my follow forever people

uhm….i really can’t believe that i already hit 500?? and i remade like a week ago?? thank you all so much for following me and making this such an enjoyable place for me to be i love you all so much 💘 i’ve been here since 2010 when will i leave

so i decided to do a follow forever and include all the amazing blogs that i follow, i hope you all have a wonderful day and know how much you all mean to me 💐

☼ - i love you with my whole heart
♡ - favourite blogs that i would sell my soul for
💌 - hover there’s a love letter for you~

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Birthday follow forever

Happy Birthday (04/04) to me! Since I’m officially a year older than yesterday and now I’ve been around here for a little more than three months, I’ve decided to do my first follow forever!
All the people listed here have such wonderful blogs and I heartedly recommend checking them out and giving them a follow. I’m so so so sorry if I forgot anyone, ily 💕💕💕
@angelinajchnson @allrightevanss @avadaqdavra @acciolunalovegood @astohria @aredhels @audreil @allisonrenyold @arrtemiss @alrightevains @allisonreynolds @alexdanves @aristiotles @auroremus @aliciavspinnet @ameljiabones @alicelongbottom @blacksiruis @bxnsolos @benbornes @bavdlaires @brekkerrkaz @blcise @bllatrix @cindurellas @czeornys @cruciotus @cedricdiggory @cdricdiggry @chocolatetoads @chochxng @chovchang @credxncebarebone @cho-chang @domlnique @diagonally @dantesboyfriend @dementvr @doradelacour @drocomalfoy @dailyprophet @emma-watson @expelumos @emmelinevvance @euphemiapottcr @evenvalterscn @findfyre @feyrearchereon @faeheys @fleuvrdelacour @flleur @fleurdealcours @fleurdelacoir @finniganthomas @fleurrdelacour @fleurdelaccur @fleurdelacovr @griffindors @georgeweaslry @ginevramollys @gryffndor @ginys @griffndors @ginnyweaslcy @gryffinndor @goldstelns @ginnys @ginevraparkinson @gxnnyweasley @ginnyeweasley @howlingremus @hermiogne @hogsmecd @hermioner @helgvhufflepuff @hclenaravenclaw @jesperfaehey @julieandem @julietcapulct @jamespottuh @jilys @jean-valjean-moreau @kingscross @katie-bell @katjebell @katiebells @khazbrekker @lilyevcnz @leekycauldron @lupins @looonyluna @lilyevians @leviohhsa @mvlfxy @maruarders @mollywealsey @marlsmckinnon @mavencalore @meraudurs @mxrcusflint @mrsnorriis @mitchmarnerr @mcgngll @mcgxnagall @mollyprewett @nevilllelongbottom @narcsissa @ncrissamalfoy @noah-czernyy @njmphadora @nargles @opuggno @oliverswood @oblviqte @ohbrekker @ohremvs @owvlery @porpentincgoldstein @potterslilys @pheonnixx @prcfessorlupin @persephcnie @philukas @padfootd @pavratipatil @pipedream @padmaspatil @prcvlgraves @pottergoldstein @potthr @pomonasprowt @pansyparkinscn @padmapatil @pansyparquinson @puveblood @pctter @petuniaevans @perksofbeingafanboy @qabrielledelacour @rxseweasleys @rosevtyler @ronweasxley @remusluvpin @rosaliae @ronweascly @ravnclaws @roxannweasley @rvnclawss @romildasvane @ronweascley @rvenaravenclaw @remvsjohn @ravehclaw @regulusblqck @softyjin @softprongs @sirpotter @sargents @slytherih @slughcrn @siriusisntdead @sirjsblack @slythaerinss @scamandernevt @tonqs @tomrixxle @tlnagoldsteln @thaleias @txmriddlx @tedtonks @triwizavd @vexedbuckbeak @vixenevans @vildes @virtuestars @wylanvangansey @winchestre @wintercovrt @wespers @wvylanvaneck @weosley @weascleys

Oh ok, it seems I’ve reached 500 followers? Idk why you guys tolerate me but thank you so much!

This is a list of people who are my mutuals and you should 100% go follow. They are all amazing in every way and I love them even if we don’t talk very much I love seeing you all on my dash!

If I forgot to include you a) feel free to punch me in the face and b) tell me so I can add you!

sorry for the terrible banner!


