my flash drive is still lost

I hate myself so much right now

I lost my flash drive that had my paint tool sai program, a whole BUNCH of work in progress, AND many pictures!!!

I’m so pissed off!! I can’t remember where I left it! I destroyed my room and still can’t find it! Aaaahhhh D:<

Enzo Amore Peace

Y/n huffed softly as she once again shifted trying not to wake her sleeping husband next to her. Perspiration is starting to gather around her hairline and under her arms and on her back as she shifted again and mentally willed sleep to come to her in which it refused. It was like she could literally feel the gears turning in her head as she thought over and over. It was like she couldn’t stop her brain so many thoughts flooded her mind. There weren’t enough hours in the day and yet an impossible amount of work to get done. Y/n looks at the clock to see the angry red letters glaring mocking her.

She stilled herself as she felt her husband shift. She looked over to him noticing he was still deep under. She threw the covers off and huffed as she sat up. Sitting up angrily at the edge of the bed running her hands through her hair which was a tangled mess having fallen out of her messy bun a couple hours ago. She glanced back again at her husband so oblivious to the world. Bleach blond and brown hair thrown all over the place. She smiled as she glanced at the tattoos that adorned his body up to his face. He looked so at peace. She then frowned with envy. It wasn’t fair. All she wanted was that same peace. To have a full nights sleep no stress no worries about a day that wasn’t even here yet just wanted the noise and chaos that engulfed her brain to just stop.

Y/n stood up navigating easily through the dark hallway and downstairs to the kitchen. She turned on the counter lights, as they were a little less bright. She shuffled through the cabinets until she found what she was looking for a box of chamomile tea k cups and some raw honey. She quietly grabbed a jumbo glass knowing it was in vain. She ran the kurig twice she rested her head on the counter. Her head pounded as her head rested against the cool marble of the counter. Mentally fighting with herself begging her heart rate to slow down to a normal pace. Final thesis due, Kilo needs shots, presentation at work, need to get laundry done before Enzo heads back on the road. Enzo and y/n had gotten married during his recent time off due to a concussion during a ppv match. It was quick and fun and Enzo a couple friends as witnesses lots of leopard. Y/n had been so stressed about planning the wedding she was losing sleep and having attacks much as she was now. Enzo tossed all her plans in the trash and convinced her to marry him right then. She was glad she did it. It was the most spontaneous thing she had ever done and with Enzo she rarely had time to be stressed. He was such a positive source of energy and it was infectious. Sometimes she didn’t see how he could handle constant anxiety and panic attacks that plagued her, but for whatever reason he stuck around.

Y/n made quick work of the scalding tea and knew she would pay for it later, but she wanted to go back upstairs and make sure just check one more time that she had everything she needed for tomorrow well now today she thought looking at the time which read 4:25 am. She cut off the lights and headed back to their bedroom. She made her way to their large walkin closet leaving the door cracked as not to disturb her husband.

“Ok so I have this shirt for tomorrow with this belt and these shoes, but in case I don’t like how that fits or I look fat then I can do this with this jacket and these shoes and then if I wear this I need to put my hair back but I cant be too distracting it needs to be professional, but these shoes are open toed is that ok too casual?” By the time she was done she had a good 4 options to choose from. “I need to really decide now though because I still need time to shower and do my hair and make up and then ill do a smoothie so I don’t have to stop for breakfast and then I need to check google maps to see drive time just to make sure I leave enough time to get there early and not get lost or in traffic.” Y/n spoke quickly to herself. She then grabbed her bag and checked to see if her flash drive was in there and her thesis and her presentation. She knew she charged her laptop. “But I just have to check one more time to make sure its at 100%. After cutting it on she snatched the flash drive and right before she could insert it the closet door flew open. Enzo stood there sleepily looking down at her sitting on the floor.

“Babe what are you doing up? It’s almost 5 am.” He said rubbing his eyes with the back of his hands. He looked delicious standing there shirtless in his grey sweats hanging low on his hips with messy bed hair.

“Oh um just making sure I got everything ready.” She said glancing at him after confirming everything was saved correctly.

“You already did that tho.” He said with his heavy jersey accented sleep filled voice leaning on the frame of the door.

“I know theres just so much to get done within the next couple of days I just want to be sure. I have this thesis for school, then that work presentation then kilo needs to get shots, I need to clean up around here and make sure all your stuff is ready before you head out I just want to make sure.” y/n continued to talk. She looked up as she felt the laptop being taken gently from her hands and shut it down. He placed it back in her bag. He grabbed her hands pulling her to her feet.

“Come on back to bed. You don’t even have to worry bout all your paper or presentation for another day. I can take care of kilo and I can make sure my clothes are taken care of. You need to come back to bed and get some sleep. I woke up and noticed you weren’t in bed but figured you were in the bathroom, but I wake up again you’re still gone.” He said rubbing his thumbs over the backs of her hands.

“Sorry I just couldn’t sleep.” She closed her eyes as he brushed her head back behind her ears and kissed her forehead.

“Come on.” He said leading her out of the closet shutting the light off before closing the door.

He pulled the covers back.

“Take this off. “ He said tugging on the shirt. She blushed as she shyly removed her shirt leaving her in only her cheekster panties. He gave a grunt as he gave an appreciative once over to her body. He always knew how to make her blush.

