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confession (a whoever-you-want-it-to-be imagine)

this is a sequel to my other imagine, ‘unrequited’ which you can read here.


He used to be a confident guy.

The funny one, the loud one, the life of the party with a permanent smile on his face who was always guaranteed to produce a laugh, an assured smile and a witty comment.

(I mean, just ask any of his club’s supporters or watch one of the many ‘top 10 funny moments’ compilations he had featured in, scattered around Youtube with thousands of views and hundreds more comments.)

Not recently, though.

Recently, smiling had become somewhat of a chore.

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Day Sixty-Six

-I began an eight-hour shift dreading the night to come, wanting nothing more than to be in bed. Ten minutes in, a sweet older woman offered to buy me a drink to make my day a little easier. A little reminder of the good people out there like this was all it took to turn my day around, and I hope she understands how grateful I am.

-A small girl, while being rolled out of the store, made her parents stop. I watched on, enraptured, to see what business she had to attend to, only to see her stand up and wave to the store, shouting, “Bye, line!” This is better than anything I could have hoped for out of such a small bundle of joy.

-I had to deny a woman’s coupon. This was an overall underwhelming moment, until she exclaimed, “Oh, poot!” and cemented her place in my greatest memories forever.

-While Cat Lady waited in an adjacent line, a woman approached the cashier and slid her $100, instructing her to pay for Cat Lady’s small Christmas tree and give her the change. When Cat Lady received the news and the remaining $90, her face lit up more than I ever though possible. The cashier suggested that she could use the change to eat somewhere nice tonight. This was a good idea, but Cat Lady’s decision to return to the store and buy nine more Christmas trees was, frankly, better.

-I am reasonably certain that Norse god of thunder Thor is currently on a bender and purchasing cat accessories in Southwestern Virginia.

-An elderly woman gave an adorable infant two dollars just for saying “hello” to her. This is the sort of racket I have been chasing all my life and now I want in.

-Upon returning to my lane after briefly stepping away, I found that someone had deposited a child there for me. Moments later I discovered that the parents were just three feet away at the soda machine and had not left their firstborn as an offering. This is for the best, as while I appreciate the gesture, I do not believe I can accept sacrifices while clocked in.

-An eight year-old conducted their entire purchase on their own and never have I had such a delightful and well-behaved guest who left me so genuinely happy to be working.

-Angrily, an old man stated, “You know I only get popcorn once a year.” I do not know why this is such a rarity for the man but I now know better than to ever get between him and his buttery indulgence. 

-”This cup was in here when I got the cart,” a man told me without prompting, regarding a Starbucks cup in the bottom of the cart. “It wasn’t mine. I didn’t put it there. I don’t even drink coffee. I didn’t buy that.” It might just be me, but this man seems to have become awfully defensive over this cup I had not even noticed.

-I discovered a small, restaurant-sized packet of pepper underneath the bags at my register. How did you get there, small friend? Who put you there? What is your plan? What led you here? Why is contemplating this how I am spending this rare break from the rush?

-I entered the break room on lunch with the intent of getting a soda from the vending machine before going out to get food. I found that the soon-opening Buffalo Wild Wings had made a large batch of food in training and had sent it to our store for the team members to enjoy. Sometimes good things happen in life, but rarely one as good as this. 

-Organizing the card wall, I found that someone had thrown a selection of My Little Pony toys on the floor and placed a Lego toy in front of it. I immediately suspected a rambunctious young boy, but I discovered that someone had done the same to a display of football cards. My list of suspects has been narrowed to gender-neutral rebels with a penchant for building. If you are reading this, I will find you, I will confront you, and I will shake your hand.

Jack’s Social Calendar

Many of us are hungry to know more about Jack’s life outside of work.  Fan fiction has done a wonderful job of creating this life.  Jack works long hours at the station doing paperwork and tracking other cases from his team.  I’ve been thinking about the Ficathon and thought to share my list.  

1. Football:  Jack supports Abbotsford football club and is not a casual supporter.  He is not a member of the club like Bert likely to create a semblance of police neutrality.  Matches are normally weekly during the season on weekends.  I would like to think that Jack and Hugh occasionally attended together.  

2. Masonic Lodge:  Jack is likely a Mason.  There is a certificate in his office.  He would have access to the lodge and would attend monthly meetings.  He may not want to seek promotion, but he would still need to keep connections. Either his own father or George Sanderson may have nominated him to join.  

3. Exercise:  Jack keeps in shape.  He can swim and play tennis, but does not golf.  The Police Association has a clubhouse where officers can work out and more than likely he takes advantage to exercise and blow off steam. He seems to be a keen cyclist.  Are those cycling trophies in his office?  I would imagine that he exercises almost daily.

4. Reading:  Jack is book smart.  We don’t know how far he got with his formal education.  He learned the German, but not French.  He has a keen interest in science.  He is a reader of fiction with a particular interest in Shakespeare and Westerns.  He also keeps on top of daily events with attentive newspaper reading, but perhaps skips the social pages.  He definitely reads daily at the office and at home.

5. Gardening:  In the books, Inspector Robinson is known to garden.  In the TV series, we haven’t seen him actually do any weeding.  He seems to know the Latin names though.  Part of the problem is that we don’t know how he lives - a house or a flat?  If he does garden, I think it would be as needed.  Maybe he chops his own wood? 

6. Chores:  Does Jack have domestic help?  We know that he doesn’t make a ton of cash, and I see him as careful with it.  I also don’t think he lost out to badly in the divorce apart from lawyer’s fees.  He would have to clean house, cook and care for his clothing.  If he does have help, it would be limited I think.  He would have at least some weekly chores.  

7. Family:  Jack’s family is a mystery.  His Uncle Ted is no longer, but what about parents or siblings.  If Jack is around 40, then one or both of his parents could still be alive.  I would imagine that he would be a good son, unless there has been some sort of rupture.  If he only had brothers, then they may have fallen in the war, but if he had a sister, he might have a relationship there.  Plus, there could be aunts and uncles and cousins and nieces and nephews - a ton of Robinsons!  If a family exists, then I would see him seeing them once a month

8. Friends:  Jack’s friends are also a mystery.  He must.  He would have them at the Lodge, at Abbotsford games, cycling club and maybe his bookseller or librarian.  But close friends are few.  He developed a relationship with Concetta, which surprised us all, but why.  Jack Robinson is a good man and loyal.  I also can’t see him abandoning any army buddies.  He just keeps his cards close to his chest.  I imagine that Jack talks to someone at least once a week.

9. Church:  We know that Jack is a Protestant, but does he believe and if so, does he attend church.  With his experiences in the war, the general view would be that he lost his faith like Phryne has, but I’m not so sure.  The Church is still an important institution in the 1920s and for political reasons, he may belong to a congregation.  If his parents are alive, he might attend with them. But he may have retained his faith and not viewed that God causes evil, man does.  (I got that bit from Grantchester.)  He might have a casual faith and attends semi-regularly.  

10. Phryne:  Well more and more of his time is taken up with the lady detective both work related and personal.  I don’t think that Jack would drop any of his other activities, but he may reduce them.  Based on work done by others, Jack spends time with Phryne weekly off-case and hourly on-case.  

So Jack is a busy man.  Any thoughts.