@allthestarsalligned ~ @a-lonely-trash-can ~ @acephan ~ @allthestarsalligned ~ @angelphannie ~ @arainysummer ~ @articulatehowell ~ @artisthowell ~ @ashtonthegreat ~ @astronautdan ~
@becausedodie ~ @bloomingphil ~ @blueberryphil ~ @blushinlester ~
@brendon-effing-urie ~ @calmlester ~ @celestinehowell ~ @cinnabonanna ~
@clingylester ~ @cloverphan ~ @comicphans ~ @crossedstars ~
@cursivehowell ~ @cyxical ~ @danandphilaremyaesthetic ~ @dandyphil ~
@danextra ~ @daninthesheets ~ @danjlester ~ @danopoly ~ @dansforeheadcurl ~ @danshine ~ @dantea ~ @dantichrist ~ @dantlers ~
@daydreamlester ~ @dayphil ~ @dearlylester ~ @death-by-phan ~
@deepspacehowell ~ @delicatedaniels ~ @desisnotonfire ~ @dimensionallyyours ~ @disgustinglygay ~ @djnof ~@dragonmcdragonface


@energeticwarrior ~ @ethsera ~ @fabulous-josie ~ @fallinghowell ~ @feministdan ~ @fireboltdan ~ @fireflies-in-the-sky ~ @fireflyphil ~
@flightlessmusician ~ @flowersandflamingos ~ @fringecheck@fringegaps ~ @geewobbles ~ @geneticemma ~ @getadog ~
@goddesslester ~ @gravityphil ~ @hazyphil ~ @hearcomesthesunflower ~
@hearteyeshollywoodhowell ~ @heathenshowell ~ @heavenlylester ~
@helllointernet ~ @howelloddle ~ @i-dunno-phan-you ~ @idkstoppressuringme ~ @ivorylester ~ @k-is-not-amused ~@latte-howell ~
@lavenderlester ~ @lesterial ~ @lesterose ~ @lifeissadphanisgood ~
@littlelilaclou ~ @look-alive-sunshine ~ @lovelylilaclester ~ @lsterr ~


@miaunderstress ~ @mmixhowell ~ @moonphilight ~ @moonstrucklester ~
@mslesterhowell ~ @my-lungs-will-phil ~ @netunophil ~ @nikedan ~
@nonbinaryphan ~ @novocainehowell ~ @obsessed-phan-number-1 ~
@okiwillleavenow ~ @opaquehowell ~ @orbitingphan ~ @panicmeupdaddy ~
@pansexualphil ~ @paradisedan ~ @particularlyqueer ~@peachykeenlesty~
@pearlphil ~ @pebblesandclouds ~ @phaked@phanarts324 ~ @phandabidozie ~ @phanniephil ~ @phanperra ~ @phantastic-times ~
@phantastically26 ~ @phantropolis ~ @phanyounotstarr ~ @philester ~
@philledwithpuns ~ @phillester ~ @phillesterthecerealthief ~ @philop ~ @phurryphan ~ @piercethegingerr@pityhowell@placebophan ~
@pottergotwholocked ~ @prettyphil ~ @princephil ~ @princessdan ~@pseudophan ~ @purepastelphan ~ @puritylester ~


@roseyboys ~ @roseydan​ ~ @rosy-phil​ ~ @rosydnp​ ~ @royaltydan​ ~
@serenephil ~ @shibes-howell​ ~ @shrekdanhowell​ ~ @sin-phil​ ~ @sleepyphan​ ~ @snugglyhowell​ ~ @softdan​ ~ @spacedns​ ~
@spacedust-lester ~ @spiritedawaydjh​ ~ @starboydan​ ~ @starinorbit​ ~
@starryhtml ~ @stylishphil​ ~ @sunflowerphilip​ ~ @sweetpeachlester​ ~
@talkanon ~ @teabaglester​ ~ @theylikeboys​ ~ @thiccdaniel​ ~
@thingswelostinthefire ~ @thisguydan ~ @topazlesters​ ~ @treephil​ ~
@tylertherulerofmars ~ @ukuleleash​ ~ @wavydanrises​ ~ @whendodie​ ~
@willowponderosa ~ @wisehowell​ ~ @x-filer​  @zazzedmemes ~

Again, thank you all so much and idk why you tolerate me but ily!

