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very lazy portraits of some of my favorite companions so far

People say that Sangwoo has shown a caring/loving side of him

And I can’t say that I agree.

If he cared for Bum, he’d want him to be happy and content, no? But why would he hurt him in the first place then? And just a little while after he says he’s ‘sorry’ he throws yet another jab with the matter he’s previously apologized for by asking “Do you want to return into the arms of your loving uncle?”. 

Sangwoo didn’t freak out because he actually cares for Bum’s life. He is concerned about himself. Not only because this makes him see the resemblance between him and his detested father, but also because, by slipping into his mother’s role, Bum’s keeping the hallucinations of his actual mother away. Maybe it’s even because he doesn’t want to be lonely. After all, Bum is the only one who’s seen what Sangwoo is capable of and still desired him. To have that unwavering commitment made him feel supported and powerful.

That’s what he fears losing if Bum left him. It’s a terrifying thought because he’s realized that he can’t control his every action. If Bum wanted to, he could kill himself and thereby leave Sangwoo. To prevent that, he’s apologizing and trying to placate Bum. It’s not about wanting to make Bum feel good, it’s about preventing him from leaving Sangwoo.

Did we see a vulnerable side of Sangwoo? Yes. A caring, or even loving side? I don’t think so.