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since it’s almost christmas and a time for everyone to be happy, and because i recently reached 2.5k, i decided to make another follow forever!! (okay truth is i’ve been wanting to make one for a while but ignore this) this time i have some special mentions to make, because i met some really amazing people here in the last few months! and i know better who my favs are this time lmao (also i can’t seem to get the links and mentions to work for some reason so just know that if im following you, you’re here. just search for your url)

> @khazbrekker > duda i love you so much, you have no idea! you are the most precious angel, my moon and my stars, one of my best friends <3 i love talking to you, i love working with you, i love everything <3 i remembered when we were both going to do enem and you said to me you were wishing i did well and that you would think of me during the test and i was like “who is this person?? how can anyone be so sweet?” and i just adore you so much! talking to you makes my days better love <3

> @vvinterhayle > ju i will never forget the day you came to me with the first idea for the yalitsquad!! for one it was what started the network, which i love so, so much, but more importantly it was the start of our friendship! i love you so much, never forget it <3

> @hxcates​ > vi, somehow it seems we never stop to talk properly (except for that first time, that is), but i really really like you?? you have a special place in my heart, and your blog is amazing darling <3

> @collinslily > pristine!! you are like out of this world amazing! and guess what i’m back to saying that we never got to talk much (we did a little at least) but i feel like we have a connection? somehow? for one i think your blog was like my first inspiration as my blog was starting to take shape and grow to be what it is now, and the first time i saw yours i was like “wow!! so pretty!! what an amazing icon! what perfect everything!” and you had that real great persephone url too that i just loved. you were an instant fave, and so far i haven’t changed my mind.

> @cuipid > teresa you cannot imagine how much i love your blog! whenever someone asks me about a blog that looks great, like theme goals, mobile theme goals, aesthetic goals, i think of yours. and your edits are so perfect i still don’t know how you do it! we never got to talk properly (we started once, but didn’t go on? was it my fault? idk) but i know for a fact that you are this sweet and amazing person and i love and admire you so much <3 keep up the good work darling!

so yeah those are my favorite favorites haha, but i love everyone i follow and i love everyone who follows me, and the rest of the amazing people on my follow forever are waiting bellow! i was going to put them under a read more but tumblr is messing with the links and maybe this way it’ll at least show on the search idk (faves // ♥ loves of my life)


@aanathemaa // @adampairrsh // @adamparrisih // @adamperrish // @adamruzek // @adamsronan // @adarlan // @adonisbabe // @adriansydney // @adrwminyard // @aeryastark // @aestriea // @ahprodithe // @ajmeskirk // @alarkling // @alekzandermorozova // @alicelongbottom // @aliciavikandar // @alinastavkov // @alliisonreynlds // @aminyard // @amphitrte // @andrreil // @anthracinus // @apolloe // @archerons // @argorns // @artezmis // @astereias // @asteriea // @asthreria // @astraera // @astraliys // @athaenae // @athenva // @atwells // @audreyhornre // @barcnes // @baskervielle // @basteilles // @bb8s // @bellamyblak // @bellamyblake // @bellamygrifffins // @bensolcs // @blcise // @bleuczerny // @bluesartgent // @bluesev // @bluscy // @bluvsargent // @blvesergent // @brekkerrkaz // @brientarth // @buckyfalcon // @callaiope // @calliophies // @cassanabaratheon // @cassiopheias // @cassipeia // @catstrophically // @cevap // @clarkegiffrin // @clarkegrcffin // @clarkegriffisn // @credencebareebone // @cressdernel // @crestadeen // @cystalreeds // @czermys // @cznery


@daenerystargaryen // @daftorpunk // @daniellewlds // @danwilds // @davienci // @dawncourt // @deanaerys // @devendrabanharts // @dianaei // @doriaelin // @dracomafloy // @dracoumalfoy // @dreamingcourt // @dreamthievves // @drocomalfoy // @drownedpoet // @dudleydursley // @durbanskie // @ecessitate // @elenaggilbert // @eliaamartell // @elzschuylers // @emiliaclarke // @englishsummers // @enjolrahh // @ephelia // @epiione // @eurycide // @evaphinicos// @faeyries // @fahey // @fecitysmoke // @felicitvsmoak // @fleurdealcour // @fleurrdelacours // @flowelleski // @fluerdelis // @foliques // @foxyholidays // @gcldentrios // @gendry // @ghafai // @ginnyeweasley // @ginnys // @gotgifsandmusings // @grangr // @gryffindro // @haermes // @harleuyquinn // @harley-quinn // @harley-quinzel // @havilliard // @hcneyduke // @heartenders // @helenblackthrn // @herhmione // @hermicnes // @hermioneshour // @hestsia // @hiperbole // @horrorshow // @housestyrell // @hvnsolo


