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If you listen closely you can hear the sound of the Seijou third years laughing at Oikawa

(shoutout to @letsbetrashcans who noticed the wristband in my last kyoken post - I might headcanon the dog as as far out of the closet as they get, yes)

illusionarypandemonium  asked:

Random request? Just... An octopus in a martini, with a tiny umbrella and everything. Idk, I'm just in a WTNV vibe mood

thank you, this was so much fun to draw! (and I can accurately say it’s something I never would’ve thought of on my own) keep sending in those requests people!

I feel like the octopus should have a name.. idk what do you guys think

Compiling all the answers for the phone call questions under the cut! If youโ€™ve been doing another boy, feel free to send me an ask and Iโ€™ll add it to the list!

Adding my own ones first from the outfits I have, then tacking on extras at the bottom. There are a lot of questions!ย 

Thanks to @as-sweetas-honey for the bits I missed!

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Who’s Your Daddy? Results

DirtyHaikyuuConfessionsโ€™s poll has come to an end! We first want to thank all of you for voting and we hope you had a little bit of fun while doing it. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we did! (Mod Kuroo practically screamed when looking at the winners.) Please expect the winnersโ€™ memes to come out soon-ish (Mod Bokuto is camping for a couple days). Without further ado, please give a warm round of applause as we announce DHQCโ€™s Top Five Daddies!

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Parallels between God and Her prophet. 

In case you’re wondering about the last gif, my interpretation is that the Machine’s two blinks are Morse code for “I”, which in turn is a reference to “I am that I am” (Exodus 3:14). (The episode is, after all, called YHWH.)  


Aaron, you deserve to be really happy.
                                    I do want to be happy, you know?
                                                                        I want that more than anything.

So, I talked to my therapist about starting testosterone today. She excitedly said she’d write and sign anything I need, whenever I need it. That’s a thing. A big thing. That I’ll be making an appointment for before the end of the year.

Yongguk & school: Bang Yongguk's parents never approved of his dreams to becoming a singer. To prove to them how badly he wanted it, he studied really hard and met his parents' condition of ranking at the top of his class in grade 10. Yongguk is the perfect example of if you really want something, you'll do anything you can to get it.

so free up the cheaper seats
here comes a greek tragedy


He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Because I’ve been so excited about the recent Person of Interest season finale, I decided to revisit my older paintings of Reese and Finch - they are among, if not actually, my favorite portraits I’ve ever done, and deserved some touchup and refinement. This show has come so far and raises such interesting questions - it’s a privilege to paint these characters (and hopefully I’ll do more this year during the hiatus!)

You can buy prints and products of “He Who Fights Monsters” and “The Abyss Gazes Back” at my Society6 shop!