my foolishness

hey, so, i hate to backtrack on everyone but my gender has decided to be difficult again and i’m really not comfortable with any of the names i’ve been using, even the most recent one

if you want to refer to me, assorted nicknames and my url are just fine, but i’d request that it’s restricted to that

purpletiger15  asked:

Also wayne girls au, where nearly every female hero has adopted the Robins and hassle bat dad on properly taking care of his princesses, specifically diana like no one is more supported then her and haha Bruce how does it feel having someone trying to adopt your kids, not fun is it

*screams because my soft, foolish weak heart is weak for my dumb AUs*

Like we all know that Bruce trained his girls to be amazing and kick ass but the Justice League grew up with the little Bat Princesses and will 100% stand up for their nieces when Bruce is being an ass. Like these girls, Tabitha and Rachel especially, will totally manipulate the JL with their big watery eyes and sweet smiles into getting the Bat off their back. Tabitha can fake cry on command and has the mightiest heroes on earth scrambling to please her. It’s such a power trip.

Anyway the female Leaguers love the Batgirls. Diana is like practically there mom and she basically has forced Bruce into partial custody even though they’re not married or anything but one does not simply say no to Wonder Woman. All the girls have totally trained on Themyscira (which Bruce is so jealous about) and go to Diana about any girl problems they have. Most of the time her answer is “Beat your enemy in armed combat” but it’s the thought that counts.

Also the Gotham City Sirens may have a beef with the Bat but they don’t mind his little birds so much. Ivy kept trying to recruit Rachel as a young Robin, saying a precious little flower shouldn’t spend so much time with a mean old man. Selina and Jan are totally besties/crime gals and they hang out all the time to Bruce’s annoyance. Harley is asking Beth for make-up tips while she’s being cuffed while Beth is telling Harl to ditch that no good clown. And I can imagine Damira getting on well with the BOP, just casually hanging out with Katana and Black Canary. It drives Bruce crazy, his girls are either hanging around Wonder Woman or criminals, please come home and stop giving your poor dad a heart attack ;(

lol no Bruce, that’s what you get taking in four girls.

you know what??? this is it, i am taking DRASTIC ACTION.

tomorrow, when i have more energy and am actually coherent, i will form a mirror lover association. if one exists already, i, frankly, don’t care, bc there can never be enough mirror lovers.

where are my pastel mirrors? my royal mirrors? my tree mirrors? my dirt mirrors? my water mirrors? WHERE ARE THEY???

this has to be addressed, and if no one else will, then its up to me.

hit me up on flightrising for any suggestions/comments/etc. if you have any mirror pairs, esp those with cool colors, tight ranges, or new genes, CONTACT ME, I WANT TO KNOW.

i have made my intentions clear. pls join my one-man campaign.

a followup to an ultimatum

hello. you may or may not remember me from the hyped up declaration of love toward mirrors yesterday.


if you love mirrors, this is the place for you!! share your mirrors with us PLEASE. i want to see every mirror, each and every one!!!

there are still a lot of things i’ve yet to figure out, like pinglists, but it’ll happen!!

if you have any suggestions/ideas i RLY WANT TO HEAR THEM, please ping me in the thread or message me or SOMETHING, I WANT TO KNOW

there’s also a giveaway going on, with mirror scrolls and a lovely usermade mirror accent as prizes!! i am hella open to suggestions on what to add, too!!

thank u for ur time!

Sentences that struck a cord with me today: 8/23/16

“Go to church if you’re scared.”

“More wit, more wit, I need more wit!”

“If I marry someone like that I just know I’m going to wish he was dead all the time and fuck Jack Nicholson.”

“I got nothing going on”

“I can’t wait until I can wear sweaters again so people can’t tell that I’m as chubby as I actually am.”

“Oh my god, I’ve regressed.”
When the Moon: Chapter 14 Writing Check-Ins - Lovebirds in a Cuddle-Nest
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I rock back a little and nuzzle at his curly head till we’re aligned, brows to nose tips, and sigh across his lips. “Silly gander,” I tell him, combing my fingertips gently over his ribs. “My fat, foolish, golden goose: this is no good; no good at all.”

“What’s no good?” he wonders, tilting his head delicately to pip the very tip of his nose against mine, and the drowsy contentment in his voice melts my resolve like sunlight on a honey-pot. “Tell me what you want and you’ll have it, vixen mine.”

I want you! cry my heart and my hot, hollow belly all at once. I want your downy warmth over me, bare and musky and pressing into me with gentle eagerness, and your babes – oh, how I want your babes, be they furred or feathered, hooved or human-kind.

I want you all, and all of you.

“I-I mean,” I fumble out, “this business of cuddling is wondrous fine, but we’ll never get anything done if…i-if we keep carrying on in such a fashion.”

He tips his head back to meet my eyes, his own heavy-lidded with sleepiness and sheer bliss, and smiles slowly. “And what else is there,” he wonders, “my stubborn little songbird, that so presses on our time at this moment? We have enough food to outlast a month-long blizzard without ever stinting on portions, and I can make fresh bread and cakes at the drop of a hat. What am I forgetting?”

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August 18 marks the 4th anniversary of When the Moon - in particular, of the day I uploaded the first two chapters to FFnet and all the madness began, so in honor of the occasion, I thought I’d share a longer excerpt from the (still in-progress) chapter. (The full scene clocks in around 6500 words and can be read here.)

Note: All previous Ch 14 writing check-ins can be found as chapters of this “story” on AO3, including a couple (here and here) that were not posted to Tumblr.

My foolishness,,,,

My foolishness,
is a very blessed foolishness!
Since my heart is full with
spiritual grace and my soul
is devout! If you desire that
misery should vanish from you, too,
strive so that your worldly wisdom
may vanish from you!!
Worldly wisdom increases suspicion
and doubt…spiritual wisdom takes
one beyond the realm of the world.

I’d Rather Eat…

@foolishkia is dressed up and ready for a special dinner.

Wasn’t expecting to create a second installment of what I’m now calling Musical Animators, but such is the world of random social media messages! I’m learning more as I do these! (what layers to put stuff on for easy editing, what frames help the clip and which don’t, etc.) As part of the character dress parody, I added the make up, and I was quite nervous about it as I wanted it to look good even though it was meant to be satire x.x; I was extra critical on this one, and I think it came out well c:

And in case you haven’t seen or heard what inspired this, check the link below to view this VH1 throwback in all its glory!