@iangullugher // @illiiad // @illuminosity // @ineedtobeinhogwarts ♥ // @influentials // @invydia // @irnperio // @ivytura // @izzylightwood // @jamiemoriartys // @janeaustten // @jcstcns // @jesperfaehey // @jesperfehay // @jespvrfahey // @joannalannister // @jonsnuw // @jonsonw // @julietcapulaet // @julietcapulct // @kaitegecko // @katefulleir // @kazbrekkre // @kaznej // @kerouc // @kettersdam // @kingrobb // @kingweaslei // @koiveu // @kvnszky // @ladygriffins // @larvati // @leroichevalier // @lexiegrcys // @lilaabard // @lillabard // @lilycolloway // @lindseymorgan // @lionheartis // @lizzieoslens // @lnhcnder // @lochiels // @loranhale // @lorastyrels // @lothiriel // @lukaswahldenbeck // @lukecastellan // @lunalovelight // @lyannas // @lydiastiliskis // @maisiewilliaims // @malfoys // @malikovich // @mallefoys // @marauder-blood ♥ // @margotrobbies // @mariahills // @maruarders // @marystewart // @matsboyd // @matthewdaddrio // @matthiasheilvar // @mavecalore // @mavencalore // @mccallsscott // @mcrgensterns // @medeasheart // @melaniemartienz // @meraudurs // @mermaeid // @mermaidblues // @milleibobbybrown // @milliebobby // @minrd // @minyardt // @mistletoemaeve // @mivyard // @murdockmt // @mythohs


@nehmesis // @neiijosten // @neiljosteq // @neils-josten // @neptunics // @nevillles // @newtscqmander // @nickyhemmiick // @nightdrowns // @ninazaenik // @ninazenvk // @noahczerny // @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly // @noora-saetre // @noorasaettre // @nuwanda-x ♥ // @nvgma // @nymphdoras // @obereyn // @oberynymeros // @obscuriel // @odairannies // @ofkavinsky // @ohghafas // @ohsanvers // @ohweasley // @ohwnders // @oikenobi // @onvelvet // @oscarwide // @oscarwwilde // @oydssey // @ozeraways // @padfout // @palmetostate // @parvaatipatil // @patroclusgf // @pcrcy // @perfumeliquor // @perksofbeingafanboy // @persrephone // @peterkavniskys // @petuniaevans // @philipssheas // @philukas // @phlikas // @phrongs // @pjpedream // @poedamxron // @poees // @poorquentyn // @pre-gameofthrones // @primriose // @pseyche // @punkodin // @pureblud // @pureblxd // @purseus // @pynch // @quidittch // @racefortheironthrone // @ravcncycle // @ravnclaws // @rcnnanlynch // @reichanbach // @reneeswalkers // @reneewvlkers // @rhvmaresh // @rhysahd // @rhysand // @richadpapen // @richardgansevy // @richardgansvy // @richardpapan​ // @richordgansey // @ronanlyneh // @ryhysand


@safonas // @sansalayned // @sansaregina // @sarchengseys // @sargentae // @sargentts // @sebastivns // @seriouslyinlove // @sharoncartre // @silkcupid // @sirenedsea // @sleightherin // @slxofcrows // @slyherin // @sncwflakeblue // @snowflakegansey // @snowfllakes // @snowginny // @snowvflakeluna // @softestlilacs // @softninejs // @softrose // @softsgogh // @solistude // @starkeddard // @starkilerbase // @starksren // @starwar // @stiles-lydia // @stilestlinksi // @stilinskislyds // @stormhund // @strikingneil // @sxofcrows // @tedylupin // @thenortherngirl // @theoceanbvrned // @theravcnboys // @thrandiul // @tpersephone // @tragedys // @troysivan // @trssagray // @tsarist // @turtle-paced // @ulltron // @vanillasweet // @varous // @versaillcs // @vincentvangoqh // @wadamaximoff // @waldcnsheas // @waullywest // @wespers // @westerors // @westfalls // @williamherxndale // @willmorgenstern // @winonaryder // @winterblues // @winterfellsrose // @wldenbecks // @wvlan // @wylanvansunshine // @wylanvnek // @wylenvaneck // @wylanvnek // @zcbini // @zeinik // @zeneiks +blogroll

