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Love is constant forgiveness. And it sure has been a hard week for a lot of folks. My heart has been hurting because of the choices of my country’s new leadership. In all that I haven’t much felt like picking up my camera. Sometimes you gotta rest and figure out what your voice is gonna sound like. And this morning my encouragement to you is to call your representatives, let them know what you think. You matter and it helps.

In the mean time I’m gonna keep celebrating these silly little moments that make me smile. I’m gonna go explore all corners I’ve never seen. And I’m gonna keep aiming to better live out that love is constant forgiveness.

Time is an Illusion

/Huffs nervously/ My art piece to @pocketchina ‘s Zexion themed written piece for Kingdom Hearts: Worlds Connected!  We took the “Time” theme and made it work as a “coming of age” snippet. It’s fascinating to think about Zexion discovering his illusionist powers. How he figures out how to push his powers as he ages into an adult Nobody. 

Entry for  @kh-worldsconnected



Sooo… How much longer do we have to wait for some HS music or remixes that are Rosemary wedding themed? I’m trying my best to be patient here, but I seriously would have expected something by now

Like a slow version of Lilith in Starlight on pipe organ is totally within the capability of some musically-talented homestuck fan out there and seems pretty obvious… But at this point I’d be happy with just Black Rose (Or Black Hole) Green Sun with the bell sounds replaced with wedding bells

I didn’t really know much about the group Amarante but as I began to listen to their new track Into The Dark and I kind of fell in love with it, then I discovered something which made me love it more. Amarante is a band which features my favourite youtubers Cryaotic (never knew he could sing!) and this type of music is always something I love. It feels like it belongs in a fantasy film based in a whole new world and I just cannot get enough of it. The groups new album Enchanting The Siren is out now - Jakk

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I didn’t want to make the text too small in the bottom but here’s what it would say:
Tfp: well, I’m at least a better bot than star scream
Tfa: definitely
G1: only the best role model of course