my follow forever edition


*Victor voice* Hi, Neru here! ( ö ♡ ö )/ 

The last time I did this was two months ago, but one just can’t let these types of dates go by, so, here I go again with another follow forever, now celebrating the 21k+ followers, a goal that I didn’t expect to reach at this point but you always manage to surprise me. I’m very grateful to each of you, especially those who have followed me for at least more than a year, or even if you’re now the last at following me, thank you for giving a “clic” to that little button, so this ugly graphic is dedicated to you ♥
This year has been a bit strange for me, I couldn’t call it neither bad nor good, but if full of surprises and “events” that probably will mark my personal life, who knows. With regard to the anime, has been a year of self-discovery for me, because I began to become involved in some tendencies and my opinions became more stable, I raised “my voice” a little and without fear openly stated my tastes about an anime, a character, a couple or some fandoms, which led me to lose one or another mutual but that hasn’t affected me at all, I don’t regret any decision taken and I will only continue as I have maintained until now. (ღ˘♡˘)

— TO MY FOLLOWERS: Thanks for staying there despite some changes made to my blog during these last months, there were adjustments that were necessary to make, but if you’are still there, I want you to know that I appreciate it a lot, especially in my most chaotic moments. I wouldn’t have something to celebrate if you had not followed me in the first place, it’s all thanks to you. I will try to be “cool” this new year too :^)

— TO MY MUTUALSHow you do it? And this goes especially to those who read my overdramatic tags and have seen horrible things of me, and that includes my graphics lmao. I can only say that you’are fantastic. Above all to those who are graphic makers and I adull in some tags, which far from being inspiration are now a source of envy lol. Out of it, I’m very happy that a year ago I added some of you, and this year I’m doing it again, although some have changed their urls and some minor things, but you’are still you and that makes me put something emotional *cries*. Anyway, thanks for sharing some things with me and for your patience, you already know that I’m not good at talking so … I love you all

— TO THE YOI FANDOM: Thank you for all the support! You made these months really enjoyable, many of your questions were fun to answer and your very personal messages too. A special thanks to my “non official YOI squad”, because thanks to them I could survive all this time, thanks to their original material and their reblogs, “Yuri!!! on Ice” experience was even better because of you, thanks ♥   

And now, here you have a list with very recommended blogs that you should follow.
Faves/friends are bolded and my non official YOI squad are italicized.  