hi i’m hallie (bootsftvans) and this is my first time doing this so sorry if it looks messy. i just want to say a massive thank you to everyone in this because you made my 2016 better. i love all of you and i hope 2017 will be way better.

@yikesnerd @larry2kforever lalia, you have been extremely nice to me and talked to me about dumb little things and i am thankful for that, i really hope we get to meet someday.

@16to18 @2k17lou @28adidas @64harry // @acestyles @acetheticlouis @actionlou @actualkiss @adidaslouehh @adidastan @aestheticslxrry @aimhkink @aimhtweet @alienproof @alienseb @almightytwink @amberue @amortentialarry @andlouis @angeliclouie @anhcor @anklekink @ankleworship @artistlouis @asstatt @avocadolouie // @badlam @biadidas @bisexualpayno @bitofbanter @bloubird @blue-louis @bootyau @boringangel @borntolovelou @boyfriendsofficial @britainfucking // @carrotsandcelarry @cherrypielouis @cherrystreet @chopsueh @chrysanthemuhm @cinnamonswirlhair @coldlarrie @confolu @contouredharry @controlhaz @curhls

@daddy-hazza @daintylouiis @daisylouie @danklarrie @darkharrie @darklarrie @darlinghalo @darlinglouies @decemberlouis @degenerateharry @demiromanticlarrie @demonlouie @domeafavourharry @dulcelarry @dunkirks // @eaglelarry @eagleslouis @easeharry @elarryphant @emolouie @endit2k16 @everlastingbeauties @expensivelarry // @fakecourt @feministloueh @femmesapphic @floralsuit @flowersuits @fond-loueh @fondgf @fondinglovers @fondleeds @fondsmol @freddiesmyqueen @freethelarries @frostyniall @fukcinglouis // @genuinelyalarrie @genuinelyinlove @glasseslouis @glitterlarents @glowylouie @goldbootskink @goldenlouie @goldheartlouis @golfharry @gothlouis @greenadidasjumper @grossbabeuniverse

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@wankingloueh @warmfringe @warningselfie @weakhearted @wereallstrongertogether @werewolvesau @westindia @whiskfic @wondrouslarry @wrecklouis // @youfuckingloosah @yourssincerelylarry @yslfanfic @yslfond @yslstan @yvesaintlouis @yveslove // @zourry @zourrygf

so somehow i reached 4k followers which is a lot… think about it, i can’t fit that much people into my house plus my backyard,, so thanks to all the people who have talked to me, complimented me, asked me things and reblogged my stuff,, you’ve made my day🐳

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♚ so we all know 2016 was a hell of a year,,, but like on the bright side i made this blog back in march, i joined the marvel and dc fandom and this blog even managed to gain 1.5k followers and talk to a bunch of new an awesome people

so heres to 2017 and all those amazing people that bring life to my dash with our shared interested i love you and hope 2017 is a good one (or atleast better than 2016 yikes)  ♚

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after two years and a million different urls, this little blog is doin’ alright. this is my first follow forever just as a way to thank the people who have brought me happiness while online! you’re all amazing!

mutuals are in bold
(i was planning on doing favorites in italics but you’re all my favorites)

[ a - f ]

@alienor-woods @allisongaynolds @alrightanakin @aly-naith @alyciadebnamscareys @andrewmyinard @andromedablacck @annabethisterrified @and-i-said-tay-tay-tay @anxieusly @arteomis @ashryvaer @athenva @bananannabeth @bellamybb @bellarkestrash @bellarketm @bennct @bllrke @blueinej @bluesev @bluesgsey @bookavid @bookworm-crohnie @breker @caliypso @cassiopeiah @cassiopheias @chancellor-reyes @chungskings @clexasbellarke @collinslily @coramalia @crooked-queen @crookcdkingdom @cuipid @daddyhedas @dawncourt @diaryofabryncess @dorcmeadowes @dmentor @doriaelin @durstrang @emcri @emswift @faeyries @faeyre @fleurrdelacour @flthymudbloods @folieadunit

