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Haii everyone!! First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day to you cuties whether you’re single or taken ;u; I hope it’s a wonderful day for you nonetheless! *sends you all some virtual chocolate* (´∀`)♡

Last week, I reached 4k wonderful followers and I could not be any happier;; I am so thankful to each and every single one of you for making my tumblr experience so amazing as I never thought I would reach this far ;o; it’s so overwhelming for me! So again, thank youuu so much from the bottom of my heart c:

To all my followers: ily guys!! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you for supporting my blog and cheering me up whenever I’m having a bad day with wonderful messages/asks. you’re all super precious and I wish everyone the best in everything you do ^^

To all my mutuals: oh my god, I love you all *-* i honestly can’t believe that I have such incredible mutuals with A+ blogs;; thank you for being a part of my life and for having me as one of your mutuals - and also for being sO supportive of my blog - it means so much to me!♥ (°◡°♡).:。

bold: mutuals

A - H
@0jj | @a-sakuras | @aizawashoutta | @akutagawaas | @akutagawah | @anime-diary | @anime-escape |@anime-pictures-and-other-stuff | @animebigworld | @aoikawa | @aranelyn | @atsushisnakajima | @awe–sum | @ayaarin | @ayaseis | @ayumiko | @bekki-chan | @c-aeline | @chizurou | @chockomilk | @cinness | @colormyworldd | @colouful | @daiizume | @daishou-sama | @daughterofsatan | @de-k-u | @doki-dolly | @escarletes | @falling-stars-on-moonlit-skies | @fuyuuyume | @ghiblistudihoes | @habuti | @haiyse | @hamaiasa | @hanae-ichihara | @hanmii | @hitouka | @hitsu-ji | @hiwazumi 

I - R
@ichiino​ | @ijouri | @ishinou | @instrumentaldream | @iwanari | @justnosense | @kagevama | @kamiiyamas | @kandas | @kenmai |  @kenmasan | @kiiseu | @kiuroo | @koitoshi | @kojiiro | @korumi | @kovuku  | @kurummi | @kurooa | @larimii | @laynce​ | @lethe79 | @liliqe | @lluvina | @m-0b | @maelune | @masayume-manga | @massushiro | @mitsuki-hoshino | @miuroko | @mizus | @mormikas | @naminechan11 | @nanzse | @narvhina | @nellanon | @nicosrobins | @ntasume | @oh-totoro | @ohreigen | @oikawastooru | @oikawatoeru | @oikawos | @oriondiary | @oumakokichis | @peeka-chuu | @pinkakuma | @pliestsky | @plisetsking | @raeira | @reii-sama | @reizakis | @riemi | @rimu | @rockettension

S - Z
@sakusa-chan | @sarukui | @s-e-l-f-i-s-h-n-e-s-s | @seiryuus | @sesukes | @shieni | @shirayukii | @shizukku | @shotous |@shouyouu| @sillywhimsicalgirl | @snowkun | @sora-iro | @sparckle-cat | @spirition | @stalescenery | @sugasets | @sweet-kokoro | @tachibana–chan | @tachibanamarika |  @taiketsu | @taikos | @todorokih | @tor-u | @toumeii | @tsukih | @tsukii | @tsweetdere | @unmeis | @vanillabell | @yachibot |@yamazekis | @ymi-r | @yokacheer |  @yousei-kun | @yukkie-s | @yumekiko | @yushiyuki | @yuuyaas | @zakuras | @zakurio | @zeino | @zefile

it’s been a few months since i did my first follow forever and i think it’s time to update it a bit! i’ve come across so many amazing yuri!!! on ice blogs since then and the first one just isn’t enough anymore. i also reached 8k a while ago so this will serve as a celebration post as well! thank you for following me everyone, here’s my new and improved yoi follow forever list! ♥

•  new additions italicized
♥ mutuals bolded

A  →  K
@accioharo / @actualyuuri / @blau678@borntomake / @bottom-viktor@chiarren / @dramaticvictor / @fencer-x@forovnix / @father-nikiforov / @fyeahyurionice / @fyyoi / @honeyuuri / @itsjjpositivity / @katsuukis@kazliin / @keilattes 