@a-sakuras  @ackermanss  @aeselyn  @aizawashoutta  @akiteru  @akutagawaas  @akutagawah  @akutagawaryuunosuke  @allenswalkers  @anime-diary  @asparagusoup  @asuuna  @ayaarin  @ayumiko  @bakamura  @bohkutos  @bokouto  @cldstrifes  @daburupurei  @daiizume  @dazaiosamu  @dazaiosamu-s  @dazushi  @dazzai  @dongwoonn  @dzais  @escarletes  @evngelion  @fairytailwitch  @flamefly  @fujiiwara  @fuku-shuu  @fulllmetals  @geassgreen  @genosus  @genoza  @gifthoki  @gihtoki  @hachikenz  @hallibel  @hanae-ichihara  @hikaritsu  @hina-shoo  @ichimatsus  @ikuse  @izumou  @jetzui  @jmihelic  @juminss  @jyoshikausei  @k-isecchis  @kahgeyamas  @kaizoku-niiichan  @kaizoku-senshi  @kakerusnaruse  @kamiiyamas  @kamuisyato  @kanekin  @kanerdki  @kanhekiz  @kaoris  @kawaiinohime  @kawarou  @kazuik  @kazune  @kazuye  @kenmacchis  @kidomarus  @kikuuchitouma  @kirschtein  @kisukke  @kiuroo  @kojiiro  @komaedas  @kourai  @kovuku  @kozuuki  @kurooa  @kurorolucilfer  @kurummi  @larimii  @linoone  @littlebratciel  @madeki  @makotozz  @mamurasm  @mazusu  @meruis  @miidoriyas  @mikotoray  @miyukeis  @mormikas  @munakatareishi  @nagittos  @namikazes  @nanzse  @naruzumake  @natsvme  @nickiforov  @nicorobin  @nicosrobins  @nikifforovs  @nikifohov  @nikiforv  @nikifurov  @nikiphorov  @nimylu  @noearchivistes  @nozakis  @odasakou  @odazais  @ohkagura  @ohreigen  @oiivkawa  @oikahwatooru  @oikawastooru  @oikawatoeru  @okita-senpai  @onodera-kosaki  @ootsukis  @plisetski  @plisetsking  @plisetskis  @plisetsukih  @ponchizs  @pyon  @quenma  @raeira  @reishikiz  @ri-cha1  @rinsuokah  @riseken  @sajou-rihito  @sakamotoz  @sakataz  @sakusa-chan  @sarapyon  @scarletail  @scarletkurapika  @seethelights  @seieiryu  @seokjiin  @serviceace  @shgieo  @shinnyah  @shirayukii  @shizukku  @shotous  @shreya-chan  @solledin  @somasyukihira  @sougu  @spectrux  @sshiroyasha  @sukerokus  @suzuyajuzoo  @tachibana–chan  @taikos  @terushimaas  @tetzurou  @thekookiest  @tobeiru  @tobioskageyama  @todorokii  @toqioblues  @tovsei  @tsukiayma  @tsukiko-ciah  @tsukis  @tsunemoori  @ucitavanje  @ukiinas  @ulquiora  @urushenna  @ushinaki  @uzurume  @victornikiiforov  @victorsyuuriz  @vikutoru  @vixuuri  @vyctornikiforov  @wakata  @xatsushis  @yachibot  @yamazekis  @ymirgasm  @youkas  @yukkandas  @yukkie-s  @yunass  @yushiyuki  @yuuris  @yuuyaas  @zakuras                

I wish to each one of you the next year to be much better than this one, I wish you to achieve everything you want, no matter how “impossible” it is, I trust that you will be able to prevail and do it. Christmas is near so I hope it’s going to be really enjoyable and you can rest as much as you can. And for last but not least,

HAPPY HOLIDAYS‼ ༝﹡˖˟ ⸜₍⁽ˊ꒳ˋ⁾₎⸝ ༝﹡˖˟


Hello everyone, prev kurootetsuros, I changed my url not too long ago because of my love for YOI lool. Anyways, I hope you’re all doing good now that school and finals are over (and if you still have some tests left then good luck dears!). It’s the end of another year, so I wanted to make a quick follow forever to thank everyone that follows me. I recently hit 20k+ which JUST BLOWS MY MIND! Really guys thank you so much, I never thought that this shitty blog of mine would get this far 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。All of these blogs are absolutely amazing and you should really check them out! I admire them so much, be it with the graphics they make, or just how nice and hardworking they are in general, I love them all so much  ♡ ♡ ♡


0 - J

@-shintarou (@dotmilk), @0ikawa, @0kamii, @a-sakuras, @aizawashoutta, @akahito, @akiteru, @alastia, @allenswalkers, @amuriita, @anything-shoujo, @ayumiko, @bakamura, @bohkutos, @cherubi, @chiamis, @chibishi, @cibee, @crossroad–demon, @daughterofsatan, @dazaiosamu, @dns07, @durararas, @escarletes, @estearisa@fairytailwitch, @flamefly, @fulllbusters, @gintoci@hanae-ichihara, @harutenshi, @hawuka, @himeyona, @hitsougaya, @ichimatsus, @ieyasus, @irishiko, @izumou, @jaegersz, @juminss

