my food confession

Here’s some of my food confessions lol

  • I love pineapple on pizza 
  • I love ranch and pizza
  • Doritos and spinach artichoke dip goes well together
  • I love flat soda
  • I’m not too big a fan of candy-especially sponge taffy ew
  • I eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked once a week almost 

sure i could eat the same thing over and over again in one sitting, but i’ve seen my Eating Endurance shoot up in moments of eating whatever i want in such big variety. i can eat 8 slices of pizza, but what about feasts? the same flavor gets old in sittings, but i can go for hours with a bowl of ramen and pizza, fried eggs, plate of salisbury steak and rice, caramel carrots, a glass of milk and 2 cans of soda, BIG plate of mashed potatoes, all eaten in one sitting.

549) I always find it funny when relatives ask me "What CAN you eat?" as if food doesn't exist when it doesn't include a dead animal. My meat eating relatives eat the exact same foods all the time, every holiday the exact same thing. I eat plenty AND I'm always finding out about new, delicious things to try. Giving up meat all those years ago expanded my knowledge of food and increased my appreciation for it. I don't eat mindlessly anymore, I actually taste and savor my food now.