[ g - l ]

@gallecns @gansyeblue @gghafa @ghafa @ginnys @ginweasleys @glcndowers @glendowier @grangr @greengrss @gryffindro @gxldentrio @gxnnyweasley @haditfiguredout @hauntedfoxway @heartrnder @herhmione @herrmionegranger @hevmionegrangers@historyy @hypnohs @iamnotanna @illbethebryncess @illuminosity @inejj @infernalandmortal @injeghafa @jamespotte @janeaustten @jesprfahcys @jesperfehay @katewisnlet @kaurou @kay-emm-gee @kaznej @kazzybrekker @kettaerdam @kettersdam @ladygriffins @liamstewarrt @liamstvwart @lilaabard @lililibird @lilycallouway @lilyevians @liqhthouse @lizziebennet @lnejj @lnhcnder @lov-eswift @lovingannabeth @lunvalovegood

[ m - r ]

@madgesundersee @maisiewilliaims @malfoys @marauders-groupie @marlenmckinn @mavencalore @meraudurs @mermaidnatblida @montysmoon @myfandomtopia @nadiahilker @narxissa @ninazaenik @notalrightevans @ofwelshkings @ohpansy @ohczernv @oylmpians @padfvvt @patroculos @pctrohclus @persrephone @petuniaevans @phoebzreadz@pollyandbooks @polyjucie @poppypomfrey @poseidhn @problematicbellarke @prongsdied @prongsiedied @purseus @queenmurphy @quidittch @quibblcrs @ravnclaws @rcbb @richardgansvy @ritta1310 @rongasm @ronweasxley @rubybaely

[ s - z ]

@sallyjacson @sassamyblake @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @siriusblacc @snuffls @sofhtie @spookedgrace @spookyronans @stormhund @sunsetbabe @swiftalyze @tayaesthetic @taylordraws @taylortreasures @thechamberofsecrets @thedarkestminds @thedeathly-hallows @thequeenofstories @therealkingjulian @tragedys @trssagray @tshifty @univcrse @wellamyblake @wellsjahasghost @wickedkhaleesi@wisegirl82 @wlw @writerlyintent @wylann @xgingerbookworm @zenwisterias @zoesaldcna

anonymous asked:

Favorite blogs??

hi anon!! here are a few of my favorite mutuals:

@imperfectstardust @500fr @sunny-stardust @softdnp @kindagay @yerafangirlharry @dantlers @srsly-howell @tonystarkjpg @ephemeral-dan @hwlle @oops-yuri @gloaminghowell @sparklyraccoon @frormspring @theallaroundfangirl @fireflyphil @angstdan @energeticwarrior @pansexualphil @speedyboybarry @shingekihowell @dailybooth @helllointernet @tbhtooru @homosocksuality @nasaphil @jilliancares @spacekid-oikawa @vyou @danisontnonfire @ivorylester @astronautdan @danaesthetically @blurr-yy @redhowell @plantpot-phil @lesterp @princessdan @writerlester @softphl @htmlsucc @howelle @wafflydan @etherephil @spaceboyhoseok @jooheonym @cansadda @trippingeyes @fallawayoongi @sleeplesshowell @amandar @cozystump @dankmemeshowell @buttsexpizza @mylivingphantasy 

also a lil shout out to people who aren’t mutuals but have a+ blogs that i really admire:

@demonphannie @glowinghowell @amazingphilz @bondange @cringe-attacks

this is just a short list of my pals im so sorry if i forgot you!! feel free to fling me into the sun :( also this is so long overdue im sorry omg 

So, if y’all can’t tell by the banner today is my birthday, 19th birthday to be exact, and I wanted to do one of these in honor of it. I also hit a pretty cool milestone on Sunday. After being on here for quite a while I finally hit 1k, which is pretty fucking awesome, so thank you to everyone for that. 

