my flower year


In Which Jim Tells Bones How Much He Really Loves Flowers


More flower crown Mika. Yuu got added in when I though about how cute it would be if(in au) Yuu met Mika as he escaped some fancy dinner party and into the forest. There Mika bumped into him and as cliche as it is, they fell, and Mika, a mute, gets closer tries to somehow ask Yuu if he’s okay. Only to end up flustering Yuu. Who’s thoughts are like this: “F**k. That stupid telephone pole was right…I am gay.”

Guys a Joly + Jehan flat would literally just be the most incredible place.


healing crystals and tapestries and beaded curtains
Tiny cute statues of animals that Joly has collected that look like they live in the jungle of plants
Soft but still colourful
Self help quotes on the wall
So many fluffy blankets and pillows
Post it notes with little spells from jehan to heal and grow
Pots of medicine hand labelled by Joly
An alphabetised collection of tea

Just a flat that is always open to their friends when they are feeling down.

This is my first artwork of 2017! The time flies, doesn’t it? In a couple months it’s been a year since I created this blog. I think I’ve evolved as an artist quite a lot in a year, wouldn’t you say?

2016. 1 year, 7 costumes (and lots of cosplay tests on instagram lol). There were so many other characters planned for this year, but due to problems in my personal life, “casual” cosplays and/or cosplays I was able to make from scratch with things I had at home were everything I could do this year. Considering that, I’m still pretty happy since I got to cosplay some of my fav characters, so it’s all good. Now, all I can do is to hope for a good 2017.

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every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste