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Haii everyone!! First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day to you cuties whether you’re single or taken ;u; I hope it’s a wonderful day for you nonetheless! *sends you all some virtual chocolate* (´∀`)♡

Last week, I reached 4k wonderful followers and I could not be any happier;; I am so thankful to each and every single one of you for making my tumblr experience so amazing as I never thought I would reach this far ;o; it’s so overwhelming for me! So again, thank youuu so much from the bottom of my heart c:

To all my followers: ily guys!! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you for supporting my blog and cheering me up whenever I’m having a bad day with wonderful messages/asks. you’re all super precious and I wish everyone the best in everything you do ^^

To all my mutuals: oh my god, I love you all *-* i honestly can’t believe that I have such incredible mutuals with A+ blogs;; thank you for being a part of my life and for having me as one of your mutuals - and also for being sO supportive of my blog - it means so much to me!♥ (°◡°♡).:。

bold: mutuals

A - H
@0jj | @a-sakuras | @aizawashoutta | @akutagawaas | @akutagawah | @anime-diary | @anime-escape |@anime-pictures-and-other-stuff | @animebigworld | @aoikawa | @aranelyn | @atsushisnakajima | @awe–sum | @ayaarin | @ayaseis | @ayumiko | @bekki-chan | @c-aeline | @chizurou | @chockomilk | @cinness | @colormyworldd | @colouful | @daiizume | @daishou-sama | @daughterofsatan | @de-k-u | @doki-dolly | @escarletes | @falling-stars-on-moonlit-skies | @fuyuuyume | @ghiblistudihoes | @habuti | @haiyse | @hamaiasa | @hanae-ichihara | @hanmii | @hitouka | @hitsu-ji | @hiwazumi 

I - R
@ichiino​ | @ijouri | @ishinou | @instrumentaldream | @iwanari | @justnosense | @kagevama | @kamiiyamas | @kandas | @kenmai |  @kenmasan | @kiiseu | @kiuroo | @koitoshi | @kojiiro | @korumi | @kovuku  | @kurummi | @kurooa | @larimii | @laynce​ | @lethe79 | @liliqe | @lluvina | @m-0b | @maelune | @masayume-manga | @massushiro | @mitsuki-hoshino | @miuroko | @mizus | @mormikas | @naminechan11 | @nanzse | @narvhina | @nellanon | @nicosrobins | @ntasume | @oh-totoro | @ohreigen | @oikawastooru | @oikawatoeru | @oikawos | @oriondiary | @oumakokichis | @peeka-chuu | @pinkakuma | @pliestsky | @plisetsking | @raeira | @reii-sama | @reizakis | @riemi | @rimu | @rockettension

S - Z
@sakusa-chan | @sarukui | @s-e-l-f-i-s-h-n-e-s-s | @seiryuus | @sesukes | @shieni | @shirayukii | @shizukku | @shotous |@shouyouu| @sillywhimsicalgirl | @snowkun | @sora-iro | @sparckle-cat | @spirition | @stalescenery | @sugasets | @sweet-kokoro | @tachibana–chan | @tachibanamarika |  @taiketsu | @taikos | @todorokih | @tor-u | @toumeii | @tsukih | @tsukii | @tsweetdere | @unmeis | @vanillabell | @yachibot |@yamazekis | @ymi-r | @yokacheer |  @yousei-kun | @yukkie-s | @yumekiko | @yushiyuki | @yuuyaas | @zakuras | @zakurio | @zeino | @zefile

Hello everyone!! A while ago I hit 1,000 followers - THANK YOU all so much for your support! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my amazing friends and mutuals who have helped me improve over this past year. You guys give me inspiration to keep going! Even if we haven’t talked much, I want to let you know that you keep my dash interesting and alive. I’m so grateful to be a part of this community and I owe it all to you guys. Again, thank you all so much!!!