L  →  T
@lookiamnotcreative@lovelytitania / @makkakill @nikeforov / @nikifirov / @nikiforoving@nikiforo-v / @nikiforovprince@nikiforovshitposts@notactvictor / @peachyviktor / @plsetski@prince-nikiforov / @randomsplashes / @seek-victory / @sk8r-boi-yuri / @softnikiforov / @takemetovikturi / @tosquinha

V  →  Z
@ven-tsu / @victory-is-to-victuuri / @victoryuuris / @victuurificrec / @victuurificthings@victuuriporkbowl / @viktor-chan@viktorikiforov@viktornikiforow / @viktoronbottom / @vikturi-trash / @viktuuri–on–ice@viktuuri-pork / @viktyuuris@v-niliforov@vyctornikiforov / @yuurikatsukii@zephyrine-gale 

hey guys!! it’s crazy that i made this blog on a whim a couple of months ago, and now 500 of you follow me!! i’ve loved being a part of this community, and i can’t wait to experience the 2nd half of season 4 with you!! 

i decided to make a follow forever/mutuals appreciation post, so i’ll put the rest under a read more so it isn’t super long and obnoxious

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This is a very spontaneous, uninspired follow forever! Today, February 1st, is my blog’s third birthday and initially, I didn’t want to do a follow forever or anything but then thought why not!!

The reason why I decided to make this is to tell you guys how much I missed you and how much I missed this place. As you might have noticed, I haven’t been very active since last year and the main reason why is collage and my hell of a life. It was like nothing but a curse throughout 2016 and it still is! I am trying to remain strong and positive but I think my activity will keep on declining. I honestly have no motivation to edit or to colour anymore. I have zero creativity and I always feel so uninspired and unwilling to do anything for this blog anymore!! I believe these feelings are not a joke this time. However, I am not willing to shut down this blog so please don’t interpret this as a goodbye message; I just wanted to say that I don’t know if I will be here another year or not!!

With that being said, I would like to thank every and each person who ever interacted with me, who hit the follow button on my blog for any reason, whoever put lovely tags on my edits, whoever said they liked my manga colourings, whoever considered me a friend, whoever included me in their follow forever, whoever dedicated a photoset to me, whoever made me think of my stay at tumblr a joyful experience. I love you all from the depth of my heart <3

Beautiful bloggers who always brighten my dash :D

★ A - I ★

@aizawashoutta | @akutagawaas | @akutagawah | @allenswalkers | @baekinhoo | @bakakawa | @bertholdts | @bohkutos | @chiamis | @cieled | @cromedokuro | @dianthus-sss | @dns07 | @edwarddelrics | @envy-and-pride | @erwonmyheart | @escarletes | @eternallytrashtastic | @fairytailwitch | @genoza | @grifith | @gurako | @hina-shoo | @hitsougaya | @infiniterhapsody | @ithmid | @izumou

★ J - P ★

@jetzui | @juminss | @jyuushimatsu | @kamuisyato | @katsuraz | @kawaiinohime | @keikoku | @kirlua | @kudous | @lahviis | @littlebratciel | @mazusu | @midforde | @mikotoray | @mmakotoz | @mukoros | @nagittos | @naruzumake | @nchuyas | @nicolasis | @nicosrobins | @nikiphorov | @noctislucisscaelum | @nyxnperona | @okitasougos | @plisetski

★ R - Z ★

@rainnieday | @reishikiz | @ryoutakises | @ryuzakki | @sawtsuki | @seethelights | @serragakis | @shogomakishimas | @shotous | @shreya-chan | @sougu | @spiteful-crow | @tachibana–chan | @tobiios | @todorokii | @todorokiis | @toushi | tsukis | @ttoujis | @ttoushirou | @ukiinas | @ulquiora | @umis | @uzurume@v-nikiforov | @yattygamis | @ttoushirou | @ymirgasm | @yushiyuki | @zakuras | @zechs | @zeino

I apologize if I misspelled or forgot anyone!!

             ± “I’ve lived here my entire life. I can’t just throw it all away.”

I honestly did not think that this blog here would not make it the first of my blogs to 400– one hundred away from a major milestone here on Tumblr. I have and have had followers into the high hundreds, and even into thousands, though I never once considered that I could compare to it at all in comparison.

