my foolishness

Lil Anastasia OBCR Things

• “we’re good and loyal comrades and our favorite color’s red”
• really any time they say “comrade” is hilarious to me for some reason
• “two cans of beans?” “dONE”
• the music for ‘In My Dreams’ (the whole song, really)
• “keeping up my courage, foolish as it seems” (DO U EVER CRY)
• “am I floating?” “like a sinking boat”
• “i’VE HAD it, and I HATe you both”
• “Annyaa, dARLING
• Derek belting out “myyyy peEtersBUUUURG”
• the orchestra in OUAD
• the lil nod to 'In The Dark Of The Night’ during 'Stay, I Pray You’
• “meet the royal…mess”
• “what a lovely day for a TOtally illEGAL, LOVELY gEtaWAAYY
• the final note in 'Still’
• “it’s very trAAGIC
*disappointed voice* “we’re not dead now, we’re in FrANce instead now”
• “ever since that first day I saw you at court I knew I was beneath you” “you were right darling, you were
• the 'Learn To Do It (Reprise)’ music from the movie being woven into 'The Countess and the Common Man’
• “and everything was perfect” “til you sTOLE my diamond ring”
• CHRISTY AND DEREK’S VOICES DURING 'In A Crowd Of Thousands’ (my emotions, y'all)
• “with the sun in my eyes, yOU were goneeee”
• the way the Swan Lake music seamlessly blends in with 'Quartet At The Ballet’
• The voices overlapping during 'Quartet At The Ballet’ but joining up on the word 'Anastasia’
• “P-O-P-O-V!”
• the choral “Once Upon a December” at the very end of the finale

wasted opportunity bioware, theres no way anyone comes out of training w the asari commandoes 100% straight u fOOls

How foolish of me, to believe that I could fill the gaps in your heart and soul with my love. How foolish of me, to think that all of my love would be enough. How foolish.
—  Lukas W. // How foolish

In my wandering

In my impatience,

In my lust,

In my deceit, 

In my lies,

In my anger,

In my hatred,

In my shame,

In my jealousy,

In my greed,

In my idolatry,

In my rebellion,

In my strife,

In my pride,

In my foolishness,

In my wickedness,

In my slander,

In my gluttony,

In my addictions,

In my struggles,

In my stumbles,

In my chaos,

In my dry spells,

In my fruitfulness,

In my faithfulness,

In my faithlessness, 

In my joy,

In my happiness,

In my sorrow,

In my light,

In my day,

In my nights,

In my highs,

In my lows,

He is greater.