Here are some amazing friends, mutuals, and blogs I really appreciate that really deserve your follow:

0 - J

@09kageyama @ackermanlevis @ackersoul @aeselyn @ah-luna @ageha @aizawashoutah @aizawashoutta @akaashist @akutagawaas @akutagawah @amelies-lacroixs @a-ogiri @atsumus @atsushisnakajima @awakusukaii @ayaato @chiesaki @chiiisai-otaku @d-a-z-a-i @dazaiosamu-s @dekuzs @dotachi @eliuthia @elriccs @erenyegar @fudayk @fujitastatara @genosus @grumpykacchan @haiyse @hanae-ichihara @hannahreiss @himiko-toga @hirakum @hoetian @hope-descends @houtaarou @hyodo @jolynecujo @josay

K - O

@kaeveeoh @kanamesengoku @kagarishuse @kageyamastobio @kagyamatobios @kaijohs @kamuisyato @kanekil @kanneki @kaori @katsvra @kimbokjo @kishitan-iis @kishou @kkarasunos @kmuiyato @kojiiro @kourai @krshima @kunikidaz @kyoka-izumi @lametooru @larimii @leonhaardt-s @magicsilly @matsukishima @midvriyas @mikerads @misakarose @misserbk @miuroko @sangatsunolion @morgiana @nagihtos @nicorobins @nikifforovs @nikifoorov @ohmikasaa @ohreigen @okita-senpai @ootsukis @ourherodeku @owarus

P - Z

@pliestsky @ponchizs @preciousghouls @rainbowtalia @ranpohedogawa @reigenly @reimz @rose-flowers @ryuzakki @saikosaikosaiko @sairenji @saishii @sakasakiis @sakichi @sarukui @sehunned @sesukes @shinpaci @shirayukii @shiroa @shiroganesm @shirokaneki @shotous @shoukko @shtodoroki @ssghoulhaise @sukerokus @tachibana–chan @takasukis @theladystrikesagain @tkoyami @todorokih @todorokiih @toshiiros @t0ukas @tsukiko-ciah @tsukis @uboa-s @uchihasaskes @ulurus @uttsukushi @v0ngola @wakata @wattashi @xnteiku @yatoqmi @zuura

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone or the links aren’t working. Thank you all!!!

thank you all so so much for 4k !!
i chose this gif bc that’s my face rn… i’m just imagining four thousand people standing in my backyard !! that’s heckin insane !! i love every single person who took the time to click that follow button cept the porn bots… i see u and everyone who’s reblogged my gifs or used one of my icons and just.. without y’all i wouldn’t be here actually not failing at this tunglr thing :( ily

since i haven’t done this since 600 (??i know) i thought it’d be nice to do a proper ff again!! below i’ve listed a bunch of lovely mutuals who i love with my whole entire heart :)

((blacklist #camsff if u don’t want this on ya dash))

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Hello guys,some of you may know me as Flawlessohsehun (Natalie//Nat). It’s my second appreciation post.It’s been a year since I joined the fandom and I wanna thank all of you for being here for me, you don’t even know how much this means to me. I was blessed with some amazing friends i got to meet here, i know I may not have been a good friend to you myself, but i want you to know i truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me and i couldn’t be more thankful. there are people who deserve a special place here for being the most wonderful human beings i got to know and meet. i want you to remember you’re all very special, kind, amazing, gorgeous, lovely and honestly the best.I appreciate your kindness and hospitality shown to a girl like me with a simple blog and sparkling interests.I owe you. So not to rant even more here are blogs and bloggers who made my experiance so amazing: 

(P.S. some of you may have noticed that its been a month since i have been on queue, I do not have heart to delete this blog so there are more than 70 posts queued and i will let it run out,after that this blog may be dead for a while, i cant tell the exact date I will come back but I will try to come as often as I can)

@1adyluck @1eojung @bebebyun @powermp3byexo @krellysworld @chansoobaeks @starlightdae @faeryixing @baekheuyn @angel-osh @vivihun @madameemotional @06pray @ohhsenshine @co-kai-ne @soyousgf

@squynhty @kingloeys @sefuns @starsehun @sooweetlies @the-ooverdose

@xiubyuns @glorious-soobooty @brbcrawlingtokorea @kittyhunnie @hunniedae @kjms @baekiya @sehunas @baekhyunsama @bbhsthighs