I throw much of my life into writing, and Elena, like others is one that I am happy to see that I have expanded her as a character– as a person. I come for fun and practice, and being here has given me so many opportunities, and many friends along the way- and all under three short years accounting all hiatuses I have taken since making this blog.

Great friends:

@ablackwing, @lickmysparkstick, @notcompensatingforanything, @misericorsmxrtyris, @ambereyedcetra, @rufus–shinra, @ivory-paragon, @turkanvivia, @iwantthemtoo, @legendaryturk, @gopinkglasses, @shuriken-onna, @finalhxaven@lone-wolf-lament, @tsengofshinra/ @parvuslegum

Active interactions:

@heroofgrymoire, @rikelusshinra, @callmenaia, @soldiers-hydrangea, @friendlyheartless, @theamazingchickenman, @false-lucifer, @axgmented, @adventurouswind, @badassbarmaid@lockedfighter, @sanguinepeccatorum@unvxrtuous, @synxrgist, @typhcccn, @fabulousredkweh

Beloved from afar:

@infiniitas, @blackmage-lulu, @generalrhapsodos, @firxga, @kingxfmischief, @jester-of-genocide@ofbraver, @adventson, @jjillekkot, @underplater, @argentnoir, @akamure, @marleneiisms, @eteriskromling, @eternity-hero, @everyonelovesaladythief, @punches-like-a-girl, @ryusxnka, @reinumiji, @rude-at-your-service, @project-sephiroth



Hello everyone! I can’t believe I just reached 1k followers, and I’m very thankful so that’s the reason why I’m doing my 2nd follow forever list. Thanks for always reblogging my shitty edits and giving me so much love through private messages.

p.s. i edited this in 30 minutes so please forgive me if there are some mistakes. Now i’ll mention some of my favourites blogs and I’m still thinking that I forgot a lot. But anyway, I love you guys!

                 *       ✷   · * .   ·*    . 

# // @1lsan @61x046 @94seulqi

a-e // @aishjimin @aishwasa @artofennun @ask-bts-stuff @baechys @baejisoos @baekhynnie @belbes @blue-jpg @btsgfx @bwemin @byuny @cafewoozi @cataerpie @cowjimin @cupofchim @daifukeu @dearmingyu @delium @dellrey @eggpuffs @eo-nni @estheticsly

f-m // @fairyjoon @flowershield @fluidguk @forjimin @gotmeulk @hanmii @hhobi @hongiisoo @hoonsgf @huijpg @ichigo-lait @jaekooks @jinsrap @jjkook @joyolk @jung-koook @kalonaire @kamikoy @kasugate @kiheun @kimtqtae @koitoshi @kooksgf @kotikjoon @lavendervalar @mblaq @milktu @milkue @milkybbh @minjooned @minsugah @miuroko @mizudorii @mnets @mochireu @mochiwon @monoka @mood130

n-t // @namjoone​ @notxela​ @ohsleepy​ @ohwondae​ @oilait​ @oshmilks​ @pastelnet​ @pcyoongi​ @pcyoshie​ @piy-o​ @pvnkyoongi​ @raineu​ @ryuhaii​ @seok-jined​ @seokie​ @seujoy​ @shyubi​ @south-b-club​ @speaknowtaylor​ @suga-desu​ @sugacreme​ @syubble​ @taebaeul​ @taecheol​ @taemnts​ @taeskai​ @taevguk​ @taros​ @ttae

t-z // @uyuro @visualangel @vjin @winkhyun @yeahkrystal @yifsn @yoonkooks @yulkwo @yvesaintluhan @zelo


HELLO EVERYONE~ And Welcome to my 300+ Bias List! 

                 First off, I must thank all of you for sticking around and writing with me on this blog for the past 6 months! Second off–You’re all my lovelies! I enjoy writing with every single one of you and even if you aren’t mentioned here, I am grateful to you for sending me memes and interacting with me. My loveliest lovelies are under the cut here:

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Mikaela and Enzo

I’ve recently hit 400 followers and my blogoversary and have decided to list my follow forevers mutual edition. Thank you all for putting up with me and my spotty activity — my shipping antics — and how volatile my muse can be. I appreciate all of you, mutual or not, and look forward to more shenanigans. 

