my fleeting house


Tim Buckley - Venice Beach 

Tim would have been 65 this year (February 14, 1947 – June 29, 1975). This clip is from the excellent DVD/Video collection, Tim Buckley: My Fleeting House. It was filmed at the time of his Starsailor period of 1970, which would put him at the tender age of 23? I watch this and think to myself, how is that even possible?

“I think he gave himself to music and to life 100 percent. He plunged into himself, the world, the music, and every performance with his total being. He gave it all to you and me and his other listeners. Very few people have enough courage or strength to do that. They live timid, driftwood lives, rarely committing themselves to any sort of creative vision. Conformity pays well. Creativity takes risks. So if you ask me, it is people who hold back out of ignorance and fear who make the big mistake, not Tim."  -Lee Underwood