@tipannies @starboyksoo @chanyeolsabs @jonmyecn @sechens @vogueksoo @byunparks @chootys @chouxiu @dulcetyeoll @taemcin  @chanhyun @jnghobi @baekpedia @baekhyuh @byunlucid @byunchen @topfied @thicksehun @baekhyunsthickthighs @bisexualkai @chanshine

@sugadaddytaeyong @luflute @pinkjonginie @luhan-vevo @sxhuns @bebebyun @94-hun @88gf @floralbyun @callmeminseok @minbulletproof @sehunspubes @isexoreal @sehunicorne @sehunnified @wtfyixing @yeolhighness @etherealbbh @ilovminseok @chnyeollie @rosybbh @chanyoel @smhsehun @ibyun @glamorouschen @hunandonly @whatiskanye @sebaeksgirl @pcysfirstlove @pebble-xo @eyesonxiu @zelovevo @gotnothintodo @dorkdo @baehkhun @heroesfan101 @bringtheboysout @omegajongin @richchitta @chanyeollipop @strongastitanium @dokaixing @kingloeys @chaichanyeol @kokobaekhyun

hello !!! it’s amira back at it again w a follow forever nd this time it’s for a milestone that actually had me screaming at my laptop !!! i’ve had this blog for about 9 months nd became a monbebe in january 2017 nd it really was the Greatest decision of my life,,,, i’ve met so many amazing people who i can happily call my friends nd it’s just ???? i cant even describe how happy i am that we can support mx together,,,, nd to everyone following me like ??? thank u ???? all i do is talk abt rarepairs monsta x shownu nd make gifs but ur here nd im here nd like woW okay im !!! emotional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyWAYS before i start like :/ tearing up all over my laptop or smth Equally as Uglie, under the cut you can find messages to my close friends nd a list of mutuals who i love nd adore w all my heart !!!!

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I reached 3K followers a few days ago and I wanted to do follow forever since I haven’t done one in awhile. Both as a thank you and also so people could get a chance to discover and follow some pretty awesome people I’ve met on here over the years. Sorry if I forgot anyone, feel free to check out my blogroll for more great blogs!

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Happy 3rd Captain Swan Day! Enjoy a little captain swan cuddling and cuteness!

Thanks to @cat-sophiafor tagging me! Love to my tumblr friends and follow forever blogs

@thetaleofcaptainswan @saraswans @laschatzi @emmandhook @tough-lass @mayquita @lenfaz @flslp87 @zumpie @lillpon@canwetalkaboutcaptainswan @pirateherokillian @tlynnwords  @thisisevenharderthannamingablog @lizacstuff @aloha-4-ever @ask-killian  @annaamell @odonoghueway @queen-mabs-revenge  @accio-ambition @onceland @ask-killian  @holdingamoonbeam @bromfieldhall @acaptainswaneternity @colin–odonoghue @margaeryqueen @bleebug  @startswithhope @someone-like-robsten @kimidakewooooo  @cocohook38 @spartanguard @thesschesthair @winterbythesea @lostsoulincssea@seethelovelyintheworld @kdanna03  @captain-k-jones @zengoalie @tnlph @hellowhearemypeople @scapeartist @brooke-to-broch @mryddinwilt @ripplestitchskein @caprelloidea @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan @disastergirl  @fergus80 @optomisticgirl @mindyourhelm @ooshka-babooshka  @gillie @daxx04 @athenascarlet @amagicalship @the-lady-of-misthaven  @thegladelf @soulofkillian @tehgreeneyes @tennant-the-tigger @whimsicallyenchantedrose @gentlesleaze @duathadun @dani-ellie03 @effulgentcolors @andhewonherheart @doddplaza @geekalogian @firstbeanstalk  @themmaswan

hey guys!! it’s crazy that i made this blog on a whim a couple of months ago, and now 500 of you follow me!! i’ve loved being a part of this community, and i can’t wait to experience the 2nd half of season 4 with you!! 

i decided to make a follow forever/mutuals appreciation post, so i’ll put the rest under a read more so it isn’t super long and obnoxious

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This is a very spontaneous, uninspired follow forever! Today, February 1st, is my blog’s third birthday and initially, I didn’t want to do a follow forever or anything but then thought why not!!

