my foolishness

wasted opportunity bioware, theres no way anyone comes out of training w the asari commandoes 100% straight u fOOls


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They were taken so quickly that Lance and Keith couldn’t even put up a real fight. They succeed in defeating their Galra captors, but their victory comes at the cost of crashing onto a planet populated by violent, remorseless criminals. Or, the wretched beginning of Lance and Keith, Space Cowboy Mercenaries, and the possible end of the Red and Blue Paladins of Voltron.

from  THIS FANTASTIC voltron fic by the amazing @thisgirlhastales

it is the klance space cowboy AU that we all deserve and it is b e a u t i f u l


My Solar Eclipse Tarot Reading

1. What is ending in my life? - Six of Cups:  Memories, childhood, joy.

2. What new thing is beginning? - Four of Swords:  Stillness, mental power.

3. What can I do to prepare for this change? - The Moon: Vivid dreams & fears.



my foolish heart has been hopelessly waiting for the manga to cut back to a scene like this, but that’s very unlikely to happen. so i just decided to draw it for my selfish self, lol. 


How foolish of me, to believe that I could fill the gaps in your heart and soul with my love. How foolish of me, to think that all of my love would be enough. How foolish.
—  Lukas W. // How foolish

In my wandering

In my impatience,

In my lust,

In my deceit, 

In my lies,

In my anger,

In my hatred,

In my shame,

In my jealousy,

In my greed,

In my idolatry,

In my rebellion,

In my strife,

In my pride,

In my foolishness,

In my wickedness,

In my slander,

In my gluttony,

In my addictions,

In my struggles,

In my stumbles,

In my chaos,

In my dry spells,

In my fruitfulness,

In my faithfulness,

In my faithlessness, 

In my joy,

In my happiness,

In my sorrow,

In my light,

In my day,

In my nights,

In my highs,

In my lows,

He is greater.