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Why is it that one of the biggest arguments against Wonder Woman is the fact that there was a romance subplot? Like honestly? It was barely even a subplot. First and foremost, Steve and Diana were friends. He helped her navigate a world she didn’t understand, but her motivations were always entirely hers. And secondly, literally almost every other action movie on this goddamn planet has a romance subplot, except the difference is they had male leads and female love interests, who are almost always damsels in distress. Diana’s romance with Steve never once made her out as someone Steve had to save, or even vice versa. They were friends and colleagues with the utmost respect for each other. No one makes this big of a fuss in male-led action movies with a romance subplot. People just take it as it is because it’s the ‘status quo’ but in order for a female-led action movie to have any merit, the woman shouldn’t have a love interest because that diminishes her strength as a woman. Well, sirs and madames, kindly fuck off. Just because Hollywood has conditioned you to believe that a woman in love is weak and submissive doesn’t actually mean it’s true. Love has always been the driving force of Diana’s moral fiber and strength. If you think her falling in love is somehow an inherent weakness of hers then you clearly don’t understand Wonder Woman to begin with. 

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I like the idea of “authenticity.” It sounds a lot better than saying “keep it real,” which really is what it’s all about. Rap about what you know and not what you think is “in.” Be you. It’s cool to look up to certain artists and practice their rhymes and whatnot, but there’s a difference between practicing and actually trying to get your voice to sound like theirs or trying to copy their act or look. For me, the bottom line is regardless of whether you’re rapping about cars and money or changing the world, if you’re not really feeling it people will eventually catch on.“

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I don't know if you're still in the hp fandom (let's be real tho, once ur in there's no getting out!) But what are your head canons on Ron as a dad, I always imagined him as a stay-at-home dad :)

Ron Weasley is a good father. That’s the first thing to say. You wouldn’t necessarily think it if you could spy inside his house but he is. He’s a good father. Anybody could tell you that.

When kids come into the shop, Ron knows exactly how to behave. He’s the fun dad-figure, naturally paternal, the one who’ll encourage you in just the right amount of mischief and then sweep you up and cuddle you until it’s better when you get hurt enough to cry.

He’s all big-displays-of-affection and wearing-emotions-on-sleeves. He doesn’t do well with rational, logical discussions about feelings. He couldn’t dissect his children’s emotions down for you. He couldn’t chart the best way to deal with them over coming days. What he can do is intuit what’s caused sadness and promise to make it go away. He can do comfort—oh, he does comfort so well. Steaming mugs of hot chocolate and a listening ear for as long as you need it. Big hugs, woolly dad sweaters, the circle of protective arms to let you know you’re safe and loved. So very, very loved.

The problem is that his children don’t want that.

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5 am headcanon

all right, time for another 5 am headcaon (even if it’s not really 5am).

Let’s talk Minato assigning Kakashi to ANBU.

Now I’ve heard Minato criticized for this move often and I don’t necessarily agree that it was completely healthy for Kakashi myself.  However I can see why Minato would do something like that and I’ve got some headcanon about it so here we go (feel free to repost, share this around, or use it yourself if you want to).

When we see Minato approach Kakashi about being ANBU Kakashi’s in a hospital bed reading a book.  The book’s title is (I believe) something along the lines of ‘How to Die Like A Shinobi’.  Which pretty much tells you Kakashi’s mindset.  He’s lost both his teammates, though what he sees as his failings, tacked on with the residual of his father’s earlier death and Kakashi is locking himself down into an ‘all that’s left is to die well’ mindset (open to interpretation but I don’t think I’m really reaching with this one).  Now, Minato may be hokage and busy with that, having had to hit the ground running but it’s obvious he’s still keeping track of his student.  He wants to help Kakashi, wants to set him on a healthy path, wants to give him an order and structure that will help keep him from falling off into darkness but what can he do?  He can’t pay him the one on one attention he was once able to thanks to his new position and its responsibilities and Kakashi doesn’t strike me as someone that would be approachable directly with ‘I’d like to help’.

ANBU answers directly to the hokage, it’s his personal group of shinobi, closer to him every day than the other shinobi that work in and for the village.  If Kakashi is in ANBU he’s right there for Minato to keep an eye on and that’s a reason right there for Minato to assign Kakashi to ANBU.

But I’ve got headcanon for another reason Minato might have wanted to do that.

Kakashi has a tendency to shut himself off from others, to be a loner and after a certain amount of time, that’s detrimental.  His team helped him open up - but now he has no team.  Minato can’t just put him on another two man team.  It’s a betrayal, in a way, of the team Kakashi would still consider himself a part of (Obito and Rin)(Gai was a third member for a while in the anime but I think the point still stands) and I don’t think either he or Minato would have wanted to see him working in tandem with two others even if Kakashi would have accepted that.  But Minato knows that Kakashi needs to be around people, he needs to have people relying on him and be forced to work in tandem with them as part of a team.  ANBU is large enough, loosely structured enough that it can be a team surrogate of sorts without the binding tightness of a permanent three man team.  Minato hoped that it would give Kakashi a sense of place and purpose that he would be willing to accept.  Do ANBU do the darker, harder, more dangerous jobs?  Yes.  But it’s already been proven that you don’t have to be ANBU to get damaged emotionally or killed.  Kakashi needs challenges to focus on and simple ranked missions aren’t a challenge for him any more.  He also needs an outlet for his frustration and a way to prove himself, prove to himself that he can be there on time and save the day even if it won’t ever completely soothe away the times he wasn’t.  He needs something to focus on and something to bind him back into society and the company of others.  And, just maybe, he needed to be able to hide in the shadows for a while away from village whispers.  ANBU provides all of those with the addition of letting Minato interact with him daily and keep a personal eye on him as well.

And Minato does keep an eye on him, as shown with his conversation with Sarutobi where he shows his worry about his student and his uncertainty that he might not have made the right choice in assigning him to ANBU.  Minato has no road map for this kind of thing.  Konoha isn’t very good (read that as: is horrible) at dealing with the psychological repercussions of the lifestyle its shinobi lead.  Minato is doing his best to give his student what he thinks his student both needs and will accept and Sarutobi’s suggestion about watching over a pregnant Kushina brings a huge relief to Minato you can see on his face.

The rest is canon.

Was assigning Kakashi to ANBU the best choice?  Maybe not.  Maybe other people can think of better choices.  Minato worked with what he had and made the call. 

And when Kakashi signed in for his ANBU uniform, he dropped his book about how to die in the trash.