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hello lovelies <3 I just wanted to say thank you for 500+ followers!! Around 12 days ago I did my first follow forever when I had 300 so I wanted to thank you all for helping me get this far does that make sense lol and I appreciate every single one of you :^) So the blogs that are listed below are some of the greatest blogs I’ve ever followed and you guys should follow them if you haven’t already!!

Bolded: Fav blogs/Super nice people I’ve talked to at least once ((aka friends))

Italics: Mutuals


1004cmm 17hansols 17minghaos 7teenpls adorewoo adoreyoo aesthetictaehyung ahhansol akavernon americanhyung awoozing badboyhansol beautifulmachlne blue-ivy-carter byehoshi c0ups camera-seventeen chanhyeong chickencoups choicoups coupskwan csoups dino-jpg dinochans dinosmj dohdoro emohoshi fairyjunhui fuckuhansol fy17trash gwihoshi 


hakyeonsbutt hannsanghyuk hansolies hansolsheavenlyhair hansolsverno hansoulvernon hansvc heartwoozi heavenly-reflection hiphopunit hjsoo holyvernon hongjiisoo hongjiswoon hoshi-mochi hoshiest hoshijpg hoshis-got-me hoshuajong hosijak howminghao httphoshi idkleechan itseventeen jaehopes jeongahns jeonghansols jeongshua jhoubi ji-sooh  jihoon jiiminniemouse jishooah jisoo-pls jisoobabe jisood joashua jsoos junpeach junqcoups jvnhvi kingscoups kittyjunhui kmsngyu kwonhoshie l-eechan 


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taesthetic tfwjisoo the8ght vernonie vernonquit vernons-wavy-hair vernonshit vernonsmac vernonstop vernony vseoks w-ozi whoaseventeen withscoups won-woo wonwoo-wow wonwooe wonwooha wonwoojpg wonwooslegs wonwoowho wonwowsvt wooniversal wooszi woozication wooziepie wooziscalves woozismiles woozistop wooziu woozxi yaboyjeonghan yaodoubleming yawningchan

Special thanks to jiiminniemouse and blue-ivy-carter for supporting me in what ever I do. You guys are seriously awesome and I’m so proud to know you irl (lmao we literally live right beside each other). I love you guys way too much <3 and thanks for ditching me with ur new boys have fun with them lol jkjk 

If I forgot you please let me know!! Thank you again <3

Some of them are really close friends of mine, with others I talked a lot about our teams etc. Everyone of you is important, because without you my blog, my tumblr, my life wouldn’t be so good.

(a,b,c,d) addictedtomilan / bedifferentistheway / benzemass / c-rrronaldo / die-mannschaft die-mannschaft-lover

(e,f,g,h,i) evilbavarian / incidenton57thstreetiscosuarez 

(j,k,l,m,n,o) keepcalmandlovefootballkillerqueen mario-wowwowwow-goalmez / mrs-djokovic / nana-ramos / neuers

(p,q,r,s,t) stephanilfaraonetalktobastianbitch / thebromance / toni-kroos

(u,v,w,x,y,z) volimtedzeko