Before I actually list all the wonderful people I think y’all should follow, I just wanted to give two quick shout outs. One to the awesome people in the lenaluthornw and supercorpnw as well as their group chats (y’all have definitely made this past week a good one). And another to my friend @dream-your-reality: Thank you for being there for me so much last year. You have become one of those friends that I don’t think I can ever live without and I hope that we are friends for the rest of our lives. I love you bud, I hope you’re having a great school year, and I really miss you.

I’m shit at picking favorites so instead I’m just gonna list all my wonderful mutuals! If you wanna see more of the amazing people that I follow, just go to my blogroll.Thank you all so much for sticking with me through everything! I love you all!

@acciosupercorp - @alexzorels - @altsameen - @badasssupertash - @crayscience - @danveers - @danvers-grant - @danversgrants - @directordanvers - @dream-your-reality - @flowerbisexual - @gayshorty - @its-all-in-your-imagination - @karadabvers - @karadancers - @kara-luthors - @karaluthrs - @karedanvers - @karlenah - @katiemcqrth - @kinkylena - @lenailuthor - @lenalumberjack - @lenaluthcr - @lenaluthhor - @lenaluthordefensesquad - @lenaluthorisgay - @lenaluthrr - @lenvluthor - @luthoring - @luthorology - @luthxrs - @memberofnumerousfandoms - @nevertobeships - @nxncy-wheeler - @prettyaveragewhiteshark - @queeralex - @rosesdancinginmymind - @singinprincess - @slightly-unpredictable-queen - @suprcorp - @swanquecn - @westsanvers - @wildsanvers

wow what a header i love reusing gifs ive already made :))

2016 is finally almost over!!! thank god!!! so i thought i would take a moment to appreciate some of the people i follow who i love with my whole entire heart!!! i hope 2017 is good for everyone or at least not quite so bad !!! thanks for following me this year and/or last year i would die each of my followers ur all too good for me

(i didn’t do the bold are faves thing bc ur all my faves :/ also im very lazy)


@agapelester ☆ @artsyphil@brumousdan ☆ @buttchair@calmdan@cleverlester  ☆ @cloudshowell  ☆ @cozydan  ☆ @cozypotter ☆ @cringe-attacks@damnhcwell@danandphilgames@danqueray@darkphannie@dimplydan@dirtyhealysoul@disgustdan@doodlelester@drowsylester




@nasaphan@neonlester ☆ @oops-phan@palesivan ☆ @phangif@porkmom@redhowell@rosylester 


@s-howbiz@satisfiyingserenity@snugdan@snugglyhowell@snughowell@softlester ☆ @spacecoats@spicyphil ☆ @springphil@sprinklesofglitter@spunklester@stardan ☆ @stellarphil@sunsetlester@supernovahowell@theanomex@thiccdan  ☆ @thunderhowell ☆ @tidals@tinybeanlester@ukulelephil@vegaslester@vodkagirls ☆  @wokephil

Since we’re nearing the end of this crazy year and I’ve recently hit a major follower goal, I wanted to make a follow forever showcasing some of my faves on this site and people I love following because one, you’re all amazing and two, you make my dash a good place to escape to whenever life gets tough. 

so thank you all and have a wonderful holiday season to all who celebrate! 

♡ no key because I love every single person on this list ♡

a -d

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Hey, y’all! Because Thanksgiving is rolling around, and because I hit 8k a little bit back–something I never expected to happen when I started this blog up a little under a year and a half ago–I’ve decided to do a small follow forever to thank the wonderful people I’ve interacted with or gotten quality content from on this site! Thank you all for supporting this blog and for being awesome people, and here’s to more suffering Tokyo Ghoul! 

Here’s a small mix of TG blogs, graphics/GIF makers, artists, and overall just good content providers–they all make for a great Tumblr experience!

Thanks again, and happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it!