“Alright mama lay on the bed face down.” As much as he wouldn’t mind gettin it in with his wife he knew she hadn’t slept. Y/n layed there curiously Enzo having left the room. She soon felt his weight on the bed. He straddled her waist not putting his weight on her. The scent of lavender and peppermint filled her nostrils as she felt his hands on her shoulders massaging out the knots of tension. Y/n inhaled deeply focusing on the feel of his hands mixed with the relaxing essential oils overtaking her senses. This could have easily turned into something else but her body was finally feeling the exhaustion. She felt every thought getting smaller and smaller as he continued to massage up and down her back even her arms hands legs and feet. The pounding slowly dulled and her lids were heavy. She felt a gentle kiss on the back of her neck and the covers come up around her. She shifted to face Enzo just as he settled back in bed next to her. He slipped his arm under her and draw her close to him. They were now chest to chest. She giggled sleepily as she felt him groan and shift. With closed eyes her lips found his.

“Thank you. Love you.” She said finally allowing herself to fall to sleep.

“Love you more.” He whispers kissing her hair quickly going back to sleep himself.

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My 2015 albums of the year

A Disclaimer: This is a very personal list. I’m not a critic and I don’t claim to be. This list is for me to explore and round up the albums that made the biggest impression on me this year, and to share them with you! If any of you listen to something new off here, do let me know, that would be really cool! So without further ado, here we go…

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My lost flash drive.

So some of you knew that i lost my flash drive and I asked if you could please pray for me cuz I was crying so hard and I’m a college student, all my files are there even my THESIS! and I know you understand how it feels.

Then I talked to God, i said. “I don’t understand You God, really. Why me? Tomorrow is my deadline, why now? But still. I trust You. I know I will find it soon, You will not fail me.” After that, I was feeling calm

I was exhausted and so tired, i’m dizzy then after a while I fell asleep then guess what? Ha! I still didn’t find my flash drive. Haha.

With my previous trials in life, sometimes when i’m facing hard times like this. I’m like blaming God, well not exactly blaming Him but I’m kind of mad at Him i’m like WHY WHY WHY! then after a while my problems will be fixed like just one snap and I will feel ashamed because why didn’t I trusted Him? Like those Israelites when they escaped Egypt! Then I said to myself, not again. I will trust Him whatever happens to me

Then blublabla! Our God tested me a while ago. I LOST MY PRECIOUS FLASH DRIVE. He tested my faith, He tested how will I handle this situation and I can say now I AM CHANGED little by little. Its so good. Praise Him

Then I thought my backup files on my thesis from our desktop are incomplete but they are not! I thought i didn’t update them. But look! I’m done now. How great is our God.

Trust Him. Trust Him. Trust Him. HE WILL NEVER FAIL YOU.

The Deal 2: Hell on Earth (Chapter 3)

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Yikes. No smut again. That being said, THE NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE UP TOMORROW AND THERE WILL BE SMUT. I promise once we get over the whole introductory bullshit there will be smut all the damn time. I’m just spending too much time getting to know the new Kellin and Vic and stuff and once a chapter gets too long I get really restless with it so I want to post it, almost like I’m splitting the chapter in half because it’s too long. Trust me. I have a plan. Enjoy!

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2/28 — 10:32 AM // what i bring with me to school on the daily (in two pencil cases, respectively)

1) Lexar 8gb Flash drive: holds my docs and presentations. necessity.

2) Papermate Flair Pens: i only have 13 because i lost two and one ran out of ink. still really good though, lasted me a year and still going strong.

3) Eraser: i believe this is the pentel hi-polymer one, but it is v v good. stuck with me through loads of graphite. tough little nub.

4) Miscellaneous: uncategorized things: ie. sharpie ultra fine point, uni-ball signo orange, and zebra retractable ballpoint.

5) Bic Pencil 0.5mm: simple, cheap, reliable. nice thin tip for me since i absolutely hate 0.7mm tips pencil-wise.

6) Pilot G2 Gel Ink Pens: i personally hate these pens. oops. i have the periwinkle pictured but i also have the black one in my possession. too skippy for me.

7) Staedtler Triplus Fineliners: MY BABIES. i love these so much. i lost the majority of them a while back but these are the remaining. needless to say, i cherish them.

8) Papermate Intro Highlighters: they work okay for my needs. basic colors, purple, blue, and yellow.

9) Stabilo Point 88 Pens: I LOVE THESE AS WELL. there are 26 here because i kept the yellow ones at home and two of the tips split, sadly. they’re up there with the triplus fineliners but maybe a bit better since they’re cheaper.

The signs as 1989 Lyrics:
  • Aries: "Standing in a nice dress, staring at a sunset, babe. Red lips and rosy cheeks."
  • Taurus: "We need love, but all we want is danger. We team up then switch sides like a record changer."
  • Gemini: "You'll see me in hindsight, tangled up with you all night. Burning it down."
  • Leo: "Like any great love, it keeps you guessing, like any real love, it's ever-changing. Like any true love, it drives you crazy. But you know you wouldn't change anything, anything, anything"
  • Cancer: "'Cause we're young and we're reckless, we'll take this way too far. It'll leave you breathless or with a nasty scar."
  • Virgo: "This love left a permanent mark. This love is glowing in the dark."
  • Libra: "You say it's in the past, you drive straight ahead. You're thinking that I hate you now 'cause you still don't know what I never said."
  • Scorpio: "Got a long list of ex-lovers, they'll tell you I'm insane. But I've got a blank space, baby, and I'll write your name."
  • Sagittarius: "And you understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars. And why I've spent my whole life trying to put it into words."
  • Capricorn: "Looking at it now, last December. We were built to fall apart, then fall back together."
  • Aquarius: "Flashing lights and we took a wrong turn and we, fell down a rabbit hole. You held on tight to me, 'cause nothing's as it seems. I'm spinning out of control."
  • Pisces: "Band-aids don't fix bullet holes. You say sorry just for show. If you live like that you live with ghosts. If you love like that blood runs cold."