The reason why I decided to make this is to tell you guys how much I missed you and how much I missed this place. As you might have noticed, I haven’t been very active since last year and the main reason why is collage and my hell of a life. It was like nothing but a curse throughout 2016 and it still is! I am trying to remain strong and positive but I think my activity will keep on declining. I honestly have no motivation to edit or to colour anymore. I have zero creativity and I always feel so uninspired and unwilling to do anything for this blog anymore!! I believe these feelings are not a joke this time. However, I am not willing to shut down this blog so please don’t interpret this as a goodbye message; I just wanted to say that I don’t know if I will be here another year or not!!

With that being said, I would like to thank every and each person who ever interacted with me, who hit the follow button on my blog for any reason, whoever put lovely tags on my edits, whoever said they liked my manga colourings, whoever considered me a friend, whoever included me in their follow forever, whoever dedicated a photoset to me, whoever made me think of my stay at tumblr a joyful experience. I love you all from the depth of my heart <3

Beautiful bloggers who always brighten my dash :D

★ A - I ★

@aizawashoutta | @akutagawaas | @akutagawah | @allenswalkers | @baekinhoo | @bakakawa | @bertholdts | @bohkutos | @chiamis | @cieled | @cromedokuro | @dianthus-sss | @dns07 | @edwarddelrics | @envy-and-pride | @erwonmyheart | @escarletes | @eternallytrashtastic | @fairytailwitch | @genoza | @grifith | @gurako | @hina-shoo | @hitsougaya | @infiniterhapsody | @ithmid | @izumou

★ J - P ★

@jetzui | @juminss | @jyuushimatsu | @kamuisyato | @katsuraz | @kawaiinohime | @keikoku | @kirlua | @kudous | @lahviis | @littlebratciel | @mazusu | @midforde | @mikotoray | @mmakotoz | @mukoros | @nagittos | @naruzumake | @nchuyas | @nicolasis | @nicosrobins | @nikiphorov | @noctislucisscaelum | @nyxnperona | @okitasougos | @plisetski

★ R - Z ★

@rainnieday | @reishikiz | @ryoutakises | @ryuzakki | @sawtsuki | @seethelights | @serragakis | @shogomakishimas | @shotous | @shreya-chan | @sougu | @spiteful-crow | @tachibana–chan | @tobiios | @todorokii | @todorokiis | @toushi | tsukis | @ttoujis | @ttoushirou | @ukiinas | @ulquiora | @umis | @uzurume@v-nikiforov | @yattygamis | @ttoushirou | @ymirgasm | @yushiyuki | @zakuras | @zechs | @zeino

I apologize if I misspelled or forgot anyone!!

100+ FOLLOW FOREVER!! ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

Hi… I don’t really know how to operate these sorts of things, but I just want to jump right in and say that I am so thankful for all my loyal followers, and that the start of my 2017 here has been an absolute blessing. I’ve only had this blog since December 2016, and well.. It’s hard for me to gain attention because I don’t really seek it out. I tend to stay undercover, not out in the midst of crowding, popular blogs. I apologize for how much of a mess my blog is, but I still want to thank all of you guys for sticking through with me and being dolls. You’ve all made this possible for me, and hopefully in a little while I can reach my next milestone.

Anyway it’s time for me to show my love towards you all. I’m just going to be tagging my mutuals and friends in separate places… in alphabetical order and under the “keep reading” tab so it doesn’t clog up anyone’s feed. I’m sorry if I don’t follow you back, just know that I love and appreciate you. You are just as important here, because everyone matters! I’m so happy with all the notifs I get from y’all.

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its been four months since my last follow forever, i have hit a hundred more followers. i have met some great individuals in the past few months and if you see them here on my follow forever, some here i have no roleplayed with but i am wanting too! if you are here and we haven’t plotted yet, send me a message or even a meme, im totally up for it!