K - Q

@kadrena, @kaegeyama@kammishiro, @kandas, @katsuraz, @kawarou, @kazukies, @kiyaasarin, @komories, @kurokohs, @kuurikaras, @kurummi, @kurootesturou, @ma-jenka, @mazusu, @megamichoro, @micaelis, @midforde, @mikotoray, @mitsukamis​, @mormikas, @mukoros, @namikazes, @naruzumake, @nchuyas, @nicolasis, @nikifohov, @nikiforovic, @nikiphorov, @noearchivistes, @oohiras, @plisetskis, @plisetsukih, @quenma

R - Z

@rainnieday, @ratotax, @reishikiz, @rinmoustacheoka@ryoutakises, @sakamotoz@sakusa-chan, @satsuyo, @sawtsuki, @seihanndas, @seiikas, @sennenkoi, @sexpai@sexuoh, @shokugekis, @shgieo, @shotous, @shreya-chan, @sshiroyasha, @sukerokus, @suzuyajuzoo, @sylphystiaa@taitetsu, @tartatail, @tenkas@tsukis, @tsukiyma, @ukiinas, @ulquiora, @victornikiforovs, @vityasnikiforov@yamazekis@yoshiohka@youkas, @yukkie-s, @vyctornikiforov, @winterout, @zakuras, @zeino


Haii everyone!! First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day to you cuties whether you’re single or taken ;u; I hope it’s a wonderful day for you nonetheless! *sends you all some virtual chocolate* (´∀`)♡

Last week, I reached 4k wonderful followers and I could not be any happier;; I am so thankful to each and every single one of you for making my tumblr experience so amazing as I never thought I would reach this far ;o; it’s so overwhelming for me! So again, thank youuu so much from the bottom of my heart c:

To all my followers: ily guys!! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you for supporting my blog and cheering me up whenever I’m having a bad day with wonderful messages/asks. you’re all super precious and I wish everyone the best in everything you do ^^

To all my mutuals: oh my god, I love you all *-* i honestly can’t believe that I have such incredible mutuals with A+ blogs;; thank you for being a part of my life and for having me as one of your mutuals - and also for being sO supportive of my blog - it means so much to me!♥ (°◡°♡).:。

bold: mutuals

A - H
@0jj | @a-sakuras | @aizawashoutta | @akutagawaas | @akutagawah | @anime-diary | @anime-escape |@anime-pictures-and-other-stuff | @animebigworld | @aoikawa | @aranelyn | @atsushisnakajima | @awe–sum | @ayaarin | @ayaseis | @ayumiko | @bekki-chan | @c-aeline | @chizurou | @chockomilk | @cinness | @colormyworldd | @colouful | @daiizume | @daishou-sama | @daughterofsatan | @de-k-u | @doki-dolly | @escarletes | @falling-stars-on-moonlit-skies | @fuyuuyume | @ghiblistudihoes | @habuti | @haiyse | @hamaiasa | @hanae-ichihara | @hanmii | @hitouka | @hitsu-ji | @hiwazumi 

I - R
@ichiino​ | @ijouri | @ishinou | @instrumentaldream | @iwanari | @justnosense | @kagevama | @kamiiyamas | @kandas | @kenmai |  @kenmasan | @kiiseu | @kiuroo | @koitoshi | @kojiiro | @korumi | @kovuku  | @kurummi | @kurooa | @larimii | @laynce​ | @lethe79 | @liliqe | @lluvina | @m-0b | @maelune | @masayume-manga | @massushiro | @mitsuki-hoshino | @miuroko | @mizus | @mormikas | @naminechan11 | @nanzse | @narvhina | @nellanon | @nicosrobins | @ntasume | @oh-totoro | @ohreigen | @oikawastooru | @oikawatoeru | @oikawos | @oriondiary | @oumakokichis | @peeka-chuu | @pinkakuma | @pliestsky | @plisetsking | @raeira | @reii-sama | @reizakis | @riemi | @rimu | @rockettension

