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To the anon...

Recently I got a message asking about study tips for those who may not have gotten the best grades in the past. But never fear, there is hope! (and this otter believes in you, too)

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1. Forgive yourself.

Yes, ya screwed up. You might be disappointed, but don’t dwell in the woulda-coulda-shoulda. Move on to the possibilities of each new day, and believe in yourself. If you are willing and put in the work, I promise you can do anything.

2. Stay freakishly organized.

Yes, this one is probably a given, but it truly, truly does help. My freshman year of high school I was struggling so much, not necessarily because I wasn’t capable, but because I was forgetting to write down homework assignments, misplacing handouts, and forgetting to prepare for tests. Honestly, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world to walk into class and find out there’s a test you didn’t study for. So write things down. Get some folders, and actually use them.

3. Use a planner.

This is another thing I had problem with in high school. My school actually gave out free planners, and until my sophomore year, I didn’t even crack one open. Having a planner and sticking to it is invaluable. It helps beat procrastination, and you can make it look pretty, too!

4. Don’t let others’ opinions influence your focus.

The “nerd” stigmas are real. People will judge, people will be rude and alienate you. But move past it. Find people like you, who want to do well in life. You will be the one who succeeds and shows up at your high school reunion with a sexy husband/wife and a hot Ferrari. Focus on the end goal, not the feelings right now. (and secretly, we all know the haters are just jealous) :-)

5. As far as studying goes, rewrite your notes. A lot.

This might not work for others, but when I rewrite, I seem to remember the words better. I can remember where the words are on the page and that helps me in tests.

6. Set time away from distractions to study.

Tumblr is my all-time worst distraction ever, but when I need to study I will put my phone away where I can’t reach it, and just do my thing. You will be so proud when you ace that test.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Your teachers want you to succeed. They really do care. Sometimes we have to stay humble and accept when we don’t get something and ask for clarification.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, I wish you the absolute best of luck! Much love!