( bolded = close friends )​ ​ ​ ​ ​

@reggaepunx @fractalesymphony  @visualnxmuses  @asy-kyuhyun @nevstcries @thecrzyones @kichonamuses @agnvs-dei @xrupt @stillsolo @joyfulxrunaway @1xx7 @thxunwantxd @stormxrider @remneko @nxghtlilac @iiraeth @g0thika @jong-ki @mvxnn @tkgkshunya @neglectivn @riotingvines @zenosyvn @diaphonovs @angelchonakamura @hisashiimai @kijinsane @thesambam @aghastus @sena-jiluka @dreamsxundreamed @yshkry @sakuxraipho @satoxmipho @yuujibaba @xdequus @burningxsage @haunted-destruction @gbxjun @a-beasts-narrative +blogroll

in my past ones i’ve done a small area where i call out on those who i am close with - but instead of doing that, i wanted to put this here and say; i love all of my followers - i do! im sorry, i don’t get to all of you, im also sorry that sometimes i don’t reply to some threads - i lose them or i just need the right type of musing for it. please don’t ever take it personally that i don’t reply to you, i beg you! everyone here has supported me and my muses, with out you guys i wouldn’t have any of my muses and they certainly wouldn’t be where they are - so thank you. so much. people here have made it such an experience to be here - good and bad all together. 

don’t EVER be afraid to send a message! please do actually, im alway open to new people and threads ( even multiple threads )!


             ± “I’ve lived here my entire life. I can’t just throw it all away.”

I honestly did not think that this blog here would not make it the first of my blogs to 400– one hundred away from a major milestone here on Tumblr. I have and have had followers into the high hundreds, and even into thousands, though I never once considered that I could compare to it at all in comparison.

I throw much of my life into writing, and Elena, like others is one that I am happy to see that I have expanded her as a character– as a person. I come for fun and practice, and being here has given me so many opportunities, and many friends along the way- and all under three short years accounting all hiatuses I have taken since making this blog.

Great friends:

@ablackwing, @lickmysparkstick, @notcompensatingforanything, @misericorsmxrtyris, @ambereyedcetra, @rufus–shinra, @ivory-paragon, @turkanvivia, @iwantthemtoo, @legendaryturk, @gopinkglasses, @shuriken-onna, @finalhxaven@lone-wolf-lament, @tsengofshinra/ @parvuslegum

Active interactions:

@heroofgrymoire, @rikelusshinra, @callmenaia, @soldiers-hydrangea, @friendlyheartless, @theamazingchickenman, @false-lucifer, @axgmented, @adventurouswind, @badassbarmaid@lockedfighter, @sanguinepeccatorum@unvxrtuous, @synxrgist, @typhcccn, @fabulousredkweh

Beloved from afar:

@infiniitas, @blackmage-lulu, @generalrhapsodos, @firxga, @kingxfmischief, @jester-of-genocide@ofbraver, @adventson, @jjillekkot, @underplater, @argentnoir, @akamure, @marleneiisms, @eteriskromling, @eternity-hero, @everyonelovesaladythief, @punches-like-a-girl, @ryusxnka, @reinumiji, @rude-at-your-service, @project-sephiroth


Okay, so I’ve been away from Tumblr for…well a while. So much that I’m not even sure if I have friends here anymore, or at least any who know my birthday is on Thursday (6/1). After a bit of a break from everything Tumblr I’ve decided to come back and do a little bit of re-branding, but first we’ll start with a long over due follow forever under my new name. (If I forgot you, I’m so very sorry. I haven’t been on in a long time, and I’m not re-used to everyone’s blog names yet.)

you make me happy when skies are grey: @isaacslaheyy, @amysdumas, @keviinowens, @wiickedbliss, @evanslaugh, @dean-osgirl, @cassadysamore, @psychrollins, @jonmoxlcy, @beckylvnch, @bloodyhavoc, @nattiesbeth

a-d: @ambroselees, @anerdysouthernbelle, @aprilsbrooks, @asskickingwomen, @axeldietersjr @baelorclub, @baemellas, @banksashas, @baymella, @beckysbanks, @blacktylers, @blissedbomb,  @blissoff@boughtin@currbstomp, @cutebrose, @daniel-bryans, @deandeeds, @devittprince