Lovely people that didnt get included bc tumblr is rude- @hesitant-dan

i’m over the moon because i just hit 1k followers, and i wanna spread the love a little by doing my first follow forever! i’ve met so many wonderful people on here and i’m so grateful for the friendships i’ve made and i’m truly, truly so appreciative to everyone who follows me. everyone i follow should know that they bring me so much joy when i see them on my dash. you all make this space an escape for me with your humor, beautiful edits, and your wonderful selves. i rly love you guys ♥

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(do u like my weird-ass gif? it’s rainbow text at the bottom for obvious reasons)


I hit 1k+ followers on this blog recently, so I’ve decided to do a follow forever as stated by my crappy gif above. The blogs below are in no particular order; just my favorite YOI exclusive/YOI-posting blogs. Thank you!

@randomsplashes @nikiforoov @gotvodka @ammeja @crimson-chains @merryvictuuri @lostadult @cookiecreation @duskisnigh @madelezabeth @victuuriiscanon @wecalleverythinglove @katsudon-with-ur-shit @dangerouslypleasantvictuuri @zephyrine-gale @viktoronbottom @queerkatsuki @linni-t @yuuriviictor @stripedturtlenecksweater @blessedburial @indiansummersunset @actualyuuri @narootos @prettyboyviktor @viktyuuris @yurionices @realisticallycynical @nikkiforova @tosquinha @sexykatsudon @doodlesonice @tsuyunotare @beanpots @min-min-minnie @seek-victory @victory-for-victuuri @vyctornikiforov @iceyuuri @yuuriikatsukii @inknose @reipx @ace-skate-mom @gaynikiforov @viktors-ass @tanaw @gays-on-ice 

can you believe it? i actually made it to 4k+ followers! i’m as shocked as you all. i just want to thank everyone for following me through the random fandom changes. you guys are really the best and i look forward to all the new followers i get from this day on! ♥ i’m such a lucky girl and i’ve made it this far thanks to all my lovely followers. you guys deserve all the credit. now that’s move on from all the mushy stuff lol. also since when did half of the people i follow follow me back. i must be in the twilight zone.

mutuals are bold and faves are italic!

# - k: @13reasonswhygifs ★ @13rwedit ★ @aeroas ★ @ambalambs ★  @bestofdisney ★ @biostrange ★ @caerberus@castleoblivions  ★ @chloedrakes ★ @cirilafiona ★ @cloudpart ★ @cole-macgrath@crazy-chocobo@criticaldrive ★ @daily13reasons@daily13rw@dailynatsume@dailynaughtydog@dailypotc@dailyvideogames@destiny-islanders@devils-drop@edwarddelrics@elliejoys@engerklaux ★ @ephemra@eraqus@estersand@ffgifs@finalmix@fyeahyurionice@fysportsanime@gaainsborough@gayrikus@gladiolvs@goodnightsora@halleluyall@horizonzerodcwn@imabaggins@iures@keybladeheroes@kingdomheartsgifs@kingdomheartsnyctophiliac ★ @kingsglaivus@kirschtein@kunsel ★ @kvover

 l - z: @lcebrand@levalier@limitforms@mickeyblades@monocyte@mordors@mrnathandrake@mulandaily@naminegg@nctiscalum@noctsluciscaelum@nokuto@numinoceur@prllnce@promptea@promptis@prompto@queenelinor@radsity@rahgot@ravusaeterna@reasonswhydaily@rionisu@rolo@ruebird@sarukui@seifers@seihanndas@shoisms@silence-traitor@sousukesdragon@sportsanimedaily@squareenixs@starcrests@sundomking@the-way-im-feeling@thekingdomofourhearts@thirteenreasonswhy@tinybirdfarts@tinyienzo@tinyshoopuf @twilighttrio@underjunon@vaelins @ventuss@voidcharm@wideawakeven@wingblades@yearsandsyears@yocalio@yunalesca@zackfeir@zelos-wilders

sideblogs: @dailyhorizon, @dailyvideogames, & @dailynaughtydog

(pls forgive me, i’m not a photo editor. i just wanted ot7)

Hey, everyone! I recently hit 100 followers! I’ve had this blog since January and even though I had a rough start and I wanted to leave a few times, I’m very glad I pushed through. I wanted to save a follow forever for another milestone and just do a drabble game for this one but there are so many amazing blogs a wanted to thank. I really appreciate every single one of you guys. This blog has been a safe haven for me, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. I’ve felt much more loved on this blog in the short time I’ve had it than on my previous blog, which I had for 2 and half years before I left. Even though this blog may be considered ‘small’ to some people (not that it matters to me), I still feel as if I genuinely matter to all of you, and I can’t thank you enough. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I really do care about all of you. All the users that show up under my followers are my friends, and I care about each one of you so much. Thank you all so much for all that you’ve done for me. I’m beyond grateful.