I’ve divided people up into fandom categories, in case you were looking for rad people to follow. 

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Y’all, doing this was so stressful and I’ll probably never do it again cause it was exhausting trying to remember everyone so if I forgot you please don’t kill me, I love you.

To everyone on the list, thank you for all your amazing content and for being amazing people. I admire you so much and I love seeing you on my dash everyday. Please note that I adore all of you and I’m here if anyone needs anything

To those in bold, y’all are my extra babes.

I put some symbols next to some URL’s and put a message at the end for you.

I LOVE YOU GUYS and thank you for existing.

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Oh! Oh! Oh! … WAIT! Christmas is already past … welp I was supposed to post this earlier but not with a lazy ass like mine ㄟ( ▔∀▔ )ㄏɥǝ ɥǝ ɥǝ…

Anyway! I hope you are all doing well, I’m sending you good vibes and …

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*LUCK』 for the new year~ (because 2016 … u kno)

I’m not good with words so I’ll make it short: thank to you, for the fifth consecutive year, I was able to enjoy this shitty website. You are my MVPs! ALL OF YOU!  ಥ⌣ಥ Please, take good care of me for this new year. 

Let’s tag!

# ~ C


D ~ G


H ~ K


L ~ O


P ~ T


U ~ Z



A pigeon welcomes the Great Monk Xuanzang from Tang 

Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back  (西遊伏妖篇)

Hello, everyone! So its been a little over a month of me creating this blog and starting to share my writing. I am so honestly thankful for the support I’ve been given by so many lovely people I’ve talked with since signing up. But to make this short and not too sappy ~ thank you so much to everyone who has followed me, those that’ve shared my works, and others who have shared their creations and inspired me immensely <3. As a little celebration I would like to give back to everyone with the four options below and a shout out to blogs I love and people I think are genuinely talented, kind people I hope the best for. 

- Celebration: Gifts to you -
☽ Rules: mbf me please <3 + reblog this post
☽ Check out my writing, maybe? I appreciate any tips/advice/comments
☽ Gift Options (depending on how many I get please know it may take time <3)
    ☆ Name Aesthetic + Concept
    ☆ Personal Mini poem (sizes will change w/ inspiration I feel that day)
    ☆ Visual Poem (mood board and poem)
    ☆ Moodboard 

☼ Send me a season, emotion, theme, color, character/figure, OC, anything 
     you might like + I will try my best to center the writing/edit about it.

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(pls excuse the shitty banner)

OK I’t kinda late but last month has been a year since I made this blog! I stil can’t believe I got 1838 people to follow me (hmu sometime!). Thank you everyone for following this boring blog. 

So I decided to make a follow forever to celebrate but as I already recommended blogs I admire in my first follow forever this will be a mutuals edition. All of the following blogs are mutuals I am glad to have even tho some may not even know I follow them (because this is a side blog) or we have never talked before. Ily all ♥

♥ - favourite blog/person

@97dokyeom - @9snsd5shinee - @bangtan-bananamuffin - @boo-dynasty - @cocojimin - @exclusivejably - @fluff-tae - @flymetobusan ♥ - @goodmorningcheol - @gyuwifeu ♥ - @hajunice - @i-m-what-i-am - @ilxmsm♥ - @ithinkik -  @jeonghanie - @jihoon-swoon - @jikoo-k ♥ - @k-stuff-4u ♥ - @koneko14 - @kookiepanda00 ♥ - @lifeofababymelon - @mansaebaebsae - @mindaelover - @mindless-misfit245@misskyurield - @mysavageaesthetic - @nverever ♥ - @obviouslynotkpoptrash@official-junniehui@ohmysoups@peachyjihoonie - @playingwithblackpink-bts - @performanceteams ♥ - @pocketful-of-woozi ♥ - @sassyminghao ♥ - @scoupsbabe - @semisweetsuga@seokminsane - @seventeenpabo@smolsugabby@softbeommie - @stoop-girl ♥ - @stupidseventeentrash ♥ - @sugar-kookiie@svt13fics - @svt-jiswoon - @themoonjunhui - @tookorean - @tsunderetrashheap@twinkgyu - @vernonlaugh - @vernonv - @wearebiased - @wonumyheart ♥ - @yellowpaperkittens