@a-ogiri / @actual-haise / @akkai-shi / @aklras / @amerabu / @bbadtime / @coromoor / @cryingkaneki / @desferal / @eyepatch-centipede / @falsehero / @fineassdorito / @gourmet-tsukiyama-shuu / @haises / @harehollows / @hasakisaise 


@ishida-why / @jxn0620s / @kaeveeoh / @kakujahaise / @kanekijpg / @kanelicious / @kanerdki / @kenkamishiro / @kenkaneki / @king-kaneki / @lacuna-matata / @ladymoonstache / @liusys-ghoul / @makyun / @mamurasm / @nickiforov / @nurbzwax / @ohmikasaa / @ouzen 


@pireri / @plisetskey / @plisetsking / @plisetsukih / @preciousghouls@rohaankishibe / @saikogasm / @shirokaneki / @soicanhaveanyusernameiwant@snarky-gourmet / @sunlitfuruta / @the-one-eyed-goat / @tinyghoulproblem / @tsukiayma 

hi it’s me!! and i was gonna wait until i hit 10k but i’m impatient so we’re doing this now

all these people are wonderful & amazing! fave blogs are italicized and if you’re a mutual let me know bc i’m so bad at that sort of thing and i want to be friends!!

thank you for brightening my life with your blogs and hope y’all enjoy xx


@adorablehowell @adziedoodle @amazinghcwell @amazingphil @ask-tiny-grumpy @backin2009 @beautifulester @bookishlester @boxed-milk @cactiphilly @childlikemperor @cringe-attacks @dailyphan @dandelionlester @danisnotjealous @danisnotonfire @danny-howell @darkphannie @delighthowell @drinkyourfuckingmilk @earthlester @emolise @expensivehowell


@frickinlester @goddesslester @greyphan @hey-howell @hobbithairhowell @howelles @howelletc @incaseyouart @innuendo-howell @jedihowell @lilshithowell @limitlessphan @literalsunshinephil @luminarylester @lumpy-phan @maddox-rider @markiplier @memefuckhowell @mrphilip @muselester


@obsidianhowell @ohhowellno @orgasmicphil @pansexualphil@partypewds @pegasihowell @petalphan @pewdiecringe @phandomestic @phansangels @philhowll @phillestersdick @phiru @pixelatedphan @planethowell @plant-boy-lester @prettyboyphan @rainydayhowell @rebloggingphan


@shinyphan @spookydan @squishyhowell @sweetlyphan @theaterdan @thedanandphilpheels @toebeo @twinkletoeshowell @viria @writerhowell


Thank you everyone for helping me reach 4k (4.2k actually) (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑  !!! i wish i could be on more often but school is draining my energy. as a result, my queue is always on but i still talk to some of you and it really makes my day ^^. Ya anyways i’m sending my hugs to all of you so i hope you have a nice day. CHECK OUT THESE COOL BLOGS!.  

Bold: cool mutuals

Italics: gif/graphic goals 

@aceiwa-chan​ @ackermanss @aeikos @aizawah @akaashikeis @akibah @akutagawaas @akutagawah @alastros @anxiousenpai @asaiis @ayumiko​ @bkatsuki @bokouto @bokutori @bokvro @bunguo @celtie @cescles @dazzai  @daiizume @d-a-z-a-i @dazaiosamu @dazaiosamu-s @dazushi @durararas @edasshuu @ekubou @evngelion@flamefly

@gantaiz @genoza @gihtoki @ginnozah @goshiki @gurens @hachikenz @haises @hanaamakis @hhitachiin @iazaya  @ichimatsus @ieyasus @izumou​ @juminss @juunko-s  @kageshigeo @kamiiyamas @kamuisyato @karmuis @katsuraz  @katsvra  @keigoo @keikoku @kentaroz @kitagawasyusuke @kiuroo  @kojiiro @kokorohanabusa @komaedas @kotaroubokuto @kougaami  @kourai  @kunekida @kurootetsuros @kurorie @kuxokawa

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Happy Halloween!! :)

So this Follow Forever is so overdue, but I’m glad I’m doing it now because there are so many blogs I’ve come into recently and so many bloggers who, honestly, I would’ve missed had I done this earlier. I don’t follow a ton of people, but I’m happy with who I do because honestly they’re such rad blogs/bloggers! ♥

So, here we go!