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so somehow i reached 4k followers which is a lot… think about it, i can’t fit that much people into my house plus my backyard,, so thanks to all the people who have talked to me, complimented me, asked me things and reblogged my stuff,, you’ve made my day🐳

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anonymous asked:

Can u recommend me monsta x blogs to follow? I'm new to the fandom :-)

Of course! 

Here are all my recommendations for all/mainly monsta x blogs, all of these are my faves and the people who I think are extra special are bolded

(Warning: I love a lot of monbebes so this post is going to be L O N G )

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anonymous asked:

Can you share some bts blogs? Hobi and yoongi biased please

“who are your fave mutuals? or blogs i guess? i wanna follow more people”

hobi biased 

@hobiswife @hobshine @hobisbi @jhopesavedmylife @jhoe @lilhobi @hobiue @gothic-hobi @h0bi @yoongimlm @gayrapline @biyoons @hobisunset @j-hope @hobisgf @angelbabyhobi @honeysts @yoonseoksbff @hobischeeks @bi-hoseok @4hoseok @glowyhoseok @hobislesbiangf @hobilesbian @hobisnovia @hoseok1e @springdayhobi @jhopesfatgf @blackhoeaesthetic @hobiwlw

 yoongi biased

@sprngday @jeonggukl @21stgirls @memesyoongi @ilysmyoongi @5obi @yoongi-exe @mangosuga @thanksbtsformylife @yoongn @sugasprincesa @2nep1nk @bangtanbf @2suga @eeukyang @iamyoongisgf @pinksweateryoongi @192171 @bitterstan @yoongissoftgf @itsequality @yoongimoon @yoongs-bitch @ilobyoongi 

just great bts blogs in general!!

@foryoubybts @kthksj @akmv @narutouncle @j1ngkooks @snapbacktaehyung @rapgodjjk @yoongistiddybres @actortae @gjungkook @gunaimfire @1004angelic @nnochu @a1yu @jiminsglo @jinhope @guitaristjin @cutejin @fadedlovebywondergirls @taegrl @transgirljimins @lie @fauxlove @ydaegu @iloveseokjin @4begin @outro-wings @tofuthot @btsjimln @kthsbff @kimtahyung @moonkissedjimin @nottoday @lgbtae @taesgrl @jeongkug @lilac1995 @colonizedrice


                                             IS FOR YOU!! (ꈍᴗꈍ)♥

Hello Pau here! For a long time I’ve had in mind doing this, but I’m not sure if this is going to work out or not u_u.

The thing is that I just reached 5k followers!! and that is so so great, never thought this blog would grow this much!!. So I was thinking that every time I make a follow forever, there’s always mentions to a few blogs, but I never get to thank to every single one of my followers for supporting this blog ♥. So instead of picking some blogs for this follow forever, I decided that If you’re simply following this blog, you’re included in this ff. 

So PLEASE If you’re one of the 5K amazingly cute and pretty followers of this blog, REBLOG THIS because this is me trying to thank you for that ♥!! 

And that’s pretty much it tbh. There’s so many amazing people on here that sometimes, only because we’re not mutuals don’t get the appreciation they deserve. So yeah, you’re all amazing, thanks for following this dumb ass blog, and If you ever wanna chat or something I’m always up to meet you all. ♥ 

anonymous asked:

Favorite blogs??

hi anon!! here are a few of my favorite mutuals:

@imperfectstardust @500fr @sunny-stardust @softdnp @kindagay @yerafangirlharry @dantlers @srsly-howell @tonystarkjpg @ephemeral-dan @hwlle @oops-yuri @gloaminghowell @sparklyraccoon @frormspring @theallaroundfangirl @fireflyphil @angstdan @energeticwarrior @pansexualphil @speedyboybarry @shingekihowell @dailybooth @helllointernet @tbhtooru @homosocksuality @nasaphil @jilliancares @spacekid-oikawa @vyou @danisontnonfire @ivorylester @astronautdan @danaesthetically @blurr-yy @redhowell @plantpot-phil @lesterp @princessdan @writerlester @softphl @htmlsucc @howelle @wafflydan @etherephil @spaceboyhoseok @jooheonym @cansadda @trippingeyes @fallawayoongi @sleeplesshowell @amandar @cozystump @dankmemeshowell @buttsexpizza @mylivingphantasy 

also a lil shout out to people who aren’t mutuals but have a+ blogs that i really admire:

@demonphannie @glowinghowell @amazingphilz @bondange @cringe-attacks

this is just a short list of my pals im so sorry if i forgot you!! feel free to fling me into the sun :( also this is so long overdue im sorry omg 

the  ♪ ouat musical ♪  is almost here and (as ashamed as i am to admit it) i need more ouat on my dash so!! reblog/like this (reblogging is better!)  if you:

  • do not post any hate and if you do it’s properly tagged 
  • are pro regina/emma (and if you post hate now and then pls tag it)
  • blog about whatever ship you want, it’s not a big deal to me!

💐 bonus points if you:

  • do not hate on the actors
  • are an evil regal/ugly duckling 
  • do not hate on another fandom 25/8
  • do not hate on a character/ship 25/8

a follow would be nice and i promise i’ll try to check every blog that likes/reblogs this post 💫 write on the tags what you blog about if you please!

hey friends! my dash has been a little dead as of late so I thought that I’d follow some fresh new blogs! if you post supernatural destiel / cas / dean / sam / cockles /etc) or shameless gallavich / ian gallagher / mickey milkovich ), like/reblog this post and follow me and I will check your blog out!!

So, if y’all can’t tell by the banner today is my birthday, 19th birthday to be exact, and I wanted to do one of these in honor of it. I also hit a pretty cool milestone on Sunday. After being on here for quite a while I finally hit 1k, which is pretty fucking awesome, so thank you to everyone for that. 

Before I actually list all the wonderful people I think y’all should follow, I just wanted to give two quick shout outs. One to the awesome people in the lenaluthornw and supercorpnw as well as their group chats (y’all have definitely made this past week a good one). And another to my friend @dream-your-reality: Thank you for being there for me so much last year. You have become one of those friends that I don’t think I can ever live without and I hope that we are friends for the rest of our lives. I love you bud, I hope you’re having a great school year, and I really miss you.

I’m shit at picking favorites so instead I’m just gonna list all my wonderful mutuals! If you wanna see more of the amazing people that I follow, just go to my blogroll.Thank you all so much for sticking with me through everything! I love you all!

@acciosupercorp - @alexzorels - @altsameen - @badasssupertash - @crayscience - @danveers - @danvers-grant - @danversgrants - @directordanvers - @dream-your-reality - @flowerbisexual - @gayshorty - @its-all-in-your-imagination - @karadabvers - @karadancers - @kara-luthors - @karaluthrs - @karedanvers - @karlenah - @katiemcqrth - @kinkylena - @lenailuthor - @lenalumberjack - @lenaluthcr - @lenaluthhor - @lenaluthordefensesquad - @lenaluthorisgay - @lenaluthrr - @lenvluthor - @luthoring - @luthorology - @luthxrs - @memberofnumerousfandoms - @nevertobeships - @nxncy-wheeler - @prettyaveragewhiteshark - @queeralex - @rosesdancinginmymind - @singinprincess - @slightly-unpredictable-queen - @suprcorp - @swanquecn - @westsanvers - @wildsanvers

So this Follow Forever is so overdue, but I’m glad I’m doing it now because there are so many blogs I’ve come into recently and so many bloggers who, honestly, I would’ve missed had I done this earlier. I don’t follow a ton of people, but I’m happy with who I do because honestly they’re such rad blogs/bloggers! ♥

So, here we go!

