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entanglements: bonus

The much requested and gladly delivered smut sequel for the fluffly entanglements fic, which you can read here!

this one is for forgottenwhispersxo & n-a-d-h-i-e - because they are the two thirstiest losers around (besides me) :*:*:*


It took them two and a half months.

Two and a half months of sleeping in the same bed, of stolen kisses and secret explorations of the other’s body.

Ever since that first time they had kissed, four weeks ago now, Natsu and Lucy had been less and less able to keep their hands off each other.

There was only one problem concerning their growing intimacy: they shared the bed with one more inhabitant. Their furry little companion was a beloved little heater and more than welcome to share the bed, but nonetheless, some activities were just not for his eyes or ears.

And so, despite their growing needs, they refrained from more than curious touches and quiet explorations in the dead of night, for fear he might wake up.

Days passed, and weeks, until on the 77th day of their living together, it occured that Lucy was at their little home alone.

That by itself was not an unusual occurence. Natsu and Happy had left for the guild earlier, when she had not been around, and now she found herself cleaning up the mess they had made - really, why was it always her?

What was unusual though was that, when the door burst open with its usual force, Natsu entered alone.

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GENERAL NOTICE: Students are reminded not to cast Patronus charms in the Owlery - the Charms Room is open during the evenings and weekends and supervision is offered for complex spells. Outgoing mail was once again delayed yesterday evening for five hours: expect a shortage in school owls until mail delivery has caught up. ~ MM

NOTICE TO GRYFFINDOR HOUSE: 30 points were deducted yesterday evening. You know why. ~ MM

I’m sorry, I started playing this game again for the 15th time or so and Ezel Berbier is still one of my favorite characters ever. Shady merch guy? Sign me the fuck up. I mean, he can literally change the law with trading cards that he made himself. This is such a great character aahhh


I wanted to write my own take on this headcanon of mine and purpleraven89 made this amazing art for me which gave me another cute idea I really wanted to write. x)
(consider it a little thankyou hehe)

This is another one for my FT416-coping-drabbles.
A (post) reunion fic.

Lucy wasn’t sure how it had happened.

It had all started, of course, when she had been painting her toenails, a practice that had never come easily to her.

The creaky old chair wobbled dangerously as it stood on its two hind legs, and Lucy’s foot pushed against Natsu’s little table. Her lips were pursed in concentration while she tried to apply the pink nail polish as carefully as possible.

She had been living here for so long now, it felt like home as much as the flat she had left behind. The fact that she had to pay no rent had only a little to do with that sentiment. But that was the reason she had moved here, wasn’t it? She always reminded herself of that. This was not about Happy and Natsu. And the fact that she still missed them, so so much.

It was true though, she had had to admit to herself, that she felt their lingering presence in the little hut even now. Even when her bed had replaced his hammock, and the chaos he called his own personal order had long disappeared, victim to her diligent fingers.

However, most things hadn’t changed. Of course not. They would be back one day, and she would have to move out. So she kept all his flyers on the wall, because how could she ever take them down? How often had she stared at the little note he had tucked to the mission pamphlet of Everlue mansion? She kept the maid outfit, too, in a corner. 

Many times after she had moved in, she had told herself that she would move out before they came back. It would be too embarrassing if they found her here. What would they think? No, she would avoid that fiasco. 

But it had been 11 months now, and she did not feel like moving out anymore. They could build their own house when they came back. They owed her one.

And so she sat in her living room, foot on the table, when the door opened.

Their eyes locked the second he stepped into the cottage.

And of course, she fell.

The chair hit the floor hard, digging into her back, and she spat a number of curses as the nailpolish spilled over her ankles. She came up in a mess, but didn’t notice any of it. Her body was moving on autopilot, and her mind had gone blank.

Natsu was back.

He was standing there, all wide eyes and disbelief. And then she watched as his lips curled upwards, and he cried her name with such relief and joy that something in her heart contracted painfully.

She was in his arms before she knew it, limp and shocked. Her mind was not fast enough to catch up with anything.

Natsu was back.

Faintly, she realized that Happy was clinging to her too, and that Natsu was talking to her, something about how she had not been at home and he had panicked.

When he released her and she finally - finally - could see his warm eyes again, so close up and full of joy, the reality of it all came crashing in.

Her lower lip started trembling, and her eyes filled with tears all by themselves. His face turned concerned, worried. And guilty.


She couldn’t speak. Happy landed on his shoulder, face just as nervous.

"Say something, Lucy! Did you lose your voice?!" 

There was serious concern in his eyes, and she almost laughed.
They really were back.

As the first tear fell, she wiped it away, and felt her voice return to her.

She had wanted to kick him when he returned. She couldn’t. Not when he was looking at her like that, and not when she was so happy.

"You’re back.”

“Of course we are!" 

And there it was. That grin she had missed so much. The one she had always tried to recall when she was sad and needed cheering up - to no avail. Now that she saw it again, the beauty of it felt almost overwhelming; the joy it conjured up inside her almost alien.

This time, it was her who fell against his chest, and he put his arms around her carefully as she smiled against him through her tears.

That day it had happened for the first time.

They had had to share the same bed.

But how had it come to this? 

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