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Game Of Survival

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Warnings: agony | angst | death | abuse

A.n : why am I doing this I have no idea. I’m sorry. Also I’m a crying mess right now. Enjoy Also tell me your opinion:)

This doesn’t include the bat boys, but they will appear in the next chapter!

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Chapter one: flames


“NO!! My baby!”

The scream echoed through the burning house.

-a few hours ago-

It was a cold night in Gotham.

A beautiful woman in her early thirties had just put her 24 months old daughter to sleep, tucking her tiny body as she smiled. She was a single mother with the responsibility of taking care of her daughter. She worked really hard to provide a very good life for her baby.

She still remembers the day she told her ex boyfriend that she was pregnant with this gorgeous infant. How he reacted still disgust her, as he kept shaking his head and waving his hands violently, giving her reasons why this child would only ruin their life and future plans.

She shook her head at the memory and decided to call it a night.

She walked to her room but on her way she stoped in front of her daughter’s room. She went to her crib and smiled softly as she saw her baby sleeping soundly. She leaned down and kissed her cheek then softly gazed her forehead with the back of her hand. “Goodnight, love.” After that she went to her room and fell into deep slumber.

She woke up later choking on smoke as she Got up quickly. Coughing as she ran to her daughter ’s room trying to avoid the small pieces of burned wood falling from the roof or the flamed wall that made the house’s temperature as high as hell.

She opened the door to see her daughter wailing in the arms of a stranger. A man. A masked man stood before her, holding her daughter as he laughed loudly. “It’s about time I meet you, little one.”

“Give me back my daughter!!” The mother cried out as she walked over and tried to grab her baby, only to meet a kick in her chest. She gasped for air as she fell on the floor and coughed violently. “Who are you?! And why the hell are you here?!” She felt her eyes water as she saw the baby crying, opening her tiny fists and closing them as a sign of wanting her mother. Her bottom lip quivering as she saw her mother on the floor.

“I can already see this little one becoming a strong, beautiful assassin.”

The mother cover her mouth as coughs became more violent. “P-please, let her go. Take me instead.” She tried to negotiate, to do anything in order to save her baby.

“Oh do not worry my dear, you will die tonight. That’s a promise I’m willing to keep.” The man just chuckle as he removed his mask.

“S-slade..” the woman cried in fear.

“In flesh my dear.”

“Please let my daughter go. I don’t and won’t let her be like you! I can never allow it!” Her throat hurt from screaming and coughing but she couldn’t let her daughter be taken from her as she stood and did nothing.

“She’s my daughter just like she’s yours.” He slapped the woman with such cruelty as she cried out in pain. “Please, I beg you.” She didn’t care about anything but her daughter at the moment, little y/n was the center of her attention right now.

“No need to beg, darling. Although it has a nice ring to it.” He laughed and walked to the window. “Don’t worry. I will take good care of her. She is my daughter after all.” He smirked and jumped out of the house with baby y/n’s cries echoing afterwards.

- current time-

“NO!! My baby!”

The mom fell face first as a big piece of wood fell on her. She gave up. She coughed up blood as she waited for her death. Now that her life meant nothing without her y/n.
she felt weak and tired. She saw a black shadow getting closer.

“Ma'am, stay awake, I will get you out of here.” She shook her head as tears fell from her eyes. “N-no, just please! J-just save my daughter! He took her..” she coughed more blood which made batman frown in sadness at the woman’s agony.
“Who took her?” He asked her softly placing his hand on her bloody cut one.
“S-slade Wilson.” She cried as she felt the broken piece of wood pierce through her as she coughed again. Her breath coming out raged and quick she squeezed his hands “please, find her and keep her safe.”

“I promise I will, ma'am.”
She smiled and He felt his eyes water as her’s stared at nothing and her breath stopped completely. Her hand losing its grip on his.

Batman walked out of the house as he rode the batmobile and as he was just about to go home the house exploded which made him frown in anger as he promised to avenge the mother.

Bruce swore that night that he’d find the little girl and he’d keep her safe as the mother deserved to rest at peace.

[Oh I just realized it had been Mother’s Day in US and will be Mother’s Day in France ! Well, consider it like a pic made for that, but it was a pure coincidence, I started the sketch last month lol]
Sorry if it’s a bit blurry. Also I FINALLY finished it. It had been like one of 2 months I was thinking of this drawing. I like how it came out, but it was really looong to do, glad I finished. But my favorite thing is how Griddle turnt out. She looks on point !
5 years after the show, Flame had her 3rd child and first son Lohot with Flicker, and Blaze’s daughter Mairead he had with Burnevere was 1 (but I made her tiny anyway because I love drawing tiny babies ok ?) Blaze is a new dad (so is Burnevere), so he panics for anything, and even if Flame had already 2 daughters before and knows what are the different meanings of crying or what is good for a baby’s health, she still panics when something is different or doesn’t go well (she did panic when her second child, Ashley, had blood in her diaper the next day of her birth, as some newborn baby girls have their period, so did I ; but Flame didn’t know). And then there’s Griddle, who’s now a granny, who’s happy to be one (as if you read my fanfic, you would have seen she had almost no chance to be a mother on the first place) and happily amused to see the reactions of her son step-daughter and who thinks they do great and do not panic. Experience helped (even if Blaze wasn’t lactose intolerant but maybe she just happened to know that, maybe on her pregnancy she wanted to know about potential health issues so she informed herself)
Aaaaaaaand Hotbreath has a cat, Puppet, @milla0003 and I co-created, a blue Russican cat, because he can’t have a child with Galahot as they hide their relationship and will always do, so they took a pet instead, Galahot had found him as a 2 weeks old kitten on a bittle field. He will live 30 years.

-Mod Ben