S - Z
@sakusa-chan | @sarukui | @s-e-l-f-i-s-h-n-e-s-s | @seiryuus | @sesukes | @shieni | @shirayukii | @shizukku | @shotous |@shouyouu| @sillywhimsicalgirl | @snowkun | @sora-iro | @sparckle-cat | @spirition | @stalescenery | @sugasets | @sweet-kokoro | @tachibana–chan | @tachibanamarika |  @taiketsu | @taikos | @todorokih | @tor-u | @toumeii | @tsukih | @tsukii | @tsweetdere | @unmeis | @vanillabell | @yachibot |@yamazekis | @ymi-r | @yokacheer |  @yousei-kun | @yukkie-s | @yumekiko | @yushiyuki | @yuuyaas | @zakuras | @zakurio | @zeino | @zefile

Part 1: 

I’ve had this blog for a little over a year, and it has managed to hit a milestone of 8k followers!! So to celebrate this, I decided to make another follow forever to thank my mutuals, and show some appreciation to all of the wonderful high quality blogs I follow (all 810 of them). It’s also Christmas season, so thats also a bonus :) Since I follow this many blogs, I’ll have to separate this into multiple parts, so please don’t be sad if you don’t appear in this one. 

@-got7  @1-2-3-we-are-one  @1004gf  @17tvs  @181mm  @198mm  @1991yixing  @19940106  @1baesuji  @1dean  @1jongup  @1kyuns  @1yngj  @26byg  @2an  @305heaux  @7cm  @7daysofxmas  @7luckystars  @93-ed  @930814  

@absolutehun  @acciomyungsoo  @acrosstheboyslove  @adachisyuto  @adorablewoo  @aeribaek @amerithaikong  @angelaeri  @angelksoo  @assbuttbaek  @asshun  @asvang  @auroraartemis  @babychani  @baebaekyun  @baechyu  @baehkkyun  @baekagain  @baekatsu  @baekhyunbiased  @baekhyuns  @baekhyunsbabe  @baekhyuntella  @baekhyy  @baekintime  @baekirei  @baeksaerii  @baekschoker  @baeksilisk @baekthoven  @baekvocals  @baematoki  @bang-yongguks  @bang2jae  @bangdaeforlife  @bangdaeish  @bangedhim  @bap-ftw  @baphae  @bapsturbation  @bayoungs  @bbangception  @bbangyonguk  @beautyeol  @bebekihyun  @bfhanbin  @bfzuho  @bhbaekhyun  @bhoneypot  @bhyunq  @bi-ai  @bisexualyeol  @blond-kimmyungsoo  @blondejongin  @blondetuan  @blondnam  @boononkwan  @bootyfulohsehun  @buoxian  @byul-soo  @byunbunnie  @byunbuns  @byunchen  @byund  @byungchn  @byunny  @byunutella  @byzeloswife  @callmemonster  @catbumie  @catpopfeels  @chaebeom  @chaehoseok  @chaemx  @chaichanyeol  @chamkyung  @chanffeine  @chang-kyunnie  @changgeu  @changkkung  @changkleta  @chanhee  @chanmandr  @chanssoo  @chanyeolsbaekhyun  @chanyoelpark @chaootic  @chenbaekery  @chiqkihyun  @chogiwolf  @choi-giraffe  @choibbs  @choijaes  @choimomo  @christmas-jackson  @chxnggu  @chyjs  @chyogi  @coco-man  @cocoamlk  @coupd  @cuddlywonho  @cuddly-wonho  @cuteasf9  @cutehwiyoung  @cutepimook  @cutiekihyunie  @daedaenyoung  @daefsoul  @daehnii  @daehoneys  @daehyeons  @daehyu @daehyunny  @daehyuns-uneven-buttcheeks  @daehyunsgiggle  @daematos  @daeminator  @daenana  @daenso  @daewhyun  @daewyun  @daihun  @daisysuho  @daw0ns  @day6pls  @dazzlynini  @defbeom  @defsoules  @defsouls  @defwang  @dem-exo-feels  @derp-yeoll  @dimple-soo  @dimsumark  @dino-yeol  @dinoyeols  @dinozizi  @divinekai  @dongsootrash @dongtaeyang  @dongwtf  @dorkyun  @dracgyula  @dreamgukkie  @dreamybaeks  @dsouls  @dvn98 