e-h: @eddydennis, @ethical-hedonistic-apatheist@fergaldevitt, @finnybalor,  @goblinjungkook@gunsandambroses@harleyquinnism, @heelasuka@heelenzo, @heeltjp, @hiitsmekevin

i-l: @ibreathewwe, @ivegotbaggagetoo, @jasonsgable@jezebelheart, @juliaahr, @karlbaberson@kevnowens, @kicksomelass , @kofiskingston, @kofispigtails, @lambchopviking, @lasskicker, @lasskickinglassceilings @leakees, @lionessasuka, @littleballofdean

m-p:  @mamarusev@miniatureanchorcat, @moxiicity, @naglowmi@niajaxx, @nicolesbella, @nikkisreign@ohbellas, @oncetwiceandoveragain, @onlywwe, @paigescream

q-t: @queen-mizanin, @rampaiiger, @rolleignsus, @rollinstrash@romanslays, @sashaslays, @slaytonroyce@stellarollins, @stephslays, @sunsethflips, @summeraes@thebriesbella,  @thehardyboyz@thelunaticarchitect, @tjperkins,  @toosweetme@tortureracks,  @tyedillinger@tylerbate@tylrblacks, @typhoidcandy

u-x: @unstablepaige, @vicbertsource @victoriasdaily @victoriaseries @victoriasource @xavierwoodsdaily

i can’t help falling in love with you: @hippiebella, @reneeyoungnetwork@nikkibellanetwork, @bayleyscarmella, @ambroseasylumnet, @womansdivisionnetwork, @lasskickerdaily, @fyeahlivmorgan 

I recently achieved 2,000 followers and so along with my Fic, Fanart, Edit Giveaway, I would like to make a follow forever for the blogs who keep me coming back to this site!! I love all of you!!

A - B

@adoringjensen @asteriacas @amaranthinecastiel @almaasi @a-nakins @a-s-t-r-e @ackleholics @angvlicmish @astraliscas @angelswatchingover @bradsbvry @bbycas @bamf-castiel @bubblemish @bookkbaby 


@castielnovacs @crxstalcas @casownsmyass @casthegrumpy @casthewise @chocolatedeathwarrior @codestielckles @castiel-knight-of-hell @castiel-left-his-mark-on-me @chucknovak @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you @casblackfeathers @cvtecas 


@deanwinchcester @danneelsbitch @deztiel @danistiel @destielonfire @damn-it-misha @destiel-is-cockles-fault @destieldrabblesdaily @dirtymish @dammitjensen @deanandhiscas @deanscolette @doofcas @deancasheadcanons 

E - L

@envydean @funnycas @frecklesandfeathers @fyeahdestiel @flydestiel @glowingdean @galaxystiel @hugcastiel @heavenlymish @hallowedbecastiel @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper @ineedafreakingowl @inacatastrophicmind @jimminovak @jenmish @katteens @longingcas @lostboycas @livebloggingmydescentintomadness @itsokaysammy 


@mishasminions @mishasboyfriend @mrsgabrieltrickster @mittensmorgul @mishacastiel @muffincastiel @mishacoliins @mishajunkie @mattcohenss @moonmisha @moaningmish @mycocklestiel @mgmasters @me-sorta 

N - R

@novaks @nuzzlecas @ozonecologne @punkascas @pecanpiedean @purgatory-jar @prayforjensen @primavitya @princesscas @profound-boning @preciousmish @puppycastiel @royalrowena @riseofthefallenone @righteousman 


@saintdean @shakespeareinflcwers @soupernabturel @schmerzerling @snugglejensen @seraphmisha @starlightmish @stormymish @stardustsam @strengthcas @some-people-call-it-tragic @sketchydean @stardustcas @sunrisejared @samwinchesterappreciation @solangelo-is-my-drug 

T - Z

@teamfrwill @the-faerie-circle @teachercastiel @trulycas @teacass @unfortunatecas @unafraidcas @vintagesam @woahdestiel @wonderlustcas @wildcas @wanderingcas @winjennster @wirchester @wheres-cas @winvhesters @yourfavoritedirector