my first ziall fic

hold back the river

ot5 magical realism verse in which niall floats and only zayn’s touch can bring him back down. the thing is, zayn leaves.

title from james bay’s hold back the river | tried to keep you close to me / but life got in between

When Zayn leaves, no one can stop Niall’s floating.

“Niall,” Liam says. He’s trying to be gentle, Niall can tell, but his voice sounds tight, upset. It makes Niall feel worse. “Niall, we’ve got an interview.”

Niall is several feet above the boys now, higher than he usually gets. He wants to cry, but sometimes his crying makes Louis soft and kind and sometimes it makes Louis sharp and mean, and Niall doesn’t want to know which it will be this time. Doesn’t want to risk it.

“I’m trying,” Niall says, a bit desperate. “I’m trying, I just–can’t get down.”

Harry purses his lips. He and Liam have already tried to get Niall down, but neither had quite managed, although Niall did, at least, sink a few inches with each touch.

Louis hasn’t touched him. Louis never does, when Niall is like this. Not after the first time, when Louis’ touch hadn’t worked the way Zayn’s did. Liam and Harry didn’t take it personally, knew that all of them had their own place. But for Louis, it was entirely personal. Especially now.

“I can't—I need—” Niall tries desperately, but before he can utter the words, I need Zayn, Louis interrupts sharply, “Just concentrate, Niall.”

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Little Green

He folds every piece of clothing one by one, every babygro, every shirt, every little sock, and piles them all up on the floor beside him. His heart aches with each piece he sets down, reminded each time of the fact that they no longer need any of this. It feels a waste keeping them when they aren’t going to have their own baby to dress. Might as well give them to a proper family who can use them.

He’s sure that Sophia might like a couple of things for her baby girl and maybe they can donate the rest to charity. And then they won’t have to look at them everyday and be reminded of what they almost had, of the little girl who was snatched away from them before they’d had a real chance to love her.

No, that’s not right. Before they had a chance to have her. Because they both already love her. They loved her the second they laid eyes on her.

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