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  1. Mouth of the River - Imagine Dragons
  2. The Bridge of Khazad-dum from Fellowship of the Ring
  3. All We Know (ft. Phoebe Ryan) - The Chainsmokers
  4. Social Casualty - 5 Seconds of Summer
  5. Star Wars Main Title from Attack of the Clones
  6. Take Me to Church - Hozier
  7. Best Song Ever - One Direction
  8. What Do You Want from Me - Forever the Sickest Kids
  9. Diamonds - Rihanna
  10. Hey, Soul Sister - Train

Okay that had some pretty old stuff in there but for once my phone was actually on my side and gave me some good songs!

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I am afraid of toga too, it take me by surprise because toga official stats are not very good: 1/5 in power, 4/5 in speed (her only decent stat), 3/5 in technique, 1/5 in teamwork, 3/5 in intelligence, and she was taken down easily by uraraka (who in that moment was new in the CQC thing), so i tought toga was more of a ambusher than a fighter (because of her power), maybe if toga was armed and triying to kill izuku in the exam, she would be able to kill him

i know right? her stats make it seem like she’s a weak villain or someone not worth getting worried about but she’s very dangerous.

i’ve been saying it forever, but the more chapters pass where himiko still hasn’t used izuku’s blood, the more worried i get for the future kjfdksjfalsafd

Everyone at work was trying to convince each other they lived in bad areas when they all live in the top 3 richest counties in America like… I don’t understand why upper middle class kids want everyone to think they are tight on money being poor isn’t like a trendy thing what the fuck

“An Idiot” by PhemieC. Track art by the super talented moggettt!

~Spoilers for The Adventure Zone, Story and Song arc~

A new TAZ fansong, from Taako’s POV, set during Ep 67. It’s interesting how Taako’s entire arc (and early “simple idiot wizard” characterization) could be re-contextualized in light of The Stolen Century and the loss of the memory of his sister. Yeah… Ouch. Download at Soundcloud source. <3


I have lived a hundred lives
and I have died a dozen times
but the reaper hasn’t caught me yet
though his scythe is often at my neck

and I have learned a trick or two
though I’ve forgotten quite a few
and might have told a hundred lies
twice as many half as true

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
and waiting as I fail to rise
never guessing what it meant

I lived adrift on luck and looks
‘till hungry hearts struck hard and took
and made afraid of what I’d done
my skills were nil, my friends were none

I could not trust my empty mind
these stolen holes of space and time
the faces, newly strange, I’d find
none of them resembling mine

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
and waiting as I fail to rise
never asking what it meant

I barely cared, and rarely tried
to find some reason I should fight
but in my hand and at my side
you, my heart, my arm did guide

for I had been your long lost twin
closer than a second skin
and now I am alone again
wiser than I’ve never been

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
but now I know how I will rise
oh how on earth could I forget?
knowing you has made me wise
now I am not an idiot!


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me: *having just discovered gorillaz, watching Feel Good Inc for the first time*


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me: oh lort,, who is that???  👀 🔍

Murdoc, in every other fucking video:

me:  👀 ………………… …. *slowly puts down magnifying glass* ….

Fool’s Gold by @tvshows-addict

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating:  Explicit

Word count:  55K 

Status: Complete !!!!

Leaflet for Over Again Inc.

“In relationships, there are three types of people: those who are happy, those who are unhappy but accept it and deal, those who are unhappy and in denial.

Handling this last category is our job: we are professional couple breakers.

To reach our goal, we use all means necessary.”

Or the Arnacoeur AU in which Harry is scheduled to be married to Liam in 10 days and Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up.

Poster by the wonderful @melmanpur