 @dyorable  @edawning  @edawnn  @egumoninahoya  @emotionalwonho  @endless-ifnt  @ethereal-baek  @eumyu  @everyeoone  @ew-wonho  @exeauxs  @exidhani  @exo-k  @exo-lstormer  @exo-m  @exocausetearsandsmiles  @exohsebooty  @exolottery  @exoltant  @exom  @exoturnback  @festive-jaebum  @flowerboyshownu  @flowerjr  @flowermx  @flowrsoo  @forbyun  @foxyins  @frogbf  @froggynat  @ftchani  @ftwonwoo  @fuckingsunggyu  @fvckgyu  @galaxychen  @geekihyun  @gentleyoungjae   @geuleisi  @giantgyu  @gifsmonstax  @gimmethelight  @giriboys  @gosh-7  @got-gotseven  @got7  @got7-ijb-imjaebum  @got7-yj  @got7co  @got7europe  @got7gods  @got7ish  @got7jacksonwang  @got7kings  @got7problems  @gotchicken  @gotinspirit  @gotjinyoungie  @gotsveun  @gottujuh  @grandpaimjaebum  @gravity-kontrol  @guardhispanties  @guernica-flow  @gukkielover  @gyu-booty  @gyu-venchy @gyujpeg  @gyuseu  @gyusnamu 

 @gyuzizis  @hansshi  @hanwooed  @heejun  @heejuns  @heochan  @heongs  @heyyplayboy  @highlightsvt  @himchansflowerpants  @himdaes  @ho-wonplease  @ho-yass  @hoaegi  @holyfuckmark  @honeypup  @honeystinlove  @honeyvevo  @hong-seob  @hoonsgf  @hoshitv  @hoyas-eyebrows  @httpxseventeen  @huggableyoungjae  @huntertainment  @huskyvocal  @hwan-tastic  @hwichans  @hwiycung  @hwiyoungs  @hwn-hs  @hxppynutmeg  @hyeonwoo  @hyosjong  @hypertone  @hyungwonhoe  @i-g-o-t-s-e-v-e-n  @iam-imchangkyun  @idle-star  @ienseong  @ifntisbae  @ifntms  @ifntsoo  @ifntyoungest  @ikonis  @illegalkai  @ilovexo  @iloveyanan  @iluvpcy  @im-jae-bummie  @imarkson  @imjaebeomtrash  @imjaeboms  @imjaebumaf  @imjaebumisbae  @imjaebumzzz  @imjaesbum  @imjaesus  @imkihyun  @imtheunluckyfangirl  @imxjaebeom  @inclestellar  @infinite-hallyu  @infinite-woosoo  @infinite7loves  @infinitizingyu  @infnthoya  @infntwoohyun  @inpinitaize  @inseongish  @inspirial  @inspiritbesideinfinite  @inspiritpingu  @inspiritxt  @intokai  @irpsychotic  @itsmatokibap  @ivegot7biases  @iyeolie

Hey everyone!!! My blog’s 1st year anniversary is in about a week and I’m almost at 5k so I decided to do another follow forever while I’m still on winter break!! This past year has been really hectic for me but you all never fail to make me smile. This is a thank you to all the people that I’ve chatted with and fill my dash with lovely posts, I love you all and hope the new year is good to you ♡

bolded - mutuals

favorites -  💕

friends, or people I interact with often  - 🌻

(also I know a lot of these blogs are sideblogs so if I made any mistakes just let me know!)

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Hiiiii. So, 2016 is almost over (thank god), it’s christmas eve (i know most of you will probably see this until tomorrow so merry christmas and i’m sorry) and since i haven’t made a follow forever in a while, i decided to make one now to let you all know how much i love and appreciate each and every single one of you.

i’m especially grateful for all of my mutuals, thank you guys for following me 💕 some of us have been following each other since i started this blog which is just crazy omg.