Friend are Bolded*
Mutuals are Italicized*


@ackerchou @actualsvenshirogane @adhdklunk @akrcos @alteanlance @amezure @angst-in-space @aromanticaang @bipilots @bluemcclain @bpd-lance @breadpoetsociety @buckettkun @cheritsundere @cryopods @cryptidcriss @cryptidkeiths @cryptidkogane @druidlance @edgelord-kogane @emuyh-art @espanolance @etherealance @fluffytheasianpanda @fyklance


@galra-prince-lance @garrettshunk @genderqueershiro @hanceome @k3ithkogane @keef-kogayne @keithkogayne @keithkoglame @keiyth @klance-klance-revolution @klanced @koganelovesmcclain @koziosko @lance-dabs @lancemcclainofficial @lancemclion @lanceologist @leggylance @marmorakeith @marmoraskeith @mcclaln @mcslained @mikeyjcaboose @mulletboykeith


 @paladinprotector @percycalypso@pidger@pining-keith@piningkeith@platonicvoltron@pngpotpies@puncertainty@purpleneutrino@redkogane@sensitiveangell@softhance @spacemomatyourservice @spaceyuuri @surelance @thebroganenetwork @thesaxymcclain @thesearchingastronaut @thespace-dragon @thiphuc @voltron-is-a-lesbian @witchkeith@wlwvoltron@wolfpainters @xenavitani

I follow a lot of sideblogs and It’s hard to keep track of which mainblog belongs to who and so if I missed anyone, or forgot to bold or out you in italics or put you down twice, shoot me a quick message and I’ll fix it!

Well, I hit 1700 followers around my two year hockey Tumblr anniversary, so I guess this calls for a follow forever!! I’m sorry if I leave anyone out it’s not meant to be malicious it’s just me being forgetful lmao.

irl bffs:

@juicysaros @pekkarinnne @icefleuries @samreinhearts @mistletoemcdavids @babyleafmarns

awesome preds fans:

@cheerbaitromanjosi59 @coltonsisson @gnashville33 @hedouble-hockeysticks @itsyourboykent @juusaros @myfangirlisraeging @pksuburban @saadfather @scoresberg @sheaweebs

amazing wonderful people who I love to see on my dash:

@aarondelll @aliceinhabsland @brandoncarlo @carey-pric31ess @lesgallys @highstik @hockeyaf @hockeyismyreligon @jordanstaalsmugshot @lesgallys @montfakecanadiens @nhl-canes @patchioretty @productofevolution @radicalradek @sarniasting @sheawebers108mphslapshot @stanleycupmcdavid

if you’re on this list and we don’t talk much I’d love to get to know you!!

IN THE MIDST OF SHOWING MY FACE XDD ♥♥♥♥♥ I’ve finally hit 500 followers. I just want to personally say how much you guys mean to me. I never thought in a million years that I could say I have 500 followers, although there would be more if I unblocked the porn blogs eue, I just am so blessed to have you all as followers. I really hope you guys continue to enjoy my content even when it’s nerdy shit or I’m streaming or you’re just enjoying my smol beautiful son. I honestly don’t know how you guys enjoy his cracky sinful kingly ass but you do! XD

My Bitches:

@mysouldivided, @goldenpuzzle, @beautyofillusixn, @shadowspiritthief, @blue-eyes-white-kaiba, @rycubakura, @shxdowmonarch, @bloodxinxthexshadows, @shewillbelcved, @lavendereyes, @xcry-of-kingx, @coldazure, @nefer-itja, @bloodyghosts-warmcuddles, @spirit-ofthering, @2etokaiba, @hiddenknxves, @tongueofmercury, @mxlanchxlic, @redeyespride, @alzzalam, @dethronedxking, @dimensionthosesexydice, @marik-dominant-prominent,

You guys are what makes my dash so awesome. You make my day no matter what. I could be watching you guys interact with each other and just ♥♥♥ XDD I die every day in the best way possible with you guys making me laugh. I seriously fucking love you guys okay? 

Now here’s a list of people that I haven’t rped with yet that I want to get to know. Who also I stalk eue because you guys are amazing:

@puzzllcd, @darkburning, @hybrius, @hypnoanalysis, @illintent, @duelhearted, @pxzzlepieces, @azuloculorum, @ofpuzzles, @dxncequeen, @necroccult, @shadowchosen, @braveduelist, @h-ost, @xltruistic, @dracgus, @amarenotus, @heitlus and just so many moreeeeee I love you guys so much. This fandom is beautiful and I’m so glad to be a part of the family. 

I hope you all know I’m here for you all if you ever need someone. ;w; Thank you for making my life easier and keeping a smile on my face with all the fun we have. Here’s to the future!