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“‘Tis a very good thing when their stars unite two people who are fit for each other, who have souls capable of relishing the sweets of friendship and sensibilities.” A. Hamilton

Fantastic Beasts (and Where to Find Them) - an AoS AU

Written for @whentheskyequakes for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s FitzSimmons Secret Santa.
Rating: T                          Chapters: 2/7 
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons
Skye | Daisy Johnson/Antoine Triplett
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Wizards, Alternate Universe - 1920s, POV Multiple, Role Reversal, Magic, Dark Magic, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Hijinks & ShenanigansAction & RomanceAdopted Sibling RelationshipLegilimens 

          The year is 1926 when world-renowned magizoologist Jemma Simmons arrives in New York to complete the last leg of her research tour. But when she runs into former classmate Leopold Fitz, she finds herself ensnared in a battle against encroaching dark forces.

From this chapter:

Somehow, Jemma thought as she followed Fitz into a dingy, basement office within the depths of MACUSA, he had become even more interesting as an adult than he had been as a child. A Scottish wizard expat in America, who had at one point been some kind of Auror but was no longer, and was now pretending to be an investigator. She guessed that he’d given up on taking her in for her infraction regarding not obliviating the muggle at the bank, and yet she was inclined to keep following him anyway. Too many questions remained for her to even consider leaving now.

Not giving her a second glance, Fitz stopped his angry stride next to a desk over which hung an ancient wooden sign that declared: Wand Permit Office. Throwing his coat over the back of the sunken desk chair, he let out a low noise of frustration. When he finally glanced her way, he reached immediately for the enormous, leather-bound register on his desk.

“So, you have your wand permit? Every foreign wizard needs one in America.”

Jemma narrowed her eyes. “Why didn’t you ask me that at the bank?”

Fitz blinked and looked up at her with his lips parted in evident befuddlement. “I… forgot?”

“You forgot your job?”

Face clouding in anger, he dropped his eyes to the register and slammed it open. “Still a bit new at it.”

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