Anyway, thanks guys you are amazing, i love you and your blogs and i just wish everyone nice holidays and a wonderful 2017!!!

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✨ Well, we all know what kind of year it has been but if you’re reading this right now then we’ve made it to the new year in (mostly) one piece! I’ve followed some really awesome people over the past half decade (yikes!) of being on Tumblr and I wanted to give them a little shout out for being so great. So here is my end of the year “follow forever” sort of thing. Thank you guys for being Good People. I love you all ✨


@akta-dej @alexlifesonofficial @allegra0 @ambient2 @arcadia-son @bikenesmith @bingonightatthestripclub @bitter-milk @blakechamberlain @boomtown-rat @bones–mccoy @bonytanks @brianenos @bruschetta-nights @carlpalmer @coldwarhol @colour-by-numb3rs @cosmemer @cosmiclawnmower @cretinhop @cultofnicky @dallonized @danielkesslers @darthbanes @davidbyrne @davidboobie @davidbovie @davidbyrneofficial @davidgilmore @dead-finks @deathcharger @dedicatedfollowerofrock @depecheymode @destroyamerica @dirtydeetaurasi @dog-dad420 @eraser-bread @exeggcute


@fairyhour @fm302 @francoistruffauts @gayusoctgayvius @geddyleeofficial @girlfromtralfamadore @goldendennis @gothboss @grayfox @grimlygroovy @havanapitbull @hexxon @horsegirl1995 @hoshidho @howlingvoid @itsmozzazzella @jay-bauman @johnpauljones @juicyfruitknowles


@keithmoog @king-of-cats @knifetwink @kodacolor @koshkagrad @kotor-2 @lacecuffsandcravat @lakeokoboji @libardo778 @liskokasa @lizardsqueen @lostonbakerstreet @magicbrians @marlodjur @medazzalands @medinajayecabaret @miami2k17 @microwavers @mikerutherford @mikkelsinner @mrsbeefheart @my-mind-is-tired @nkajima @naznomad @nothingmademehappen @oldrockstars


@peragrinthetook @pigeonfromhell @piratejenne @pokemonplatinumversion @r4ttus @rainiest @redhawke @rizzyahmed @satyrcon @scandalous-calves @scatterbrainedfuzzpea @sevenandtheraggedtiger @simonlebon @skeletonboyfriend @smafio @spankjonze @spatiale @softmattelipcreme @starlit-graves @stewartcopeland @stinkard @sumnersjourney @sunburst-finish @swaggore @syberian-inc @tender1999 @tennantbutt @terruer @timemcflys @toolateforchristmas @transgenderanders @tv-pm


@u-n-d-e-r-t-h-e-i-v-y @visgae @walkintheshadows @whamrap @wheredidyourheartgo @whoisanhonestman @wohlbruecks @xxsunnydayxx @zarbon

Sorry if I forgot anyone! If your name isn’t on the list and you feel like it should be then I probably just forgot it because I’m super forgetful of people’s URLs, even when I have a list. I just follow a ton of people. Happy 2017 everybody! I hope all your dreams come true :^)

Really quick thank you

Here are some people who made my 2016 and everyone who will make 2017 wonderful

@joshuasduns -> we might go to college together and I want you to know that I love that more than anything, and I also love you to pieces and thank you for screaming me with always 

@trippingeyes -> my muse !! thank you for dealing with me sending you edit samples every day and for sending them to me always I love you and one day we will take an iconic picture in person 

@boringdal -> a new friendship but ?? I adore you Faith honestly thank you for letting me express myself to you and for supporting the notion of sin you’re wonderful here’s to another year 

@cherrylov / @pettybey -> you two are the light of my life thank you for yelling with me throughout the eras and introducing me to some of my favorite concepts I would die for you two honestly you’re so important I love you 

