pout. I have no idea what he said, but I know I’d take offense to it. He just smirks and continues to pull me back when I try to squirm away.

I guess we’ve found something to do then. Annoy the fuck out of each other.

A Corpse in the Woods

Yesterday, I was foraging in the woods, minding my own business, when scores of lamenting critters passed me by. Curious, I followed them and their solemn atmosphere to a small clearing in the woods. Illuminated by a pillar of golden light was a glass casket, and inside laid the liveless body of a very pale young woman. Gathered around it were a group of short, bearded men, holding their hats to their chest and tears in their eyes. 

Obviously, I felt a bit out of place. I didn’t really know the girl and I was carrying an arm-full of fruits. Feeling a tad peckish, I decided to take a quick bite of one of my foraged fruits; a nice, juicy, red apple. But as soon as I pulled it from the pile, all the critters around me quickly turned and glared at me. 

“What?” I asked, unaware of the reason for their apparent disdain for apples. 

“Get rid of that cursed thing!” a rabbit demanded, “Have you no shame?” 

I was still quite confused. Why did they hate apples? They’re good. Especially when turned into cider. But because I felt severely outnumbered, and there were several large deer there, I relented and tossed the apple into the woods behind me. 

A few minutes later, a young man on a horse rushed in from the forest. The man quickly dismounted his steed and solemnly approached the casket. The bearded men took one quick look at the young, princely man and stepped back. At first, I thought nothing of his sudden appearance. I thought he knew the young girl and was paying his respects. 

He stared at the corpse for a uncomfortably long time. A cold chill ran up my spine, an omen for what was to come. There was an inspired glint in the man’s eyes, and he rushed to remove the casket’s glass lid. He then bent down, his lips meeting those of the corpse. 

Without a second thought, I yelled, “What the honest, genuine, organic fuck!?” 

Little did I know I interrupted the magical moment the other critters were experiencing. The innocent and amazed glimmer in their eyes gave way to unfettered rage as they turned to me, growling, hissing, and even chattering menacingly. 

That was my cue to leave. 

thinking about my mom and how when i lived with her i’d come home to her warmth after a long day. she’d make me cardamom tea and watch me eat leftovers. there’d be flowers my father foraged from his garden in a glass cup and persian sweets sitting on the table. 

i miss these moments you know? don’t think i’ll ever have them again. not the way i used to at least.