Friend are Bolded*
Mutuals are Italicized*


@ackerchou @actualsvenshirogane @adhdklunk @akrcos @alteanlance @amezure @angst-in-space @aromanticaang @bipilots @bluemcclain @bpd-lance @breadpoetsociety @buckettkun @cheritsundere @cryopods @cryptidcriss @cryptidkeiths @cryptidkogane @druidlance @edgelord-kogane @emuyh-art @espanolance @etherealance @fluffytheasianpanda @fyklance


@galra-prince-lance @garrettshunk @genderqueershiro @hanceome @k3ithkogane @keef-kogayne @keithkogayne @keithkoglame @keiyth @klance-klance-revolution @klanced @koganelovesmcclain @koziosko @lance-dabs @lancemcclainofficial @lancemclion @lanceologist @leggylance @marmorakeith @marmoraskeith @mcclaln @mcslained @mikeyjcaboose @mulletboykeith


 @paladinprotector @percycalypso@pidger@pining-keith@piningkeith@platonicvoltron@pngpotpies@puncertainty@purpleneutrino@redkogane@sensitiveangell@softhance @spacemomatyourservice @spaceyuuri @surelance @thebroganenetwork @thesaxymcclain @thesearchingastronaut @thespace-dragon @thiphuc @voltron-is-a-lesbian @witchkeith@wlwvoltron@wolfpainters @xenavitani

I follow a lot of sideblogs and It’s hard to keep track of which mainblog belongs to who and so if I missed anyone, or forgot to bold or out you in italics or put you down twice, shoot me a quick message and I’ll fix it!

well well well,, it’s been a short and honestly frickin’ wild ride (no swears cause trying to keep a clean image for the youths™) but we finally hit 1k,, haha what i’m not late guys 2k !!! (look i know i said i would do a follow forever at 1k but guess what i didn’t so what are you gonna do about it, huh?) anyways i want to keep it short and sweet but ~  holyy molyyy guys i haven’t even had this blog a full 2 months yet??? like that’s absolutely wild ~

so in the short time i’ve had this blog i’ve made some awesome friends and met a lot of people with a lot of cool blogs and basically i’m so thankful to everyone who puts up with me and actually reblogs my shit and sends me messages and asks like you guys are all so amazing,, so uhh basically everyone on here i’m giving you a hug or just a high five if you’re not into hugs or even just supportive, excited jazz hands because i love you all so much 💕 💕

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IN THE MIDST OF SHOWING MY FACE XDD ♥♥♥♥♥ I’ve finally hit 500 followers. I just want to personally say how much you guys mean to me. I never thought in a million years that I could say I have 500 followers, although there would be more if I unblocked the porn blogs eue, I just am so blessed to have you all as followers. I really hope you guys continue to enjoy my content even when it’s nerdy shit or I’m streaming or you’re just enjoying my smol beautiful son. I honestly don’t know how you guys enjoy his cracky sinful kingly ass but you do! XD

My Bitches:

@mysouldivided, @goldenpuzzle, @beautyofillusixn, @shadowspiritthief, @blue-eyes-white-kaiba, @rycubakura, @shxdowmonarch, @bloodxinxthexshadows, @shewillbelcved, @lavendereyes, @xcry-of-kingx, @coldazure, @nefer-itja, @bloodyghosts-warmcuddles, @spirit-ofthering, @2etokaiba, @hiddenknxves, @tongueofmercury, @mxlanchxlic, @redeyespride, @alzzalam, @dethronedxking, @dimensionthosesexydice, @marik-dominant-prominent,

You guys are what makes my dash so awesome. You make my day no matter what. I could be watching you guys interact with each other and just ♥♥♥ XDD I die every day in the best way possible with you guys making me laugh. I seriously fucking love you guys okay? 

Now here’s a list of people that I haven’t rped with yet that I want to get to know. Who also I stalk eue because you guys are amazing:

@puzzllcd, @darkburning, @hybrius, @hypnoanalysis, @illintent, @duelhearted, @pxzzlepieces, @azuloculorum, @ofpuzzles, @dxncequeen, @necroccult, @shadowchosen, @braveduelist, @h-ost, @xltruistic, @dracgus, @amarenotus, @heitlus and just so many moreeeeee I love you guys so much. This fandom is beautiful and I’m so glad to be a part of the family. 

I hope you all know I’m here for you all if you ever need someone. ;w; Thank you for making my life easier and keeping a smile on my face with all the fun we have. Here’s to the future!