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Ahhh, thank you so much for 200+ followers! You guys are so rad like you have no idea. In such a short time I feel so welcome on this site and so much love for this blog. I am such a shy potato and still am fearful in talking to you all sometimes haha ;w; But I am trying to get better at that, but know I am always open for talking! I just want all of all use to have a good time here you know? Hehe♥ Anyways, below are the list of my babus, just know I love and appreciate you all and I am happy to get to RP with you guys, and if we haven’t yet I look forward to the times that we will! (PSST, these are mutuals only and no personal blogs are listed so please understand this♥ Also if you have more then one blog, I may just put one of them, hope that’s okay♥)

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I planned to do this when I’d hit 500 followers – I plan to do something different when that happens now –, but I really didn’t want to wait for that to happen because I really wanted a lovely way to show how much I appreciate you all. 

So I decided that I’ll put this together now to show some appreciation to my mutuals, to the people I creepily observe from the distance and to the people who’ve been with me from the beginning. 

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G - I
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@jasperrific | @jeremydooley | @littlestarlolo | @klc-journei | @ladylorelitany@ladiesofroosterteeth | @lollyce | @lucifers-trash-stash@lucille-is-awesome 

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V - X
@verypeculiar | @vizhi0n@weaponizedwit@willcrackers13 

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Mikaela and Enzo

Hey everyone! So it’s been a year since I started this blog, and I have to say, out of the almost 6 years I’ve spent on tumblr by now and the many, many blogs I’ve run so far, this blog is the one that means the most to me! 

At first, I want to thank all my followers for making my tumblr experience this amazing! I’m going to close my birthday gifts “project” now, but within the next days/weeks, I will post something about a new thank you “project” for you because of hitting 2k+ followers, so keep your eyes open ~

And besides that, I’m not a big fan of real “follow forever”s, but I also really want to thank my awesome mutuals and all the amazing friends I’ve made over the course of the past year! So yeah, if you’re tagged in the following, we’re mutuals, I consider us friends (I still do, even though I might have not replied to you in forever because I suck at being social T_T), or I’ve made a mistake^^ 

♡ ♡ ♡


@a-conspiracy-of-ravens | @absolutekenmatrash | @accidentalyandere | @addictedtohaikyuu | @akaashi-tooru | @akutagawa-r | @backpacksnacks | @baozi90jjong | @bishounen-bishoujo-fever | @chrmnxz | @cmonmakemefeelalive | @dapper-parsnips | @dark-cruelworld | @haikyuuliberos | @hairuko | @holesaresentient | @iwaizumi-hajimie | @jeffthekillerforever | @kagesaurus | @kageyamatoibo | @kakitsubataaoi | @katsvkiis | @kidakunx2 | @kit-kat57 | @kourai | @kuro-kos | @l-o-lchan | @lesmis13 | @magical-lauren | @minty-chocolate-chips | @miyukousawa | @nelfyn | @oikawathoru | @oikisu | @optimistic-rainy-day | @pervkawa | @pinkawaa | @plisetskis | @quenma | @rpmon | @savyjayjane | @seamarmot | @seven–zero–seven | @silvercistern | @sirwallahoo | @slothesaurus | @stargazing–tooru | @tendouaf | @tobieaux | @toorusmilkbread | @toorusnekocchi | @ukimya | @we-crows-can-fly | @xhaikyuu 

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone! And since I haven’t talked to some of you in a while, it might be that you only know me from my previous account, so if you don’t know who the hell I am, feel free to message me :D


(x2016 is finally over and this was a shitty year but, this year i did join y’all and got to meet such great people so,,,, it wasn’t all that bad. i love you all and i’m so thankful for you, for giving me excitement when waking up in the morning, for bringing me grins on my face that will stay there for an hour, for me making me cry when i felt loved. you people gave me a small escape, you people gave me a safe room. and i’ll always be thankful for that. 


mutuals are bolded, favs are italicized

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300 Followers: Follow Forever

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