my flawless queen and her flawless face : *

anonymous asked:

Hey, just wanted to know why you love River Song so much. I don't mean it in an aggressive way or anything - I love her too for many reasons - I'm just curious as to the reasons behind your love for her character, because she obviously means lots to you 😄

The moment you asked this question my face lit up and the scene from Mean Girls, the “Regina George is flawless”, played through my head but with alterations to fit River Song. And it happens EVERY TIME anyone asks me this question. Every time, without fail. This is what happens. “She’s the Queen Bee, the STAR, the Doctors are just her little workers. River Song… how can I begin to explain River Song? River Song is flawless… etc” 

There is not enough time on this planet for me to say everything I would like to say about River Song. But if I had to give one reason, it’s because she’s completely and utterly brilliant. So brilliant in fact, she’s surprising. 

And it was surprising to see her brilliance outshine the Doctors, the main protagonist, the one that always knows everything. It made me go: YOWZAH

I use to say that I know exactly what the Doctor felt after meeting her because I felt it too. He was like, ‘DA FUDGE IS SHE ?¿¿¿?¿? WHO IS THIS INFURIATING BUT BRILLIANT WOMAN?!” 

No other character. And I mean, NO ONE, has ever made me feel that way before and since. She’s improbable and yet, she’s real.

From the very first moment she came onscreen she owned the room and she owned the Doctor. She was all, “Oh I’ve got my own agenda but I love you so I guess I’ll help.” And that is the kind of woman I want to be. 

The more I got to know her, the more I loved her. She was programmed to be one thing and said “SCREW THAT I’VE GOT SPACESHIPS TO STEAL AND PARTIES TO CRASH.” She was meant to kill the Doctor and instead she saves him. She NEVER COMPLAINS, she just dusts off her gun and KEEPS GOING. They threw her in jail and she used it as free housing, breaking out whenever she liked. She’s so smart, she rivals the Doctor and any timelord, human, or power out there. She even went back to school to become a professor because she wanted to! She’s got ice in her heart and wont hesitate to make the hard decisions. And she’s ready to sacrifice herself for the people she loves. I can seriously go on FOREVER.

Also, because of River Song, I met my best friend Hansberry. And I will always love River Song for it.