my fma collection


My bag came today! I’m so so sorry for my camerawork and unboxing skills (or lack thereof), I was just really unprepared to do like an unboxing, but I was just so excited and I wanted to share my excitement with you guys!! Also sorry for my gross voice hah

Here’s some better pictures–

I call this one Homos, cinnamon rolls and husbandos, all of the embarrased e3e.

Finally got to scan the no-reference-doodles I did on my uni notebook (on classes) the last week and a half, and colored them (all of this fitted on a A5 page, it’s hard to believe).

I’m just glad to see I got better at tradi too. I’ll see what I will do for next week :3c

(first time trying to draw germany and Italy OTL I will get better eventually I guess. Also they have Amestris military uniform because that’s the only uniform I know how to draw :3).


Some updates of my daily life:
FMA x Corgi diy washi tape, i have no intention to put this on sale cause making it was a pain in the *ss. I also tried out the Touch marker from ShinHan art, reasonable price for a good alternative of copics, highly recommend.
It was fun making stuffs with shrinky dinks, unfortunately in my country they are pretty expensive and hard to find :(
Finally, i made some arrangements to my fma collection!! Still a small one but this thing did cost me an arm and a leg lol!!


Apart from several posters, plushies, at least two buttons, and maybe some other stuff I can’t remember, this is my FMA collection at the moment. Well, all of the stuff that actually has a place. 

This is the stuff I still need to put… somewhere