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Natsu climbed into the bed and under the layers of covers. He hesitantly scooted over to Lucy and closed her in his arms careful not to startle her. After a few seconds he felt her breathing ease up and she unconsciously moved closer to his embrace.

In the morning she didn’t say anything when she woke up curled up in his arms.

The next night they ended up bundled up together once again.

When the worst of the cold eased up they never stopped.

A fan art from me and @watchmist1412 collab fic “Falling to Pieces”

You can check it out here: Tumblr | FFN


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Is it too late to request? Fluffy gruvia!

“Dad! Dad!”

“Yeah, Silver?”

Gray smiled and picked up his small daughter.

“What is it?”

“Where’d you get the big scar on your tummy?” Her head slowly turned to the side out of curiosity, laughing at her father looking down to finally notice his lack of a shirt.


He made it seem that way.

The question put him off edge, and he didn’t want to scare Silver.

“Even after all these years…”

Both of them turned to the direction of the new voice.


Gray could’ve sworn that Juvia had a sixth sense for feeling his emotions as well.

“Don’t worry, snowflake! I’ll tell you how he got that scar.”


Gray handed Silver to his wife, and they all sat down.


She looked up and smiled.

“Long ago, your father was stuck in a battle, with no way to escape it-”

“Just like with deliora…?” The child spoke softy interrupting her mother.

“No…” Juvia looked at Gray. “This battle was…”

She paused, wondering how to explain.

Then Gray spoke up.

“Your mother was in the battle too! We were protecting the guild from evil…!”

“Ahh~!” Silver now listened more intently.

Juvia then spoke up. “There was an evil… Ice monster, who was trying to defeat us both…” She smiled, just then figuring out the rest. “The monster’s claws swung out trying to hurt me first, but then Gray jumped in the way!”

“Did you defeat it, dad?!”


Being enthusiastic about the subject was hard…

Even so…

Gray planned to tell her the truth.

What little he remembered of his real family was the love and trust they all shared.

Long ago Gray decided he wanted to raise a child in that environment.

But he was glad Juvia made up a story to protect her innocence.

Looking at his wife playing with their daughter, he was then reminded of the reason he had the scar in the first place.

True Love.

Happy Valentine! (。´∀`)ノ ❤

Sometimes, words fail him. They dance on the tip of his tongue, but they’re not always voiced. But when that happens, he remembers; actions speak louder than words.

That’s why he always makes sure to walk on the side of the pavement closest to the car and puddles.

That’s why he always holds the umbrella slightly over to the other side, making sure the other man isn’t hit by the rain, even if that means he arrives home drenched.

That’s why he always makes enough coffee for two in the morning, even if he’s in a rush to leave.

That’s why he leaves small notes around their house, reminding his partner that he cherishes him more than anything else, and that they’re also out of milk.

That’s why he makes sure to take the longer route home every once in a while, just stop by his partners favourite bakery and buy them a cake big enough for two. 

That’s why he makes sure to make sure there’s always a blanket over his partner when he falls asleep at their desk after a long day.

That’s why he makes sure there’s always a fresh bouquet of flowers by the window every Sunday morning.

But, there are instances where his words come out. Those three little words are spoken aloud, and he swears he wouldn’t trade the other man’s smile for anything else in the world.

Just Go With It

Nalu Week 2017

Prompt: (day 3, my own) ‘normal’

‘Just Go With It’

Word Count: 1079

Rating: teen

Modern AU, Officer Dragneel and Journalist Heartfilia

Summary: Lucy the reporter is well versed in some of the shadier aspects of Natsu’s cop life - and has learned to roll with the punches, so to speak. 'Normal,’ is just a word and something that never applies to them.

“Just go with it!” Lucy couldn’t help but flinch as Natsu hissed into her ear. To the casual observers in the crowded bar, it seemed as if he was being sweet - he did have one hand on her shoulder and the other glued to her backside. She pulled away and nodded to the large man who’d just given her a deep head-to-toe going over. Exasperation in her tone for the situation and for her boyfriend made her voice shrill. “I’m the very best, and I ain’t cheap.”

Falling over himself, Natsu nodded and chuckled. “She’s a professional.”

The large man smiled, showing tobacco stained teeth. “So am I. While I didn’t expect to run into you tonight Mr. Salamander, I could accept delivery right now.”

The sounds of music and laughter faded for Lucy. Digging her elbow into Natsu’s side hard enough to make him want to bite his fist to keep silent, she stepped closer to the stranger. “I’m busy right now.”

“Ooh, Mr. Bora loves the feisty ones.”

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i need to do homework but let me bestow apon you this not sure its knowledge, knowledge; Kairi would be a bird person(she has trained crows or pigeon to send messages? maybe i dont know alot about birds sadly), Riku would maybe? be a dog person(im honestly not sure he could be a cat person too?), Sora would be an eVERY animal person(but not too many): what kind of animal person do you think the destiny trio would be?

Ooh! I really like the idea of Kairi being a bird person. Like she trains birds to send messages to Sora’s and Riku’s houses and they’re cute, silly little notes like “Hi” or “You’re cute” ahhhhh :>

For some reason I just got the idea that Riku is allergic to cats… but he loves cats and has a pet cat anyway. My grandmother is allergic to cats, and she got one, then just got another.

And yes, Sora just loves every animal ever and when he sees something cute he just doesn’t!!! know!! what to do with it!! Hahahahaha